What Season is Your Heart in Today?

Heart season by Holley Gerth

Spring is just coming fully to the trees behind my house. Branches are becoming homes. I watch squirrels and birds build nests with mouths full of leaves and perhaps hearts full of dreams.

We all welcome spring with open arms–it’s a time of hope and joy after a long, dark winter. A reprieve before the stretched-out, hot summer. If we could, many of us would choose spring outside all year long. 

But that’s not how the seasons work. The trees need time to let go in the fall. They need time to be quiet and grow deeper roots in winter. They need the intense sunshine of summer. All are part of the rhythm that keeps them living and growing.

I tend to always want it to be spring inside too. I love the dreaming and the doing, the wildflower adventures. I resist the stillness and the in-between seasons. But lately God is whispering to me that it can’t always be spring. All of the seasons have their place and purpose. All have gifts to offer. All are necessary.

Especially when I find myself in winter, I wonder if I’m as valuable to God. What am I giving? What am I producing? I try to manufacture an early spring out of to-do-lists and projects and going-here-and-there.

But God doesn’t ask that of me. He sees what I can’t in winter–the growth going on beneath the surface. The silence. The preparing. The drawing in of what my heart needs so that when spring comes I will be able to grow, to give, to bear fruit again.

What season are you in today? 

If you’re in fall…let go.

If you’re in winter…rest.

If you’re in spring…grow.

If you’re in summer…take care of yourself so you don’t burn out.

“For everything there is a season. Eccl. 3:1″

The seasons of our hearts may change but this always stays the same: God loves us. He knows our circumstances. He understands our needs. He’s with us and caring for us…every day of our lives. And spring will come again.


Holley Gerth


  1. says

    Miss Holly, Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts. I love your site and your encouragement- it’s often spot on! It seems that I love change when I’m the one initiating it but it’s definitely harder to acclimate to seasons of change when I have no control and forget the one who holds all the plans! I hope your spring is beautiful (like you!) and full of growth! Thanks for all you do!

  2. says

    My heart is fully enjoying every moment of spring and all the newness of life all around. So thankful that winter changes to spring eventually! I think I am a winter sloth compared to how I engage life when spring arrives.

  3. says

    Ah, what a lovely reminder that our life has seasons, too! I always think it’s supposed to be spring or summer. Too often I get frustrated if I don’t see growth and harvest and RESULTS. But winter IS a good thing.

  4. Karen says

    Holley, your words and insights always help me. I felt like I had been in winter forever.After reading your words today, I went outdoors and watched the moorhens behind our house feeding their babies; I saw squirrels busily searching for the peanuts I put out for them; I noticed that my bamboo plant grew at least 2 more inches. Most importantly, I thanked God for providing these beautiful moments and I told myself to shut up and stop concentrating on the weeds and be grateful for the beauty in my own teeny piece of land.

    • susan says

      Such important insight..He must open our eyes to the blessings and flowers in our lives or we concentrate on weeds…

  5. says

    This is super helpful Holley! It has been a winter for quite some time in my life, but recently there have been early signs of spring and I’ve been a little nervous thinking that I needed to be ready for summer already but maybe I can allow myself to gently grow first rather than immediately bloom.

  6. Kelli says

    Oh Holley, I feel like God is providing me comfort through your words today. He wanted me to hear that I need to take care during the summer. Thank you!
    Interestingly, this is something I posted on facebook a couple of weeks ago (regarding a new season of life)…
    Thoughts on a new season:
    I became aware of a new season in my life yesterday. We bought a minivan. The season of life’s summer is upon me. Both kids in school, activities abounding, and road trip vacations… all requiring more bags; bags of equipments, instruments, groceries… So, a van is what we need, and a van is what we bought.
    I was surprisingly emotional. But I refused to cry over a van.
    When I still felt emotional this morning, I was surprised, so I asked the Lord about it. He said, “Be comforted, daughter. You aren’t sad because of a mini van. You are sad because you are out of balance. A new season is upon you. Trust me in this new season. It’s okay to let go of the spring. I am always with you, just look at me.”
    Even now, I know I need to find a time and space to let some tears flow, however, now these are tears of release. Release of my perception of control over my life. A release into the arms of my loving Savior who I trust will bring me back to a peaceful and joyful balance in this new season.

    • Bev Alexander says

      While I did not buy a van, I too recall the feeling when we needed to buy a larger car for all the things that come with a growing family. I know you will make peace with God’s help. I am working on the same issue just in reverse. My kids are grown, I am divorced and have had to look down sizing in the face. I would be lying if I said it is not a struggle and some days are better than others. Just silly old cars, right? I think not. I just keep praying.

