In case you didn’t know…

The reason why I write the way I do is because I need to hear it too.

Because sometimes I forget I’m loved.

Some nights it’s hard to wait for dawn.

Some moments I struggle to be strong.

I write what I need to remember. Words are the trail markers I leave on the journey of life so I can say, “Oh, yes, I’ve passed this way before. Now I know how to move past this place again.”

I’ve struggled with depression.

I was once diagnosed with social anxiety.

I’ve walked the valleys.

It’s not where I live now. But I’ve been there. And sometimes I go back.

Don’t we all?

I forget to tell you that sometimes–to say that if you ever get the idea I have it all together that you shouldn’t believe it. That I sweat and cry the ugly cry and have dust bunnies and bad hair days and I whine and I sometimes completely forget that I’m already amazing.

I write to find my way home.

I write to reconnect with Love.

I write to know I’m not alone. And because of you, I’m not.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me. In case you didn’t know, I appreciate you even more than words can convey. I’m glad we’re in this together.

Just as we are.

And not yet all we will be.

Our best is still ahead.


p.s. Would any of you be willing to commit to being a prayer partner for me? I find I struggle most when I’m working on a writing project (especially a book–which I’m doing now). I’m asking for you to come alongside me to daily pray protection around my heart and life into my words. Thank you so much!


  1. says

    Always keeping you in my prayers and thanking the Lord for the words He speaks through you. You are undeniably a gifted, sweet soul. And I can’t wait to read the next book! :-)

    • Susan Schmerling says

      I always find your messages so helpful, Holley! I would be so happy to be your prayer partner. I’m a writer, too, although what I write is manuals for computer software. Despite the great difference in subject matter, I have the same problems with writer’s block, self-doubt, and so on as every other writer. I would be most blessed to have you as a prayer partner.

      • Susan Schmerling says

        I actually meant what appears as a reply to Jessica’s comment to be addressed to Holley (no offense, Jessica!). It looks as if I didn’t study the screen closely enough before plunging in. :-)

    • Robert says

      In this world of troubles what we all need is:-
      1) A closer walk with Jesus and this should be daily
      2) A closer talk with Jesus just like we would with our closes and dearest, after all is He not the one we can always turn to in times of trouble.
      I must say that to make positive comments when we are not on the same road as you but this I do know is we should bear with one another. Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Ephesians 4:2(NLT) God has a “word” for every situation that is why we need to “Walk closely with Him Daily”All we as believers can do is pray to our Saviour.
      God bless and keep you all
      Lots of love

  2. karen says

    I would love to commit to being a prayer partner for you! You always encourage me so very much Holley, and I appreciate your honesty.

    “Just as we are.

    And not yet all we will be.

    Our best is still ahead.” (really needed this this morning………….


    • Chris says

      Hey Holley! I am already praying for you dear sister!!! You encourage me every day and there are many family issues I am trying to prayerfully trying to resolve . God has given you an amazing gift of “E-N-C-O-U-R-A-G-E-R” !! Please know there are so many hurting women you touch with your words…your love for Christ is evident. May He continue to give you the words to say as you minister to your millions of sisters!! God Bless !

  3. says

    I don’t know why this post feels like a weight shifting off my shoulders. You, too? Of course – or how else could you draw your words from the well. Beautiful. I’m sending up prayers today, Holley. We need your writing.

  4. Heidi says

    Praying for you even now. ABBA FATHER – I just ask that you will protect Holly’s heart from attacks from the Devil. Help her to train her ears to hear your voice and no other. Give her the faith to daily claim your promises. In your glorious name we pray, AMEN.

    You are such a blessing to me, it is an honor and a privilege to pray for you!

    Thank you for all that you do! May God continue to bless you!

  5. Rosemary Sams says

    Holly, I would love to be a prayer partner for you. You are such an encourager, and I really get a blessing from your writings. I am in the middle of a struggle right now (what Christian isn’t?), and God gave me this verse this morning, “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.” Ex. 14:14. Don’t you just love that? Of course I have hard it many times, but it was wonderful to be reminded of it again today. It puts everything into perspective. Have a blessed day.

    • Janet Souleyrette says






      • Ana says

        Janet, are you ‘shouting’ these words to Holley?

        Don’t know if you need to type in ‘caps’, but just in case you didn’t know that using caps is like sending a very “loud” message. Kinda like “screaming”… in technology.

        Otherwise, your words are a sweet message to Holley.

  6. Linda says

    I love all of your posts Holly, but this one was especially timely. Sometimes I forget who I am now and revert back to an old pattern of thinking and acting. Thank you for the reminder and may you be richly blessed today.

  7. Christina Baker says

    Heavenly Father, thank you for Holley. Lord I humbly as you to make your presence known to Holley, give her peace; ease her anxiety, remind her she is yours and you are right there with her as she writes her book that comes from her heart. Lord I thank you for all that Holley means to me, personally. In Jesus precious, holy name, Amen!

    I’m committed to you Holley :)

  8. Mendy says

    Dear Holley,
    So grateful that you share yourself with all of us… thanking the Lord for you…praying for you too… Keep on keeping on… holding your arms up… Praising HIM for you and with you…

  9. Rachel says

    Holley, I absolutely will pray for you!!! Your emails have been such an encouragement to me when I have been very LOW in the valley! I look forward to your emails all the time…they are so refreshing! Keep up the good work and my thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!!!

  10. Jenifer says

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words. They always arrive at just the right time. I will cover you in prayer as you write this next book. Thank you again for what you do.

  11. Theresa Ream says

    Absolutely! Your message today reminds me that even when we think our friends have it all together, I don’t see the work done behind the scenes to keep it there. Your message each day almost always strikes a personal chord for me & so many others , even when you have written the words as a reminder for yourself. We all know you keep us in your prayers, thanks for letting us return the gift :)

  12. Debbie Nance says

    I formally comit to pray for you. I pray for you anyway because I know what your words have meant to me and how often I am able to share them with others who need them as much as I do.

    God bless you girl and give you strength. May God’s presence be as real and tangible to you as the feel of the keyboard. May the Holy Spirit inspire you and give you the words He would have you write and may you be protected from anything that would stop you from doing what God has called you to do.

    Just love you!!!! Debbie

  13. Debbie Trombley says

    I would love the honor of lifting you in prayer as God births yet another nugget to share with the world. I understand and hear your heart’s cry and will love partnering in that process. I do some speaking, writing and coaching too so understand the warfare and the powerful victory at hand.
    Remember in Gal 5:7 “You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth? That kind of persuasioin does not come from the one who calls you.” Be bold and courageous in your call. The battle belongs to the Lord!

  14. NLB says

    I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your life with us – the world of women that can relate to the many thoughts, feelings and emotions that you so courageously write about. What a God-given gift you have. I am committed to praying for you, that you would find strength for your day, encouragement for the moment, wisdom for the writing and all else that God knows you need. Blessings to you…..

  15. anuradha says

    Thank you so much Holley from your Indian sister across the planet but one in heart with you! This post was a great help to me today.

  16. says

    Dear Father God,

    Thank you for Holley and for how you have gifted and called her.
    I pray that you would bind the evil one and protect her mind, soul, spirit and body from his lies. Give her your words as she writes. Give her the joy of Your presence and strength.

    In Your Son’s Name,

    Blessings and shalom to you, Holley :)

  17. Sandy Helgesen says

    Holley, now that’s a very pretty name, yes, we will pray for you! Praying for wisdom, insight and clarity as you write God’s words to all of us. May He be glorified as your ink hits the pages!

  18. Edma Schoeman says

    Dearest Holley, I will pray for you everyday!!! and I mean it!! I was diagnosed: manic depression and scitsofrenia!! in 1973. a week after our wedding I had my first breakdown and for 8 yrs I was in and out of institions, after 16 brainshocks. God led us to a doctor who assesed my case and tried me on a dose of Lithium it took 3 months to stabilize and then my new life began. I did not have another breakdown and in the meantime we relocated from SOuth Africa to USA. GOd is good to me he gave me an angel for a husband. I have 2 grown up boys, 2 daugher inlaws and 4 grandbabies. We live in Tampa and God is taking care of me. I now and again have a bout
    of depression, but I know now how to handle it!! I love your devotion and cannot go without it
    Edma Schoeman

  19. Jane Corbin says

    I think you are amazing Holley & you know God does too !
    God uses the willing and takes our struggles and weaknesses
    and works them together for good to show others how Awesome
    Our Father is!
    Keep up the good work encouraging others ! And yes I will put you
    on my prayer list . Bless you!

