If we had coffee today I’d say…You Can Be Confident

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Sometimes we worry that being confident is the same as being prideful. But the two are very different…

Humility literally means bowing our hearts.

So we bow our hearts to God and agree with what he says–including what he says about us! Then he stands us on our feet and sends us out to be who he’s made us and do what he’s called us to do.

Insecurity turns us inward–true humility (which is also true confidence) turns us outward and upward.

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Happy Friday, Y’all! In honor of Labor Day and just because I am SO thankful for each of you, I wanted to do a giveaway of this beautiful necklace from the Lisa Leonard’s faith collection. Leave a comment by Sunday at midnight to be entered in the drawing and in the meantime you can go look through all of the amazing jewelry in this collection. .


  1. Donna Mayo says

    I enjoy reading your blog and your books, you bring a bit of inspiration and peace to my day. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful necklace.

    • Pamela says

      Holly, your blogs and posts are definitely inspirational and help to keep me focused. God always knows just what I need and when… oftentimes it comes through your words.
      Thank you! Wishing you many blessings!

    • Sharon says

      I try to read your posts daily and they seem to always have a special message either for me personally or someone I know. Great way to begin my day at work.! The necklace is beautiful and would be an added bonus to enjoy!

    • Robin says

      I love to read your encouraging words. I send them to my daughter in college and it always seems that she replies back with “that is exactly what I needed to hear today.” I love how God is working through you to bless and encourage women. May you be blessed abundantly for your faithfulness to our Heavenly Father.

      And, the jewelry is beautiful…the one shown happens to be my favorite song of all time.

    • Rosalynda says

      I also try to read your post daily. God knows exactly what I need and when! Thank you a million times over for the encouragement, the scriptures, the blessings that come my way through your faithfulness to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Without HIM I am nothing! With HIM, all things are possible!
      Beautiful necklace!

  2. says

    Thank you for this Holley, I have been finding out how different the 2 are lately. I can be very prideful and have no confidence at all. A good lesson to lean.
    Thank you again for all you do.

  3. Carolyn says

    What great truth you have spoken. As I come to know my identity in Christ He continues to speak to my heart the wonders of the new creation He has made me to be, and your comments today are so in line with what He has to say. Thank you , thank you, thank you, Holley.

  4. christina pacholik says

    Your commentaries bring me much peace and confidence. They are uplifting to my soul. A little nugget of wisdom that I can apply daily. Thank you.

  5. says

    I love what you share!! I do have coffee with you every morning – you just didn’t know it! Each morning I am blessed by reading “God’s Heart For You” :-)

  6. Satin says

    Wow! What a beautiful reminder of the importance of staying humbly bowed before Jesus! Love you & your gifts with words. Have a blessed weekend! xo

  7. Sylvia says

    Hi Holley! It’s so comforting to know that there are other women who experience the same emotions and have the same questions.. I very often mistake confidence for pride which in fact, often hinders me from valuing myself! Thank you for always reminding me of my worth each and everyday and, for reminding me we are all in this together! Love Sylvia

  8. Javene McCabe says


  9. Kim says

    Awesome! After a long week at work, it was so nice to hear your inspiring words.
    “Go Get ‘Em, People!” Bless and be blessed!!!

  10. Shawn Bensley says

    “It is well with my soul”, isn’t it awesome that amidst all the things this world can throw at us we can truly say it is well with my soul. What peace, what comfort.

  11. Carly Koeberl says

    Hi Holley,
    I love the post you have today. I am a student at Northwestern College in MN and I have always had a good confidence level. I agree with the fact that sometimes it makes us feel prideful. I was encouraged what you had to say about this matter.

    I love the necklace you posted about. This was the song that was sung at my mom’s funeral 2 months ago. Even though it was such an incredibly hard time for me and my family, we were still able to give the praise to God and proclaim that it really is well with our soul because of the grace and love we have from our Heavenly Father. Actually, we sang this song in praise chapel my very first day back to Northwestern on Wednesday. I hadn’t heard that song since the funeral but by just standing in chapel and feeling the presence of our amazing God, I could once again say it is well.

  12. Jaymie Freye says

    I have always thought that being confident was being prideful. So much so, that I flung myself into a pit of insecurities and low-self esteem. As I grow with God, I am slowly crawling out – learning along the way that it’s ok to be confident in God’s gifts that we are given. He gave them to us for a purpose – using them for that purpose is what God wants. We’ve got to let our lights shine!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with all of us! =)

  13. Dora Calderon says

    Thank you mi amiga, for all the wisdom and confidence you give. “Freely give, Freely receive”..yep that’s what you are.

  14. Gail says

    I can always find an encouraging thought in my inbox. It helps me start my workday with a Christ-centered attitude. Thank you for your insight!

  15. donna says

    I’m a new reader and can’t believe that you write just what I need to hear. I’m so glad a friend forwarded one of your writings!

  16. ShaLonda says

    Thank God for using you to relay this message. Wow…I have been dealing with this for the past couple of weeks; it has caused me much frustration and irritation. I always feel bad about being confident in my skills and talents because I don’t want others to think that I’m arrogant or that I have a “big head”. I seem to always downplay my talents in order to ensure that others know that I do not think that I am more important than they are. I realize now, that God has blessed me with special talents and skills to confidently use for the Glory of His Kingdom. Father I pray that I always confidently display my talents and skills in a manner that pleases you. Amen.

  17. Camille Davis says

    I enjoyed reading your post today. I am reading “A Confidant Heart” by Renee Swope and your message really lined up. I think I probably had these confused for several years, but I’m learning. I appreciate all your messages I receive and the way your able to write in pictures, I can just see it before my eyes. Thank you, the Lord has used you to be a blessing in my life and many others I’m sure!

