The Wild Mysterious

Hey You, Courageous Girl, the one standing with your toes dipped into the edge of the divine dream that’s been placed on your heart. The one glancing over your shoulder and wondering what everyone will think if you dive into the deep. The one poised on the edge of one of the most powerful heart moments of your life.

Go for it.

Dive into the Dream by Holley Gerth

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Will people understand? Nope.

Will they cheer? A few yes, most no.

Will you get a trophy, or better yet, a crown? Not in this lifetime.

We as humans, especially as women, long to be understood. We love to hear, “I get it” and “me too” and “I know just what you mean.” But we serve a God of the wild mysterious.

I few years ago I confessed to a friend that this was my worst fear: Having my heart misunderstood. And that fear has come true. Over and over. And despite my best efforts, it will happen again. I’ve come to understand being brave and courageous means moving forward when no one–including you–has a clue where you’re truly going.

If you try to make everyone understand, you will stand still all your life. So leap into the fear, step into the spotlight, dive into the dream.

Lay down your desire to have everyone’s approval.

It’s the hardest and most freeing thing you’ll ever do.

And tomorrow you’ll have to do it again.

Recently I whispered, “God, I’m so tired of what you’re doing in my life making no sense.” In response I sensed what I really needed to know most: He is with me. Even if I can’t see the whole plan he can. And he loves me. That’s truth beyond what I can comprehend…or anyone else can either. And it’s all I really need to know.


Holley Gerth


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You Call Me Out Upon the Waters

“You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fall.” — Oceans


I’m sitting on the back deck of a restaurant overlooking the ocean. Orange and scarlet clouds drift toward the waves as music plays in the background. I close my eyes and in that most beautiful of places, that happiest of moments, my heart also feels an ache—a longing I can’t quite name.

Have you ever felt the same?

God-sized dreams make me feel that way too.

They make the veil between heaven and earth feel thinner until it seems we can almost touch the other side.

That’s what every God-sized dream ultimately points our hearts to:


Beyond this world.

Past the suffering.

Into the glory.

We long to be settled where we are, and yet I believe we’re made to live with a bit of longing. I call it “divine discontent.” It’s a restlessness within us that whispers, “You’re not home yet.”



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Say “Yes” Anyway

God-sized Dreams by Holley Gerth3

The moment you dare to speak a dream or desire there will be other words that come too. Word like “What if…” or “What will I do about…”

There’s a part of us that insists, “You have to get all of those questions resolved before you take a step forward.” But if you wait for that, then you will never pursue your God-sized dream.

Because God-sized dreams are about faith.

If you are certain about everything, then it’s no longer about trust in the Giver of the dream. And what he wants most on this journey is your heart.

I’m not saying to plunge foolishly ahead. Do your due diligence. Pray, ask for wise counsel, and do practical research. But at some point you have to actually do something.

When you do, it will feel like the world is going to explode. Your heart will try to beat out of your chest. Your mind will swirl like a little tornado. Your knees will knock right there in your cute boots. And you will think, “I’m not ready. I need to do more praying, asking, and researching.”

As soon as that thought comes to you, calm is restored. So you assume that must be the wise thing to do. But that’s not true. It’s the safe thing to do. But God-sized dreams aren’t about being safe. They are about holy risk, leaps of faith, putting yourself out there and into the hands of God, where you know that unless he comes through, you will fall…

Will you read the rest with me on the new God-sized Dreams site? 


Holley Gerth

p.s. You can find more encouragement for your God-sized dreams and the desires of your heart in You’re Made for a God-sized Dream and Opening the Door to Your God-sized Dream {books}.