  20. Charlene says

    My Dear Holley, You have no idea how much your writings mean to me. I would be more than honored to be able to be your prayer partner. So many times when i have been down ,your words have lifted me up. We all have times like that but because we have someone lifting us up to our dear Lord we are able to make it . Your words have touched many woman, I pass your emails on to them and many are touched. Never give up,
    you mean a lot to many people. God Bless you my dear.
    Much Love to you Happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.

  21. Monica says

    I am committed to praying for you. I read your blog posts regularly and your books too. God has given you a gift to encourage others. I most appreciate the fact that you are “real” in your words and share that you have struggled too. I don’t find that very often in the ladies I meet here. . .praying I will when we move to a new town sometime in the coming months.

  22. Gail says

    Praying that you will continue to find words to uplift and keep you in community. I will pray for you each day in this journey.

  23. Robin Willis says

    Hello Holly,

    I love to share your daily devotions with my friends. I will add you to my prayer list asking Him to give you all you need to write the words He wants you share with us. Thanks for being a willing and obedient servant.


  24. Andrea says

    Thank you for your open words, Holley. I hope you see what I mean when I say it is “encouraging” for me that you have struggled as well. I guess that´s what makes us a human being and normal person, isn´t it? Now I can´t wait to get home and start reading “You´re already amazing”!

  25. Elizabeth says

    Hello Holly,

    This is your sister from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Thank you for being honest and vulnerable; it’s good to know that I am not alone in the challenges I face and that nothing is wrong with me. Your devotionals are such a blessing to me that I commit to praying for you everyday for this week.

    Today I re-read the story of David being chosen as King instead of Saul and the fact that in man’s estimation he would not have been chosen because his older brothers ‘looked’ more like King. But then by the next chapter he was slaying a 9 foot titan because he understood God had called him, who he was in Him and that he was equipped for the challenge ahead. So be encouraged dear sister; you too are equipped for this task and Father will help you through the process of birthing it. Much love….

  26. Evonne says

    Praying for you is the least that I can do after you have touched my life day after day with a just-what-I-needed and right-on-time word of encouragement or inspiration. Thank you, Lord, for Holley. Thank you that the windows of Heaven are opened up over her heart, mind, body, soul and spirit and are pouring out overflows of Your peace, love, and revelation. Thank you for entrusting her with and imparting to words of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement for now and for the days to come. Thank you for an overflow of blessings beyond her wildest imagination …thank you for expansion and broadening her territories..Holy Spirit, thank you for aiding and assisting my sister with the task that she been given…Thank you, Holy Spirit, for minisitering to my sister as only you can in Jesus’ name, Amen! Peace and blessings ever more…

  27. Odetta says

    Holley, I’m totally praying The Holy Spirit’s guidance peace and protection as you go through this journey…..from one writer to another. Peace and blessings

  28. Jen says

    Praying for you, Holley! You and your words are perfect example of how God uses us to be his hands and feet in this world! You touch each of us with every word…and you keep us going and believing that we’re amazing just as we are! And don’t YOU forget, that YOU are already amazing, and a beautiful, imperfect vessel that God will fill with just the words He intends for you to share with us! And guess what?? They will be the exact, perfect, precise words that ONLY you can write and articulate to touch the hearts that He intends for you to touch! So relax, take a deep breath and let the Holy Spirit take over! He’s got this, girl! And He’s got you too! Thank you for being you and for listening to His call…we all are so blessed by you! Love to you and Praise to our heavenly, loving Father!!!!

  29. Karen Wilson says

    This devotion really hit the spot for me! Thank you! Sometimes a person feels like he/she is the only one out there going through issues…and that isn’t so. We indeed are all on the journey together. I’ll be a prayer partner with you.

  30. says

    I would be happy to commit to being a prayer partner with you. We all need people who we know REALLY pray and don’t just say they will. Many have good intentions but don’t carry through. We have a small group that prays for one another already so I’d be happy to do that with you as well.

    The above email is the best email for me.

    Many blessings to you – your daily stories are very inspirational to me.

    ~ Diane

  31. tina says

    you got it!
    I love your writing..every time I read it. I can so relate to today’s writing…I also have to remember where I have been, so when I visit that dark place again, I can recall that I was there before, and I didn’t stay long…whatever it is will pass, just as before. *deep breath*

    You ARE amazing! If you forget, just email me, and I will tell you that you are, even if you don’t believe it at that moment. :)
    Blessings to you my friend.

  32. Brenda Marion says

    Your word always comes at the most opportune time so it has to be from our wonderful Lord! Thank you for sharing your life and struggles with us. And please know that we are right there with you. And someday soon we will all rejoice that the struggles are no more! I pray that God will bless and keep you in His loving care as you write for His honor and glory!

  33. Angela says

    Hi Holly!

    Please don’t let a label of “social anxiety” stick to you and mould you. It is the world’s clumsy way of saying that you are beautifully sensitive when the world doesn’t know what else to say . A flower is a “plant” but it is also so many other things – beauty, nectar, perfume, joy, hope, gentleness, fragility, life.

    This book could help you appreciate why you are the way you are and why God made you that way. You may already have it – if not, I hope it gives you that deep down feeling that you are exactly who you are meant to be

    God bless you with peace xxx

  34. Diane Dodd says

    Ohmigosh! You wrote exactly what I feel ALL THE TIME. How did you ever get into my head like that? I so completely understand everything you write. But today’s writing showed me more of you and how much we’re like. I too write, but just for myself. I have to see it in writing, read it visually and hear it with my own voice. I do all these things so I can remember the promises of God for me and to come against the lies from the enemy of our soul! When I ask Jesus to help me with issues and thoughts I will be including you in the request. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone. I am not alone because Jesus is with me, but also because you understand this journey as well. Thanks for sharing Holley.

  35. Linda says

    Hi Holley,

    You are in my prayers ~ thank you for the person you are! Your words encourage me, daily,
    and I pray for God’s blessings over you this day and each day forward.
    I would be honored to commit to being a prayer partner with you!

    Hugs to you, sweet lady.

  36. Luci Pacocha says

    Dear Holly,

    It’s as if you wrote from MY heart! I so hear you sister and I will keep you in my prayers. One day at a time — we’re human and we falter and forget each day but like you said, we have each other to hold us up — together.

    God Bless you. You have a beautiful soul.

  37. Monica A. says


    Thank you for opening yourself up to us. I will hold you in prayer, and believe, as Jesus said in Matthew 18:20:
    “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”

    Your words gather us together in The One who knows our hearts, our triumphs, and failures, our joys, and fears. He, through your gift to all of us, is with all of us.

  38. Kristi Strickland says

    Holley – I often feel like you spoke of above and am struggling right now with so many life changing challenges. Your words lift my spirit and remind me I am special and I don’t have to try to be perfect. No need to worry, but to trust completely in prayer and our Almighty Father. I prayed for you before I made this comment and I will continue to pray for you.
    You are truly an encouraging person and am very thankful to read your word everyday.

    May God bless you and continue to lead you to encourage others.

  39. rev. dorothy-yorke alloway, phd says

    I pray for you every day. I am a writer also and have great empathy for the struggles. You matter and you are never alone!!

  40. teri says

    Hi Holley–thanks for showing your imperfect side. When I look at you I often think if only I could be so beautiful and have a great life partner. and such strong faith. That gal has it so together! Thanks for sharing and of course I will pray for you. Take care and keep believing. tg

  41. Kathy says

    Hi Holley,

    Thank you for sharing the words God lays on your heart whether in book form or emails or blogs. Your obedience to walking with the Lord is profound and precious to me as your reader and the others who read your works too. It is known to me your heart belongs to the Lord and your passion is about teaching your readers and helping us glean a little more of God. You are a special woman who is amazingly gifted whose heart is HUGE and cares for others.

    Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up Holley to you right now asking you to place a hedge of protection around her physically ,mentally and spiritually as you draw her close to hear your words for her to write in her books and other writings in order for the listeners in her life to feel your presence thru her writings. You are all-knowing, all-seeing and your servant is open to your promtings as you fill her with your words to share with others. I ask you to watch over her and all her loved ones as well in order for her to complete the task you have for her now and in the future. You love her and the plan you have for her is one that touches others in one way or another. Your unconditional love for her is one that warms her heart and you fight for her daily as an earthly father fights for his children. I plead the blood of Jesus over Holly as you hold her in your arms of love. In the precious name of Jesus I pray. Amen!

    Blessings to you Holley.

  42. says


    I will most definitely agree with you in prayer. I have walked the lonely road of depression. I can relate, and thankfully so. When I can relate about depression it shows me, once again, the good that God can birth out of storms in our lives.

  43. Joan says

    Dear Holley:

    Your words are a comfort to my soul and also to my daughter’s soul. This post is especially meaningful as my daughter is a recovering addict and is suffering with MRSA, which has literally confined her to her room. She can’t attend meetings nor could she come down here and celebrate her birthday with all of us. She can’t visit her newborn neice until she’s cured. She’s in her fourth week of heavy duty meds that are killing her stomach. I send her your words and she’s coveted them and put them into the envelope of comfort in her heart. She too has suffered from depression and so I shall send her this one and I know she will embrace them and it will help her to wait a little while longer for healing. Thank you.

  44. jacque collier says

    I would love to be a prayer partner with you. When we are in leadership, people often forget that we need prayers, love and encouragement too. Leaders are not perfect and in truth we get hit with more sometimes cause the enemy hates that we are indeed doing kingdom work. If you would like to pray via phone, I would love that as well. Here is my number, 626 390-6139. Blessings my sister. I ask the Lord to give you double portion of His love, mercy and grace. That His light shine on you. That His words flow through you onto this computer screen to be an encouragement to all of us women. That you will rest, sweet rest, in knowing that you beloved are loved, cherished and a daughter to the King. Love you Holley

  45. Veronica says

    You are such an inspiration to so many women, especially me! Too many times are people ashamed of what they have gone through in life, and there is no reason to. God has a plan forwad all of us…even if the road has been rocky, he is there to guide us and to heal us:) Thank you so much for being Amazing and sharing that with us. I can not wait to read the next book either!!
    love and prayers

  46. Polly Hagedorn says

    Holley, love to partner with you in prayer. We all need the comfort of knowing our friends are praying for us and even though I have never met you, I consider you a friend because of how much you reveal about yourself in your wonderful way with words. Love you, Polly

  47. Patty says

    Thank you Holley! I have been in EVERY situation you mentioned in this writing; some days I don’t even want to get out of bed….eventually I do though. I am new to your blog and I have really been blessed by it. Thank you!
    I will pray as the Holy Spirit leads for you as you write and in just daily life.

    Jesus Hugs,

  48. Katherine says

    Hey Holley! I would love to pray for you daily! :) I pray God reminds me to. You are already amazing!!! Thank you so much for writing and speaking God’s truth :) your words really refresh me when I am struggling.

  49. says

    My precious Holley,

    I will be a prayer partner with you. Your messages during the last month were some days all I could manage to read in the way of devotions during a severe bout of depression. I clung to the words of hope and being loved unconditionally. So I can really relate to your depression and anxiety as I suffer with anxiety as well. I just recently begged a friend to buy your book You Are Already Amazing for me and I will pay him back. I have so many things going on right now that I have not been able to enjoy your book yet, but I KNOW that I will. I really need to hear what you have written in that book. God be with you as you complete the writing of your current book. Juanita

  50. says

    Hey Holley

    Bless you in this writing season. You are called to do this. For such a time as this, God chose you before the foundation of time to be the one to write these words.

    So many are touched by your vulnerability and honest struggle through things we relate to.

    I would be honored to come alongside in prayer.

    Bless your beautiful heart.

    Gigi Murfitt

  51. deedee says

    Dearest Holley, I would be honored to be your Prayer Partner. I read this posting just now – a posting God had you place directed to many but directly to my heart. I had just finished writing an email in which I sadly wrote that I had struggled to walk thru the doors into church yesterday feeling so low and unloved and unworthy of being loved when He placed a women from a nearby women’s shelter at my side – at my side where I felt there was nothing of Him showing that could be offered to anyone else. She hugged me as she left and said she so
    needed to be ‘somewhere’ that morning and that need brought her thru the doors and placed her next to me. We all need to be reminded that we are loved more than anyone can imagine by the Only One That Matters. Holley, thank you for writing and sharing today. I pray you will always be reminded in many ways of the Love He has for you. just me

  52. Nancy says

    I would love to be your prayer partner; we have many things in common. I too struggle with depression and have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety so I can relate. I have days where I feel like I have it all together only to find the next day or so I wonder why I have the thoughts and feelings that I do. It’s hard not to let things affect me; people and circumstances I care about. Many times I feel so alone and somewhat embarrassed to ask for help or prayer…again! Please don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful for everything I have along with God’s grace. It helps when others understand and can relate; that is why you are so special to so many people. The Lord speaks to me through you all the time with your writings. Keep writing Holley, I’m praying for you. And, I can’t wait to read your next book. Blessings, Nancy

  53. Lisa E says

    Dear Holley
    I will surely keep you in my thoughts and prayers! You are such an amazing writer, I think of you as a friend, and sister. You encourage me so much, even though I’m probably old enough to be your mom! God bless!

  54. Hope says

    Holley, you are a great blessing in my life and I will uphold you in prayers. I love reading and listening to all of your wisdom. God bless you.

  55. Sheryl Lashley says

    I really needed these words today!!!!!!! Thank you so much. I was really struggling to keep it all together today feeling like I was the only one finding it difficult to keep it together. I always read but never comment I just couldn’t resist sharing today1
    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  56. Lauri Morrill says

    PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING and REJOICING that we are sisters in the LORD, who is our strength in our weaknesses! In Jesus’ Name and Power and LOVE, most of all! Love, Lauri

  57. Cindy says

    What you write usually speaks something to me, too. I will keep you in prayer.
    Thank you, please remember me, too!
    Cindy B.

  58. Denise says

    Dear Holley,
    I will pray for you. I appreciate so much your honesty. I too have traveled a long way from where I was, but get stuck back there from time to time wondering, “how did I get here?” Thank you for reminding me of it and to remember we’ve already “passed through” and we are not staying . It reminded me of a post you did that I have hanging by PC entitled, “God-Sized Dreams… and the lie that almost undid mine. ” So I will remind you what you said: You are loved. You are enough. You are forgiven. You are accepted. Anything else is of the enemy. Thanks for always encouraging me and being willing to share your insecurities even after you have accomplished so much in your life.
    Love ya,
    Denise in Baltimore

  59. Janet says

    Your website has truly been a blessing to me. Your writings have lifted me out of some low valleys, I will commit to pray for you and your ministry daily.Eph. 3:20
    God bless you WOMAN OF GOD!!!

  60. Ana says

    Dear Holley,

    You are an “open” book and I love how you share so much of yourself with us. It certainly exemplifies to me, and I am sure to so many others how God uses even those who are not perfect, and turns them into something simply beautiful. And that’s you Holley.

    I will pray for your new upcoming book (Woo Hoo!). So excited what the Lord will lay upon your heart for his glory to come through your pages of inspiration that you share so often with all of us.

    I also know how much you love “cupcakes”! So, when you’re feeling down, go grab yourself one, and that will certainly put a lovely thought and smile back on your face! Works for me every time! LOL!

    Be strong and courageous and know that God’s got your back always, even when you may think otherwise!

    Happy writing!

