What’s that thing you always do?

Hey you,

the one who loves painting or singing, writing or adding, teaching or reaching.

I want you to pause for a moment and think of that thing.

That thing you always do.

You do it in the everyday, here-and-now world.

But I bet you do the same in the spiritual world too.

“You feed people,” my wise friend says to me one day.

I look at the cupcakes I’ve made. “Yep, I do,” I respond with a smile.

“I mean you feed people. Their hearts. With cupcakes. With words. With encouragement.”



I can think of women who are nurses and bring healing in many other ways too. Women who literally garden but also grow ideas and people. Women who lean into the role of teacher whether in a classroom or while having coffee.

It may seem like you do a lot of different things.

But I’m guessing you do a few things in many different ways.

Those are the core parts of who you are. You nurture, create, serve, whatever it may be.

You do it on the outside.

And on the inside too.

You just can’t help yourself.

You always go back to that role in some way {and that’s the way it’s supposed to be}.

What is that for you?

It may take some time or even input from others to figure it out. But it’s there.

That thing you always do is significant. It’s not by chance. It’s worth your attention and time.

Because it’s part of the design God built into you.

When you do that thing you’re made to do…you bring Him joy.

And bring the same to all of us too.


So what’s that thing you always find to do? What role do you tend to play wherever you are?

{If you’d like a partner to help you figure it out, e-coaching might interest you.}

P.S. I want to give away this beautiful wooden painting to one of you, which is a reminder for all of us to trust the Lord with all our heart. Leave a comment by Tuesday at midnight and I will announce the winner on Wednesday. Thank you all for sharing your hearts with me, it brings me such joy.



    • Sharon Rhodes says

      Sent by Sharon Rhodes

      Wow Holly, you always talk to me, But tonight it was right on target. I actually thought you were talking about me.

      I am a busy body by nature. I love working with stained glass and making things to give to people to make them feel good. I also love to watch life grow, for example I love plants and watching them develop into wonderful things. So making terrariums and and giving them to people to make them feel good excites me. I love strumming the guitar and the sounds that it makes makes me feel good and when I see someone smiling it makes me even feel better.

      So what’s that saying I always do? SMILE…

      Sent from Sharon Rhodes

  1. Jody Dale says

    Thank you, Holley, for wonderful words for us to think on and consider. It’s very encouraging when many like myself, can feel like we are not accomplish everything we wish we were, but at the same time, perhaps our efforts reach farther than we realize when our purpose is to glorify God in all that we do.

  2. Nancy says

    thanks for another thought provoking, and helpful, article. I’m deciding whether to apply for a job and/or pursue my own interests more fully…

    I also appreciate having more blog info. re: Stephanie Bryant, her encouraging insights from her marketing experience etc.

    enjoy the day!

    p.s. that wooden painting is beautiful and verse – a favourite of mine. Hope to maybe win it!

  3. karyn says

    I love to listen to the lives of those around me and find our more about them and how they are and what they feel and ….. just and …… what are their pains and happiness and what they did when they were young and just a child at heart and a child and …. a teenager and a twenty year old and thirty and forty and fifty and sixty and seventy and eighty and when they ask about me I just tell them. I love to share myself. Literally and them sharing themselves too. Literally. It’s just about life and JESUS. This is just me. Happy to be me. Simple me. hahahahaha

  4. Sabrina Swann says

    It is much easier to point this out in others rather than ourselves…I love the thought of having one “gift” that is incorporated into everything I do just in different ways. Thank you Holley for the insight! Your book is amazing!

  5. Sandra Cox says

    I always enjoy your posts. This one has me pondering what it is I always do. I’m sure my family will be glad to give input!

  6. says

    thank you Holley, my heart needed to hear this today, but most important my bff really needed to hear this. Love the way God uses your words to touch the heart of his beloved daughters.

  7. Katelyn says

    Another encouraging post! I needed to read this today–it’s a question I’ve been pondering recently. Aside from recommending books to people, I suppose that I’m always making crafts(or cookies) to give away to friends and loved ones.


  8. Sharon Ross says

    It took many people telling me before I realized that thing that I do: I ENCOURAGE people! Once I became more aware of it (after it was brought to my attention) I realized that indeed, that is what I do!

    When I read in your article that the “one thing I do” brings joy to God, I cried; I had not given much thought to it and I understand now, after stopping and really thinking about it, that He gave me that gift to share and I am sharing. It delights me to now get that when I encourage others, He is joyful!

    Thanks again, for more wonderful words from your heart to ours, Holly. God uses you to bless us so much!

  9. says

    I have been told I’m a good listener (and I pray I’m not too much of a talker). And I love to listen to people’s stories. I’m always drawing out their story. I love to validate people and show them how their life, their story is of great value and holds nuggets of treasure for me and for others. So I encourage others to tell and share their stories. And I’ve found a new way to do this through a website I’ve created with a friend, called http://www.CirclesOfFaith.org, launching in a matter of days. We hope this will be a place online where women will gather to exchange stories. And since I’m an editor and writer professionally, I can help the non-writers to tell their stories too. Psyched!

  10. Tamara G. Battice says

    HalleluYAH!!!! This was right on time, as our wonderful ABBA EL uses you to cause me to think and ponder on the things that pertain to Him and what He uses me to do for His glory and to edify others! Thank you , Holly, for being a beautiful gift to the Body of Mashiach (Christ)!

    Love and hugs!

  11. Debby says

    Once again you have written what I needed to be reminded of. Sometimes when I am struggling most to determine which thing is most important for me to do for my family, I just need to know that it is me – as I am – that is all they really need.

  12. Cyndi says

    Your friend is right–you do feed the soul’s of so many with your encouragement!! Thanks for doing that thing you do and doing it so well and faithfully! God bless.

  13. Ruth Gaa says

    Holly…thank you so much for these words. I have bee struggling with feeling like I am not an integral part of anything. God has been givng me glimpses of how my life matters and this devotional today helped me tremendously. I thank God for you Holly.

  14. Tara Lombard says

    Hi Holley!
    I love to teach! I worked at that as my profession for many years, “retired” to raise my own girls, went back to paid-part-time, took a few more years to homeschool our youngest. Since then, I have taught in volunteer roles in all sorts of church roles.
    Although I KNOW that teaching is my “one thing”, I still needed to hear your take on this. I need to remember,
    “That thing you always do is significant. It’s not by chance. It’s worth your attention and time.
    Because it’s part of the design God built into you.
    When you do that thing you’re made to do…you bring Him joy.”
    Wow, I had forgotten God’s design in all of this! These giftings of ours ARE significant! I am involved in leading a growing women’s Bible study, and, frankly, the pace of growth had begun to scare me. I wasn’t sure I could meet all those needs and handle the pace.
    Your words reminded me that this is GOD, and He knows what He is doing in connecting me in this time and place with these hungry hearts. I don’t need to provide the food, just lead them to the Source of abundant daily bread!
    Blessings on your continued encouragement of women’s hearts, dear Holley!