  18. Meleah Heavner says

    That’s a great point! I think it is connected with the issue that, I feel, women, in particular, seem to often get confused by the difference between assertiveness and aggression. For example, sometimes I wonder if the idea of ‘having’ to be nice to everybody, at all times, was, actually, overly emphasized when I was growing up, such to the point that I felt that to simply disagree was being unkind. Thanks Holley…

  19. Janel says

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today!! A friend of mine and I were actually just dicussing this a couple of days ago. We are planning to sing “It Is Well” (which also just so happens to be the necklace you are giving away…) at church on Sunday and I/we have been struggling with this issue of pride vs. confidence. Thanks so much!

  20. Amy Evans RN says


    “Humility literally means bowing our hearts” then following God’s directions. This is so true in my life as an RN since 1969. I wanted to be a nurse since age 8, but without God’s love, provision, and continued presence, I would not be a part of the Lord’s service to others!

    I am blessed and truly “It Is Well With My Soul”. Enjoy your holiday, safe in the arms of God!

  21. Tracie says

    Holly, Thank you for sharing your faith and your heart! I love reading your daily emails.
    I must have this necklace! :) “If” I dont win, I plan to order one!
    After the loss of my husband, “It is well with my soul” has become my motto!
    I could not have made it through the past several years raising my two little boys without
    God carring me the entire way.
    May God Bless you!

  22. Amy says

    It is such a blessing to receive your encouraging words in my in-box each day! Always seems to be the message I need to hear for that moment. God’s good like that! :) Thank you for letting God use you to touch so many hearts. Blessings!

  23. says

    I look forward to your emails every day. They are encouraging and uplifting. I’m also a HUGE fan of Lisa Leonard’s pieces… own a couple. I sooooo wish she would sell the bracelet she made for the inCourage team that says “Dream God-Sized Dreams” – it’s a beautiful piece and I would buy one in a heartbeat. Maybe you could pass that little nugget along. :) Thanks Holley!

  24. says

    I love your message, Holley — I read once where humility is “perfect quietness of heart” . . . so grateful for this picture of bowing our hearts before the One who gives us confidence because we are His. . . .

  25. Catrina says

    I love the reminder of what true humility is, I needed to hear it! Thank you Holley for all your love and commitment.

  26. Patty says

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am made with strengths that God has planned. Looking forward to some quiet time this weekend to continue reading Your Already Amazing and to dig into His word and to listen to what God is saying to my about where He wants me to be at this season of life. Have a great weekend!

  27. Kelli says

    You are the ray of sunshine in my inbox each morning. Thanks Holly, for stepping into the gift that God gave you, and using your words to bless others. Keep it up girl!

  28. Haley says

    Thanks Holley! I’m working on studying for a big test, scared to death, trying to be confident/humble. Your devotionals help me so much!! I look forward to seeing them in my inbox. God really does use you!! :) Love the necklace too!! *crosses fingers and toes and tongue* Please oh please oh… 😉

  29. miss honey says

    thank you holly for showing the message on the necklace. i have been going thru a difficult time accepting some health issues and overwhelming anxiety that accompanies my heart condition. i needed to seem the reminder that no matter what happens to my heart, it is well with my soul. God bless & keep you in all ways!!

  30. Carolyn says

    This was so appropriate this morning. Our book club that is reading “You’re Already Amazing” was discussing chapter 2. Specifically the weakness of insecurity came up. There was a lot of discussion. Especially in trying to find out the positive that comes out of insecurity. You shed light on the subject without me even asking – how awesome is that?

  31. Pam Long says

    Holley, I always look forward to your video blog and what the Father has laid on your precious heart! Seeing the picture of that necklace reminded me that I DO know it is well with my soul, just as it was with the songwriter as he penned those words, floating above the very spot where his wife and children went down the night the Titanic sank. It’s a very difficult thing to say sometimes but, with God’s grace, when you can say it and mean it…well, it makes all the difference in your life. It’s my prayer today that we will all TRY to say it and mean it. May God richly bless you today, honey.

  32. Tami says

    Thank you so very much for sharing your blessed enlightenment. Your messages are always right on cue and come just when I need them. Struggles have plagued my mind, body and soul lately, however, you lift me up even if for just a moment. You see I am still battling with giving things up to His control and for me to stop taking them back so I can try to figure them out.

  33. Kristena says

    Thank you for your encouraging words. I wish we could have coffee sometime. I have struggled with so many insecurities and I am praying for God to help me break free, so that I can help to raise my beautiful, precious gifts, my daughters, to be confident in the Lord and to let their light shine for Him.
    Thank you!

  34. Kathy says

    I always look forward to your blogs, Holley! And sometimes they speak directly to me, in that very moment! God knows what we need!

  35. Erika says

    WOW! Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much for sharing this truthful gem. I struggle with confidence every day. Now I have a new bit of perspective. Thank you for touching my life in such a positive way!

  36. Paulette Boxie says

    I had my coffee today and I did not feel Confident until I read this message. As I now bow my heart to God it helped me bow my heart to others today. I needed to hear this message today because now I really feel the flow of Confidence . Thanks you

  37. Becky Saddler says

    I truly feel like you have affirmed me today! Many years ago I had this confident feeling about my life but was shot down as being prideful…thank you for allowing me to say ‘YES!’ to the confidence that Jesus Christ gives to me in my life!

  38. Diane says

    I can’t wait to read your blogs each day. Sometimes it is as though you have stepped inside my world and know just exactly what I’m experiencing. Thank you for being there for me and for all who read your blog and books (I have them!). I’ve shared you with several teachers at my school and now also as part of devotions at our faculty meetings. Have a wonderful weekend! I look forward to what you write next!