  61. Helen says

    On our journey in life it is always comforting to find women who share our similar emotions. As you write our hearts are connected in many ways: through the struggles, through the pain, through the joys and through the blessings! Your heart is so tender towards Jesus and it resonantes in my heart as well. I love how you feel called to share your thoughts and I see you as a minister of reconciliation, sharing your experiences, struggles and hope. You are pointing us to God, the One who reconciled us to himself through Christ! God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. (2 Cor.5:18-21)
    Thank you for being the righteousness of God, for sharing your journey that always points us to Christ!!
    You’ve been brought before the throne in prayer!

  62. Nancy says

    Holley, I am more than happy to pray for you. In fact I am going to pray the PRAYER of IMPACT for you. Dr Charles Stanley did a wonderful sermon on praying Colossians 1: 9-14.
    The prayer 1.fills you with the knowledge of God’s will. 2. Helps us walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. 3. Helps our lives make a contribution to the Lord’s work and gives our lives Eternal value. **Its wonderful to Remember Prayer can Change anybody and any area in our lives. I have been praying this prayer once a week over 51 persons. It has been Amazing how God has been honoring this prayer in their lives! ( Most don’t even know I am praying it for them)
    Thank you for your writings. May the Lord continue to Bless you sweet Sista!

  63. Carol says

    I know this need to put words to feelings which sometimes only are for me and the Lord and other times are for sharing ~
    it grows me in ways I wouldn’t grow otherwise.
    Thank you for sharing your heart and soul!

  64. Simone Camillo says

    Hi, Holly. I am Simone from BRAZIL!!!!

    I commit myself to pray for you… Your words have been so soothing to my heart… in special today’s words… May God bless you… I was having a bad hair, soul day today… Thanks to your blessed words… I am feeling loved and amazing… Thanks.

  65. Holley says

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words and prayers, friends! I love you and I’m sending a hug to each of you right now. Can you feel it? Appreciate you more than I can even say…

  66. Lisa says

    I would love to commit to being a prayer partner to you! You are such an encouragement and you write with such openness and honesty its like you know exactly what we are all going through. you have been such a huge help to me over the last couple of years and I really look forward to your daily encouragement. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers x

  67. Diane says

    I would love to be a prayer partner with you! I look forward to your emails and always read them first. I appreciate your candidness, and I’d love to have that “cup of coffee” with you. God bless. Your words have been there for me, too!

  68. Judy says

    Sweet Holley, I will definitely keep you in my prayers. You are an answer to my prayers with your encouraging words! You always say just what I need to hear at just the right time…so, I know you are God inspired. Thank you for being you!

  69. Jan says

    Please know I’ll be praying that God will not only guard your heart but that He’ll also guard and guide your heart and mind . Sometimes we forget that those who are public are immune to the enemy’s attack. Be encouraged in Jesus name !

  70. Carolyn says

    You words speak so much life…His Life. I am sooooooooooooooo blessed by the words that you write, and count it a privilege to pray for you. I know that because of the effectiveness of God’s ministry through you, that the enemy will come against you. Be encouraged. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

  71. Dezirae says


    First of all it’s so amazing that you spoke publicly of this subject because no one ever wants to admitt they are not perfect. Second, I can totally understand where you are coming from, I’m struggling with the same issues right now. I feel like my faith is so weak right now and trust in God is very little. I will pray for you, absolutely. Could you keep me in your prayers too?

  72. Sarah says

    Thank you for being so honest. Its nice to hear that none of us are perfect. But I know we are all in constant change and “fighting the fight”. Ive been at many of the places you mentioned. I just accept where I am at, and give it to the Lord. Its taken me a long time to figure that out. To just accept where we are and that he’s got us. And most of all, we are not perfect. We are not perfect in a world that expects perfection and is quick to remind us of our inperfections. Or even loved ones who keep reminding us of our past mistakes or valleys. In those times, I remind myself that its just the devil trying to remind me of my valleys hoping Ill fall back in.

    Again, thanks for your words. I need it today :-)

  73. says

    Hi, Holley,
    Gosh, it is so comforting to hear in my heart what you write from your heart…and how true it is for all the faithful followers of your column! For years I have found the most helpful tool for me is to write down my thoughts and insights following difficulties. I have kept these writings, and re-read them (especially when new struggles arise) and just knowing ‘I’ve been there and come through’ — they give me great comfort and help me re-focus along spiritual lines. Also, I collect spiritual and uplifting ‘quotations’. There are ever so many wonderful words of wisdom from others that fill me with joy and confidence. Your wonderful work reminds me of a quotation from Frederick Buechner:

    “God usually calls you to the kind of work that you need most to do, and that the world needs most to have done. The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

    Keep up the good work, Holley. I will pray for you, be assured. You are such a blessing in my life and in countless others.

  74. says

    I will pray for you daily. I am trying to do a blog, but it has been so long – I have all these ideas I want to write, but then when push comes to shove I back off – I know its fear, but I don’t know of what. Bless you and keep the words coming, because I am so inspired by you.

  75. Celine says

    I would be happy to be your prayer partner! Praying right now for a banner of protection over you, enabling to experience joy and freedom in your work.

  76. says

    praying for you, sweet friend. We share some of the same titles in life, but most of all, we share the same heart hunger for more of Him in us. Lifting you up today!!

  77. Deanna says

    Isn’t God A M A Z I N G!
    Shouting from a mountain top or whispering His name He draws us close to Himself and comforts the heart that questions….why God why?
    Funny when we keep it all to ourself the doubts keep playing….but when we reach out LOVE comes flooding in to reasure us we are not alone and the VOICE of TRIUMPH delivers us from darkness to light….You didn’t realizethere were so many people justwaiting to be called on to agree in prayer. GOD has invaded your space with warriors to fight back the darkness and allow the LIGHT to flood you with JOY!
    Rejoice sister of promise, you will not be held back, but rather released to proclaim VICTORY in JESUS name!

  78. Hannah says

    Praying for you! That God will encourage and strengthen you as you encourage and strengthen so many. That He will remind you of how amazing you already are and carry you through in moments when it is hard to remember that!!!

  79. Penny says

    Praying for you always. I would count it an honor to stand beside you in prayer as you write the next book. May God give you undeniable strength today.

  80. Loretta says

    Hi Holley,

    I love your messages. Will be praying for you, too! Keep up the good work in your writings.

    I can relate especially to today’s message. May God continue to bless you in a big way.


  81. Alta says

    Having the privilege to enter into God’s presence in prayer is such a great honor for me! I will gladly partner with you and these other wonderful sisters in Christ on your behalf. You are such a light to me and I know our Abba Daddy is in love with you – you are one of His most precious daughters.

    You will write this next book wonderfully, because you are armed with the power of the Holy Spirit in you. Keep your eyes and heart on our God and He will see your through.

    “My soul finds rest in God alone. . . .” Psalm 62:1
    “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him. . . .” Psalm 37:7

  82. Paulette says


    I would count it an honor and privilege to come along side you and be your prayer partner! I thank you SO VERY MUCH for the encouraging words and for sharing your God given gift with us!!! You are a very special person, and even though we’ve never met personally, I appreciate you!!!

    God bless you!!!

  83. Coral Beth Rowley says

    Hi Holley!
    I’m praying for you right now. I know what those times are like – kinda in one now…. It’s good to know that we are all in this together. Sometimes we struggle but know that God is using you. It’s good to remember that when we are weak He is strong for us! And BOY – do we need it! Just strength for each day and each thing we have to do. Sometimes each moment….:)

  84. Amy S. says

    These words fit perfectly for me for what I have been going through. Thank you so much for sharing your gift! : )

  85. says

    Holley, I would be thrilled to commit to pray for you. I am so appreciative of your messages. Your words resonate with me. So, thank you, and I am praying for you. Blessings!

  86. Vivian Lois says

    Dear Holley
    Yes I am partnering with you in prayer. You’re an amazing woman of God and know this…
    You have given me hope when I had no hope!! Thank you for sharing your story!!
    Your sister in Christ Jesus – Vivian L

  87. Susan G. says

    I will add you to my prayers Holley. Thanks for letting us know…we sometimes forget those who bless and encourage us need prayer as well! :)
    He who called you is Faithful! :)
    Covering you from Oregon! :)
    Love and prayers,
    Susan G.