  15. Tracy Bard says

    One thing God showed me a few years ago in speaking with my Pastor, is that he said one of my strongest assets is that I encourage others. I have a tendency to be able to just listen to people and then allow the Holy Spirit to just use me to speak LIFE back into their lives. The most important things I have learned is that through sharing the encouragement with others into their lives, is that I am able to see and rejoice in the healing in how God has used my hurts, disappointments, pains and fears to speak this encouragement into others. I could have let the fears, disappointments, pains to paralize me but I have chosen for God to use me to speak into others the life and healing that God has given me. Nothing is ever wasted when it comes down to God. He uses everything in our lives for good. So the things I had to go through, God now uses me to speak encouragement and His love to others facing the same things. God is good!! He works all things together for our good! We just have to trust Him through it all, bad or good, that He will be able to use us in the future to speak healing and love into others!

  16. says

    Such a simple but profound question! I’ve been thinking through this idea for some time now and your post really brought some of those thoughts into better focus. Thank you, Holley.

  17. Becky Jones says

    I do love what you have to say. Some of it just fits me and others fit others. God is being your guide so continue to follow Him. He has so much to teach us and you are our “teacher” for a short time every day. Thanks for being there for us.
    Becky Jones

  18. GeorginaShaw says

    Thanks for those encouraging words Holly. Most of us dont give ourselves credit for what we do,but it is the little everyday thoughtful acts ,which we dont realize , that touch others. As we look top Jesus may He make us all effective for Him.PTL Georgina

  19. Carmilla says

    Thanks for sharing Holley! The thing I do most often is pray… for others… for myself… And God is Always, Always Faithful! He doesn’t always answer in the ways I would choose, but always for the best. Appreciate all of your writings! Blessings, Carmilla

  20. Dorothy says

    I love telling others the Truth about what I am learning about His awesome love and His grace — for the whole world! (How can they receive it if they do not know that it has already been bought and paid for by Jesus’ Perfect Work?)

    A couple of years ago, I bought several necklaces for my two daughters and four grandchildren. It is a simple silver cylinder that has a word inscribed on each side… created, chosen, celebrated, cherished…. I love it!

    The Holy Spirit led me to purchase several more necklaces and assured me that He would tell me to whom to give them to. It has been absolutely amazing who He has put in my path…. and amazing to see the reaction of woman when, maybe for the first time they didn’t hear “religion” but they heard the glorious news that they are loved, unconditionally, by the Creator of the Universe!
    One has been sent to a woman who is in ministry with her husband in South Africa… another to a woman who started a Bible College in Poland…. not to mention the people He has literally brought to my door!

    What a joy to tell others;, “You are special to Him and He loves you with an unconditional love! You are the joy of His life! He dances over you!”

    That’s what I do….

  21. says

    I am a personal trainer and I recently quit my comfy manager job from conviction in my heart that I can use my gift in my field differently than anyone else. To take my God sized dreams and my everything is possible God, and run, following the doors He opens. I don’t have another job, only trust. Your blogs have reminded me and confirmed in my heart, taking this risk, is an open door to learn to trust Him in ways I have never imagined. Thanks you. For being the you He needs you to be. It touches more hearts than you’ll ever know.

  22. Anita says

    Thank you for your postings everyday. This has been a year of challenges for me. But God is amazing and has blessed me with people who have helped me get through it. Your daily words of comfort and encouragement have also helped me. Thank you for doing what you do. It doesnt go unnoticed. And I hope you also remember “There is only one YOU” May God bless your life as you have blessed mine.

    Anita Minor

  23. Teresa S says

    Sometimes we look for the big outward things as signs of what we do. The lord reminded me this morning that He is rebuilding me from the inside as I recover from a horrible tragedy and that my time with Him is more important than anything else right now.

    • Debbie says

      You’re in my prayers. I know that you are much stronger than you realize and God will turn your situation into something beautiful. Keep the faith and trust His heart. You are SO loved.

  24. Jan Bennett says

    Wow. This really grabbed me. I do a lot of creative things…write worship songs, paint, write. I’ve been percolating on this a while so I think the pump was primed. All you had to do was ask the question. And the answer that sprung to mind is I love to broadcast the truth of God and his Word and Jesus Christ…I want people to know the truth about him and let it sink down deep inside. Never thought of it this way! Cool.

  25. Jackie Ingram-Myers says

    This is food for thought. But i like being there for my family and friends. I go above and beyond for them. I try to be very encouring to them. And if they need anything I try my very best to give it to them. I am a very caring person. And my down fall is when I need something even if it is just to talk I have a hard time letting people know. I don’t like asking for things even if I need it. But I am a work in progress.

    I so much enjoy these.

    Thanks for this.

    Jackie Ingram-Myers

    • Amy S says

      Reading your comment was like looking in the mirror! I will bend over backwards for just about anyone, but when it comes to asking for help, I just bite my tongue and deal with it myself…even though I hear all around me “if there is ever anything you need or that I can do for you, just let me know”. For some reason, I have such a hard time letting down my walls.

  26. Amy S says

    This posting is one that will weigh heavy on me today. I feel that I am in the wrong place, doing the wrong things, working the wrong job, and living in the wrong location. I have felt this for a while and now that I have gotten divorced, it pulls much harder on me. So, what do I do? I ignore myself and focus on whats going on around me. I am going to use your insight today and try to learn just what and how I am contributing to this world and those around me. Thank you : )

    • Wanda Patrick says

      Whether we are in the wrong place or not God can use us right where we are. I was in the wrong job and basically in the wrong life, not following what I knew to be the truth. I knew I was in the wrong the place and did nothing about it. Eventually, I left the job and in fact moved from the town and state I grew up in. I have looked back and thought, why didn’t I just quit and move on and beat myself up. I left 3 years ago, recently there was some unfinished business that allowed me to have communications with some of the very people I felt I had failed at times when they need me. After the one call to take care of business, I got several follow up calls telling me how they had appreciated something I had done for them when I was there. I was in the wrong place, but God used me anyway.

  27. Karolyn Kinsey says

    Your comments bless and encourage me every day. Thank you so very much for being who you are and sharing that person with me and others.

  28. says

    Thanks for this awesome message! I really needed to hear it today. I am a nurse and director of a free health clinic for the indigent in a rural area. I have been frustrated lately with large numbers of patients/needs and sparse funds. Your words reminded me that the things I do everyday, nurturing and caring for the less fortunate, are my job and the needs of the clinic are to the Lord. I am to feed the sheep by loving them, giving them hope even in the time of illness. Thanks Holley, you are a real blessing.

  29. Gail O says

    It’s what you do for me Holley!! As I sit here at my computer, you pop up on my screen with such beautiful words of encouragement! I then share your words with my sisters and sisters-in- Christ. Thank you Holley for sharing your relationship with Christ with all of us!! Blessings, Gail

  30. Mandy says

    I needed this post today! It’s funny because I would saying that I ‘feed’ people too. I’m constantly baking and cooking, but moreso (and the direction God is leading more and more) is that He wants me to nourish souls… I teach a bible study and practice ministry to mommas and homemakers around my table, encouraging them to feast on his word and promises for them. The best kind of food!

