A Letter to You, God-sized Dreamer

God-Sized Dreams by Holley Gerth (cover)I believe everyone has God-sized dreams. It’s not about how big or small they are because he creates each one to perfectly fit the size of your heart.

Your dream might be to move across the world and start a non-profit organization that cares for orphans—what looks like a grand adventure in the world’s eyes.

Or your dream might be to stay right in your small town and raise your kids so that they grow into strong men or women—what looks like something fairly ordinary in the world’s eyes.

Both matter equally.

And both are God-sized dreams.

A God-sized dream isn’t about what you do as much as how you do it. It’s about pursuing life with passion, purpose, and going with God wherever he leads.

It’s about not settling. It’s about tenaciously believing you’re made for more.

Not as in “bigger house, fancier car, more luxurious lifestyle.”

No, my friend, I mean “more of Jesus, more of what he’s created you to be, more of what he’s called you to do.”

Less of you, actually, and more of all he is and all he has for you—which is beyond what you can even imagine.

I’m thinking of you right now, wherever you are, perhaps holding this book in your hand in the aisle of a bookstore, curled up on your couch, or on a long flight and I wish I could be right beside you. I’d like to pour you a cup of coffee or tea and listen long and hard to the things you’re afraid to tell anyone—the hopes that feel silly, the dreams that seem like dares, the quiet longings of your heart that get especially loud sometimes.

I’d nod, look you in the eyes and say, “Don’t let that go. Don’t hide it away. That’s real. And, yes, you really can see it come into being in your life. You have what it takes to see those dreams come true because you have a limitless God living in you. He has given you all you need and made you all you need to be.”



p.s. A letter just wasn’t long enough for all I wanted to say to you so I wrote a book for you. What’s above is from the introduction to You’re Made for a God-sized Dream: Opening the Door to All God Has for You.


Last week your “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream was to write a post entitled “A Letter to the God-sized Dreamers” telling your sisters why what they’re doing and who they’re becoming through this process is worth it–even on the hard days.

Starting next week our Tuesday prompts will tie in to a chapter of You’re Made for a God-sized Dream. Next week your “do what you can step” for your God-sized dream comes from the highlighted quote above that’s in chapter one. What do you really want more of in your life? Will you dare to say it out loud? Hint: it probably means having less of something too {ex: more joy, less stress}. Write a post sharing the desire(s) of your heart and link it up here with us next Tuesday.


Dream ToteIf you spread the word about You’re Made for a God-sized Dream this week–on your blog, through facebook, twitter, Pinterest or any other way–you’ll be entered for this Dream tote filled with goodies. Woo-hoo! The 5 winners will be announced next week! To be entered, just leave one comment for each way you shared {yep, you can enter multiple times and if you link up a blog post that’s an entry too}.


UPDATE: The winners of the giveaway chosen through random.org are Kristin Taylor, Leah Loh, Laura Rath, Julie Anne, and Elaine Pool.


  1. says

    That perspective was such a revelation for me-what I like to call a paradigm shift without a clutch. :-)
    God has invited me to step into all he has planned for me.
    I. Have. An. Invitation.
    And there are folks who are waiting on me showing up with my gifts, to share with them.
    Thanks so much Holley. I am really enjoying the book, and thanks for answering your invitation to your God-sized dream!

  2. says

    Holley your words are such a gift — and the fact that you followed your God-sized dream is inspiring so many hearts!

    My pastor says, “You never know who is on the other side of your obedience.” Just so you know, I’m one of those on the other side if yours!

    thank you!

  3. Jennifer crewe says

    And pinned it to Pinterest. It would be so mazing to win. I am sharing with my Ladies tomorrow about having God sized dram. I am leading them in a study at the moment on Becoming a Woman of Excellence.