  39. Hannah says

    I love reading you blog, it’s so uplifting. I have to remind myself everyday to be confident, other wise satan uses my insecurities to pull me down. Thanks =)

  40. Pam Munck says

    Your site was the first I opened up today…It was enough to get me started…and wanted one more cup of coffee :)

  41. Jules says

    wow! what timing… that was so encouraging… thank you so much… I would love to sit and have coffee with you…. You are a true jewel!!

  42. Lorrie says

    Sweet Holley,

    I think you and God commiserated about posting this today! It’s just what He has been teaching my heart. I’ll testify to my sisters here that the Lord is truly gracious, so patient to teach us to honestly say “it is well with my soul.” Happy long weekend and thanks for the soul-encouragement.


  43. says

    It is well with my soul . . . something we can say with because of who we are in Christ. This give me the confidence to stand in Him even when the storm is raging against us. Thanks for your encouraging words Holley. I look forward to reading your blog each day.

  44. Natalie Wilkins says

    Hi Holly,
    I look forward to your emails that lift my day and give me encouragement as I go through my workday. God Bless you!

  45. SallyAnne Trissel says

    Holley…always a pleasure to see your smiling face as you share your sweet words with us, always an encouragement to me. I love how you shared with us about what the Bible says about confidence. I feel confident. But am concerned that it makes me appear boastful or even arrogant. I recently had my manuscript book review accepted by a publisher and want to share my praises…but don’t want to sound boastful. Any thoughts and advice? Through God and a fantastic Christian therapist I was able to let go of the past need to “please people” and have become who I am now and not who people want me to be.

  46. Bev says

    Thank you Holly,
    Insecurity is so totally an inward blanket I like to hide myself in. Thank you for pointing out that true humility gives me freedom from a security blanket, freedom to look up and out and have confidence of the true person God has created me to be! Thank you always for pointing to the Word of Christ with your daily inspiration!

  47. Dean says

    Hey holley

    Im a guy, bet you didnt know you had guys reading your post. I dont remember how I stumbled across you, probably from ecards, but I read every one. Today I needed to hear confidence in my Lord. Thank you for ministry and words of encouragment.

  48. Mary says

    I just started a new job and moved across the country. I had a few days when my confidence didn’t even make it to work with me. I so enjoyed reading your blog today..makes me hold my head up with confidence and to do the job I know how to do. Thanks for the lift.

  49. says

    Whew! You just don’t know how perfectly timed that message in my inbox was… thanks for that! I love blogging and writing & getting some great news this week about an exciting opportunity was such a welcome treat, BUT I’ve started to doubt myself a little when it comes to gauging how much to put out there. I’ve wanted to shout my good news from the rooftops and yet, not seem arrogant. I want to contribute the gifts I have, but not be overbearing. These are just the words I needed!

  50. Barbara says

    Having coffee with you, Holley, would be a blessing!! Thank you for your uplifting and encouragement! That is definitely what God has chosen for you to do in your earthly life!! Blessings, Barbara

  51. Tammy says

    This is something I have struggled with my whole life! My insecurities have drawn me inward and I have judged others for being outward & upward. Thank you so much for sharing what scripture says about it. I will definitely be bowing my heart to God, listening/believing what He says and waiting for Him to stand me on my feet & send me out. Bless you Holley!

  52. JULIE says

    I always seem to be on the other side of pride…and confidence, until I began to learn where my true value comes from and now I can say with confidence….”It is well with my soul”!

    ~ Julie

  53. Juanita says

    You are rocking my world through you blog and your book! Thank you SO much for speaking truth to us in that good ole southern way that I can relate to! I am beginning to feel the hard shell layers softening and melting away as I surrender to becoming the woman that God has called me to be. Thank you, it IS well with my soul :)
    Big hugs,

  54. Christy says

    I am so thankful that you differentiated between insecurity and humility! So many ppl get this confused… I enjoy your blogs and appreciate your insights! I often share them with my friends. God bless…

  55. Sheree says

    Hi Holley,
    The jewelry is so nice and I would love to have a piece. A already wear a silver band with peace
    written on it. Thank you,

  56. Nancy says

    hey ! – that’s great! … your post Holley and that the previous person who wrote, is a guy. When I found your book “You’re Already Amazing” my husband told me he’d already heard of you too- through Dayspring. So another guy :) … & likely many read your blog as it’s universally wonderful.

    Thanks for being a voice, as the Holy Spirit is (John 16, AMP) who speaks words of faith and convinces us as believers in Jesus, of righteousness – the gift of His own righteousness that is now ours by grace [unmerited favour] through faith/ in Christ. Have a great wkend! Such a pretty necklace to have a chance to win and nice to know about her jewelry in gen.

    xox Nancy

  57. Cynthia Nevin says

    Good morning, Holley and God’s blessings to you. I look forward to your words each day; they are uplifting and Spirit-filled. Thank you :)

  58. Brenda says

    I really love you emails. They are so encouraging and uplifting. Today’s about confidence is just the right one for me today. I’m learning the difference between confidence and pride. Also that you don’t have to feel confident to step out in confidence.

  59. Sharon David says

    A simple wish ” It is well with my soul” , hard to cultivate through the myriad of insecurities, hurts, fears and anxieties swirling through us. But a listening heart, a still soul resting in the Lord radiates that peace inward and outward. I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me , thank you for your wonderful and warm wards Holley :)

  60. Lisa says

    Thank-you so much for your video messgae today, it was truly inspirational. I personally lack confidence in myself and my abilities and feel that using any gifts I have would be prideful , or if someone pays a compliment, I beat myself up and just excuse it. Thank-you for the reminder to ‘bow our hearts’ -what a lovely definition of humility-and accept what God wants for us and also accept the way he sees us-a big ask for me! But i’ll try and go get’em.
    God Bless, Lisa

  61. msurrency says

    The confidence/pride issue is something I struggle with as a business owner. I want to come across as confident but not prideful. Many people come into my shop just to “talk” and I want it that way – so coming across as prideful would hinder that ministry. I pray daily for wisdom and confidence. Thank you for your post – just what I needed today.

