If You Wonder Today If You’re Doing Okay

Holley CardLife is hard sometimes—

crazy, mixed-up, messed up.

And there you are, in the middle of it all,

just doing your thing…

being strong and brave and beautiful

like it’s no big deal.

But let me tell you, girl, it is.

Not everyone can do what you can do.

Not everyone can handle things the way you can.

While you wonder sometimes if you’re doing OK…

the rest of us are just watching in wonder.

Be strong and let your heart take courage,
all you who hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24 NASB


{This message is on a DaySpring card I wrote and it keeps coming to mind for YOU this week.}



  1. says

    One more day – God sends just what I and those I shepherd need to hear!
    Thank you for listening so closely to His heart and sharing it with us!
    You are a treasure Holley!
    Love you, Judy

  2. says

    Thank you Holley for this beautiful message….which I truly needed to read especially today. I have been thinking of ending my life…wondering if I am any good for anyone…I do what I’m told…do the work i’m assigned…been sick with Bronchitis but it seems like just a fancy name for a cold nothing more.
    Anyway, Holley, you are truly heaven sent to me today…and my special angel which has stopped my hand

    • says

      Hi Rosita,

      I don’t know you, but I know the One who does, and I know you are precious to Him! And I want you to know that if only one person in the whole world loves you, that one person is worth living for! Taking one’s life is selfish. It doesn’t consider the hurt and pain it would leave loved ones in, and God’s Word says we are to consider others before ourselves. He delights in you, and He is your Rescuer! May He continue to make His presence known in your life during these difficult days. May He sing over you and supply peace to your heart, mind and soul. I am thankful to hear how the Lord used this devotion to encourage you and put a stop to those thoughts today. I just lifted you in prayer…


    • says


      I agree with Pamela, you are a daughter of the King, He loves you and wants to rescue you. I’ve been in that hopeless place myself before. Through scripture and a great counselor, God showed me how much I was loved. That God still had a plan for my life. I’m praying for you my friend. I want to encourage you to talk with someone, a pastor or friend today. You are loved.


    • Karen E. L. says

      Rosita, you are Loved with An Everlasting Love and
      underneath you are the Everlasting Arms!
      I am learning that no one but the One Who died for me
      is worth living for, and He Alone is the One I want to please.
      I have found that because of our sin natures, we are not
      capable of truly pleasing others or ourselves, but we are
      able to please the One Who made us and the One Who
      died for us, because of His Spirit leading us and guiding us.
      He is Awe~some and we will live Forever with Him. How
      He loves you and I, today. This card from Holley says it all!

    • HONEY says

      You have touched my spirit today. Know that your life is so worth living….so worth continuing and being an encouragement to others such as myself. God uses us in all sorts of ways to teach others how to live in courage and fearlessly. I have often heard the saying that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. So rest in the peace that this posting came from God and was meant for you. He brought others to lift you up and to pray for you, so as this prayer covering settles softly over you, let the love of each and everyone who is thinking of you and caring for you be all that God meant it for. This is love that comes from the heart and fills you and is there to overflow those spaces that need filling. God is with you and always remember that you are never alone. Praise God in all things….there are lessons in each and everyday we live…..your experience today is meant for you to share with someone who feels the same way and to help them find their way and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Praying for you and loving you.

    • Holley says

      Rosita, I echo what all these wise women said above. If you are still thinking of taking your life, please call 911 or 1-800-suicide right away!

    • says

      My Dear, Precious Rosita,

      I hear your heart. I also empathize with your tiredness of body, mind and spirit. I have chronic pain and other symptoms from a car accident, let’s see…it was 14 years ago on January 5, 2013. I have wrestled with the thoughts of “I’m no good to anyone. I’m worthless…myself, much less my God and family and friends….or even strangers. I questioned why I lived to only lay in the cold, dark cave of my bedroom where I could only catch bits and pieces of ‘life’ & laughter coming from my husband and children in the other room…in the light & company of each other. I longed & pleaded with my God, my Father in Heaven to take me so they would be better off. I ‘knew’ I was a burden and no longer had a purpose of worth.

