What are you seeing today? {and a free ebook just for you}

My friend’s face holds a wide grin as she slips into the seat across the table from me and I know she’s happy.

The ocean stretches beyond the horizon and I recognize God is big and I am small.

The peaches are finally the color of a sunset and I can tell that summer is in full swing.

This world is always speaking, speaking, speaking to us through our eyes.

I ignored this for a long time. I’m a word girl and I used to think that to have a message you needed, well, words. But I’m learning the language of sight. What beauty can say. What ugly can portray. How the ordinary can shout and the extraordinary can whisper.

I’m the girl who stands in the picture frame aisle at Target and hyperventilates. I’m the one who doesn’t really understand the color wheel. I’m that friend who misses a lot of what’s around her because she’s seeing what’s inside her own head (or writing a blog post about it) instead.

But the last few years I’ve started to change. Because I’ve realized it’s not so much about what I’m seeing but about what it’s saying. About the people I love. The God I serve. The life I want to lead.

Maybe seeing isn’t believing.

But part of believing is seeing.

So I’m going to keep my eyes wide open…and my heart the same way.

Are you “visual”? How does what you see speak to you?




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  1. Martha Lamey says

    I just wanted to tell you that I am inspired by your blog and so often you hit my thoughts right on the mark but much more eloquently than I.
    I love our Savior and I love how you express your love for Him too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Holley says

      Oh, Martha! You are so sweet! Thanks so much for your words and I am so thankful for your love for our Savior.

  2. Laurie Jeron says

    I can so relate Holley. I am a visionary and so I am always seeing ahead and missing a lot of details around me. In fact years ago I found myself saying “I dance through life and miss a lot”. I too am trying to learn to slow down, to be more focused on the things around me. I do find that in certain moments God stopped me and allows me to see something amazing. Thank you for being so real and sharing from your heart.

    • Holley says


      Thanks for sharing your heart with me. I said a prayer for you this morning as you continue to learn to slow down, I know all too well that it can be challenging. Thankful for you!

  3. says

    I am having so much fun with your new book! Pin-terpretation is revealing things about me that I never realized and bringing a smile to my face as others are confirmed. I am enjoying learning about myself! Thank you (and Stephanie)!

  4. says

    Too funny! Wanting to see what my 15 yr old is always talking about, I finally joined yesterday. So very neat! Your book offer is perfectly timed! Thanks!

  5. Susan says

    I really liked the post today. What is Squee? I don’t do Facebook or Pinterest,but I would be interested in the free ebook. Thanks for the daily encouragement. Susan

    • Holley says

      Squee! is a company I started with my friend Stephanie Bryant. We help people turn their God-sized dreams into reality. :) You can find out more at http://www.squeeinc.com. The free ebook is all about Pinterest so if you’re not on there you may want to skip this one. Thanks, Susan!

  6. KaraD says

    Hi! I was interested in the ebook. I just subscribed. I figured I would pay the 99 cents, but it isn’t letting me purchase for use with the iPad kindle app. Thanks!

  7. Lynn Warren says

    Hey girl! You are a breath of fresh air! God bless you richly and abundantly, and I say this from the bottom of my heart, since what I “see” on a daily basis is people’s physical pain, as I am a transcriptionist for oncology physicians, both medical and radiation. But, I also “see” that this is my mission field for prayer, and so I pray most of that time! We all need to “see” things differently than just sight in our daily walks, and through His Grace, we will.

    Love to ‘ya,

  8. says

    I’m even more excited now about going to the beach this week. The vast ocean reminds me how small I am, and then how big our God is. Gonna let the waves wash over me!

  9. Irene Talaasen says

    Hi Holley,
    You do touch my heart with each email post!! Love your words as you draw us to the Savior. and I love seeing Him all around too, lots of times in the faces of praying friends and sweet children. Today it was the darling fawn cavorting in our front yard and Pikes Peak in the background. Those are wonderful gifts from Him.!!
    Blessings to you!

    • Holley says

      Hi Beth! It’s most likely that the confirmation link went to your spam folder. Check in there and if that’s not where it is then send an email to dream@squeeinc.com and we can send you a copy that way!

  10. Gail says

    I always enjoy your posts. I do facebook but not pinterest. My camera is my other eye. It’s amazing to see what I actually saw as opposed to what I thought I did.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  11. says

    Hollie, It’s funny but I just cannot get the hang of pinterest and I am a very visual person. So I downloaded the book (thank you soooo much) maybe that will help. Love today’s post – as always – I am a visual person and I love words too… maybe that makes me wosual. lol

  12. Lucille says

    Hi Holley, I’m a visual person. I love the sparkle of sequins and glitter, the stars at night when they’re out, the awesome glow of a red sun at sunset and a sunset sky, the light of fireflies, the creativity of God in the colors of flowers, and the birds, and God’s creativity in people. I could go on and on and on.
    Thank you for helping us to realize how unique and special God has made each one of us and the world around us. It stretches us to want to see more of what we don’t see or stop and pause to take the time to see.

