What always comes right before a miracle

She wears white and floats down the aisle. My oldest niece is getting married and she’s gorgeous. She stands, whole future ahead of her, next to the one who will share it.

The pastor talks of the wedding where Jesus turns water into wine. He says, “Jesus’ mother told the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.’ ” He encourages the couple in front of him to do the same. Those words grab hold of my heart. They won’t let go through the reception line, as my fork slices into cake, as the last cheers go up when the hand-holding pair rushes out the door into their new life together.

Because I realize, for the first time, those are the words that always come just before a miracle.

Not “Do whatever you want”

Not “Do what you feel.”

Not “Do what makes you happy.”

Do whatever He tells you.

That’s what invites the impossible into the everyday.

That’s what can alter everything for all of us.

My niece said “I do” and her whole future changed.

When we say “I will do” it does the same for us.

I will do whatever you tell me.

Say those words and watch for water to turn into wine.

picture by ralphunden


  1. Cece says

    This has been so true in my life recently. God has asked some really tough things of me, but I can’t tell Him no. And when I do what He tells me, then really incredible things have happened! Relationships are restored, people are reunited, it is just incredible. But each time, I have to be obedient to see the miracle. Thanks for this! It has blessed me today.

  2. Cece says

    This has been so true in my life in the last year or so. God has asked some incredibly hard things of me, but when I respond, He works in amazing ways! People are reunited, relationships are restored, and it is just amazing. But each time, it comes from me being willing to do what He asks of me. I just can’t tell Him no! I am so thankful that He still works miracles!

  3. says

    Just Totally Awesome, again. Perfect, Excellent Timing: You will never know
    until Eternity. I had just asked the Father moments before I came up to the
    home office to check the computer for email if He would send SOMEONE
    into my life with an answer to a burning question and here you are! My
    husband will be thrilled; he is still working in the basement downstairs
    and does not even know how quick the Answer came. This is It!!
    Holley, THANK YOU.
    P.S. Our daughter just announced her engagement Sunday morning, by
    phone, and will be arriving today, ring and all. She will love this as she
    plans to finish her last year of Nursing school starting next week…..I Love
    how the Spirit moves and will never tire of His Ways. He is so precious.

  4. says

    Holley, thank you so much for this today. Your words played right into what God was telling me this morning….just wanted you to know that he used you in my life today. :)
    Xo Leigh

  5. Janet says

    Holly, thank you for this wonderful reminder. I have had a plaque for many years that just have these words on it, “YES, LORD”. I think I need to move it to an area of my house where I can see it more often!! Blessings to you, Holley, as you encourage others.

  6. Marieda says

    I needed this today, Holly! What a profound thought and right on. I’m waiting for my miracle and it was important that I be reminded to “do whatever He tells you”. Obedience is better than sacrifice and I come up short sometimes, unfortunately. I don’t want to miss any more blessings or my miracle. Thank you for sharing your thoughts that are such a blessing to others.

  7. Liz Hershberger says

    Love the words re: Wedding and Wine. Divine intervention is the best platform for everyday….
    Thanks for being you….

  8. Kristen says

    Hello bloggers
    This is not something I would usually do but I felt inclined to share :)
    Todays post really hit home for me, I recently moved from Florida to Boston with no job, no money, and no social network but my family. Why, you ask because I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that this transition, move, leap of faith, etc was the call of God. It doesn’t make ANY sense to anyone else but me. I believe what Holley wrote about today is a beautiful picture of wexactly where I’m at right now, so thank you for sharing! I would encourage anyone else who is feeling God pull them in a new direction to really listen to the whisper…for He knows te plans He has for us, plans to prosper us! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Catherine says


    This is so beautiful. I’ve got goosebumps and tear filled eyes. Thank you so much for your obedience in being a vessel for God to pour out His love on us. Do whatever He tells you…-I think I will print this and put it on my bathroom mirror.

  10. Sandy. says

    Recently I Surrendered My Life Once AGain to God.
    In my Life that Always Precedes a Blessing.
    “Be Still, and Know that I Am God;
    I will be Exalted Among the Nations,
    I will be Exalted in the Earth.”
    ~Psalm 46:10

    • Karen Macleod says


      Thank you for sharing that.