  31. Mirjam Ros says

    Hi Holly!

    Mailing you from Holland, Europe.
    And love to say you’re indeed someone that feeds many!
    Uplifting and encouraging words come crom your posts,
    And this time i figured i’d better compliment you for it!

    Thank you for pointing me to the real me.
    And a huge ‘like’ for your heart in this post!
    Bless u:)

  32. karen says

    I try to leave people feeling better than when we met that day. I love to encourage them and point out what God must see in them- accentuate the positive. So many times we women focus on what we don’t do rather than what we Do do. God uses all of us every day and I pray He uses me in a positive way, even though I’m living through a valley right now. Feeling discouraged is just such a waste of the day that God has given us. It is amazing what some encouragement can do…through a smile, through a word of affirmation, through a card or phone call or sometimes just a hug… We can all make a difference, can’t we? You make a difference, Holley. I can’t wait to read your blog and then pass it on to whomever I think needs God’s message that day.

  33. Debbie says

    Sometimes, it seems like we do so many things all the time and that makes finding that ONE thing difficult… I think finding that ONE thing is something that takes us out of the mundane and mediocre and moves us into the great and God ordained! Thank you for the challenge.

  34. says

    I pray. I pray for people I know, don’t know, will never meet this side of the veil. I pray.
    When I’m at the grocery store and see a young couple with a new baby, I ask if I may pray blessings on all of them. When I hear sirens, I pray for the folks needing help and those helping. When someone is sitting in the hospital waiting room, I pray for them and their family/friends.
    It does not matter if I know the people or their needs, God knows. He hears the prayers of a righteous woman and because He has called me His own, and I have accepted His son, Christ, as my Savior, I am righteous.
    God hears my prayers so I pray.

  35. Lynn says

    I make verse cards for people from scripture that I read in my quiet time. As I read a passage sometimes a person comes to my mind. I kind of scrap book a verse for them and send it in the mail or delivery it to them.

  36. Emily says

    This message, is an obvious reminder to skip over the doubts in my head, but rather have faith in my heart, that’s where HE lies. Follow my dreams, that’s where THEY lie. I am a photographer. Seeing through the lense of life- making all things beautiful. I could photograph a pile of trash- but to me that is art. To me that is beautiful. No matter how messy someone’s life gets- my goal is to always see the REAL them. The beautiful them. Believe in them and be a friend who does not hold judgement. Love everyone, Jesus does.

  37. Marilynn says

    Holly Gerth, You are amazing. Your obedience through God’s inspiration is amazing. He
    feeds and you seed with hope and inspiration. You are the soil through which he nurtures and cultivates words to create encouragement and peace in so many lives. Many mornings, I open my computer screen to find answers and you have been the vessel that He used to transport a message and calm the negative fears and uplift with encouragement. You and I are kindred spirits as vessels of obedience through words of inspiration and encouragement. Though the true personal struggles against the evil one in the work that you do are not revealed in your inspirational nuggets, know that God’s Annonting is upon you. “That thing you always do”…feed, nurture and create fills His Garden with beautiful flowers…. blossoming with peaceful souls, loving hearts and blankets of forgiveness. Thank you for “the thing you always do.”

  38. Tricia Kristoff-Rampata says

    I loved the message. I am in Human Resources and every day I have people coming to me for help. I never ask why, why me Lord because He already answered me – “Why not you? You are the BEST person for it!” Thanks for the encouragement Holly!


  39. Theresa says

    Wow, as always SUCH a powerful message. I love your style of writing and it always appears to be just what I needed to hear on that day, at that moment to remind me of the power of God’s love. Thank you.

  40. Christine Hardcastle says

    Thanks Holley for this article,
    Yes So often We find ourselves busy doing so much.
    We often need a moment of reflection so that we may see clearly.

  41. Susan Gregory says

    That one thing! I make others laugh and smile! That is the gift God gave me… So, I share.. Either by word or gift of knitting, crochet, sewing.. A smile or belly laugh got to be the best thing God gave humans!!! :)

  42. Gwen says

    I thank God for the gift you give of yourself. Your comments touch my heart as if you know me personally! You feed me everytime I receive one of your posts and I share them often.

  43. Evelyn Wagoner says

    Thanks, as always, for the sweet encouragement. There’s a quote I keep before my eyes . . . “And now, with God’s help, I shall become myself.” (Kierkegaard) That is my goal: to fully become the “me” God had in mind when He created me. And when I become discouraged, I remind myself that “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are” (ee cummings) . . . and Jesus gives me that courage through His Word and through people like you. I may be getting on in age, but I still have time. George Elliot said, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” I’m still “letting God chisel” (as Lysa TerKeurst says), so I never lose hope! Thanks, Holley. You’re truly a gift to this reader!

  44. Janet McNabb says

    My favorite thing to do is to work with children. I starting babysitting when I was 10 and took care of my baby brother. I have taught VBS, Sunday School, LOGOS, preschool and elemetary school during my life. I, also, care for my grandchildren while their Mom is teaching autistic children. I love children and love working with them. I especially enjoy teaching them about God, Jesus, and being a Christian. It is such a joy to watch children grow in their faith!

  45. Kayleen says

    That was a word from God just for me. I struggle so much…I have a college degree but am unable to work due to health issues. I think I have a wasted education. Sometimes I feel ashamed because my friends work & have careers. But everyone tells me that I have so many things that I do well. I love children so much & enjoy working with them. Someone once told me that although I might not have a “paying “job” all of my ministry & volunteer work will have more eternal meaning than someone who “worked” their entire life. Thanks for the reminder.

  46. Lauri Haller says

    Wonderful post as always. What I try to do is help people – in whatever way I can. Maybe it’s bringing dinner to someone with health issues. Maybe it’s sending a note to a friend just to say “I’m thinking of you”. Maybe it’s a pick-me-up for a co-worker who is having a bad day. I know I feel at my best when I am doing something for others. When I’m having a bad day — or a series of bad days — it always helps me to help someone else.

  47. Jessica Halpin says

    I had to sit and really think…what IS it that I love to do? You’re right, in saying “But I’m guessing you do a few things in many different ways.” Everything that I thought about loving to do comes under exuding peace to others, and nurturing.

  48. Gail says

    I recently “discovered” the thing I do–actually, my best friend told me: “The first thing that caught my eye when I got to know you was that you smile at people when you pass them–even if you don’t know them. People notice that.” I have smiley faces scattered around my office, and it never occurred to me that the two were connected! How can I not smile, when my Savior always provides un-understandable joy and peace for me?!
    Smilin’ for Him…

  49. Sherry says

    Wow! I have never thought about this before and am so encouraged by it. I love to clean and organize. To get rid of clutter. And, now that I think about it, I do the same in my spiritual life (examining what I allow into my mind and life, getting rid of what may not be pleasing to God). Sometimes this “gift” isn’t appreciated, but I feel better understanding how God may be using it in the spiritual world as well as the physical. Thank you so much!

