You’re Not Invisible

We are never invisible. Instead we are incredibly valuable to the God whose eyes are always on us.

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Lie Our Hearts Hear: “I’m invisible.”

Truth Our Hearts Need: “The eyes of the Lord are…on those whose hope is in His unfailing love.” {Ps. 33:18}

Sometimes it can seem like the spotlight of life shines on everyone but us. She has more Facebook likes. He has more accomplishments. They get far more attention. But God gently whispers to our hearts, “I see you.”

He notices what we do when no one else is looking. He cheers us on when we take the next step of obedience. He cares when that silent tear slips down our face. He watches over us while we sleep.

We are never invisible. Instead we are incredibly valuable to the God whose eyes are always on us.


Holley Gerth

*A few weeks ago I asked you, “What are lies the hearts of women are tempted to believe?” You shared many and I decided to do a Wednesday series on the most common ones. You can read all the posts here.

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When You Want More Confidence

Faith is confidence by

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My husband holds the iPhone in his hand and reads ancient words still alive today. I hold my hand up for him to pause. “Wait,” I say, “Read that part again.” I think in my non-morning person fogginess I must have heard it wrong.

He repeats, “Faith is confidence….” {Heb. 11:1}

Huh. I heard right after all. But those words made me wonder what I hadn’t been hearing at all, for all my life. Of course faith is the secret of confidence. Why had I never made the connection before?

I tend to think of faith as external while confidence comes from within. But isn’t that where faith really comes from too? From our hearts and the One who dwells within them?

I sit back on the couch, rest my head on my pajama-pant-covered legs, sip my coffee. It feels like a big moment. Because this changes everything. It means not only can I be confident but also if it’s part of faith then I’m commanded to be confident.

Confidence isn’t prideful. In the Kingdom, it’s actually a synonym for humility. Because the very act of faith means bowing our hearts to another. And only the humble can do so.

I can be confident.

You can be confident.

We can walk through this world with heads and hearts held high as Daughters of the King {who wear pajama pants and don’t get up on time and who are beautifully messy inside and out}. Yes, just as we are.

Will you join me? Let’s say together that we will dare to live with faith, confidence and joy. Right here. Right now…

And forever.


Holley Gerth

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You Don’t Have to Be Like Anyone Else

Each of us are made in the image of God. That means we're created to show Him to the world in a way no one else ever has and no one else ever will.

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I walk through my house, thoughts swirling through my mind like the dust bunnies doing dances in front of my vacuum. I think of other women who have cleaner houses. Which leads to thoughts of other women who cook better meals. And that goes on to other women who have cuter outfits, and are better at Twitter, and can make small talk with ease.

I wish I could be like… is the refrain that goes round and round in my mind.

Finally I hit the power button on the vacuum, feeling drained myself.

I whisper a question, “God, why do I feel I need to be like so many other people?”

It seems there is an answer that comes so quiet…

Because the enemy would rather have you be like anyone but Jesus.

As we used to say in Junior High, um, duh. If I’m busy trying to be like Mary, Martha and Margaret then I’m left with no time to be me. Or, more specifically, to let Jesus be who He is through me. Each of us are made in the image of God. That means we’re created to show Him to the world in a way no one else ever has and no one else ever will.

I do that by being who He made me.

And you do that by being you.

So listen, brave friends, let’s decide together that we will stop trying to be like each other.

And instead be conformed to the One whose likeness we’re made in.

I empty the vaccum into a bag, dust and clutter giving way to clean again. I smile because my heart suddenly feels like that, too. Comparison replaced by clarity–about who I am, what I’m called to do, and the God who’s wild enough to choose me for His purposes.

And you.

And you.

And you.

All of us.

Just as we are–and unlike anyone else.


Holley Gerth

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Psst…You’ve Done Enough for This Week

Joy Love Grace by

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We sit around a table at a local restaurant. My friends and I are sharing a dessert sampler {yum!}. The topic of conversation is guilt–but it’s not because of the sugar this time.

Nope, we’re talking about the guilt we feel in our everyday lives. The guilt it seems all women feel at one time or another.

Mine comes in a particular form, with a flavor as distinct as the slice of pie staring up at me from my plate. I tend to feel like what I do is never enough. I tell myself, “I’ll rest when it’s all done.” But it’s never all done.

My friends lean in gently, “Holley, you’re a dreamer. You’re always going to think of more than you can actually do.”

I almost drop my spoon on the floor. Because that’s it. Exactly it.

After that sentence it seems another comes to my heart from the One Who Loves Me…

“And I don’t expect you to.”

I lean back in my chair with a happy sigh. The guilt slides off my shoulders and slinks off to a corner somewhere.

Of course! We don’t need to do everything we can think of to do. That would be called “works.” We only need to say “yes” to what God asks of us, which is often far less than we imagine.

We do what we can and then we rest in grace.

This is the way we’re meant to live.

I smile at my friends and tell them I feel grateful enough to give them the last piece of dessert on my plate.



Holley Gerth

* this post was also featured at (in)courage *


I’m also on today sharing about how God Loves You More than You Dare to Dream


Whew. Don't we all need to know this is true? p.s. I chose this post to go up today almost a week ago before I came down with the flu. This is launch week for my new book, You’re Loved No Matter What: Freeing Your Heart from the Need to Be Perfect so being sick certainly didn’t fit my plans. I had to shred my to-do list and head to bed. And when I did, God kept reassuring me of what I shared above all over again: He’s got this. He’s got me.

And so many of you stepped up to help me out by sharing You’re Loved No Matter What on facebook and other places. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You made me feel less alone and more encouraged. I’m still not feeling well so if you didn’t get a chance to share the book and would like to, everything you need is here and it would mean a lot to me: Share the Love.


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When It’s Hard to Be You

photo by ChalonHandmade

photo by ChalonHandmade


I took a deep breath as a I stepped to the front of the room. I was at the She Speaks conference in North Carolina–a place full of women I love, respect and admire. Many of them are gifted speakers who have voices that reach across a room. In contrast, I’m quiet, gentle, the one who loves having coffee with one heart at a time. In the past, I’d tried act like “a speaker” when I did events. I always walked away feeling as if I’d fallen short.

Today I felt God whispering to my heart, “Just go up there and be who I made you.” So I told the women that I wish we could have a cup of coffee today and asked them to picture their favorite cafe. Together we imagined what it would be like if I could sit across the table from them and they could simply ask me about God-sized dreams {the topic of the workshop}. Then I told them what I would want their hearts to hear and their minds to understand by the end of that conversation.

I felt full of peace the entire time–even when the projector had technical issues and I lost my notes. Yep. It actually became one of the best parts of our time together. Later women told me how a calming voice in the middle of a busy conference was just what they needed for that hour. Several of them mentioned how the projector disaster helped them feel less nervous. I felt like I’d truly connected because I’d been fully me.

I’m going to speak that way from now on.

Because I found this out: Yes, sometimes it’s hard to be you. But it’s always harder to try to be someone else.

Maybe you have a quiet voice too. Or maybe you have one that reaches across the room. Maybe you’re an introvert. Maybe you’re an extrovert. Maybe you feel at home with feelings. Maybe you’re a woman who loves facts. Maybe you’re fond of fancy. Maybe you cherish simplicity. You’re made in the image of God and your purpose is to mirror a part of who he is in a way only you can. When you try to be like someone else, you end up reflecting them instead of God.

So whoever you are, be you today.

Because Someone Who Loves You made you that way.



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