      Jesus wants all of us and following Him is the best decision we can ever make.

      One of my favorite verses is from 11 Corinth. 4:16-18: “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all…”

      When I mess up and wonder …when am i ever going to get it right, this verse reminds me that it is a daily, moment by moment surrendering to HIm. I often have to do a self test to ensure that i am indeed listening to that still small voice and not my own stubborn will . Reading His Word regularily and praying helps this daily renewal and surrendering.

      May God richly bless you as you journey with Him.

      Your sister in Christ

  11. Ana says

    Everything Jesus did and said was meant to say, “This is my Father at work.
    This is what He is like.” Everything from turning the water into wine to the
    raising of the dead was an illustrated sermon meant to reveal the heavenly

    “I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.
    And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do
    always those things that please him” (John 8:28-29).

    May the Lord Jesus bless you.

  12. Joy says

    Thank you for that beautiful admonition. I am standing at a threshold in my rocky marriage, with a choice to make. Your post spoke Godly truth to my heart. Thank you for that timely Word!

  13. says

    Yup, right on target today, Holley!!! God just changed my substitute teaching job at a public high school to a part-time job at a Christian school…Why? All I need to know is…because He told me to!! Yipee! For obedience, miracles, & blessings!! Love having you pop into my e-mail daily with new inspiration, encouragement, & insight from God!! God Bless!

  14. Connie says

    Oh my!! Just what I needed to read today as I wait on a miracle in my relationship. Wanting to please the Lord with my decisions but the waiting is so hard sometimes. This was great to be reminded of. In His Love,

  15. Mindy says

    You have no idea how this blessed me. I actually said “Woo Hoo” out loud which is something I never do. This is so on point for me right now. Thank you.

  16. says

    So, so much truth in this – yet how tempting it is to do anything but what He tells us! Thank you for sharing this. It really is how miracles happen.

  17. Lotta says

    Holly- Thank you so much. thank you that you did what He calls you to do TODAY. For your obedience to type this truth.
    Those words brought great encouragement to keep the race I am running.
    I am so excited when I see the water turns into wine.
    While I am waiting, I will focus on Him, you called me!
    He really likes it when we trust Him with all our heart. What a blessed and living-bringing place it ist!
    Big hug from the other side of the pond!

  18. says

    Thanks Holley. I needed to hear this! Wow, it’s amazing how much the Lord is using you to influence my life. I mean, every time (and I’m not just saying that because it looks good on paper) every time I pick up your book, or read your blog post, I get treasure and knowledge out of it. It’s amazing. Not one time have I been disappointed. God bless Holley!

  19. Miriam Miller says

    I remember that so well and how my life was changed as
    we walked out together ,now, a pastor’s wife. A changed life.

  20. says

    That’s for sure – He told me to not worry but to just keep my eyes fixed on Him. And he filled me with such joy in the midst of great sorrow and pain.

  21. Alison Chiles says

    Holly. Thank you for your words you so unselfishly share!
    Can I ask that you pray for my daughter & her family? Her husband was trying to have his own business. However, he’s had minimal jobs & so they prayed & felt God telling him to apply with a major company. He did and they said he was hired & should report on the 30 th. but he hasn’t been able to get ahold of the person to finish the process of drug testing, etc…
    They have 2 children and she is 6 1/2 months pregnant.
    Even if he starts on the 30 th, they have shut off notices on their electricity & water & no food. She’s applied for emergency food stamps, He also owes a truck payment in. Week.
    She’s confused because they have prayed & tried to follow where they felt God was leading.
    She doesn’t understand why this is happening.
    Neither do I. I have no money to help her until payday on the 31st.
    Please pray God gives them guidance, wisdom & strength!!
    That he will guide them & give them favor!!
    She’s far away in Houston & I am in Colorado.
    Please pray got them!
    Thank you! God Bless You

  22. Corinne says

    “The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary”s was a very moving touching Mass last night, (Wednesday Eve) it brought The Virgin Mary into light. It was so captivating. Our Priest, Father Don, has a very strong deep voice when he is on the alter. A dear beautiful Mass that brought me to tears.