  62. Sarah says

    I love that phrase “it is well with my soul” from the old hymn which was written under amazingly difficult circumstances. It is a reminder to me that the wellness of my soul is not dependent upon any circumstances, good or bad. My soul is well because it is anchored in Christ’s love for me. I can truly “rejoice always” even if I “feel” sad or disappointed or frustrated or angry. Such a weighty few words! Love you Holley (and Lisa Leonard)!

  63. A sister says

    I read another article on a promise of God. When I include what I’ve read here, I understand that my confidence is in believing God’s promises! Thank you for the reminder –

  64. Wendy says

    Holly, I am so blessed to have your emails each day. You truly let God use you through your gift of writing. Thanks for the daily inspiration. :-) I’ve been told I’m stuck up because of my confidence. However, my confidence stems from the surrender of my heart to God and not my own doing. He will provide and I have to just let go of it all. Good and bad, we all just have to let go and be blessed. :)

  65. Theresa Ream says

    Thanks for always having the right words. Your pen, or keyboard are definitely guided from above.

    Peace, Theresa in MA

  66. Mary Ann Schleihauf says


    You are deffinately a Southern Bell, an inspiration to all. You enlighten thousands everyday, those who subscribe to you, as well as those they share with your wonderful sweet words. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forwarded your message to friends, where they respond, “WOW, you’ll never know how much I needed that right now.” So to you miss articulate angel of God, thank you and keep insuring and reassuring all of us

  67. Areletha Springs says

    Love the sentiment on the necklace and especially appreciate today’s thought on humility. Thank you!

  68. Holly D. says

    I was sent your emails a while ago, and love reading them. I have a common bond with you as my name is Holly – just spelled without the “e”. Today I finally saw a video of Confidence. I am SO excited about these devotionals – as having coffee with a friend sounds so inviting and something I would do every day if I could. I work at home and it is difficult at times to not be around people since I am such a social butterfly, but these videos give me a connection daily of other Christians who are wanting to shine their light for the world also. Thank you for committing to this venture, you truly are pulling people to the Lord! =) Take care, my friend! Holly

  69. Mary Justice says

    I am currently reading your book You are Already Amazing and love the part
    About humility being about looking upward and outward.
    Your book has helped me so much already and I am only on Chapter 5!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the beautiful necklace.

  70. says

    Thank you so much for taking time out to lift us up closer to God. We all are supposed to do it but some are better at it than others. We all have been given talents and gifts to use. God is pleased you are using yours and I’m glad I found it as an extra encouragement to my day and life.
    May your life be blessed and when you have the sad things come your way, may you feel God’s presence with you at all times.
    Thanks again,
    ~ Diane

  71. Savanasu says

    Bless you Holley for bringing light into my otherwise dark life everyday. I so look forward to your emails and the wisdom and enlightenment you bring. When I rely on God instead of myself it is, indeed, “well with my soul”. Thank you…..

  72. Evangeline says

    Hi Holley,
    I love your videos and email, you are so encouraging! I wanted you to know that I post your videos on my facebook page to share with others! You have a blessed ministry and bless so many others in their ministry. THANK YOU!

  73. says

    Your daily visit via your blog is a “breath of fresh air”…thanks for your love and your transparency in sharing your heart….you have made a difference in my life and others! xo

  74. says

    Thank you, Holley! I want to walk in confidence (not pride or false humility) & I thank you for not only explaining the difference but for giving me “permission” to be ME in Him! :-)

  75. Kathy says

    I need the encouragement you offer in your words. Confidence can return inwardly as I trust in God’s working within to transform me into His image. Thank you for your uplifting message.

  76. Maureen Leahy says

    Dear Holly I just thank the Lord for you and your daily encouragement the Lord has so richly bless and anointed you, and I praise the Lord for his using you and you’re obedience to Hi
    I pray god’s richest blessings on you and your ministry and your family and all that you touch. I pray that the Lord would so increase your anointing and enlarge your territory. thanks so much for personally ministering to me each day I am so blessed by you!
    In His Service, Maureen Leahy -Cottonwood, Az

  77. says

    LOL, Holley! I just went down through all the entries and go, “This is almost
    like the lottery!”
    Then, I remembered my REAL reason for wanting to post a comment and that
    is to say, “I CAN DO all things through Messiah, Who gives me strength!”
    Now, that is my confidence, today and I say, “Thank You” for this opportunity
    to have declared it, with confidence, today,and not be ashamed, for in my
    weakness, He is Strong. Isn’t His Spirit just the most Awesome Being in our

  78. pamela says

    Thanks for the reminder. It is good to remember that humility and confidence are very different. We appreciate your continued wisdom and encouragement!

  79. Catherine Vega says

    Hi Holley ~

    Thank you! This gentle reminder is timely for me, as I believe are all messages from God. I am struggling with insecurity and this is so helpful in helping me move forward. I look forward to hearing more and I really do wish we could have coffee together in person! With Love, Cathy

  80. says

    “It is well with my soul” is a precious hymn . . . through so many generations, including sung at my 16 yo son’s funeral nearly 8 years ago. Despite his tragic unexpected death, it was (is) well with his soul and ours . . . and what a hope we have!!! Would love to have this close to my heart!

  81. Emily says

    I struggle with my relationship with God, myself, and others and insecurity. I am working on focusing on God and who He is. It’s hard not to focus on my weaknesses. Thank you for the reminder to agree and believe God’s words.