  7. margaret says

    Thanks Holley, that was a timely quote that i can really say was meant for me, thank you for the reminder that for everything theres a season.

  8. says

    I love the analogy of meteorological seasons and spiritual/heart seasons. Thank you for these reminders that it’s ok to take care of our hearts in different ways at different times…one size does not fit all!

  9. Ashley says

    I honestly don’t know what season I am in. I am actively working towards some things and waiting on others.

  10. says

    “For everything there is a season” and for every season there is reason. I pray for grace to be accepting and teachable!

    Thank you, Holly, for interpreting each season so succinctly:l Letting go, resting, growing, and taking care of ourselves. Altogether, they can bring an edifying rhythm to our lives.

  11. says

    Your words are always a good reminder. I often encourage the women I work with to consider their lives in seasons. I would say I’m privileged to be in spring right now. Exciting dreams are coming together. Your words spur me on!

  12. says

    Oh, Holley,
    I can relate…it is so hard for me to be still and to remember God is still working even when it looks like nothing is happening in winter….my roots are growing deeper and stronger in Him…blessings to you :) Thanks :)

  13. says

    I’m somewhere in between Fall, “letting it go”, and summer, taking care of myself so as not to burn out. Thank you for always being so encouraging.

  14. sowjanya says

    Thankyou for the wonderful interpretation of that verse and the beautiful picture which came along with it. A great hope and encouragement for many.

  15. Bev Alexander says

    After years of winter, I finally feel spring today. I just moved into my own place for the first time in quite a while. My beloved son moved in the last of my things last night and I could feel the peace at last. God given peace after do many struggles. I know it is not over but that is ok. See, I have been following you Holley online and in your books. I will never be able to express what all of your words have meant to me and will continue to look forward to your heart felt encouragement. May God continue to bless you in His own special way. Thank you.

  16. says

    Holley, may I be frank? When I first came across your beautiful blog I was inspired and encouraged to dream! Life had been so tough and I so wanted it to be spring in my life! But as I was encourage to dream, winter set in! There was as you said only “The silence. The preparing. The drawing in of what my heart needs so that when spring comes I will be able to grow, to give, to bear fruit again.” Email alerts I set for your site and others to encourage me drifted into my junk box. Friendships came and went. My health suffered. Self pity threatened to take over and I was tempted to foster toxic emotions and thoughts. But it’s been in the winter where the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to so much about me, my wrong thinking and it’s where God has revealed Himself and His great love to me. I have discovered WHO I AM IN CHRIST too! I look back not with regret but in awe of where God has brought me in so little time. True most of the changes have all taken place within and not without in my circumstances….YET! But I am again dreaming and feel spring has well and truly set in! I began a blog to document this change http://geraldinejayne.blogspot.co.uk/ and it’s been touching lives of those around me! It’s infectious! My family are more open about God and we freely talk about Him. Roll on Summer!

  17. says

    “He sees the growth going on beneath the surface.” thanks for this, Holley. I am waiting in winter, wondering what the hold up is… there is hope in believing in the growth going on beneath the surface.
    Great to see your face on inRL this morning!

  18. says

    Holley this is so beautiful. It reminds me of a book by Alicia Britt Chole called Anonymous. It speaks to those seasons of our lives, especially winter when God is at work even though when it doesn’t feel like He is. Thanks for this reminder. I love the actions involved in each season. So perfect!

  19. Cecilia Ayala says

    Dear Holley: What a refreshment to read what is in your heart. What a blessing to know that no matter where we are, He meets us right there!!! So tender and loving always ready to enjoy our company. I just want you to know what a blessing you are. MAY HE CONTINUE FLOWING MORE AND MORE IN YOUR LIFE!!! GOD BLESS YOU. IN HIS LOVE,

  20. a says

    Im finally at peace. I have gratitude, id been complaining about what i lacked and i am truly grateful, even though God may never do another thing for me. Its okay to be last, its better to be unselfish and exhibit gratitude even if you feel you have nothing to thank God for..

  21. Nazila says

    Oh Lord so sweet it is:
    ” And spring will come again.”. I am impatiently waiting Lord, please bring my family and I out of this cold winter. You know how we struggle in it….Amen.
    Thanks my dear Holley for reminding us to be hopeful of coming spring season in our life.

  22. says

    Dear sisters in Christ,
    Here I am in Sydney Australia with lots of beautiful sunshine,
    as we get ready to go into our winter.
    I have MUCH to be thankful and grateful for indeed.

    • Nazila says

      Hi dear Elaine,

      I am from Sydney too (Hornsby) :) Hope your heart’s season is always as beautiful as spring in our amazing country.