    Your words today bring everything into light. “The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary” and The story of Life with Jesus, the Author of Life.

    We must quiet ourselves to hear the word of God, of Jesus. “Do whatever I tell you” Blessed words that truly resignate where we need to be.

    Thank you Holley, for your wonderful words of comfort.


  23. Javene McCabe says


  24. says

    Hi Holley,
    I love to receive your emails when they come, I get a promise of feelings past present an future that bombard me all of a sudden, not that that is bad, but if it was someone else they might lose it because the feeling are too much to process.
    I love how you word them from Bible references an such, I just wish that I was able to get a handle on the Bible, I understand the scriptures, the stories all of the history, but it really shows me is the Bible is Gods awesome love story that He wrote for His children; what bothers me is the His word is most time take out of context, it is abused, used for wrong doings. I know this does not make much sense to you or most of anyone hear reading it, it makes sense to me an maybe you, I heard this saying about the Bible, it fits well, what do you think? B.I.B.L.E= Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
    God is awesome & Jesus full fills me.

  25. says

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  26. Myrna S. Macawili says

    Holley dear, thank you so much for sharing…you have a wonderful alert mind…surely God loves you…and you love Him…
    You know your words have a good timing in comforting me in my present situation…this is the second article that I have received from you…the first one truly helped me faced the challenge of trusting again the Saviour. I have just adjusted myself from the debilitating experience of devilish fire that consumed all of our house and other belongings, on May 20, 2012. The only things I have brought out of the house were my church bag and my Bible.
    Now my husband and I are trying to build up again our house out of faith because we are now past our sixties, no more jobs and we are very dependent in my husband’s monthly pension. and the help that our children can share to us. Our house has walls and floors but no finishings yet…we have no roof yet we are still using the tarpaulin to shed us from rain and the heat of the sun. We are planning to share the house to people who are in distress whenever it will be finished…we will call it…the ARK of GRACE.
    I am thankful for this article…you see…I am asking God for a miracle in order that this house of faith will be finished. last week we stopped the work and let the carpenters go home because we have no more ways and means of paying them and buying the materials.
    I know God will not leave us alone especially that we have decided to share this Ark to those who need to be saved…surely God will do His miracles for we want to do His will…sharing His words of Love and Salvation…I hope you can share with us and your friends and readers in this mission we choose to do others…for the glory of our Lord. Amen!

  27. Myrna S. Macawili says

    Thanks Holley you have helped me again to believed in miracles…I am asking one for a miracle with our house in the process of rebuilding because it was burned down completely with everything in except my church bag and personal Bible. We need help so much to finish the ARK OF GRACE to serve people who need the Lord and His salvation…
    Our house of faith is still halfway…and we hope that it will be finished sooner so we can start with our mission…We need God’s miracle to continue the construction…praying materials and payments for the laborers will flow from God’s hands…thank you for your inspirational words…God bless you more!

  28. Carla Arriola says

    Heard this read on KLRC 101.1 and LOVED it!! What a great reminder that it’s not about doing what we want or feel like, but what He asks us to do that will put us in a position to experiencing a mighty move of God in our lives and those around us!!

  29. Fadia says

    Thank you could not express it Holley,
    I am a subscriber and this post has been re-read over and over and over again keeping it in my ‘inbox’ for weeks now. Only to be reminded daily upon reading it, of “doing whatever He tells you”. Recently I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent surgery 2 wks ago for bilateral masectomies, how timely your post has been for me. Words could not express, thank you for being an encouragement to me and keep blogging, you, my sister have been a great source of support for me. May He continue to bless you abundantly, as you Glorify Him. Hugs from San Diego CA!!!

  30. says

    Couldn?t be created any better. Reading this article publish jogs my memory of my old room mate! He always kept referring to this. I most certainly will forward this write-around him. Pretty sure he’s going to have a very very good study. Many thanks sharing!

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