  50. Jacqueline Thatcher says

    Hi Holley,

    Thanks for all the encouragement you send us. It keeps me God focussed. Please pray for the Lord’s will to be done in our lives and for wisdom as a parent and discernment.


  51. Michelle says

    Encouragement! I know that is a huge gift from God! Thanks for feeding me! Love your words!…. See I did it again… Just can’t stop encouraging! :)

  52. Ron says

    Hi Holly,

    As I have read the first 60+ comments, I feel like I am intruding on a “ladies coffee chat. Pardon the intrusion but I wanted to say that I appreciate what you had to say. Only God knows the number of people that have been encouraged by what you share on your Website. I have shared your Website with several of my friends especially female and they have appreciated that input into their lives.

    What’s the thing I always do?

    Look for ways to encourage others, I love to come along side someone who is struggling and offer a word or action to lift their spirits. I have yet to have a person tell me “no thank you, I have had all the encouragement I can hold at this time”. If I am down and need a lift, I ask God to give me the opportunity to encourage someone else for when I do I get encouraged. [Prov 11:25……he that waters will himself be watered.”

    I have thought several times about writing to encourage you to keep up the good work. Thank you for motivating me to respond today sharing with you my Spiritual gift.

  53. says

    Still trying to figure this out. It’s hard to sift through all the stuff we feel like we have to do, to find that which comes naturally. Trying my best to simplify and just embrace less in a season of way-too-busy. Thank you for this. And that trust painting – beautiful!

  54. Beth Ann says

    I LOVE to send cards to people when they are “down and out.” Maybe they’ve had surgery, or an accident, or perhaps they’re going through ongoing chemo treatment. I send them a card once a week to let them know I’m thinking about them and praying for them. I continue sending the cards until they are well. If I know they are not a believer, I’ll send cards with Scripture verses inside. I hope that they read them and that it encourages them. I know that seeds are being planted, and I hope to see some of these friends in Heaven because of a relationship with Christ that began with a simple card!

  55. Susie says

    I am so thankful for your gift of words Holley- God has ministered to me so much through them I am so grateful. Thinking about what I “always do” still- not sure- hard to see it in myself- Thanks so much- they(your posts) are like cupcakes each day:)

  56. Stephanie R says

    I’m an encourager. Well, for everyone except me :-) I’ve been told over and over and over and over, I do this well through words. And lately, I’ve been receiving confirmation after confirmation of this. Thank you for this post. It forced me to stop, if only for a minute, and direct my thoughts to what I do on a daily basis without much effort or thought, and guess what I do? Lol, encourage others.

  57. Tonya S says

    I love this! What do I do???? Hmmmm, I think what I do is sometimes not what “everyone” else thinks needs to be done. I like to keep peace but in the midst of that I sometimes get ran over. This post made me think that we do need peacemakers even if one does get ran over, God is a JUST God, He will take care of us and He made us the way we are for a reason so like you said “Do what He made us to do and we will bring Him joy”. Great thought!

  58. says

    What a wonderful question. I’m afraid that sometimes people go their whole lives without answering it–without knowing what they were truly equipped by God to do. I know that I talk all day long (what girl doesn’t?!), but usually it’s an exchange of ideas and concepts that goes beyond “surface talk.” This goes along with writing. I am also constantly learning.

    Perhaps that thing I do is to communicate? I’m hoping to get this narrowed down more.

  59. Ana says

    Looking on the outside people would see me as self absorbent and meticulous, but if they could only see what’s on the inside. A desire to share God’s word with anyone I meet and an encourager always fighting for the underdog. I can be a rebel but in a good way, knowing that God’s always got my back and I know how often he has used me to be put in situations where that’s where my strength of encouragement is often used. Those who don’t know Christ and are spiritually dead are the ones that the Lord will lead me to knowing, that if I don’t share what’s on the inside how will they truly know who I am in Christ.

    May the Lord Jesus bless you.

  60. Javene McCabe says

    Great thoughts for us today Holley, thank you…well we can all relate to this one…we as women, wives, moms are always feeding…not just physical but spiritual food to the ones we love…I am always concerned even now what my children are eating! Physically is it balanced and unprocessed? Spiritually are they feeding their souls with the “fruit” of the Spirit…Because of God who is perfect love we extend it to others in hope that they catch a glympse of it….then we know our heart feels good and can hear Him whisper to us…Well done, my good and faithful servant…
    Have a blessed week, Javene
    PS….i would love the picture with the verse as it is one of my Life verses

  61. Barbara Nigon says

    I wish we could do coffee sometime!!! :) This post really hits home as it’s something that I needed to hear! Thank you for using your gift of inspirational words!

  62. Maria W. says

    The “something” I do is to be an encourager but it takes hearing from God first in my day so I could have something valuable to share later on. God is faithful! I enjoy reading your blog!
    Thanks so much!!

  63. aimee says

    Holley, Thanks for reminding me that the “thing you always do is significant…part of the design God built into you. A comfort that God created me with love and purpose and that I can be there to help those in need with what God gave me. God bless you always!

  64. Janice Salisbury says

    Being by nature a negative person, I thought when I read There’s Only One You, well, that’s good because I’m not worth much. But I immediately felt the check in my spirit that He always gives me when I am negative. I am worth something! God doesn’t make junk, right? Thank you for giving me this to ponder. I am not sure what I do the most, but I do know I love my family. And I’m coming to realize my family doesn’t all have the same bloodline. I want to help anyone I can. I’m asking God to show me ways to be of service to Him & to them. I hope you will pray for me to realize my place in this world as I seek His will. And I will continue to pray for you & love you because you are after all my family too. :)

  65. Pat Calhoun says

    I have always been that busy Christian lady, juggling the home, ministry, job and all that comes along with those responsibilities. Sometimes I was so busy, I could hardly think! But now our kids are grown and I’m a grandmom, which I thoroughly love. Along the highway of life, I’ve managed to have more surgeries on my back, neck, and knees than I like to mention ~ those things have set me on a shelf, not feeling very valuable to anyone. Then our Faithful Father allowed me to coordinate our church’s prayer team with my iPad, sending out all the requests we get in a week and sending what I like to call “eprayers” to those who use our website to send in their prayer requests. I can see now that He has put me in a position I never would have been had I not been made to be rather dormant, except for our prayer ministry! I praise God that no matter my physical well being, He can still use this old blond who lives on pain meds to bring honor and glory to Him to boldly come to His throne to find mercy and grace for those in need! Those verses have been my life verses since I was a young Christian ~ the only way to live in Christ!