  82. Petra says

    Thank you, thank you Holley. I’m finding it hard to stay confident when I keep applying for jobs and getting reject letters, I think is it because of my age? My experience (or not)? Even the one I thought was my dream job! I know the Lord has something special for me. I shall also pass on your email to my son who’s also looking for a job, we both need your wise words. God bless you sister Holley xx

  83. Linda says

    It’s always a blessing to read your blogs ~ and amazingly seems to always be ‘needed’ on any particular day…this is one of my favorite hymns It is Well with my Soul ~ as long as I’m focused on my Lord and Savior~ God bless you for sharing yourself with so many

  84. says

    I love how you said, “Insecurity turns us inward–true humility (which is also true confidence) turns us outward and upward.” It is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank-you for sharing!

  85. Elaine Logsdon says

    I love all your blogs! They give me such hope! I love all your beautiful pictures. I have shared many of your writings with my sister. Thanks for all the ways you and your writings and your blessings from God give me insight and hope!

  86. says

    What a beautiful necklace. I would give it to one of the ladies that belongs to our Nusing Home ministry, she would love it.
    Thank you for this awesome opportunity.
    M. Waters

  87. says

    I have found that confidence came to me when I finally, finally came to accept that God loves me ANYWAY! Oh, I’ve always known He loves me… He created me, right? How could He not love His own creation? Well, it took some tragedies and trials and triumphs to not only believe, but to accept that He loves me, no matter what I’ve messed up, and no matter how depressed I get. I just love being loved by Him!!
    Put me in the drawing for the lovely necklace, please. It is certainly well with my soul!

  88. Robin Hollis says

    It’s so nice to know that when I do feel confident, that it’s not prideful, especially when it is God working through me, I know the days lately I haven’t felt confident at all, but I know Gods Grace is sufficient for me, and I’m growing in Him more and more and Trusting Him more and more each day. Holley, can I get that picture on the table behind you, watching the video, and seeing it, you have no idea what that means to me in my current situation…..Would love to have that as a reminder that God’s will and purpose is better than my own……Thanks for all you do to lift us up :)

  89. Delores says

    I Pray that One Day We will hear many singing this Beautiful Song and that We can lead many to know Christ. I Pray that theywillknow in their Hearts that theSpirit lies in them andgoes out and tells their Storyto others and Lead them to Christ, it’s time We all share with othersnot only Our Story, but the Story of Jesus, howHe died onthe Cross for Our Sins!

  90. Karen says

    Dear Holly, your words help me to bow my heart to Him with adoration and gratefulness. I can tell by the comments of so many of the other women that you offer a blessing and encouragement for us to “grow daily with grace”. Thank you for sharing your words of inspiration with us. In Christian Love, ~~karen~~

  91. RoseAnn says

    It IS “well within my soul”! Thank you, Holley, for your faithful sharing of encouragement from God’s Word! The lovely necklace which you are giving away would be a wonderful reminder of the source of joy–and “wellness”!

  92. Judy Bonnell says

    You Are Amazing! (smile) I do love your blog, and would love to win the necklace with one of my favorite hymns, but if I don’t I love your blog anyways!

  93. elaine says

    When we know how much God lavishes His love on us, it helps us be confident and it’s the most humbling place to be

  94. Lesley Morris says


    Your posts are direct to my heart. I pass them on to my daughter. They are always practical, applicational, challenging, and encouraging. Thank you for being so transparent and making it real.


  95. BrendaS says

    Thanks for your encouragement! I love that definition of ‘humility’. I like to be able to picture things in my mind…it helps me to remember them. I can do that with that definition!

  96. Tamara Spycher says

    Holley thank you for this piece in your blog. this describes me right where I am at. God called me to be at home to raise my children and I gave up my career. I was afraid to find that I would not be able to meet the challenges o f being stay at home mother. I have struggled with pride and with being humble. And of course confidence has always eluded me. But today after reading your words I have been blessed to see what healthy confidence should like.

  97. says

    I posted this on Facebook, but I’ll write it here as well…It seems as though the only time I’m truly confident is when I’m in His house worshiping Him or sharing Him with someone. I guess that’s just the way I roll. Hope you have a great weekend girl!

  98. Polly Hagedorn says

    Holly, I feel I could sit down and have coffee with you and it would be so awesome to talk with you and we would come away great friends. I am currently reading your book “You Are Already Amazing” and I love it. You bring everything into perspective for me with your style of writing. May God continue to Bless you ministry.

  99. says

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  100. Dorothy Stickler says

    Thank you Holly for the lesson today. I love you words about bowing our hearts to God! And the Heart jewelry just goes right along with it. . One of my favorite hymms is “IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL” We are so blessed that all can be WELL with our SOULS because of JESUS….. God is Great!

  101. Lydia Grace Hart says

    I just recently found your site, and it has already spoken to my heart several times, through the emails I get sent now. Thank you so much! I am only 14, and am pleasantly surprised at how applicable your posts are.

  102. Sandy says

    Hi Holley,
    I really needed this today! There’s something in my life that I’m not confident about right now and bowing my heart before God, and adding prayer, already makes me feel like I can aquire the confidence to achieve my goal.

    Thanks and blessings, Sandy

  103. karina allen says

    Holley! I LOVE that necklace!
    I love the definition of humility as bowing our hearts and looking upward and outward. That places us in a position to truly hear from God, follow His leading and be devoted to His purposes and not our own.

  104. Janice Noto says

    Holley I thank God for you and your posts. You have lifted my spirits on so many occasions. I’ve been going through a very rough year so far and you always remind me that our God is bigger than our problems and that He is always with us.
    Thank you so much and may God richly bless you as He uses you to bless us.