  88. Yvonne says

    Thank you for being so transparent and real. I love how you put words together to express how many of us feel. I will commit to pray for you, my dear sister and friend in Christ!

    Have a great day! You are amazing and beautiful!

  89. says

    Thank you Holley for being so real. And for this critical reminder…We are already amazing! And fully accepted by our wonderful God just as we are. Your post is a beautiful picture of God’s redeeming power. I’m sure there was a time you couldn’t imagine you would be where you are today, writing books, chatting with thousands, coaching. God is using you in a powerful way. Keep on keeping it real. That is ministering! And I would love to pray for you.
    Oh Lord, you know what happens when we get called to something greater than ourselves. Our enemy crouches, waiting for the little hole of entry into doubt and self-criticism and a can’t do attitude. Well today we lift up Holley to you Lord…and we thank you that you are the Victor. And what you have called Holley to, you will do. So bless her today Lord. Send your ministering angels to surround her and speak your love over her. In Jesus’ name, amen!

  90. Lily says

    Yes Holley,

    Our best is still ahead… in so many ways.

    I will be praying for you as you write. God is going to bless that book and people’s lives are going to be changed by it.

    Thanks you for giving yourself away. You are a gift of God to us.


  91. Lynn Bowman says

    Be encouraged sweet sister! Your words touch so many lives. We all will continue to lift you up in prayer so that you will be strengthened to continue the good work that God has called you to do.

    Peace and Blessings to You!!

  92. Pat Calhoun says

    Hi Holley ~ I have lived in some of those places (and sometimes return as well); but I know that it is by encouragement from His Word and people like you, He has suffered in all ways we are and yet without sin. I guess for me that means that the “suffering” or temptation is ok, it’s just not good to stay there and have a pity party, replete with tea and cookies! Every day I get some encouragement from ladies who know and can commiserate ~ and though I hate knowing others are going through the yucky stuff, it somehow gives me comfort that I’m not a freak! :) I pray for this time of need for you that our Daddy will give His sweet daughter just what she needs to get His thoughts through you to those of us who are in need. Thank You, dear Father, for using us weak humans to be Your Hands and Feet and an extension of Your Voice! We praise You for Your greatness and power to lift even the heaviest burden we have and use it to be of comfort to others when we get on the other side, holding closely to You all the way! Give Holley the boldness, peace, clarity of thought, and put a high hedge about her so no enemy arrows can ever reach her and take away the joy You desire for Your kids! In our Precious Savior’s Name ~ Amen! Praying…

  93. ~VA~ says

    :) In my world I have always been amazed that you have always seemed like you had things all together so well…gives me hope to see that you aren’t perfect either…I would love to be a prayer partner, but social anxiety is still largely my overwhelming reality, so while I certainly will pray every day, I can’t commit to communicating that I am very often…even just hitting the post button on a comment can be a major roadblock some days…

  94. Becky Jones says

    Dear Holley,
    As long as we are in this world we will have problems because of the sin in the world. There is no getting around it but you made a special request today and I have read most of them.
    I am sure you have heard of Bill and Gloria Gaither and they wrote a song that says:
    You are loved, I am loved, we are free to love each other because the One who loves me most knows me best. It is a beautiful song and it means so much to me.
    Someone else said that were two or three are gathered together He will be there.
    Thanks for letting us know how you feel. I will prayer for you whenever I read your blog everyday.
    Love and hugs,
    Becky from TN

  95. Kenyatta says

    Hi Holley, thank you for these lovely words that you have penned for us today. Yes I would love to be a prayer partner with you and for you. That’s the gift I can give back to you for all you do through your words for me. Father in the name of Jesus I stand in agreeance with Holley for a hedge of protection, from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. Father saturate her mind with words from you. Let your angels encamp all around her and her family Father, in Jesus name I pray Amen, Amen and Amen.

  96. Alexia Sanchez says

    Thank you so much for sharing! There are days, weeks even when I just feel overwhelmed with stress and so far from God even. Then I start to think that I’m not the best Christian. Life has a way of getting to you and at times I forget to hang on to the promises God has made. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who struggles with this and I’m happy that there is a way to stand up and keep going. Thank you for always being inspirational Holley and most importantly reminding me that I am human, but I am loved by an Awesome God!

  97. LaRhonda says

    Precious Holley,

    You are so sweet! I have daughers just a few years younger than you are and I am so proud of you as if you were my own. You are a constant in my life of reading and yes I would be honored to commit to prayer for you. You are such an inspiration for all of us. I love sharing Gods’s word and just this morning I was able to talk about faith and wisdom to a coworker. I also included you in on our conversation. I have HIGHLY recommended other women of all ages to go to your website and see just how Amazing You Already are. Keep up the beautiful messages in writing. I pray that God will lead you and guide you. Oh by the way, You Are Already Amazing!

  98. says

    Holley Gerth:
    You bless so many people with the words that God speaks through you. Thank you for sharing. I use your e-mail/online devotional as my weekend devotions. Whenever I get on the computer, I have vowed to check my e-mail to see if I have an e-mail from you waiting for me to read and I have vowed to do that because God speaks through you and I want to know what HE has to say. YOU ARE HIS VESSEL and HE has anointed, appointed, and called you to use your life and your writings to glorify HIM and draw others to HIM.
    I pray right now that HE will minister to you as YOU minister to others and that HE will continually speak through you as you speak TO others. May God, right now, anoint this book that you are working on and may you be blessed as you put your talent to HIS use. In the name of Jesus I pray.

  99. Audrey Hackett says

    Thank you Holley for being so honest in your sharing. I too am going through a particularly tough time right now. I have just read that it is at these times that we need to offer up our praise and thanks to Jesus. It is hard to do but we know very well how much we have to be thankful for. Lets work at it together. I am sure if we pray for each other we will all get through. Bless you for sharing.

  100. says


    Jason Gray’s “Remind Me Who I Am” is an awesome song, that shows that others need to hear your message loud and clear…keep writing…even the hard stuff!! And I’ll pray each day for your writing ministry for the Lord! And for the new book He’s laid on your heart! Remember, the enemy fights harder when God wants to do something greater in a person’s life…go up to that next level in Christ, and don’t back down for any obstacles!! Amen!

  101. Beverly says

    Dear Holly … your vulnerable heart touches soooooo very deeply to the me-ness of my soul, thank you! you surely don’t walk this alone, beside you daily dear one, as it’s like reading my mind and spirit when I sit with you, thank you for you and am praying praying praying xoxox your fellow traveler

  102. says

    Dear Holley, feel the warm embrace of God in this moment. Praying that you can be alright, and keep doing His purposes to your life. I’ve been in moments of trouble, the enemy is trying to destroy my life, but in the power of blood and name of Jesus, the enemy is over.

    Love you in Christ,

    Elisama – so amazing as you are.

  103. Hazel says

    From New Zealand, my prayers. I too have written and been published. I will hold you in the grace and power of the lord. May you continue to be blesse as you bless so many.

  104. Betty says

    Dearest Holley .

    Thank you for being a sweet human person just like the rest of us
    You are not alone but some times we need to be reminded of that. I know I do some times. I would be happy to be a prayer partner with and for you.
    God is beside you always.

    Lots of hugs Betty

  105. Cathleen says

    I will absolutely be a prayer partner Holley! Some days I so wish we could sit and have coffee and I could tell you how much your words have done for my heart! Your words have seeped into places that have never seen the light. I will whole heartedly pray for you, hold your hand from all these miles away and BELIEVE for mighty things to happen in your heart, your words and ministry. Oh Holley, when the world seems darkest, God is your light and you are the apple of His eye!

  106. Linda says


    You are on my prayer list.

    Your words make me realize just how special we all are in His eyes. We will get through these tough times… Faith is our best weapon.

    Thank you for sharing, Holley.

    Love & Hugs,
    Linda :-)

  107. Maggie Ponds says

    I thought for a moment I had mailed my own comments! So often the way I feel! But of course, I’ll pray with you, every day because your wonderful posts help keep this old lady sane.

    Blessings and love,


  108. susan says

    Dear sweet Holley,

    But, of course, I will commit to pray for you. It will be my privilege, as you speak into my life each time I read your beautiful words you send my way.