  66. Catrina says

    That thing “I” do, is greet, cook, hug, love, welcome, serve, give and make people feel loved and accepted. I love this thing I do. I also organize, put together and execute and watch growth happen : )

  67. Nancy says

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. It makes me look at things, and think differently. Where would we be without you? You are a God send! Blessings, Nancy in Delaware

  68. says

    Your words are very uuplifting to me but I do not get to read them as often as I would like to. The thing that I do is wear my “Shield of Faith” necklace , inscribed with Joshua 1:9b, which I received from a friend when I went through ovarian cancer surgery and have worn it most every day. People will aske me about the necklace and I can share the message that I know I never walk alone. He is always there beside me and I have said that to many people since my surgery over five years ago. I do know that He walked beside me and restored my health. I received my “5 year Cancer Free” pin. in January, the five year birthday of my last chemo treatment.

  69. Debbie Trombley says

    The thing I always do is what I love to do – Bring a testimony of hope through a heart of encouragement in the hope that it will ignite people to God’s best. Your devotionals spur on to that purpose and are blessing those in my path!

  70. Cindy says

    This post is so true!! When I remain plugged into God, I simply cannot help but exude those gifts He has placed into me. If I try to ignore those gifts, I begin to shrivel up and become sad. But when I acknowledge those gifts and release them, it causes me to rise up and shine for Jesus!! I love our Lord and am so grateful I have such special purpose in the Kingdom of God. Life is GOOD because He is in it! Love you, Holley. Thank you for shining for Jesus.

  71. Tamara says

    Dear Holley,
    What a lovely idea. It simplifies the many things we do. I posted this on my FB timeline. I hope your words encourage others who are my friends list or encourage them to sign up to your blog. My dear friend Heather always sent these to me, and I signed up to your blog last year. I am hooked on your encouragement and His truth.
    Keep up the great work sister!

  72. jane says

    I often wonder what my skills are or what God would like of me. I have often thought that I became an elementary teacher because I tend to be a “Jill of all trades, master of none.” Mulling it over, I think I like to guide people. To assist them in seeing things from different ways and be enthused about and open to learning. I do know that we fall into our “roles” in situations where what to do isn’t obvious. Once at a scene of a tragedy, I found myself being the one to reassure people and guide them away from the scene, even though I was aching inside.

  73. Teresa says

    Thank you for taking time to write and send such encouraging devotionals!

    I really like the colorful “Trust in the Lord” plaque!

  74. says

    Thank you for this! Been thinking, myself, about what my “thing” is, because I want to be operating according to what my fellowship calls “Original Design,” & not frustrated all the time because I’m not doing what/how God made me to be!

  75. Linda C. says

    I always give people a hug. Everyone needs a hug. It provides warmth, love, caring, compassion, I’m here for you if you need me, etc. God gave me the gift of compassion and this is the way I like demonstrating what I have been so blessed to receive.

  76. says

    I am a teacher…. but I am a nurturer. So it doesn’t matter if I’m at home, with family, with friends or on the job… the nurturer in me is always there. And that’s good!

  77. Joan says

    This is such a wonderful message today. I was thinking recently during my morning devotions that I love the way God made me. All the things I love to do is because He made me love them.
    I believe it pleases Him to see me enjoying all He has put in me, be it adventure or helping others. We are so fortunate to live in a free country where we can know our God & pursue all the marvelous parts of us for His Glory!

  78. Andrea says

    Hey Holley, I subscribed to your blog after your words reached me through dayspring devotions at the exact time I needed them. Now I am always happy to find your latest post in my incoming e-mails as it´s always interesting to read, gives me something to think about and usually cheers me up should I be sad. Today´s post finally nailed my decision to buy your book :-) I am in a total state of transition in my life right now and think it will be of help. E.g. today I have learned to rely on and think of THAT THING that I have in my life that I am doing and that I shouldn´t stop. Thank you!

  79. Karen Eberts says

    Hi Holly,

    This was so timely, as I had read a similar kind of thing in Guideposts magazine, and wanted to use the concept in our next Women’s Bible study gathering. This was put so well, and we will use it as a way for women to share more about themselves than the usual, “I’m a mother, a teacher, etc.” when we do introductions at our upcoming Meet and Greet that precedes our new study. Thanks for your inspiring way of writing, that leads to reflection and prayerful thought!

  80. Sue says

    Very good. For me, homeschooling 5 children, I guess my heart is for encouraging people, I see I need to encourage my children more. Thanks heaps for your postings they are an insperation

  81. kristina k says

    I bought your book at MOPS Convention this year and it eas exactly needed to hear. I now subscribe to you & really look forward to your emails.

  82. Erika says

    Thank you Holley! This is a hard question for me to answer right now. I’m struggling with this, with life, with how to make decisions, with more than I can write. Reading your inspirational words speak straight to my heart.

  83. Patricia Jackson says

    Everything you write Holly affects me in a spiritual way!!
    Because of what you write I feel more closely drawn to God!
    Thank You!

  84. Connie Vial says

    Thank you Holly. I’m 66 yrs old, been saved for over 40 years & I’m still battling with self worth. So, my friend you have lifted me up once again & I do thank you. You truly are a blessing….

  85. Victoria says

    Thank you for the reminder that we ALL have something special to give and God uses the everyday things in us. Those things we take for granted are not taken for granted by the One who created us. I needed to be reminded of that today and to see how God is unsing me in my life in very simple ways. I think we feel it needs to be extraordinary but it is in the ordinary that we truly shine. Thank you again!

  86. says

    Thank you for your lovely thoughts and I enjoyed the others comments too.
    I hope I have pounced upon my “one thing”! I have lived many places, and have done many different things over my life and I believe my “one thing” is my creativity. Finding new ways to solve problems, creating new companies (when who would have ever guessed a little company could become the third highest in sales for the east coast in the first year…my second company was great fun too…designing a new gift line, decorating for big L.A. hotels, private residents in Beverly Hills, etc. Then I returned to UCLA for 4 years and became a graphic designer and photographer. I am still working in the graphic arts field and photography, now as a freelancer. I love what I do and have created many things for churches.

  87. Cathleen Adolph says

    My heart LONGS to believe that I have so much God means for me to use for HIS glory! I can’t say that I see that living itself out though. I see my emptiness, wounds and scars most of all. I read you’re words, Ms. Holley, and I see hope and that is HUGE on the dark days! It is TRULY all about TRUSTING and LEANING on the LORD!! <3

  88. Tammie says

    Oh Holly there you go speaking to my heart again. We’ve never met nor really talked but everytime I read your blog to speak to me and not just to me but to the real me. Thank you for helping me to see that I really do have worth and that God really does have a plan and a purpose for my life!! Blessings sister!!!

  89. Michelle C says

    How true … our gifts from God can be used diiferently depending on the situation but if we really thought about it, they are the same gifts. Take care,

  90. says

    I’m an artist. Painting is a big part of who I am and my escape and my therapy. For some reason I always put it off and squander my time on less important pursuits. Your post has inspired me to start pursuing my painting first, because it is such a big part of who I am.

  91. Jacqui says

    This is going to take some thought. I do many things, but What is the one thing I do and do wel, and do all the time. I think I support. Thank you for giving something to tnk about.