      I had only the Scripture verses that I had hidden in my heart and the song, “Jesus Love Me” for the Holy Spirit to use to comfort me. And more importantly to Teach me a Lesson in Love & Life. I would lay in the dark with Pain as my companion & audience as I sang “Jesus Loves Me” over and over….& still wanted to just be gone. In between song sessions, the Lord brought a verse of His Word (which is Power-full & Living) to my weary, broken & deceived heart.

      “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.” ~ Philippians 4:13

      I wrestled with it. Fought against it. Tried to deny it. Yet, the Truth of it slowly soaked into my very bones, cramping/spasmming muscles & fiery nerves. It was the hardest thing to finally speak myself into His message. Yet, when I did; thru the tears of blazing refinement, I felt His Strength in me. And I smiled. I smiled all the way to my soul. And. Every. Thing. Changed. Oh, my Jesus! You Love Me enough to use my weaknesses & unworthiness for YOUR Purpose and YOUR Wothiness and YOUR Strength!” Thru You, I am Worthy, have Strength available to me to live Love, which is our purpose as Christians. I can begin there. I can let Him be who He is thru me. I can Be Still and Know that He is God.

      Rosita, my Sister This, I know, You can do also. Just Be Still and Let Him Love You. It will be a process that will take time. And you Need to as Holley said, Reach out in the very moment you may think of taking your precious life. God Loves you thru others, as you have seen here today. Listen and hear what verse of Scripture God is speaking over you. If your heart can not hear yet…I would be honored to know you’re also saying this with me…

      I, Rosita, can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
      Yes, Jesus Loves Me, Rosita.

      One last thing. Jesus sees our scares from life. When we fall into His arms that are already around us…we can rise to see that those scares are truly Beauty Marks, healed by Love.

      I Love You, Rosita. Yes, because Jesus Loved us first. We can Love…truly Love one another…in Real Life…though only our hearts have met here in Holley’s little place of enCouragement and Inspiration. Where she is “truly heaven sent” and can let others see Jesus thru her heart-words. I have just prayed for and over you. You are in Good Hands, Jesus’.

      {BIG HUG} Love Ya, Susie :)
      *Thanks Holley, for the post today…I’ll speak to that another time. For now, I appreciate the sharing of your space to remember and share God’s grace and mercy that softly pierced the darkness I lived in just a few years ago. May He continue to shine brightly thru you, dear one. Love Ya, Susie :)

  3. says

    Wow! Such a fabulous way to start if the last day of what’s been a trying week! Thanks for sharing the just in time message. I’ll be sure to spread the wealth is Living Fabulously Fierce! Thanks!

  4. says

    Thank you, Holley, for posting this today. I really needed it. I’ve sent this card often. Sometimes, I even get your card assortments out and just sit and read them to soak in their encouragement.

  5. Priscilla says

    Thank you for reminding me! I so needed this today. God is good and today will be a good day.
    Blessings to you for always knowing just what to say.

  6. Sylvia says

    Holley, thank you. I needed this this morning. Your kind words of encouragement, etc. always come at the right time. I’m sharing this with a friend of mine who has had a week of nothing but worry. Thank you for being you. Have a fabulous weekend.

  7. ShariBlue says

    Just what I needed today! Thank you so much for posting this. I wish I could buy the Holley Gerth Collection of Dayspring Cards to send to friends and family..yours are the BEST!

  8. Katrina says

    This morning i was told that others look at me and wonder how I deal with everything that I have to deal with and now YOU have told me as we’ll. must be something my heart needs to hear today. Thank You xx

  9. says

    Perfect timing Holley! Life is crazy, mixed up, and messed up…but I’m certainly not feeling strong, brave, or beautiful. I’m just trying to persevere.

    “Be strong and let your heart take courage…” (Ps. 31:24) I like that. I like it in The Message too…”Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up. Expect God to get here soon.”


  10. Joni says

    I so needed this today. Thank you. People dont understand our peace and they tend to look at it as denile instead of FAITH.