  105. AnnMarie says

    We have a big God and He taught me something very personal about humility. Truth is I didn’t even know what humility really meant. That was six years ago – a year before my little girl was diagnosed with cancer. God spoke to me very clearly then. He said something to me that put me on a search to find out what humility was. At the time I thought humility was the opposite of arrogance, and I was afraid that He was telling me I was just that…arrogant. I was broken hearted at the thought. In my quest to understand humility I read a whole lot…everything I could find on the topic of humility. You know, there is not a lot available in libraries about humility. So I prayed more to understand it better. A year after my quest began my daughter was diagnosed. I learned. Boy, did I learn. Humility is complete dependence on God. Total. Unending. Limitless. A complete emptying of yourself. That was hard for a control freak like me. But I had zero control over this situation and He had all the control. So I prayed about everything. And, I mean everything. I became so totally dependent on Him that in order to figure out what to cook for dinner I had to sit at the table, head in my hands, and pray that He would tell me. I would open my bible…my beautiful bible with the beating heart that lives and breathes and is alive! it was the place where He could show me what he wanted me to know about Him. He taught me about faith. He taught me how to not sink into the sea when the storm comes in. He taught me how to focus on Him. Every time I got in the car I’d ask Him to sit in the passenger seat. If I could’ve put Him in the driver seat there, too, I would’ve…gladly! I’d even put my purse on the floor so He’d have room! At night I’d ask Him if I could lay at His feet while my daughter layed in His arms when we went to sleep. Yes, I am totally dependent on my God. And I couldn’t be happier. Praise You O Lord and Thank You Lord for healing our little girl. Thank You for teaching me that You are number one! Thank You Lord for humbling me. I’m happy to be Your little broom….and I adore You! Thank you, Holley, for your blog. You are an inspiration and a sister to us all.

  106. Alice Vigil says

    I so love your devotionals! I share them with my family and my friends. Very unique and timely messages… I would love to have the necklace for my niece – she has just recomitted her heart to Jesus, and I encourage her. I forward your mail – I must check and see, for I think she might have subscribed for herself by now. Be blessed and thank you for sharing your heart.

  107. Sonja says

    i think this is so true! It is so easy for us to struggle with confidence/ humility versus pride. Thanks fir the insight! It is actually rather freeing :-)

  108. Anita says

    Dear Holley,
    Coffee tastes best when we have it with you. Yes, when we prostrate ourselves at HIS feet we can stand up to anybody else. Like they say, “Meekness is not weakness”. Yeah! we’ll go get ’em, people!

  109. Debbie Trombley says

    More and more I know that humility is death to myself, what I see and feel. The key to confidence is all for the glory of Jesus Christ and His work through me. I love riding on the shoulders of the King of Kings!

  110. Dana King says

    Dear Holley,
    Such great comments….and I agree with them all.
    Your blog is such a blessing and testimony of your Christian hearrt.
    In May my very special Uncle passed away, and my Aunt started reading your blog.
    She shared with me how much she enjoys reading it too.
    Thanks. for being a blessing to so many.

  111. Rose says

    This is good advice. Personally I find it hard to be confident without building myself up to what I feel like us too high. I haven’t figured out how to balance confidence with humility while avoiding cockiness. How do you see that line and keep from crossing it?

  112. says

    Wow what glorious words to hear today. Too often I think that I appear over confident or conceited to others. Although I shouldn’t worry about what others think of me I often feel as though I’m doing something wrong. It makes me doubt myself and what I feel God is telling me.
    Thank you for your words today. They touched my heart.

    xo Leigh

  113. says

    I know so many Christians who think humility is a lack of confidence in who God made them to be. You can’t compliment them because they shrug off the compliment. It is easy to fall into thinking it is prideful to be confident, or except a compliment. I love the term Godfidence. I have confidence in who God made me to be. I have not arrived at being as confident as I would like, and I need reminders all the time. Thanks for the reminder. I love this collection. I still have my old By Grace Alone pendant. My favorite.

  114. Holly Wright says

    Once again Holley you say it so well. Thanks for the clarity of concept and the love of God that you share with us all. XO

  115. Tiffany Mock says

    Love this! Coming up soon , I’ll be under a lot of pressure for an oral board and I usually feel like I have no confidence at all in this sort of situation. Thank you for the kind and MUCH NEEDED reminder :)

  116. Joanna says

    Thanks Holley! I love how you explained this and I ‘m excited to share it with my two daughters. I encourage them to have confidence in Christ-Christ confidence- and you explained this so amazingly. “Outward and upward” I love that!

  117. Darla J says

    Hi, Holley
    This post is my favorite one, yet…probably because I have struggled with a lack of confidence for most of my life. I love your blog posts, but I am especially excited about your videos! Please keep them coming. I have watched the one about confidence at least 5 times and will no doubt watch it many more times. I just want to let this truth soak in to my spirit. Praise the Lord for what He is showing me about confidence… and working it out in my life. Thanks, again, Holley!

  118. Desiree says

    Holly, my sister,

    Your words come eacd day in my email. I read and am encouraged by each one. You share the thoughts, hopes and dreams that I am afraid to bring into the light for myself. My relationship with Him has grown so much because you speak His thoughts to me, thoughts I am afraid to grasp for myself.

    Yet, you say them OUT LOUD. You tell me that He says that I am loved, that I am precious, that I am perfect just as I am in His arms and in His sight. Oh how I want to believe those words. And how I long to put them into my heart forever.

    Your love is something I treasure in my life.


  119. Jacqueline says

    LOVED your post Holly — and the video…. so encouraging… :o) I wanted to share too, from something I did recently, that the word confidence comes from TWO Latin words….’ com’ and ‘fidere’…… which mean ‘with’ and ‘faith’…… so we can have faith/confidence in God’s Word, especially when our hearts are are submitted to Him in ‘Humility’…. He will never give us stones when we ask for bread!! or allow us to walk into a destructive path, when we ask for His direction :o)

  120. Linda says

    Hi Holley
    God’s timing is wonderful, don’t you think? I have been receiving your emails for some time now but had never before clicked on your video. Normally I read the words in your email without the pictures and only when I have time. Today I clicked on the link and watched the video. Again, God’s timing is perfect. It was just what I needed to hear after a very difficult 24 hours, where, among other things, I lost my job. Praise God for his timing. Praise God for people like you Holley, who encourage us all in God’s Word. I will now be clicking on the video and having coffee with you every day. Thank you.