    • Nazila says

      Hi dear Elaine,

      I am from Sydney too :) Hope your heart’s season is always as beautiful as spring in our amazing country.


  23. says

    I am grateful for seasons. The weather seasons, the semester season and my personal seasons. I have seen many, many of which were dark. Seasons of perseverance, seasons of grieving, seasons of crying, seasons of survival. And now… now I see God bringing me into a season of pure joy. And I am actually needing to learn about joy, I’ve not had much good in my life that this season is a gift but hard to embrace. So I’ll stick in this season for a bit 😉

  24. Ann Picha says

    Dear Holley,
    I just wanted to share with you what an encouragement your thoughts have been to me,
    especially this one about the seasons of life.

    I was in fall, as I had just lost my teaching job so I was needing to pack up my classroom, do grades, etc., and feeling the rejection which brought up previous losses.

    Then the news came that my brother had died and we had been estranged. Winter, for sure as it’s the first of my siblings to die, and knowing
    that it was too late for reconciliation was sobering. How would I have the
    strength for this is the midst of the loss of my career, still needed to do grades and finish out
    my school year, etc.

    On top of all of this today is my 65th birthday which is another fall experience.

    All of this is just to say I know that the Lord loves me with a love deeper than I can even
    express in words. And I know that Spring is near!

    Thanks for your beautiful words of encouragement, Holly. You are very much appreciated
    by so many of us who will never get to meet you in person, but you have shared your love
    and His love with us!


  25. says

    Dear Holly. How wonderful and timely is the Word from the Lord. Prior to going to our Church service yesterday I was thinking of the parable of the Sower and the soil, and that was the theme
    of the message from Matthew 4! How much we need to ‘Remain in Him’ through every season in which we find ourselves, drawing upon His strength to get us through each one with it’s own struggles and trials to negotiate. I have been in Winter for the past nine years as we moved from our lovely home in Sandton, South Africa, left all belongings behind, locked up and opened a B&B in Haxyview. On Christmas day my dear mother collapsed and passed away on Good Friday! and I have just been to sort out and pack up her belongings. Then on to our home in Natal where more sorting was required and decisions of keeping/letting go once again, then over to our home in Sandton which we have finally decided to lease out, so more sorting, and the agony of letting go a lifetime of little treasures, etc, which are all part of the past 48 years of our life! But so necessary, and really insignificant in the big scheme of things!

    Since being reminded by you of the seasons I am looking forward to Spring. I can now visualize the little green shoots pushing their way up out of the soil, and I can’t wait for them to come to full bloom!!! As I return to the Lodge and have just committed all the many belongings, and blessings and plans to our Lord, I feel I have ‘fallen into Him’, and need not worry about anything, as He is with me and taking care of every circumstance and decision – in His own time- and Spring will now come – without me even having to try to conjure it up! The future now looks bright as I KNOW a new day will dawn, Spring is about to appear, and I can already see the Sun shining on the horizon.I have a new zest to do the weeding, clearing, throwing away everything which is unnecessary and clogging up the way to let the sunshine in, letting go of the old to make room for the new, exchanging the clutter for the calm and peace, and beauty of new life!

    God bless everyone who has shared their hearts and hopes and dreams, and decisions to ‘abide in Him’ who is the Sustainer and Maker of every season, and always with a Heart of Love.

  26. Christina says

    Holly. Thank you so much for these words they are soothing to my soul. An acknowledgment of the seasons and permission to be in them opened my eyes to that healing, soothing truth. From God, spoken through you to this gals heart. Thanks!

  27. Lisa says

    Your comments come at just the right time! God inspired! My youngest daughter graduated from high school this year and plans to go to college in another state which will leave my husband and I as “empty nest.” In addition to this, we may have to move to another state for his job. Not sure what season you’d call this however we do need prayer.

    God bless you!

  28. Kathy says

    Thanks so much for all the encouragement you give out to others through your website..I am someone who suffers from depression and have off and on for years. The past few years have been tough for my husband and I. We have experienced tremendous heartbreak and pain through the loss of my father from cancer in 2009 and the sudden unexpected death of my only sibling, my brother last year and the loss of 4 of our pets. My heart just broke and I just can’t seem to get above the grief of the events of the past year and a half. Things keep happening that has just put me at the bottom. I feel I can’t pray and we just don’t have anyone to pray for us. My husband also took a tremendous pay cut of 36% that has been very tough financially. I do try to hang on to the one promise that God is faithful and he will see us through.. It’s hard to believe when it seems that the darkness engulfs your whole being. Please someone pray for us. I cry so much and just need to know everything will be alright. God bless you and your ministry.


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