    Love you, Sister!

  109. Jeanine says

    Thank-you for your encouragement, and also for being so transparent! It’s reassuring to know we’re not alone; that we all walk a similar road at times. Yes, I agree, writing down one’s thoughts and the insights the Lord gives us is truly a great way to “see” the truth – right there in front of our eyes!

  110. Linda says

    I will be glad to prayer partner with you! I am new to your site but I love it. I am in the grip of a terrible depression along with panic attacts which gives me a lot of self doubt. It really helps reading the things you write. My prayers are with you.

    Love it!

  111. Mama Jo says


    When you get so scared you can not breath, just remember you do not stand alone. Christ will never fail you. Our prayers will always reach out and support you as you support us. We pale next to Christ, but we are just as real in our support of you and yours.
    Always, love and support flowing your way-

  112. aimee says

    You are a beautiful & strong person! You are evidence of God’s work! I am blessed to hear your words and to do life together with you though we are in different states. I will pray for you! Lots of love to you!

  113. debbie white says

    Hello Holly. I enjoy you and your little messages so much. You are so sweet and I will pray for you while you are writing. God bless you!

  114. Amy says

    Your words always make me think, and feel, and believe in myself. You are such a blessing. I will keep you in my prayers. Please keep doing what you are doing. You make a difference in ways that you cannot even imagine. Thank You!

  115. Eunice says

    It will be such an honor to pray for you. Thank you for all your words~ always so honest and encouraging. Looking forward to your new book! :)
    Sending love, hugs and much prayer.

  116. Tammy says

    I also struggle with depression. Some days are better than others. When you are in the dumps or the valleys you feel liek you can’t go on but this si where you are growing . When we are having an Awesome day or on the Mountain Top we know it is going to be all right.
    Sending prayers for strength as you write your book. Your devotions touch many, many people and gives them hope.
    Hugs, Peace and Prayers

  117. Sal Williams says

    Dearest Holley,

    It would be an honor to partner in prayer for you on a daily basis as you ‘write’ what He has laid on your heart. You have a tremendous gift with words to encourage and I pray that He will continue to guide you, giving you clarity of thought, words of wisdom and the power to convey deeply all that you have experienced as you’ve let Him direct your steps. Yes, I believe it’s in the valleys that He refines us and thank you for your transparency which helps me believe that He is good no matter what!

    So even as I pray for my sis in OZ who writes [just one published book!] I commit to pray for you.

    with love across the oceans,
    sal (Sri Lanka)

  118. Cherlyn says

    Hi Holly,

    Yes I will keep you in my prayers – I’ve been so blessed by your writings – and I too write and find that sometimes I will re-read the devotions only to notice that I needed that for me too!!!

    You’re not by yourself with anxiety and depression – so don’t feel bad – you have a lot of company – I don’t know about you – but it has kept me on my knees more times than I care to admit.

    God Bless you Holly and your family also!!!!

  119. Susan says

    Praying for you – for wisdom, rest and joy in the writing . .and praying for all of us who will be blessed through your writing!

  120. Holley says

    I’ve been going back to this page all day, friends. Thanks for wrapping me in encouragement and prayer! You are so good to me…

  121. Donna says

    Will pray with & for you. Thanks for sharing the ‘real’ you. Makes your writing feel like we are in this life together. Keep looking up!
    In His Grip,

  122. Laurie says

    142 comments….that is a pretty good response and all so encouraging and uplifting……can mine make much of a difference? I mean…..what more can I say that someone else hasn’t already said….right? But, according to what I know in my heart and according to what you share from your heart………I know every voice does make a difference….confirming and confirming how God is using you to be His voice of encouragement and truth. Pray for you? Yes! Because, I want to continue to hear God’s heart through the unique style of words that He has gifted Amazing YOU with.

  123. Cindy says

    Holley… It would be my honor to pray for you, my sister, on a daily basis. Thank you for obeying the call of God and inspiring so many through your journey! So often I am blessed and challenged by your posts. Be blessed and encouraged by Pappa God and know that you are strong, loved, and special.

  124. Jasmin says

    Wow! Your sharing is so real……………
    It is so refreshing to hear from you and always encourage me.
    We are just living in a world that we need each other.
    Will pray for you. God bless, shine and His favour upon you.

    Thank you, Holley!

  125. Sandi says

    Your words are as if I had written of my own thoughts and feelings. Thank you…we truly are not alone on this journey called Life.

  126. Barbara says

    Yes, Holly, I will pray for you. Your posts have helped me and others on so many occasions. I struggle with these issues too. Thanks for being open.

  127. Erin says

    Anytime you need a profetic word or prayer,
    I would be honored! You have lifted me up in so
    many ways- thank you for all you do!<3

  128. shena says

    I just want to put this out in the cosmic world i guess. I am going to make a decision that I cant get away from. I have decided to give up on the only dream I have, it has been 10 years now and I feel so tired, nothing is getting better. It is so sad and no one think its such a big deal, I prayed so hard believed and now I am disappointed. I thought God was always on time, I used to be so optimistic. now it seems like a valley i cant get through. I think I need a army of prayer warriors because clearly i cant do it on my own. I am 28 and it always feels like I am running out of time.

    • Nancy says

      Hi Shena – I’m praying for you. It’s true (even thought it doesn’t feel like it right now) – God is always good, always on time, He never changes and can always be depended on. The one who has every right to judge us as humans loves us like no one else can! – & has chosen to save us by His righteousness instead. Plus, He gives us His very own righteousness (Isa.)…. so our games of trying to earn His favour are forever over. We are free and growing in his love and faithfulness, it all depends on Him now and we get to trust (as reassuring and still unfamiliar that can feel at times :) on His perfect finished work at the cross. We love because He first loved us – have been perfected and made holy (Hebrews) in Christ because His Word tells us this, so we can align our thinking to believe w/ His help. It’s ok if you don’t always feel optimistic in yourself!.. getting to the end of ourselves means we’re understanding and able to receive His grace. It’s the point of the gospel. We all need a Saviour and have one, in Jesus.

      p.s. if you’re interested, some addt’l encouraging ministries/blogs are Pastor Joseph Prince’s and Pastor Tullian Tchividjian’s.

  129. J. says

    Holley, I will be praying for you about these specific things. Thank you for being used so mightily. It is in such a timely fashion that your emails come, I am so thankful for you and the gifts God has given you, along with your sensitivity to Him!

  130. Roey says

    My dear Holley – I just love your words! Praise God – they always come at the exact right time! Your openness is so refreshing and reminds me I am not alone! I trust you feel that as well! I am honoured to commit to partner with you in prayer! Love and blessings! Roey xo

  131. Sheila says

    Thank you for your honesty. I love how you always share from your heart. Your words help me more than my words can say. Love and prayers.

  132. Lydia Grace Hart says

    So… I know I am only 14, and you already have this army of prayer warriors behind you. But you encourage me constantly, and I’d be honored to lift you up daily in my prayers. I am a writer too, and I deal with a bunch of the stuff you do. In fact, picking up this laptop was a last resort to try to bring a smile to my face today. My eyes are still sore from crying. This was just what I needed, thank you so much.
    If you ever wanna talk to a crazy teenage home schooler who’s sold out for God, loves to email His love, I’m here. gracex10d(at)gmail(dot)com
    -Lydi Grace

  133. Nancy says

    Holley, Just prayed for you! I hope you will feel the Lord’s Peace and Presence.
    The Lord gave me a verse for you……because in your Obedience……you help so many.

    Isaiah 50:4
    The Sovereign Lord has given me( Holley) an instructed tongue,
    to know the ( word) that sustains the weary.
    Sending you a hug, sweet sista!

  134. Pat Radford says

    Holley, I will pray for you as well. Sometimes when we pour ourselves out to others, we forget to sit quietly and let the Lord fill us back us. I like to sing because God inhabits the praises of His people. Anointed songs are like jet fuel to my heart: it caused me to soar above the problem and refocus on the Creator of all things. Your writings are invaluable – one friend talked defeat, I used some of your words, another friend has marital problems, I used your comforting words, sometimes I want to encourage a friend, I use your words, and soon my mom is turning 80 and I am searching for a good story of yours. I love your writings – I feel God’s love inside the truth – and if I need to pray for God’s instrument to keep writing, then consider it done. God loves His Words, His Plan for you, and He loves the results your words produce for His glory too.