  92. Betty says

    I love entertaning setting a pretty table especially for my bible class or if any says they would like to stop by we will share tea and treats. It is one of my joys to set up even if I really do not have a special treat if table is pretty that makes a happy occassion any time.

    I have a gift from God of almost a consent smile some times I have to explain that to some one when I am asked. It is one of my biggest joys as people respond back with a smile no matter where church, stores , pool .. God gives every person a talent big or small as he loves us.

    Thank you Holley Hugs Betty.

  93. Karen says

    Holly I so much enjoy your words. They seen to come just when I need them. I am in the process of discovering who I am or better yet what God wants me to be and/or do. After reading you blog/email; “What’s That Thing You Always Do”, it makes me wonder even more. I am in a dead end job and looking for something else to. I am very grateful I have a job as I know there are a lot of people without jobs. This blog/email, I believe means more to me at this time and/or is very significant to me, because I am taking the class Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. There is a chapter on discovering your strengths and how you are who you are, personality and traits wise, and that is not going to change. He talks about how you should find a job where you can use those. Holly thanks again for writing and being an inspiration. I look forward to your blog/emails. Thanks again, Karen May God bless you in a might way.!!

  94. kimberley says

    Holly! Could it be I love so exhuberently! I’m always the woman hugging, holding, and encouraging. Everyday, in everyway….. building others up as I have cone from the depth if despair. To hear, feel and see my worth front God, gave new courage and trust in him. I have since modeled that live. I small still in much mire but trust my Yahweh to heal me, in his timing.

  95. Trish says

    These words are astounding this morning, as I sat down to have a one to one with my Lord and feeling confused, and a little used but loving to do what I always do your words ‘that thing you always do’ is used up and I have to take a different direction, but still doing the same ‘that thing I always do’ , Thank you for being the inspiration fom the Holy Spirit and awakening my spirit to go on doing and lovings ‘these things’ knowing that is what I am meant to do. Trish (Australia)

  96. Sharon says

    Hi Holly,

    I’m not a comedian or anything, but I do end up making people laugh a lot. (Sometimes I even laugh at inapproriate times – to cover up an uncomfortable moment, probaly.) But I do think laughter brings God joy. I certainly love to laugh and I like to imagine Him smiling down on us.

  97. nancy says

    The “thing I do”… I teach and I cook (and, yes, I enjoy teaching cooking–but that’s not what I do for a living). This school year is off to a rather rough start, so I really appreciate the thought that my teaching can bring joy to God. What a thought! It doesn’t always bring joy to me… but, maybe “it” does… it’s the non-teaching issues at school that are making me crazy. I do enjoy actually teaching. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder!

  98. Pat says

    RE:Those are the core parts of who you are. You nurture, create, serve, whatever it may be.

    Holley, This one sentence describes me to a “t”. I started raising my sisters when I was 9. At 20 I married and had 3 children. I cared for my mother for 4 years before her death. I am now helping with daycare for 4 grandchildren (another one on the way).

    Not many years have gone by when someone didn’t need my – care, nurture, service. I have fought this for many years, but you have made me realize this is the way God made me.

    I create beauty when every I can, in my home, my church, my hobbies. Someone once said, “I should have known you wouldn’t just sew it up”. It was a granny doll pattern I sewed together and stuff. I painted on glasses and added a quilt/frame in her hand. I sat her in a rocking chair! I love to create, but have a hard time allowing myself “play” time. I am working on this and will remember this is my gift from God. Thanks Holley

  99. cindy summers says

    this writing/post gave me just what I needed today…
    the “confidence” to keep sharing and encouraging others with Jesus.
    sometimes it feel it goes nowhere or doesn’t matter ~
    (then I shrink back – in self doubt… and wondering if it’s even making a difference)
    you just showed me – It does. – God WILL use it
    for His Glory… Thank You

  100. says

    I love this! I have been away for a couple days and now I am alone for the evening. This is good to ponder. I also am sending this to my friend, she is a new christian. She loves when I send her things to think about and help her grow. Thank you for the chance to win.

  101. Jennifer Christianson says

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. It helped me to see myself in a different light. To realize that God is using me. Blessing Holly.

  102. anie says

    This is a good message. You feed people. We often don’t know, don’t have a clue that we’ve touched someone and it is so nice to read these words to think over, be aware of and pass on, too!
    Thank you,

  103. Kathy says

    This post really spoke to me today. I am preparing to teach a new class of Stephen Ministers. Each of them brings his or her own unique skills and talents to that class and shares with all of us. We are all there for one purpose – to serve our fellow members as a Christian caring friend. But each one has been specifically prepared already by God!

  104. vegansrhealthy says

    Mmmm…I think it’s loving people in small ways – I was trying to think…I have several part time jobs and am also a homeschool mom – I think reaching people, loving them, lifting them up so that they can see The Light !!!

  105. says

    Hmm…this really made me Stop. Think. Reflect. I’m not sure what it is I do that really helps others. Sometimes I feel like I do too much, that none of it matters to anyone. I like staying busy – and yet, with that business, I tend to lose focus on things that really matter – like devotions, prayer, etc. I love helping others, or at least, I like to think I help and impact others. But I never know if they are getting the help they need. I’d like to think I do a few things in different ways, rather than a lot of things in a few ways! =) I am a teacher, babysitter, tutor, committee member, girlfriend, friend, mentor, coach, club advisor….and that’s not even all of it. Sometimes I wish I could just sit back and say, “I’m a Christian. I’m a believer. I’m a pray-er.” etc…but it’s just really hard in today’s world. Thanks for giving me some things to really think about!

  106. Kaeanna P. says

    Oh thank you for this! Not only did it make me go ” hmmm….” but I have a friend who’s transitioning back to the work world from mommyhood and has been finding herself defined by mommy and is having a hard time resting that mommy is an okay place to be! I am fwding this to her to encourage her! To just BE mommy, or teacher, or artist, or corporate employee… Whatever she finds herself joy. Thank you for your words!!

  107. Laura says

    I listen. It might sound simplistic, but not many people do it. And so many people need to be heard. They pour their hearts out to me. Even complete strangers… at the grocery store, library, motor vehicle administration…. it’s amazing.
    After I listen, I try to comfort, validate, affirm, inspire, admire, learn…. love. Try to love people whenever you have an opportunity.

  108. says

    Wouldn’t it be a beautiful sight if we could visibly “see” the inner work of our hands? If we could see how we “feed” while we make cupcakes for someone? The art of giving our souls to serve, bless, embrace, teach, hold, and love others is worth it. Thanks for wrapping this concept so beautifully and reminding us how our lives have value.

  109. Carmelle says

    A friend directed me to your blog a few days ago. I have been richly blessed, nourished in my heart…sometimes when I’ve been reading, I wonder if I didn’t just write that post myself – its just so fitting – so thank you. Thank you for serving the Lord & others.

  110. Cherlyn Kelly says

    Dear Holley – thanks for reminding us that sometimes it’s the small things – for me it’s my writing, it’s my passion for parents/children/spouses of people who have lost loved ones to violence; it’s encouragement to those that are hurting.