  11. elaine says

    thanks so much Holley,
    I almost feel God has put that thought there in your heart and mind so that it could travel across the miles and land on mine. You are such an encourager Holley! God Bless you! I remember reading this very thought from one of your books and I loved it. a big heart felt hug from me xxx

  12. says

    Holley, I have been following along with you since the start of the year, many of your posts I have wanted to comment on but this, today, this was what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  13. susan says

    Thank you, Holly! I know He is within, giving me courage to face what seems like unending challenges and He brings me through each one. It’s my friends, that seem too busy ……then God sends you with wonderful Words of support. Thank you, again!

  14. Amy says

    You have no idea how much I needed that today! I feel like you just reached thorugh the computer and gave me a bug hug. Thank you so much. You are truly amazing and blessed.

  15. Jules says

    Hi Holley, I have this card and I love it…. Today I really needed it sent to me….it’s been a long rough week… This year started off tough… And I just kept getting stronger…. Kept believing and trusting…. Last week I finished undergoing some tests and sonograms and a our/patient procedure… Trying to rule out pre-cancer… I thought I was not going to make it… I thought this week would being me good news about a job…I so thought I had, guess what… God said no. Disappointed, confused and devastated I cried to the only one who could make me understand He is sovereign and knows best….I’m down but not out… I’m hurting but I’m still standing…. And it’s because of posts and encouragement I receive from people like you that I can encourage others too!!! Thank you….thank you so much!!!!

    • Cindy says

      Hi, Jules! Praise God for you! “I cried to the only one who could make me understand He is sovereign and knows best…I’m down but not out…I’m hurting, but I am still standing….” Wow! Thank you for sharing these encouraging statements. Christ in us, the hope of glory. I am a struggling mom of a sixteen year old daughter, needing to learn what to do with the hurt and frustration and not hurt back. Whew! What you have said here is helpful. God bless you richly!

  16. Rachel says

    Thank you Holly for the gift in my inbox today! As women we embrace and so need this beautiful act – the giving of a card and the power of words which encourage us in our daily living . Energises us and makes us to feel valued.

  17. Sue says

    You probably would never know, but you have become a daily ‘encourager’ for me. I tend to be a ‘melancholy’, with all that goes with it, but I want you to know, that I love your posts. They keep me in perspective! I do not consider myself beautiful or brave, but with God, all things are possible.
    Thank you, Holley, for your card, and your words of encouragement!
    Love you!

  18. says

    Thank you thank you thank you. We all – and me especially – needed to hear that today! And it inspires me to go and encourage someone else – a couple of someone elses – who also need to be encouraged as they walk a hard path right now. God bless you, Holly!

  19. Yvonne says


    I went to bed on a high note ready to conquer and woke up this morning started getting on with my day and then realised was feeling low. Thank you for the encouraging words, just what I needed to hear today.

  20. says

    Holley, I am about to finish reading Joshua. Be strong and be brave is a woven theme in this book. God reminded me today that he’s asked me to be strong and be brave through this journey he’s taking me through. I am so thankful for your words of encouragement today as they are a welcome reminder (and confirmation) that no matter what God is with me and he is making me strong and brave. Thanks so much for the encouragement.

  21. says

    Dear Holley, what heart-soothing words this morning! The past couple of weeks have been all about sickness here in my house, and I’ve been doing lots of nursing and mothering,while trying to mother my sick self a bit as well. These feel like the trenches, both of mothering and of faith, where my life is narrowed down to a clear focus and I keep praying and trusting and serving, looking toward each new day with hopes of healing and strength. Thank you for blessing us today with these encouraging words!

  22. says

    Thank you Holley! Once again just the perfect sentiment on just the right day. I have a dear friend who’s son is very sick. He had a stroke in-utero and was born severely disabled. They said he’s never make it past this month or that month or this year or that year. He’s 9 now :) Molly is the strongest most amazing woman I have ever met. She always says even with all of Sam’s problems that she would do it a thousand times over to see him smile. He’s very ill right now so any prayers are greatly appreciated. This message was just perfect for her today.