  135. Anita says

    Grateful to our LORD for you and for how HE uses you to bless me. Happy to stand by you and uphold you in prayer. Though we are nothing in ourselves HE is everything to us. JESUS is the One who carries each one of us up to Zion. Jude 24,25.
    Love in CHRIST

  136. Kalpana Johnson says

    Thanks so much for these words of encouragements which really helps me when I am feeling low especially during the hard days they make me feel refreshed. Praying for you as the words you post or write in a book bring life to many, in need of right words at the right time. May god use you more mightily.

  137. says

    dear holly iam always challenged by your presentions via devotionalls yesTHE LORD HAS CALLED YOU TO HIS MINISTERY and having read all the replies all have great words of encouragement to al especially you. iWIL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR YOUEVERYDAY .THERE ARE GOOD SPEAKERS SHARING MESSAGE OF HOPE JOY AND PEACE NOWEARE NOT ALONE WE HAVE THELORD JESUS WITH US DAY AND NIGHT ASIREAD FROM THE BIBLE (AMPHLIFIED ) HEBREWS CHAPTER18 . and more.greg

  138. Sara says

    Dear Holley,
    I am writing from Italy, and does not matter where we are, we can connect with our Holy Father and feel so close even if there are oceans and lots of kms that separate us!
    So I will join all my brothers and sisters in prayer asking God to protect your thoughts and to guide you in this project.
    Con amore, with love,

  139. Susan Winter says

    Lord, Please help Holley know that she is Already Amazing! Please help her know that her imperfections, such as they are, meet with her gifts in such a special way that she is able to use them to provide the best kind of encouragement for people like me!

    Lord, help Holley know that her struggles are okay and don’t define her–that she is amazing, and gifted, and loved.

    Lord, please help Holley remember that she is Enough–just the way she is!

  140. Lu says

    Thanks so much for your words that have reality attached to them, no facade just who you are
    and what your readers like me need to read and hear and be reminded of.
    I thank God that he’s placed you in a position of being real, of accepting reality, of living life and sharing that living reality experience with us.
    Bless you lots

  141. carole barber says

    Great blogs,especially this one. It is a wonderful ministry you have Holley and yes I will add you as a prayer partner

  142. Tina Collins says

    THANK YOU for the reminder that you don’t have it all together all of the time. Sometimes, we forget that the people we admire are human just as we are. I am on this journey with you and it is a blessing. I will absolutely be a prayer partner. Thank you for your honesty and insight.

  143. says

    Greetings from South Korea, dearest Holley!

    It has been a blessing to me when I came across your blog, if I am not mistaken it is a little bit more than year of blessings of wisdom.
    I am Armenian, who is married to American, and lives in South Korea. I am a music teacher, the job that I love!
    As you said, we all go though difficulties and we know that everyone needs the words of encouragement, the words of wisdom.
    We are blessed by our Heavenly Father, He saved us, He loves us, and He is always with us….
    But- we also need our sisters in Christ, who as you do – reaches out and shares with the words of wisdom and love…you have already made a beautiful long necklace that unites all of us…
    Every time getting your messages, I pray our Father bless you richly, giving you peace, wisdom, joy of knowing Him!
    P.S. America desperately needs prayer…, I have never lived in the US, I have been there only once and only for one month. I am glad to know that people in Texas, particularly in Forth Worth area are open and loving…
    I could feel spiritually that America is in great need of God…-reading all the comments- my heart rejoices…sisters, you are woman by the heart of God.

    Thank you for listening.

    With love,

  144. Eva says

    Hi Holley, I will be praying for you. Your devotions have given me hope and let me know I am not alone in my struggles with depression and just daily living sometimes.
    God Bless You for sharing and spreading His love,

  145. Monique Harr says

    Thank you for putting pen to paper and I thank God daily for inspiring you to do so. Your book, your blog and where it has (in)spired me to go has helped click on the next streetlight guiding my path. My wheels have stopped spinning for the moment, but whenever they do again, God through you has given me the tools I need to move forward or to just rest gracefully right where I am. You will always have a place in my heart and my prayers.

    Thank you,
    from another girl who cries the ugly cry generally while chasing her dust bunnies.


  146. Barbara Honea says

    Thanks so much for your words today. I needed to hear them. I needed to remember that I’m not alone in my life path – my journey home. I will gladly be a prayer partner for you! You are in my heart and prayers. Your words are important! They help so many of us go forward in our day with new encouragement and purpose.

  147. Elluz says

    Thank you once again Holley. It’s true, when people have a site like yours, it’s easy to think you have all under control. We all have our days. Thank you for being there, reminding us too. I will join you in prayer. Prayer is always needed by all, especially us!

  148. says

    Holley, it would be a privilege to pray you through this writing project. The gift you are given is really a gift to all of us.

  149. Sandy says

    Hi Holley,
    I can really relate this post! Being socially awkward years ago, in certain situations, due to my shy nature. I have come a long way, with Jesus’ guidance, but still have more to accomplish. Your book, “God’s Heart for You,” has been quite helpful. Thanks for writing what we all feel no one else is struggling to overcome. Praise God for a community in Christ!!

    I will certainly pray for you as you continue your writing journey, because what heals/helps you, does the same for your readers.

    Shalom, Sandy

  150. Kwa says

    Praying for you…!!!

    Isn’t it absolutely amazing how GOD will commission you to perform a seriously significant task out of your deficiency…no less…because HE desires you to operate in HIS sufficiency!!!!! You are appointed!!! Your gift is anointed!!! Your book will be life giving and will enrich the soul…because…the AUTHOR and FINISHER of your faith will breathe into you all that is required for you to birth the vision HE has given you!!! Write Girl…and relish the experience of this journey…for no two (journeys)are exactly the same! GOD Bless you immensely!!!

    Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ (Isaiah 41:10 NKJV)

  151. Nancy says

    Good Morning Holley, Just spent time with our Lord in Prayer. I have lifted you to Jesus and His Everlasting Arms ( A great place to rest I might add). Here is another verse for you….Have a wonderful day sweet Sista.

    Proverbs 16:3
    Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
    and HE will establish your plans.
    Just let Jesus help you with all issues (I Love that He is so detailed oriented!) The Book will be great when you rely on the Holy Spirit to be your Guide.( He is better than any Editor!)

  152. Susan Muller says

    YOU sooooooooooooooooo make a difference, Holley! Thank you so much for “finding your way home……………in HIM”………….again and again……………for US:)
    Ever prayin…………….for you.

  153. Denise says

    I just read your blog and I could have written that myself. The feelings you expressed in this piece were exactly how I feel some days. I suffer from depression and anxiety and it is a daily battle for me somedays to function. Your words touched me so much and I read your blog everyday and I have saved many that I will go back and re-read many times. I thank you for sharing yourself so openly and I for one thank God that you do. It helps me to realize that I am not alone in my struggles. I am God’s work in progress and he is no where finished with me yet. You are in my daily prayers. God Bless you Holley and thank you for making my days a little more brighter then they used to be.

  154. says

    Somebody said the spiritual journey isn’t a linear–going straight through the valleys and up the mountains–but a spiral. We may go up and up, but we circle around to where we were before. Can’t wait to hear about this new book project!

  155. Beth Horvath says

    Hey, Holly.

    I would LOVE to be your prayer partner as you get through the writing of your book. Your special intention would go at the top of my intention list. I feel it is a privilege to know you through your blog and books, so know that you have powerful energy coming from the midwest.

