A Prayer for Hope


Put Our Hope by Holley Gerth


Sometimes this world is hard to understand.

And even when we trust you, our hearts still ache.

So we come to you today asking for the hope we need.

Hope that sees past the here-and-now to the then-and-there.

Hope that believes what we cannot yet glimpse.

Hope that holds our hearts up in the moments when life brings us to our knees.

You are the only One who can sustain us.

You are the only One who can save us.

Be the rescuer of our souls, the deliverer of our dreams, the holder of our hearts.

We believe that even the darkest night must lead to dawn.

We wait with expectation.

Give us courage.

Surround us with comfort.

Love us through to the other side in the way only you can.

We put our hope, and our hopes for those we love, in you.



Holley Gerth

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You Don’t Have to Carry So Much

Let it go by Holley Gerth

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Dear You,

You feel the weight of so much responsibility sometimes. It’s like the world is sitting on your shoulders. I watch it bend you over, bit by bit, and even though you try to be brave, I know there are moments when you feel you might be crushed.

Will you listen close for a moment? You don’t have to carry so much. I know you feel like that’s what love requires. I know you believe it’s expected of you. And in a world where so many are selfish, I admire that you’re willing even to try. That is rare and beautiful. Yet this is not your burden to hold. You can’t sustain it. Deep down inside you know this is true.

When you get ready to lay it down, fear taunts you. You worry about what will happen to those you love and this great, big world. Listen, friend, your shoulders are not broad enough for all of this. The only shoulders wide enough are the ones that stretched across the wooden beams of a cross.

You belong to the Jesus who died so you wouldn’t have to carry all this weight. You belong to the God who spoke the world into being. You belong to the Spirit who dwells in every heart and knows each person’s thoughts. You are invited to join in the divine purposes of the kingdom of God, to be a partner in his great and glorious work, but you are not responsible for it.

Asking you to take responsibility for this world would be like asking a toddler to take charge of his father’s house. No loving parent would expect that from his child. And your heavenly Father doesn’t ask it of you. What does he ask? What any parent does: love and obedience.

You are a child, and life is not meant to be so full of burdens that you can’t enjoy what your heavenly Father wants to give you. When your arms and heart and life are so full, how can you receive from him? Let some of it go. Just lay it down.

You’re not meant to live feeling so weighed down. Instead you’re created to be lifted up by the heavenly Father who cherishes you more than you can even know.


Holley Gerth

(inspired by Isa. 53:5; Matt. 11:28; Matt. 18:1–5 and adapted from If We Could Have Coffee…{ebook})

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Your Worth is Beyond Measure

bracelet by Premier Designs

bracelet by Premier Designs

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I click on the World Meters page and watch the numbers rise and fall before my eyes. Over 7 billion people on the planet. 119,439 births and 83,458 deaths so far today. Woah. And there’s only One who has every hair on every head numbered. Only One who welcomes each person to earth and watches over their last breath. Only One.

You see, we can never be big. Only God is big. 

And we can never be small. Because God says we matter.

We tend to get so focused on size in this world. How many Facebook friends do we have, how many people came to our party, how many contributed to our cause? We have arbitrary numbers chosen in our mind that mean “big” and others that mean “small.” And all the while God shakes his head with a bemused smile says, “That’s not what it’s about at all.”

Because whenever we label something “big” or “small” it’s always a comparison to something else. Comparison is dangerous because it’s about more or less. It pushes us either toward pride or insecurity. And all the while the One who made us is trying to remind our hearts, “I don’t compare you with anyone. And I alone am beyond compare.”

You can give a hug to one person or a speech to one million and it’s all the same to God if your heart is doing it as an act of worship.

I am not big.

You are not big.

I am not small.

You are not small.

And the same goes for anything and everything we do. 

So when we feel the pressure to be “big” in some way, we can remind ourselves that God alone gets to claim that word. And when we face the temptation to feel small, we can remind ourselves that every hair on our heads is numbered by a wild and glorious God.

You can let go of “big” as well as “small” and instead simply be.

Be loved.

Be known.

Be certain that your worth is beyond measure.


Holley Gerth