  23. says

    Wow. This brought tears to my eyes. My good seems overlooked lately and your words were timely.Thanks, Holley. You wrote this card? I sent this to my college sophomore daughter in the fall during one of her tough times. I just love it. :)

  24. Wendy says

    Thanks Holley! I love this message! It is so encouraging…how do you know that we need such words of affirmation to tell us we’re doing ok! and stronger than we think! thanks xoxo

  25. Cindy says

    Praise God for you, Holley! Thank you for the card today. Many times I wonder if I am doing okay. Reading Jules’ comment brought tears to my eyes. I am sure I need a good cry. :) God is so good to bring affirming, caring friends into our lives who will share the truth with us. God bless you and all your readers.
    Because of Jesus,

  26. Mellody Pogirski says


    You have helped my heart so much today. A sister in the Lord received news yesterday that her job is not going to be renewed as of June 30, 2012. She has worked at the university for 41 years! She cried and cried and then decided, “I have a testimony to uphold for Christ. I’ve been bless for 41 years to be a part of something special. God has always taken care of me and he always will.” Finishing well is often overlooked. Now I am crying for this new change. Your card explains exactly how I see her. She is teaching me to grow in grace.

    Thanks you so much.

  27. Billie Hundtoft says

    Ah…was dreading being fitted for a brace today, having lived without one for so many, many years. And am amazed that it is ok! In fact, there is a distinct relief of not having to lift that foot which had a tendency to drag. Hip, lower back are going to have to adjust, but all for the better! I can walk again without fear of hitting the cement! Thank You Lord, in spite of me, You know what is Best!! Amen and Amen!

  28. Janet Souleyrette says






    ISAIAH 58:11 PSALM 144:1-2

  29. traci says

    Hi Holly,
    Thank you so much for your blog and especially this message today. I have been enjoying your blog and messages so much lately- and forward them on to my girlfriends. I know you don’t know me- but I am going through a divorce lately after 23 years of marriage and I can’t tell you what God’s words- through you- mean to me and what an encouragement they are. God is so good and even through this I know He is Lord and I will be fine, but some days are tough- and messy -and I thank God for the encouragment through the people he sends my way- like you!

    • Anita says

      What a wonderful eternal male companion we have in our JESUS, Who would never walk away from us. I think the best phase of your life is just beginning!

      • traci says

        Thank you so much Anita- so true- Jesus is all we ever need. And I needed that hope- yes this is a brand new wonderful chapter for me with peace and joy that the Lord wants for me. Your words meant so much to me!
        God bless you,

  30. says

    Should have known those words originally came from a heart like yours — I didn’t know you wrote that. This is the third time I’ve gotten this same message in recent weeks. Once online, once in the mail, and now your blog post. What a rich encouragement for those messy days. Thanks for sharing.

  31. says

    My sister sent me this card last year and twice this week i have “happened” upon it while sorting through things…I didnt know you wrote this! Excellent words and
    great reminders! Thanks for sharing again!

  32. says

    Holley, this has been an exceptionally hard day for me on this dark journey the Lord is taking me through. I don’t feel strong nor do I think that this is what others see when they look at me. They just see someone who is not able to brave, to let go, and to trust God. I’m not doing Okay! But I feel that somehow when you said this was meant for me, it was. I desperately need courage and hope.

  33. Patti Gearhart says

    Thank you so much for those few words of encouragement They made my heart smile. Sometimes, we need (I need ) a reminder , that I’m dong OK
    Thanks again.

  34. lizy says

    Hi Holly
    I always think you’re watching me like God and talking to me in each and every situation,yes God is seeing me and talking to me.You are a wonderful instrument in His hands holly. thanku for all the encouraging, supportive and very thoughtful words.May God Continue to use for million people.

  35. Rebecca says

    Great how someone on the other side of the world can say something that’s so fitting for me on this day! Thank you!
    Rebecca (from the Netherlands)

    • Sherry says

      I am dealing with a husband’s dementia, a mother with cancer and a daughter who is wondering in the wilderness of poor choices. You encouragement was received like water to the parched earth. The Bible verse has been written on my calendar. Thank you.

  36. Susan says

    Thank you, Holly for your encouraging words.. but also, in reading the different replies, I have been encouraged, as well.

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