It’s the Little Things You Do that Matter Most

Frame Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

I’m thinking of you wherever you are today and I imagine you’ve done at least one of these things…

Gotten out of bed when you could have pulled the covers over your head.

Shared a smile.

Spoken a kind word.

Offered a little love to someone who needed it.

Whispered a prayer.

So keep doing what you’re doing.

And don’t worry about what’s not done.

Little things have big impact.

And you’re already making a difference.


Holley Gerth


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  1. says

    Just stopping by to say thank you for all your encouragement! I read your book about living out our God sized dream and yesterday I launched my blog. It was incredibly scary because I am not a writer. Just have a heart to share with other women what Jesus is doing in my life. You are so precious to me and I pray to one day meet you and exchange sweet hugs! Thank you beautiful for dreaming so others can dream! You are a gift!!!

    • says

      Nelli, I want to say congratulations on starting your blog!! WOOHOO! I want to encourage you that if you can put one word on paper (or computer) then YOU ARE A WRITER! I cannot wait to see what the Lord does through you.
      Thank you Holley for simply being you! I love you and all that you do to encourage us! (((hugs)))

  2. Chavos says

    I tend to worry about the things that aren’t done a lot…thank you for this sweet reminder… “don’t worry about what’s not done.”

  3. says

    Hey! I am so glad I found your blog. I just finished your book, “You’re Already Amazing” and I loved it. Just what I needed in this season of my life. I just started my writing a blog and your words and encouragement have helped me find my voice, strength and passions. Thanks for being amazing!
    – EmmySofia.

  4. Mary T says

    Thanks Holley! Knowing God created me to be a unique yet intricate part of His great plan truly encourages me to be me!

  5. Robin says

    I am thankful for this reminder as sometimes I tend to worry about what is not getting done instead of being thankful for what did get done, or just maybe realizing that what needed to get done…got done and what didn’t can wait 😉

  6. Julie Buol says

    Oh my gosh Holly! I can’t begin to tell you how perfectly timed these words are for me. At a time when I’m feeling so inadequate and useless, your words are a gift to me. You touched my heart. Thanks for the truth injection <3

  7. Linda says

    God truly uses you to not only witness to women but also to encourage, love (I’m sure there are those who have never felt such live before),and to make us sit down and truly try to absorb what all you have said. I know I do. Thank you for using the words God gives you to share with all of us women (do I hear an Amen) we know you have a busy life yourself and experience the same things we often do

  8. Karen Woods says

    Thank you for this encouragement. In our current faced paced, get it done world, it is refreshing to be reminded that we are unique and contribute by just being who we are. Thank you.

  9. Marinalva Sickler says

    Without laptop that got damage by a spill of water and keeping on with Praises. I did my list of not weary of doing good. The house is getting lighter with friends coming over to take away stuff. It’s my final mutiny against excess according Seven by Jrn Hatmaker. I praise God for InCourage writers, blogs, and you. I couldn’t be where I am without you. Let me count my blessings today and give Him thanks.

  10. says

    Thank you for the reminder that little efforts matter, and each of us has already made a difference. The challenge is to just keep on keeping on, so I appreciate the verbal boost! May God augment our efforts for his praise and glory!

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