    Love you,


  13. Mariel Young says

    Hey Holly,
    Yes I am a very visual person. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for my eyesight and for his glorious creations in the sky , the trees, the flowers and His living creatures all the birds and colors that He has shown us. I’m just amazed about how many different colors of green there are! I often think if I could paint a particular cloud formation that I have seen, people would say that it doesn’t look real. Or the beautiful trees in the fall. I just am truly grateful for all of God’s wondrous works. And yes I am an artist…with portraits being my specific gift. I copy what I see off a photo and while it doesn’t look exactly like the picture, it does look like the person. My favorite medium is pastel chalks! Love, Mariel

  14. says

    I am a word girl, too! However, when I was recently challenged to create my own Vision Board I realized that I had few words and LOTS of pictures! I thought to describe something I needed words as well, but my vision board speaks from my heart and the things the Lord has shown me. I am learning to see and enjoy the beauty in that rather than in the description through prose and eloquence.
    As a Pinterest user, I cannot wait to read your book and find out a little bit about myself through my pinning!!
    I’d love for you to read my blog as well!

    • Holley says


      I’m so excited for you to see what pinterest is saying about you! Thanks for sharing your heart! Please let me know your thoughts after do a little Pin-terpretation! :)

  15. nancy says

    I, too, am a word person–love crossword puzzles, majored in English Lit so I could read and write my way through college, and taught English for a few years (till I got re-assigned to math, but that’s another whole story!) but I also see God through the majesty of His creation nearly every day… the heaven’s definitely DO declare the glory of God! I love the trees in my yard, and the squirrel mama pulling bark from my wood pile to line her nest, and the hummingbirds, and even the bats at dusk… God didn’t have to surround us with such wonders and beauty, but I’m so thankful that He just couldn’t help showing off a bit!

  16. Dominique says

    I see the beauty of God’s creation… not just the obvious things like sunsets, trees, stars, the moon, the beach etc although I do love to see all of those things. I see the tiniest spiders spinning their webs, I see the hover-flies visiting the seed-heads of long grass, I see the ripples of raindrops in the puddles making rings, I see the glistening drops of rain reflecting the light like myriad jewels on the twigs of bushes and trees when the rain is misty. Those jewels are my favourites… I call them “spangles”. It’s as if God has put each one of them there just to delight me… millions of liquid diamonds that most people would just walk past and not notice as they grumble about it being a miserable day.
    …And I see the faces of people walking by; sad, grim, hostile… each wrapped in their own thoughts… trying to survive their hurts and griefs…and it makes my heart ache – a small echo of God’s heart for us all, longing for us to notice Him extending the hand of friendship.

  17. Teresa says

    I am a visual person, I have these thoughts. In Gen. 3, Eve saw that the fruit was ” pleasing to the eye” and in 1st John he speaks of the lust of our eyes. Being a visual person can be a problem, if we don’t give God all the glory He is due. Yet I love what Paul writes in his Ephesian’s prayer 1:18 ” I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints. Now that is real vision of the beauty of Christ our Lord! As with Job when we can say ” my ears have heard you but now my eyes have seen you! Praise be to our wonderful God and Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!

  18. Sue says

    I am a very visual person! I love what I see around me, I can get “lost” when I look at certain paintings, wondering things like “what kind of person lived in that house” or “where does that path between that row of trees lead or “what kind of person is taking care of all those flowers”. I
    have a very vivid imagination (which at times drives my husband crazy!)
    As I am aging my eyes are also aging and I sometimes fear that at some point I will lose some or
    all of my eyesight, so maybe I see more now than I used to see.I see the beauty in my flower gardens and watching the birds at the feeders and rainbows and puffy white clouds and smiling faces and I thank our God that I can see. I pray that I will always be able to see God’s beauty on
    earth. I don’t take a lot of pictures, I just try to always keep what I see in my memory. I can’t begin to imagine what seeing Heaven will be like. Thank you for your posts.

  19. Peter Timbuak says

    I have enjoyed reading your blog even though I am a male. Is this blog strictly for women? Well you have been doing a good job. In fact, I have used some of your material as inspiration stuff for our seminary here in Nigeria. Many thanks. Rev. Peter Timbuak, Purpose Driven Theological Seminary, Abuja, Nigeria

  20. says

    my dearest holley, fellow word girl . . . oh, how i can relate. (and kudos to you for even ENTERING the frame aisle at target!) thank you so much for this simple, yet profound, challenge. “How the ordinary can shout and the extraordinary can whisper” . . . YES. that is exactly IT, isn’t it?

    the evening after i read your post, the Lord blessed me with a beautiful confirmation of this very truth — that He is wanting me to more fully embrace the reality of His goodness through His beauty that surrounds me. first, to actually see it. and then, to hear what He wants to say to me through it.

    i just shared this sacred story that He wrote in my heart, of which this post of yours was a significant part. and i’d be honored for you to stop by sometime if you have a moment.

    blessings to you & yours, holley.
    and thanks again for being a conduit of Him,

  21. says

    Oh Holley you always know just what to say. I’m coming to the end of our house building and while it shows beauty now… there are a lot of ugly, hard days pounded into its frame and foundation. God has use the ugly and the beautiful to mold me over these past two years.

  22. Laurie Harris says

    Oops, I’m a bit late in the game with this post. I was out of town when I read it and could respond about at the time. However, I wanted to say I love this post!!! Yes, I”m visual and because I am……..sometimes I don’t miss what I see but I do lose some of the moment because I’m wanting to capture what I see on camera. When a whale is jumping and I want a picture of it….that means keeping the camera in a ready position and clicking the shutter like crazy hoping that I’ll at least get one good one out of the bunch. But, because I do that……..I don’t sometime REALLY get to see what is fully going on in the moment. It isn’t really until I get a chance to review my pictures that I see some of what I saw in the moment. Sometimes I actually have to tell myself it is time for me to put down the camera and just experience what I’m seeing.

  23. says

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