  4. says

    I also shared on Facebook. Because you’re fabulous and I adore this book :) I also shared on a Google Hangout and convinced my sister to buy it, but that’s kind of a weird entry 😉

  5. Courtney Lindsey says

    Can’t wait to read this book… I know there is a God-Sized dream living in my heart… just waiting for God to show me what to do with it. :)

  6. karyn says

    For you Holley. Just for you. I want to preach the gospel to the entire world. All eight billion of them and counting. This is my God-sized dream Holley. hahahahaha The LORD’S heart for me. The entire earth.

    • Karen E. L. says

      He says, “Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations,
      as an Inheritance.” Psalm 2:8 (one of my favorite verses.)
      You have asked, and now, He will give. Freely.
      Blessings and Shalom to you!
      A sister, Karen

  7. Leah Loy says

    What an amazing post…definitely what I need to hear today. Struggling with my dreams and trying to figure out if they are from God! Thank you for your passion!

  8. Leah Loy says

    I pinned the cover of the book to my “books worth reading” board!! Definitely a MUST-READ book!!!

  9. Karen E. L. says

    Holley: THANK YOU
    I am living out my Yah sized Dream, today, and it is COMING TO FRUITION!
    May Yahwheh and His Son, Yahshua, be praised, forever and ever is my
    prayer, until He returns.
    I am forever grateful for your encouragement, for ALL of us.

  10. says

    Hi Holley: I wanted you to know that I shared about it on Facebook. I am also ministering to a group of women on March 16th where I will be sharing various quotes. Thank you for this and for allowing women to start dreaming again…. May God bless you tremendously!

  11. says

    Oops. Was so excited about the book, the message and the giveaway I forgot to say that by the end of the day this will be on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest. Love how we are saturating the internet with God’s dreams and dreamers!

  12. Katrina says

    Wonderful book, I’m only in the beginning stages and am still working out what my dream might be, but it’s worth the read! I shared the link on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter today for others :)

  13. Wilma Phillips says

    I just finished the post for today and it got me to thinking. I have sewed all my life, made the kids clothes etc. Love to. I just discovered about 3 years ago that I can draw. That excites me very much. My kids are grown have kids of their own and their kids have kids and that has the frosting on my cake. Last week on the phone my daughter ask me a question, when I said I didn’t want to sew any more, I love drawing and going to see my grandkids and greats. Anyway, she said “mom what do you really want to do now? I wanted to say “Nothing” but knew I couldn’t do that.
    Your article has made me think. I ask “God what do you have in store for me?” and the peace comes as I wait on Him to show me His plans. Thanks for the article.

  14. Stephanie O. says

    I love what you said about God-sized dreams being exactly the size of your heart! :)

    I pinned this on Pinterest!

  15. says

    Thank you for the reminder that my God sized dream really matters – no matter how big or how small. Could you pray for me that I would not get caught in the comparison snare. Others blogs or websites may be more big and beautiful than mine, but God knows my heart and I pray that He will use my writing to reach other hearts for Him. Holley, you have been such an inspiration and catalyst in my dream. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    ps. Will be posting a shout out re: your books in my blog this week :)

  16. Jules says

    Oh that I could increase my self esteem… Struggling so much, being unemployed my life seems like everything is on hold… Feeling trapped yet knowing full well God has a plan for me… He put the dream inside of me to work… Now God give me courage to wait on you…..

  17. Tamara says

    I’m reading your book with a heart wide open and in anticipation that my God will show me what dream he has in store for me. Thank you so much for your encouragement. It allows me to stretch myself and know that God will prepare me for the journey.

  18. Lynn Warren says

    Although one can have a dream, one must always remember…..In His time. Don’t hurry a dream; enjoy the ride and glorify the only One Who can see it through to fruition.

  19. Jackie says

    Thanks so much Holley, exactly what I needed to hear today. It was as the Lord was speaking directly to me through those words. I received them in Jesus name. May I be all the Lord called me to be and to him be the Glory!