  121. Margie Lowrey says

    Your video message today with your lovely smiling face just brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing yourself and the gift of inspiration God has blessed you with, with so many of us. You are such a blessing, and I am glad to be your friend! :)

  122. Jennifer C says

    Coffee in hand, I pressed play and started our “talk”… Humility and humbleness had different meanings to me too. I have recently noticed when I walk, I usually have my face pointed toward my feet (anywhere… work, shopping, CHURCH), how can I “boast in the LORD” like that? This was a perfectly timed message for me. Thank you friend!

  123. Jacquie says

    I love what you say about insecurity and humility. “Insecurity turns us inward- true humility (which is true confidence) turns us outward and upward.” Thank you for the insight…

  124. says

    Holley, I just love your posts and look forward to seeing them in my mailbox. I flag them and keep them there for a while so I can go back to them. God always brings us just what we need to hear. His timing is perfect. Thank you for your ministry and your loving encouragement to so many each day. I would love to have coffee with you anytime.

  125. sonya says

    What a great way to look at it!! As someone that has always struggled with confidence God has put me on a journey that is teaching me what true humility and confidence is!

  126. says

    Hi Holly
    Thanks for the video chat, its a great idea. I am suffering with a chronic illness and find simple things like going for a coffee with a friend is not easy anymore. This leads to isolation so thanks for comming here to my house in England for a coffee and chat. :)
    I love the jewellery cant think of anything better than wearing Gods truth.

  127. Lauri Haller says

    Wonderful message as always. Confidence … that’s exactly what I need as we moved our oldest child to college yesterday. I have confidence in her … but I think I’ll need God’s assurance that I’m going to be okay!!! Blessing to you ….

  128. Sally K says

    Thank you Holley for explaining this in such a lovely way. I love that we can be confident in the Lord. Thanks for reaching out to us in this fun and encouraging way!

  129. Lucille says

    Hi Holley! Thank-you for this timely message this morning and though I’m not eating a cupcake :-) I am eating a homemade muffin. Wish I could share it with you for the many blessings you have given me through your emails and videos. Love the bracelet and the song that was penned with those words.
    God bless you and have a blessed day

  130. Lucille says

    Hi Holley! Thank-you for this timely message this morning and though I’m not eating a cupcake :-) I am eating a homemade muffin. Wish I could share it with you for the many blessings you have given me through your emails and videos. Love the bracelet and the song that was penned with those words.
    God bless you and have a blessed day!


  131. Lisa/California says

    I am enjoying your “devotionals”. They are different, thought provoking. You wonder what the ending is going to be and enjoy getting there. The thoughts are a different approach of sharing a GREAT God who you can see in the everyday path of life. Thank you for a fresh look at our Father and His creation(s).

  132. Tonya says

    Your devotions are so warm and always hit the spot. Each one speaks to me and gives me a little spiritual lift! God bless you Holley!

  133. Marilyn says

    I sometimes really strive to be confident in the Lord. I just never feel good enough…or qualified enough or something. TY for sharing your thought with us on this Holley. I just love your devotionals!

  134. Kathryn says

    I do look forward to hearing from you each day. The necklace is beautiful. Recently attended a church and part of the sermon was “How is Your Soul Today?”

  135. Pamela says

    I look forward to and love reading your emails and blogs. Your videos are great too. Thank you from all of us who are impacted by your words and the Lord’s Word through you!

  136. says

    Thank you, Holley! What a beautifully worded explanation of confidence! We all need to be reminded that God made us so we are beautifully and wonderfully made.

  137. Beverly says

    Holley I’d love to have coffee with you and also to win the gorgeous necklace. Have a great labor Day Aloha from the 50th state. Beverly

  138. Justine says

    Thank you for your encouragement and uplifting words, Holly! It is a blessing to read your blog. Thank you for encouraging me to chase my dreams.

  139. Kristy Lynn says

    I love how you said, “Humility literally means bowing our hearts. So we bow our hearts to God and agree with what he says–including what he says about us!” Learning and believing what God says about me is a journey that I am on because I have had so many people speak negative things over me in my past. Learning to have God confidence in myself is so amazing because it frees me to be the woman of purpose He designed me to be!

  140. Diana Knapp says

    I love your posts. It seems as if God is speaking directly to me through you! Thank you for opening your heart and being a vessel for Him to reach all of us!

  141. Susanne Shultz says

    Introduced to your site by a friend today….I am intrigued and want to read and listen more. Also, I think your site would encourage yet another friend…thank you for what you do.

  142. Laurie Enoch says

    Thank you for the encouraging words. Confidence is not my friend but we are learning to be in Him :)
    Have a great weekend!

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  144. Lynn D says

    God’s really been speaking to me about who I am in Him, and what that means. I am only truly beginning to understand how much he loves me, and I’ve been a Christian for nealy 45 years! Thank you so much for sharing what God is teaching you. You are a real encouragement to me and to many others. Blessings.

  145. Janice Lamb Bradshaw says

    I look forward to my Holly Mail every day. There is something each day to encourage me and keep me on the right path. I would love to win this beautiful pendant and give it to my daughter.

  146. Phyllis says

    Love your message, love that old favorie hymn (brings back childhood memories with my mom), love that necklace. I ask God everyday what he would like for me to do for him today. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise him all creatures here below, praise him above ye heavenly hosts, praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost – Amen.