    God Bless

  111. Susan says

    I always try to say “YES!” I’ve always wanted to please others from the time I can remember, desiring to help and serve others in whatever way I can. If it’s something I’m not capable of, I am determined to figure out a resource. We were all given “gifts” to share!

  112. says

    What a thought today :) I would have to say after being in the Christian School movement for 30 years, my gift that I love and go back to all the time is, Song time, Story time, and Bible time. It thrills my heart to see my daughter and my granddaughters following in the same pathway of telling boys and girls about Jesus. Praise the Lord.

  113. kristen says

    I think what i do is encourage and serve..i love to serve others and i love to encourage and uplift them..whether spiritually or physically helping them out :)
    I love that plaque..i immediately thought of my mother-in-law, who is struggling with lung cancer..more than just attacking her body it is attacking her mind..making her lose hope in her Savior..i thought it would be a wonderful encouragement to her :)

  114. Glenda says

    Thank you so much, Holley, for encouraging us to find our gifts and use them in ways that bless people and honor God.


  115. Jennifer says

    Each and every one of your post are so inspirational you represent such a Godly character you make me wanna be more like you as you reflect so much of God

  116. Leah says

    I am, like most women, busy. Stretched to the max. Tired. Easily become weary doing…”stuff” But when I’m doing “that thing I always do”, I feel as though I’m truly living.

  117. Wanda Patrick says

    I agree with Holley there are the things we rush around and fill our days and lives with, but there are those things we do prompted by Spirit, maybe even something that requires us to step out of our comfort zone. I am a very reserved person, but God always brings someone to me that needs encouragement or just a “Hi!”. I find as I grow with Him, the promptings become easier to respond to.

  118. Susan G. says

    Hi Holley,

    You are AMAZING! :) I love to be encouraged by your words and wisdom and wit! :)
    I hope I am the ‘encourager’ whereever I go…not that I haven’t failed miserably at times…but I hope I succeed at encouraging people most of the time.
    Thanks for being wonderful you,
    Susan G.

  119. Dorothy Stickler says

    Wow…. What is that thing I always do?????? You have me thinking on this one. Maybe it is that I am always There? Do you understand what I am saying? I hope it is true…. for others, for Him! In His Power, His Strength, and for His Purpose, not mine……
    I want to Do It the best I can for Him!

  120. Jules says

    I love to encourage people… I like to affirm people and make people laugh… I think God gave me that desire to use words to edify and build people, to encourage and motivate… I do this through the sharing of devotions with a group of 16 friends… I comment and encourage my friends every day monday through friday…. it’s been such a blessing for me these last 3 of 4 years…. of emailing but I’ve been teaching, coaching and motivating woman from young teenagers to folks a little older… I’ve found that if I empty myself… daily, GOD would refill me daily too… and HE has…

  121. Janice says

    I am a 27 year veteran missionary serving in Southeast Asia. I have done a variety of things over the years. As I look back I would say probably too many things. You finally realize that as you mature. I am continually asking myself: How do I invest myself well in this last decade or so until retirement?

    I guess what I do best is nurture. You have challenged me to be more directional about how I invest my life into others.

    Thank you!

  122. Maude says

    I am strugggling right now with health issues and career issues — and have recently made a major life decision that will afftect me and many others as soon as it is known. I am scared to death. But when I read this, wow! what a powerful message. Yes! TRUST in God. I have no idea what will happen next but I have to trust in Him that all will work out for the best. What one thing do I do REALLY well? Something to definitely think about as my life moves forward and I have no clue what to do with it. Thank you for your words. I am trying to remain positive — and can I just tell that your words are truly helping me. THANK YOU! I terribly needed this one – and you know that scary part? I have been getting “messages” like this from others since this has happened. God in action. Gotta love it!

  123. Tina says

    Thanks Holley! I have been really searching for what my purpose is and my current situation. I think you may have gave me some insight into what I am good at and that thing I do.

  124. funmie says

    Dear Holley,
    thank you so much. your write ups have always been so simple yet very deep and touching the heart.
    Just what i needed to help me know that thing God has put in me to be a blessing to others.

  125. Donna says

    I communicate. I’m a journalist by trade, a writer by heart,, a talker by birth and a my latest fascinations are Facebook and Twitter.

  126. Tracey says

    Lovely post, as always!
    I connect with people … through spoken words,
    written words, a smile, or a touch. I feel a
    strong need to reach out and make a connection.

  127. Sara says

    I thank you and God for your gift and your sharing it! Learning about and doing what God has called me to do is something i seek. I believe first I must grow in my relation with God and in my study of His Word. Holly, your messages are a wonderful reminder and encouragement to continue to grow! In gratitude, sara

  128. Mary says

    I grew up as one of 7 children. I am a middle child with several younger siblings. So I have always been the one who took care of others. As an adult I have continued to take care of others.. I guess it is a good thing I became a nurse so that I could focus that love and caring in so many places. I am not a bedside nurse any longer but I am using my experiences and training in other ways . I am still caring for others and I guess I will always be involved caring for others. Thank you for the positive thoughts today. It will be my joy to be doing what I do. Blessings always, Mary

  129. Sharon Hall says

    Hi Holley!

    My co-worker sent this to me and I cried. There are several young ladies at work that fondly refer to me as “momma” and we have formed a bond that is so tight, it can’t be broken. They look to me for advice and accept my words of wisdom. They are a unique group that God has Blessed me to nuture. Its not by coincidence that when I was younger I had a few older women who also fed my soul. So, I guess I’m just “returning the favor”. Those women in my life shaped me into the spiritually successful woman that God wants me to be. I simply speak to the “SOUL” of everyone I encounter. I look behind the face and speak to the heart and soul of individuals. This is a “Special” gift that God has given me and I realize that I truly am “highly favored”. Thank you for this opportunity to share my story, and thank you for my coworker who took the time to share this with me. God Bless!

  130. Sal Williams says

    Hi Holley…bless you as always for the amazing thoughts you convey to us! Recently I’ve found myself doing some cooking to lift the spirits of those who have struggles….just so they know someone cares and God does too. As a friend I see my gift being that of ‘an encourager.” Often it’s sending them little notes……..making boxes of promises from the word + other stuff like “take time out and read a book” or “invite someone over and bake” ,…..making gratitude journals for them to inscribe in…..then as a Primary teacher trying to affirm them for who they are not merely for achievements. As a wife and mum being supportive (& yes, cooking!!). Pray that I will always be obedient and find joy in what I do!


  131. Emily says

    Hi Holley–A friend shared this post with me yesterday. THANKS! Definitely got me thinking.
    Of course, my first response was “the thing I always do is ‘be late!’ ” Have to really think about what I ALWAYS do that’s positive! Appreciate the challenge.