  20. Linda Schutte says

    I have just ordered your book this am for myself and my best friend. I want to encourage her and also myself. She recently lost her husband and I am striving to walk closer to Christ and walk out my missions with Him. I am sure your book will encourage us both. I have just posted on Google Circles so all my friends there will be encouraged and will be able to share in their God Sized Dreams also. Thank you for all your love and encouragment.

  21. AngelaFarthing says

    Holly, I do not have my own blog, but just wanted to tell you thank for posting the
    story about the couple who got married/she ended up in a wheel chair at age of 29
    her and her husband felt God asking them to open a Christian book sotre…then she felt God asking hr to become a writer.
    That story ties into what I feel God is asking me to also become a writer…I’m seriously thinking of writing a book…need to find out how to go about starting
    one. But this is defintly a huge dream for me…something I thought I would never
    ever consier doing.

  22. Terri says

    Shared the links to many of your blogs as e-mail forwards to my mentoring group! Love your words, your heart, the way you tenderly share the challenges of God’s Word to open up to all He wants to do in and through us.

  23. Terri says

    Printing and sharing a copy of a blog (all rights and acknowledgments included) that relates to the theme of our upcoming women’s retreat. We slide little one page newspapers under the ladies’ doors periodically and I’m including the timely words of Holley’s blog to help them keep the focus,reinforce the message, cheer them on, AND GET THEM CONNECTED TO HOLLEY! n What a take-home. <3

  24. Terri says

    Holley regularly gets re-shared after I share her posts on facebook. Glad to be a ‘link’! Thank you so much for all you do to encourage us. {{hug}}

  25. Maria Jones-Davidson says

    Hello! Good morning Holley. It’s such a wonderful time to be able to pass by your blog, stay around, read your blog again, and quickly reading those inspired comments of your friends and mine is one of them of course. This morning is so different for me, I feel a little weepy… my eyes, filling up with tears… It’s about 3:30 am in Australia, the cat from our landlords started meowing, so I opened the door and gave Duke some cat food I have in the kitchen cupboard and fresh water. I feed the cats that come to our sliding door you see. This cat is so cute. There’s another cat that comes next to Duke, they call this kitten “lucky,” and this one Mike said is a “feisty” cat, hope that’s its spelling. I said to Mike I want to call this one “blessed.” I don’t like the word luck, so Mike and I call this little kitten “Smokey” because of its rich blend of grey coloring. He is sooo cute! I think I feel weepy because of God’s presence in my life… and of course I’ve been having really full days and truly busy this time. I also got college at 9:30 today doing bookkeeping course, I pray I will be able to concentrate… and I’ve got a God-Sized-Dream chasing me and I love it of course, it’s all for my Lord Jesus… ~ just got back Holley… had a pause to worship the Lord on my face… crying this time to the Lord… feel a little bit better, I dashed to the bathroom to wash my face.. and in my heart God is ministering… He is speaking… “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord.” They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11, NLT. Wow! What a message from the Lord. The Lord also gave me words from a song as well… “It is well… it is well…with my soul… It is well… It is well with my soul.” ~ My darling hubby is slumbering… fast asleep, God bless him, our audio Bible is on speaking God’s Word right now into Mike’s. I’m here in the lounge trying to finish this… my hot cup of tea is reheating in the microwave (Lol!) what a morning! Our God is truly good and I think I’m ready to face the world again today. It’s 4:42 AM… my heart wants to sing…”’tis so sweet to trust in Jesus just to take Him at His Word… the chorus says “Jesus, Jesus how I love Thee, how I know thee more and more…” I better finish this little piece of of work. You see, I’ve been in front of my computer composing very important letters for my God-Sized-Dream. The letters have been received by these people and I’ve received responses from them too. Praise God. Pray for me dearly beloved Holley. I need inspiring Christian friends like yourself to uphold me in your prayers. I have other inspiring ministry friends praying for me already. I want to thank you for your blogs and for the freedom they gives us to express our hearts in small ways. God bless you and have a wonderful, very blessed and truly enjoyable day.
    With Love,
    Maria XX

  26. says

    For some reason, my post saying that I’ve pinned it on Pinterest isn’t sticking. But, I put it in the Books Worth Reading board of my Pinterest: lking.