    Sincerely, Beth

  156. chris says

    Hey Holly…Just thought I’d let you know why you struggle…why we all struggle while we’re on this earth…coz we’re not HOME yet! I too, am going through a gloomy season of life right now..and asked the Lord “why does it have to be so hard to exist sometimes, on this this “earth suit?”. His simple reply?…”your not HOME yet!”.
    You are doing a marvelous work for so many right now..but leading and encouraging is a prime target for the enemy…we know we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood…so we know who we ARE wrestling against!.
    I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know..but KNOW this..Our God is MORE than able to keep you strong and your called to the Kingdom for such a time as this! We NEED you to keep speaking love call us out who are suffering through a season of struggle and darkness!
    You are showing the way out of this season and coupling your words with scripture is more meaningful than you know! I love and need you and your blessing through the words you put down and let me tell you..I share them with others! So bless you dear sister and yes ..I will do my best to remember you in prayer…intercessors!…lets pray for Holly!

  157. Imee says

    it’s like looking in a mirror. all the things that you shared, your concerns, i feel it too and i go through the same things. just a few minutes back i was telling my friend some women are lucky that they get to have two husbands in their lifetime while me, i get to experience two menopause in my lifetime. after having an operation i have to go through hormone therapy and my hormones are in suspension for six months. Two menopause in my lifetime! how’s dat? But i thank God that i have this access to medicine while other women die without even seeing a doctor or having treatment.
    i thank God for knowing you Holly, you bring back the right perspective in my life! Yes I would like to be a prayer partner with you!
    Praying with you.

  158. Kate says

    When I grow up I want to be you. Of course, I’m already grown up. Fifty next month – gulp. But I’m still on that journey. Still saying, “Here I am, Lord. I’ll do the work if you guide me to where you want me to be.” I’ve been a mother, a writer, a fundrasier, a job coach (by default) – today, I’m the managing editor of a community newspaper. I look around and think, “This is where He wants me right now.” I can see the signs, the work to be done. But there are days when I have other plans. When I long to be … well, you. To write a blog or a book or both. To inspire and encourage and support with loving words and open arms – and maybe a little chocolate for good measure. To gather, too, all the wisdom of these wonderful friends who come to meet you over coffee, or tea. You are in my prayers. Keep me in yours, too?

  159. Genia Horton says

    I so appreciate your transparency and candor to share your heart, thoughts, and love to all of your girlfriends, known and unknown. We all share this common girlfriend bonding that is so important to share to draw strength from one another. I want to partner with you in prayer. I am ever grateful for your books, your daily devotions to us and for all of the words you share that are exactly how I am feeling, yet unable to express them so applicably as you do. Thank you and keep your eyes on the prize of the highest calling. Genia

  160. says

    You write to find your way home…. Oh, sweet friend. I love this in you. May the Lord sweetly guide your word journey as you keep being faithful to pour it all out for Him. So, so grateful we get to do this season of life together. You’re such a blessing! Thanks for your note at my post today.

  161. says

    Thank you, O’ Holy One, for the magnificent expression of love, truth & beauty that I know as Holley Gerth. How grateful I am to see the manner in which she glorifies you in each word she speaks, in each action she takes. Your loving Presence guides, governs and guards her each moment of the day. Your infinite wisdom brings her clarity of thought and your omnipotence strengthens her as she looks into appearances and sees them fade into the no-thing-ness that they are. There is but One Power guiding this precious one and as Holley focuses upon your Presence & Power alone, all that is needed is given.
    I give thanks for this magnificent expression of the Divine that Holley is! And so it is!

  162. kathy says

    Of course I’ll be in agreement with you Holley. I believe for the Holy Spirit to direct your toughts & calm your fears. Because you are LOVED & appreciated & talented &….so much more. You bless us all, love, kathy

  163. Marianne says

    Holley, don’t you know you have hundreds if not thousands of prayer partners with each email we receive from you? We all pray your prayers with you; we all share your pain with you, your joys and laughter >> we comment to each other in our own families, citing your words, your thoughts, sharing with our loved ones what we have learned from you. You lead but not alone. You write but we read and take what you wrote to heart. I save your emails; I am sure others do as well.

    Hear the prayers of this warrior’s heart, dear Lord and strengthen her to do Your work thru her writings. When she feels alone, unloved, misunderstood, let her feel Your love, Your presence and understand we are there with her.

    Holley, if you want more prayer partners, I would love to be one.
    God’s blessings on you and yours.

  164. says

    I love your heart Holley! Thank you for being so honest with us! And, as I am sure many women here have said before me… you sound a lot like me, I sound a lot like you. Blessings to you and, again, thank you for sharing your heart with us! XOXO ~ Candace

  165. Kate M says

    Hi, Holley.

    I’ve been reading your blogs for about a year and have never commented, but this post really spoke to me. You are such an inspiration and blessing to all of your followers! May God fill you with his peace, love, and blessings. Also, I pray that he will continue to provide you with the strength, wisdom, and words to bless others.

    May God bless and keep you,

  166. says

    Holley I understand totally what you mean. As a writer and speaker I understand the struggle as well as the attacks that come at us when we try to move forward in our calling to be a vessel of encouragement to others. I will count it my privilege to pray for you sister! May The Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you each day. You truly are already amazing!

  167. Martine says

    I’d love to be one of your prayer partners, Holley. I’m also a writer, and find I get distracted by other things. I’d appreciate your prayers too.


  168. says

    Thank you for your sweet, humble honesty and for your encouragement. The Lord has given you such a gift that is blessing others. You are already on my prayer list which includes giving thanks to God for you. I would be happy to be a prayer partner with you.

    You are wonderfully amazing and are making a difference. Thank you for sharing your journey. I love walking through life next to you.

  169. says

    It’s so easy to fall into the comparison trap when we just see the ‘surface level’ of others. Thanks so much for sharing your icky moments, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who visits those dark past moments. I completely understand your motive for writing as it’s what I do, too. It feels amazing to articulate beauty and love and see it in black and white on the page.

  170. Yolanda says

    So woderful!!! since I subscribed, I have delighted in your words. Thanks for being there every day. God bless you and of course I am glad to pray for you

  171. kim says

    Thank you for your openness and honesty…thank you for your words. I have been struggling with the “getting older” thing. I love my life and where I am right now…but I do struggle with “how can I be getting older when I don’t FEEL any older.”

    I LOVE your words:

    “Just as we are…And not yet all we will be…our BEST is still ahead”…I needed that!!

    Praying for you.

  172. Karin says

    I greatly appreciate how honest, genuine, and willing to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with us. Reading your posts reminds me of Mandisa’s music album about “What if we were real”, and you truly are for us. God’s continued blessing over your ministry of words which you are so awesome to share with us.

  173. Melody says

    Hey Holley,

    I would love to partner with you in prayer! I feel like praying is what I was put on Earth to do. I take it very seriously and if I commit to it, you’d better believe that I’ll do it! I’ll add you to my list. You have my email address. If there is ever anything specific you’d like me to pray about (I tend to do better when I have details) just email me!

    I appreciate you and all you do do!
    Melody Shirley

  174. Annie says

    I am so glad that you write the way you do. I’m sure I speak on behalf of so many ladies like myself when I tell you that you help us keep moving along by reminding us who we are in Christ. You remind us that we are more than ok, we are deeply loved by our Heavenly Father. Your words offer encouragement in our difficult times and they help us by pulling us out of the ruts that we tend to find ourselves in. May the Lord bless and keep you and may His face shine upon you!
    Your sister in Christ,

  175. says

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  176. Diane says

    Understand the attacks come when we are speaking to others encouragement or hope.
    You can email me anytime you need prayer and I’ll respond with prayer over you and for all.
    It’s often like you are speaking my heart girl. <3 The only way we make it through this world is by helping each other to keep focused on the God of love and mercy..reminding each other that we are LOVED.

  177. vegansrhealthy says

    Holley – Thanks again – just read this post for the 2nd or 3rd time – God has used you …again!

    Lifting you up! Please know that you are loved, cared about, esteemed, and highly favored!!! May you have grace and peace as you write – may you feel His presence – may you always trust Him!!!
    hugs – j

  178. Rebecca says

    yes, Holley, I will commit to pray for you on a daily basis – as I read what you have written each day, I am so ready to face the day and I feel God’s strength and love – thank you so
    much for your obedience. what a good idea to pray each time we read! must have come
    from the Lord. love, Rebecca


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