  132. Gloria says

    Hi Holley:
    Thank you so much for your post today. It made me realize how many things I long to do for others and I can’t. I am married and my marriage has been shaky for about two years. I long to do a lot of things for my husband, friends and parents and be all I can be as a wife, as a friend, as a daughter, but my husband is not willing to receive my care, at least not to the full extend, nor can I be that to others. Most of these is because of a mistake I made, he has a lot of resentment build up and it seems that he can’t move past that. Although, I am 100% sure that the Lord has forgiven me and I have moved on from all the guilt I used to carry. Now I am just ready to move on and live life as God intended me to do it. I just wish I could live more fully and with more freedom to show those around me that I do have a lot to offer.
    I enjoy your posts, they are uplifting and bring great comfort when I need a word of encouragement. Thank you for the great work you do. God bless you.

  133. Sharon says

    This question really made me think! I’m a runner and have been for many years. I try to help others when I can but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Good news is I’m back to work and can do more now! People often ask me why I don’t listen to music when running; especially 10+ miles or more. Simple answer is, I pray. That is my time with God. I may not be able to help others financially, transportation or other things but I can pray for them continuously while running. I’m very happy to do just that! I have found that running for hours is the most enjoyable activity ever in my life now. God and me. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  134. Susan says

    Thanks for reminding me that when I do the things I always do, I am pleasing God. I do them because that is what I am supposed to do, what God created in me to do.
    Thank you.

  135. kim says

    Holley, this is so great…it’s good to remember that God wants us to use what He has given us. I’m a question person…sometimes it drives my family crazy! I love people and hearing their stories…their past, present, and where God is leading them.

  136. Anne Carver says

    I am a nurse/ servant/ encourager and I also need encouragement on a regular basis. I have really been enjoying all the encouragement that you give,Holly. Thanks for all you do for our Lord. You are an inspiration. God Bless!

  137. Denise says

    Thank you for your encouragement Holley! The thing I always do is “nurture”. I like taking care of people, animals, plants, things, etc. and it pleases my Lord.

  138. says

    Not sure of the one thing. But I always find myself talking about books with people. I currently work in the library at my kids school.
    I’m not sure if that is the right answer, it’s just what came to mind.

  139. Marie Taylor says

    This was very thought provoking.. I sat and thought for a bit but I am thinking you hit the nail on the head with this one. I love to encourage so this is what most of my time is spent in doing, making special cards, growing gorgeous plants to give away, working in the garden of flowers and shrubs and am trying to get a prayer garden ready on the side of my home where we can sit or invite others to sit and spend time with God and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    I am going to use this blog for our next ladies class or workshop. With your permission , of course. Thank you for using your gift to encourage all of us.

  140. Melody says

    You truly do feed the soul with cupcakes. Wonderful chocolate cupcakes! Thank you very much!
    I definitely DO NOT have a way with words…I sure wish I did, but I guess I can clean toilets well! :)

  141. Cindy Fox says

    Thank you, Holly. I frequently have a song in my heart and on my lips. How that ministers, I am not sure. Surely it ministers to my Heavenly Father. Sometimes it ministers to the hearers, but not always. :)

    God bless you!

  142. Molly L says

    I enjoy writing but fear I have shoved it to the back burner for too long and missed the window of opportunity. What do I always do? Serve my family, for it it there I find the greatest pleasure! Who knows…maybe it is in the serving that I will find the story to tell and God will still open a door. If He doesn’t, I will rest in the assurance that in serving those I treasure in this life, I am serving Him. (btw, my word for the year is TRUST. Wouldn’t the sign be a nice reminder?)

  143. Jenny says

    Oh my, dear Hollie, SO TRUE!!! Just today a friend and I were chatting, and I was suddenly aware that I was doing what I always do: training and teaching!!! She loved it but I was horrified because I didn’t want to sound superior, so I stopped. Then we discussed this VERY THING. You are always so spot-on.; I treasure your writings and your heart from which they emerge.

  144. Cindy Phillips says

    Good question. I started thinking about it, and immediately I begin to think on how I could use this as a devotional for the MOPS group. Maybe thats it, I love to share Gods word and to encourage young moms. Thank you Holly, for the time to ponder.

  145. says

    Hi Hollie,
    That thing that I always do… I love making relationships with others & helping them.

    I am a sophomore at Concordia University studying Behavioral Science and Psychology.
    Currently my dorm hall’s bible study is reading You’re Already Amazing.
    You have no idea the lives you are touching here in our hall. You have a true gift with sharing Jesus’ love and grace.

    Keep shining with the light of Christ! Every Sunday night we girls pour our hearts out reading your words of encouragement…. something every girl in their late teens and early twenties seems to need.
    Thank you so much!
    Don’t stop blogging!

  146. Beth Horvath says

    As usual, your posts are inspirational and today’s subject, trust in the Lord with all your heart, gets to the heart of faith. Without trust, where are we? God Bless!

  147. Maryann says

    Thank you for this reminder which I am claiming as the promise for my life tonight. Our 21 year old daughter has left home with a man twice her age and we are uncertain where exactly she is living. I am trusting God to restore our relationship, return her safely home and work all things together for good.

  148. Justine says

    Hey Holly. reading your book right now. chapter 5 has helped me so much this week. thanks for always being encouraging. you and Ann voskamp are so inspirational to me. your blogs help me get through the day.

    anyhow. what’s my thing that I do? I encourage…even when I may not feel very encouraged myself. thank goodness for His strength.

  149. says

    I love to listen to people…really listen. I love to hear their stories. We all have stories to tell. I like to hear what’s on their hearts, what is hurting, and/or what they are celebrating. I am a teacher by profession. I teach outside the classroom too. I teach others about the glorious wonders of our Lord Jesus! I teach others about prayer and ushering into His presence. He listens to us…always. I love the scripture “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.” Pro 3:5,6.
    I have it scripted on my dining room wall. I do trust in Him.
    He listens.

  150. Debbie says

    Hi Holly..Whats that one thing I do is ..encourage. I have such a passion for women to bring them encouragement so that they know they are valued and that it would be a reminder of there self-worth as Daughter of a King! Thank you so much for the encouragement you give to each of us.

  151. says

    Hi Holley!! Super post!!

    After looking back on all these years, I know I’m able to see God-given potential in everyone! I always find something I love about every person, and I care enough to “water” (encourage) those beautiful “seeds” with love, to watch them grow for the Lord!

    I treat all people as if they’re sitting right next to me in a pew at church…and I ask myself, “How would I treat them, there?” Well, of course, I would treat them as Jesus would…with love and compassion!

    I believe visitors in church may have come in with a crisis, and need to be “loved on,” not judged. I believe people in this world just don’t know yet who to turn to, with their crisis. So we can’t respond to them with judgement…we were in that place once, also!

    I’m know I’m the one God is sending, at the exact moment I meet them, to point the “Way” to Jesus!!

    So whether I’m teaching, writing, ministering, directing our drama team, working with little children, spending time with the elderly, praying for healing for the sick, loving on family and friends…it’s all about “shining,” so they can see Jesus!!

    I’m confident in Him!! That the “seeds” He plants will grow and blossom!!

  152. says

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  153. says

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