  27. says

    I’ve been reading “You’re Made…” and it is such an incredible book! It seems that God placed it in my hands for this very time in my life. Thank you, Holley, for being open to dream your God-sized dream and blessing us in the process.

    I just posted about this on pinterest.

  28. Kathy says

    I’m posting this to my fb and on the blog. The joy of having a “God-sized dream brings such anticipation as I believe God for working within me to will and do His good pleasure (Phil. 2:13).

  29. says

    I’m struggling with the dream this week. But God still whispers love. Thank you for all the encouragement, Holley. I’m here, mostly quiet, but praying and dreaming with you.

  30. Mary Watkins says

    After reading this early today I was impressed by the Lord to send this to two friends who are struggling in their life right now. One of the ladies responded and thanked me for the inspiration. She needed that today. So thank you for sharing.

  31. says

    I shared it on my Facebook page specifically for a friend of mine with whom I was having this almost same conversation today! Great Post, Holly! The reminder I needed on this cold, rainy day.

  32. Heidi Stephen says

    Found this through a share on Facebook- already so blessed I shared it as well- lookin forward to getting and reading this book!

  33. says

    You have described perfectly how it feels to dream, at least for this dreamer :)
    …things you’re afraid to tell anyone—the hopes that feel silly, the dreams that seem like dares…
    Thank you for your encouraging words. God bless you!

  34. says

    LOVE LOVE this line: “You have what it takes to see those dreams come true because you have a limitless God living in you. He has given you all you need and made you all you need to be.”

    You are a gift :). Thank you, Lord for Holley!

  35. says

    You brought tears to my eyes today with this, Holley. My dream’s moved home this weekend… only not. I want so much for my girl to heal. I want a home that has peace instead of the relics of the abuse from her first family. I’m leaning hard on your encouragement: “yes, you really can see it come into being in your life. You have what it takes to see those dreams come true because you have a limitless God living in you. He has given you all you need and made you all you need to be.” Leaning hard!

  36. says

    I love, love, love this post, every word you wrote speaks to my heart. Thank you ever so much. And, yes I’ve blogged about you amazing gift of your new book!

  37. says

    Thank you SO much for being the wonderful inspiration you are! I have really been searching my soul to see what is holding me back from fully fulfilling God’s dreams for me. After having passed through a couple of most difficult years, I am now in the Potter’s house, on His wheel, being remade and renewed. He is restoring my soul and molding me. If you care to, you can follow my journey to and in the Potter’s House at http://www.cherylsmithministries.blogspot.com. I’d love to have you stop by!
    God’s peace,
    Cheryl Smith

  38. Monica says

    I have this book on my wish list to read. . .I own all of your other books and have found much encouragement through them. I tweeted about your book (Teaandbooks) and pinned it on Pinterest.

  39. Tes says

    Your posts are so inspiring! You’ve inspired me to try for a dream I’ve had since I was young. Thank you so much for letting God guide you as you write and for awakening what I believe is my calling and giving me the encouragement to go for it! God bless!!!

  40. carole says

    Thanks for encouraging me to dream Ireally enjoy and look forward to your blogs You seem to have the knack of saying just what Ineed to hear. Keep up these amazing blogs please

  41. Heather Cooper Baker says

    I shared about this awesome new book on March 1 on our “You’re Already Amazing” book study page.

    I would love to win this bundle! If I do, I promise to invite DOZENS of other ladies to study this new book with me!

  42. Heather Cooper Baker says

    I posted a link to the book again this morning, on the book study page.

    Here’s hoping!

