Hey Friend!

I’m so glad you’re here. If we were having coffee together, I’d lean in and ask about who you are, what you dream of, what makes your heart beat faster with joy. Then if you asked me the same, this is what I’d say…

I’ve adored Jesus, words and ideas ever since I was a little girl growing up in my grandparents’ Christian bookstore. I’m the best-selling author of You’re Already Amazing as well as several other books. I love encouraging women to embrace who God has created them to be and step into all he’s called them to do. I believe every life has a beautiful purpose.

Grandpa Hollie & Holley Gerth
Grandpa Hollie and I (yep, I’m named after him)

When I’m not in front of a keyboard, I love connecting with women in other ways. As part of doing so, I’ve had the joy of cofounding (in)courage {an online destination for women that had almost one million page views in its first six months} and being part of GodSizedDreams.com. I have a masters degree in counseling, am a certified life coach and do some speaking. In other words, I want to be right in the middle of all that’s happening in hearts of women.

the incourage girls
the (in)courage girls

Outside the word world, I’ve been married to Mark for thirteen years. He’s a fantastic guy who keeps my feet on the ground so I can have my head in the clouds.  We don’t have kids but I’m a mama anyway. When it comes to the little things in life, I love coffee, cooking, naps and saying “y’all.”

My favorite guy

A few disclaimers: I’m not a morning person {I once put chocolate on the alarm clock to bribe myself to get up. I ate it and went back to bed}. I like to change the lyrics to happy 80s songs and sing them terribly to my crazy dog. I can be goofy and a little messy and I’m always thankful for grace. And good friends who love me as I am.

I see this place as a bit like an online coffee shop. A spot to share our hearts, explore our dreams, laugh, enjoy each other and celebrate what God is doing.

You are always welcome here!


Holley Gerth


p.s. I wrote this for (in)courage and it expresses my heart for this space too: The Start and Heart of It All.