  147. Debbie McNeal says

    Thank you for your daily inspirational messages Holley. It is clear you speak from the heart and you have a true heart for God! Being confident in God’s love and grace and knowing we are under His umbrella of care makes all the difference in the world in dealing with all of life’s trials and tribulations. The key is always remembering that because when we forget, sometimes we stumble and fall instead of rising above. To Always look outward and upward is a beautiful message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  148. says

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  149. Christine O. from Wisconsin says

    I am so grateful for your blog and many encouraging words, Holley. Thank you for all you do for women. The distinction between prideful confidence and humility is especially timely. Thank you!

  150. kathy says

    This video was sooo much better than reading a blog post….really the next best thing to having that cup of coffee!! And your message was right on! I’ve been learing about humility because I’ve been struggling with pride…and yet, want to have confidence. Your message was so helpful, as always. Put the focus on God, as always, be confident in Him!…and I can be confident! Amen!

  151. Shalena says

    The necklace is amazing! I was loved to win it!! This song was layed on my heart about a week ago and some friends and I got together and 3 sang the song accapela while I signed the words in sign language. God truly was at work throughout the whole process of getting it together!! Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  152. Paula Clark says

    Thank you for sharing your heart and what you are learning from scripture. I would love to have coffee with you again soon. The video is such a great way to share your oneness with Christ. I will remember the words you shared today. Look upward and outward and share the gifts God has given to each of us.

  153. Maria W. says

    Your messages are amazing. I love reading them each time I get them. This goes along with what I’m learning from our Bible study at church. Thanks for your insights and for keeping all of us mindful of what Jesus wants for us each day. I like the necklace. It’s very unique. Thanks for offering it today!

  154. Karen says

    I too wish we could sit and have coffee! I love the way your sweet spirit comes through your writing and would love to just sit and be around you!

  155. Deborah Deggs Cariker says

    I love this piece, Holley, especially how you include us agreeing with what God says about us. We might often agree that God loves someone else… lavishes grace upon them… has a plan for their lives… hears their prayers… never leaves nor forsakes them. But, what about personalizing that? One of the best tactics I learned as a new believer was to personalize Scripture. He died for ME. Jesus said He will never leave nor forsake Debbie. God knows the plans He has for Debbie’s life. No weapon formed against Debbie will prosper. You get the point. I was raised in a church that specialized in “Jesus died for the world… for mankind… for humanity”, but I was never told He died for ME. I learned that in my mid-20s, giving what was left of my ragged, chaotic, sin-pocked life then.

    In the midst of dealing with our adopted, special needs little boys, I periodically slip away for a refreshing dip in His Word, often at your hands. I ask Him to bless YOU specifically, and cause YOU to prosper along with the work of YOUR hands. My latest Scripture to which I clink is in Lamentations 3 …. because of the Lord’s great love, DEBBIE is not consumed.

    Thank you!
    deborah deggs cariker
    Montgomery, Texas

  156. says

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    Amazon.co.uk states that the busiest day for on line shopping in
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    Nowadays, nonetheless, the fact British people love a cup of
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    UK merchants are getting excited about a jump in on-line shopping this Xmas because they baftle
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    On-line retail earnings will be up sharply
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    A separate report in the British Retail Consortium advises
    on line industry rose into a portion of all sales last month.
    The BRC’s monthly sales monitor with professionals KPMG said
    sizes were up 0.8% over a like-for-like basis from October 2012 as unseasonably comfortable weather noticed outfits sales drop but gizmos, activities and house extras all loved progress.

    That compared with a yearly tumble of 0.1-0.5
    in October 2012.

    The first late night buying Thursday comes times after the official Christmas lights switch-on – and the revocation of the
    Travel Ipswich work which has caused many problems for people hoping to get
    across the town centre.

    Function to renovate the Tower Ramparts shuttle station will soon
    be completed at that time, and Museum Street must be finally re-opened
    after months of closure.
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    Ipswich Central is promoting the town being a major joyous retail destination
    in a bet to appeal buyers from different major centers across the region.

    Of last month’s revenue, 18.3% were on-line, the very best proportion considering that the BRC’s records
    on internet buying volumes began couple of years previously.

    The BRC’s director general, Helen Dickinson, said:
    ‘It is expected that numerous people can ‘click in to Christmas’ more
    than ever before this year, and shops have invested substantially in user-friendly websites, rapid
    deliveries and convenient means of getting in-store, at home or on the move.’

    The record from IMRG and Capgemini directed to conversion rates – those individuals who buy online after searching – reaching a high of five hundred
    while in the run-up for this Christmas.

    It predict client spending with trusted online retailers will achieve ?10.8bn in December.

    christmas shopping
    The reason being of the electronic revolution triggered by the net, smartphones and capsules.

    So, when the Queen finishes her talk at about 3.05pm on Christmas Day this
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    PowerMax has declared an extremjely specific range of Black Friday/Cyber
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    StealthArmor is providing buyers free protecting movies for their iPhone 4/4s from Wednesday,
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    While in the aftermath of the current incidents as a result of
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    till your iPhone/iPad gets billed sufficintly enough too be utilized and slammed out if it’s vital, usse yet
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    I requested a Case-Mate case for my iPhone 5 before the phone
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    Everywhere I uncover myself, I can use an AC adapter
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    It is a common-sense issue. And regardless of how many occasions it’s
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    It doesn’t issue if you’ve got a great, fool-proof safe electric technique and gizmos however when your smart-phone is
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    This really is most likely a center-pin matter. Frequently this occurs
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    Volcano makes I to a low-resistance atomizer like called
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    The new E-Lites tubes (called ‘E-Tips ‘) will help reduce the price of smoking by more than 606.

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    If you’re allergic to PG we advise that you seek the assistance
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