  43. says

    Great blog post, Holley! This sounds like an amazing book that I need to purchase if I do not win the weekly giveaway. I have told others about your new book through Twitter, Pinterest, and my Facebook page. I am one of the women involved in the Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study and have met some amazing sisters in Christ through these studies. God has blessed me greatly by being in His word and taught me alot more about myself and changes I need to make in my life to fulfill His purpose in my planned life. Thanks for sharing your amazing book! God Bless You and hope you have a blessed day! :)

  44. Tammee says

    Posted on Facebook and shared via IM to a friend who promptly bought it too so we can support each other in our God-Sized Dreams! :)

    LOVE the book!!

  45. Elizabeth Aviles says

    Hi Holley,

    I have found myself listening to the word “no” for my dreams…I have felt that what I thought would be my “dream wish” is now in God’s “not this” list…Trusting God is the hardest thing to do, as humans we want to do things on our own, but it does not work that way…When you love God it is how things work, He knows best and each day I pray for guidance to trust His plans within my life…

    Elizabeth Aviles

  46. April Smith says

    I also shared in Women Leading Women on FB bu either way I’m encouraged to be challenged in dream and opening up to dream.

  47. elizabeth says

    thanks Holley for these wonderful words of encouragement.

    i wish i could really find what God wants me to do – i mean, really! i’m a professional secretary/assistant. i have a stable job in a large Co. and am committed member of New Life Church in my local area. It seems I have always been an intercessor right from the day I gave my life over to the Lord in March 1993, for intercession is what I like doing even though i know that all of us His Children are called to stand in the gap for others and pray for them. I feel i really do not know exactly what the Lord wants me doing for HIM.

    My job keeps me tied down 8 hours a day, 5 days at my desk, plus another 2 & a half hours of commuting time to & fro. I have been with the co. over 14+ yrs long an d i did want to change over to a new job closer home since the last 2 years but have been unsuccessful. Quite a few times the Hiring Manager herself/himself would question why i would want to leave a good Co. after such a long stint there, that too at my age, 50!! I did try to convince them that i was looking to work closer home, and also get into a new challenging work environment to learn new things but i always never got called for a second interview round. Now, I wonder if God has a plan for me to stay put here in the same place, till i retire at age 58! I have no problem with that, but i do wish there were other options for me too you know at times… I have prayed a lot,but i can’t get a clear answer.

    Also being single, my job is my only source of steady income so there you go….difficult to make a decision to just let go and leave it and find what next God has for me…i can’t imagine experimenting at this age.

    Sometimes i feel i have not much time for prayer, and when i do, i am so tired over the weekends that i spend more time resting than praying!!!

    can you girls pray about this.

    Thanks sisters and do let me have your valuable feedback whenever you have the time too.

    In Christ lovingly,
    elizabeth, mumbai India

  48. Julie says

    I don’t know if I’m too late for the giveaway but I have shared on my Facebook page and pinned it on Pinterest.

  49. says

    You really make it seem really easy along with your presentation but I
    to find this matter to be really something which I think
    I’d never understand. It sort of feels too complex and very wide for me. I’m having a look ahead to your subsequent post, I’ll attempt to get the hang of it!

  50. Elizabeth Aviles says

    I can testify that indeed our “dreams” are far different of what God’s “dreams” for us are…His timing, His plans, His will…it is what will become on the long run as He knows best….I know I am on God’s “not this” list…I have found myself seeing it with my own eyes…It is a huge “not this” yet I rather be in His plans and follow them through even if it is hard, than to have a “dream wish” come true by my own doing….

    Elizabeth Aviles

  51. April Smith says

    My God sized dream is to be a mother one day to orphans rather it’s adoption or God places me in a children’s home. I also have the dream to be in full time missions. I want to also be a missionary’s / pastor’s wife. I don’t know if it’s too late for the giveaway but I wanted to share my heart. I also want to imagine a world where every women knows she is worth it and that no longer does she have to sale her body for less than it’s worth because God values her!

  52. April Smith says

    I also shared in Women Leading Women on FB bu either way I’m encouraged to be challenged in dream and opening up to dream.


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