When You’re Not Sure What to Do Next…

mittens photo by d sharon pruitt

mittens photo by d sharon pruitt

The New Year comes and we have high hopes. Yet soon after the ball drops our expectations can too. Reality hits and our good intentions can be dashed with one question:

What do I do next?

We look around and the possibilities can be overwhelming. So we freeze. Then life gets busy and before we know it the pages of the calendar have turned.

But it can be different for you.

What do you do?

The next thing.

Solomon, that wise king, said this: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might” {Eccl. 9:10}.

Here’s what I think is the smartest part: If it’s something your hands find to do it means it’s right in front of you.

What’s right in front of you today?

That’s where you start.

Stretch out your hands, open your heart and do one little thing.

Just the next thing.

You’ve got five minutes. Ready set go…

{Then come back here to leave a comment telling us what you did.}


p.s. Want more ideas for how to make small changes that add up to a big difference? Try The “Do What You Can” Plan: 21 Days to Making Any Area of Your Life Better. {available on any computer}


  1. Jessica C. Segura says

    I appriciate this article. Today is my second day back to work after a long winter break. I can get very scatter brained, so when I read your article it helped me remember that I can start somewhere. I tend to “freeze” as you mentioned & end up upset at the end of the day feeling like I was not productive & am already over whelmed for the next day. I am almost done with my emails, next I am knocking out a pile of paper work, then boxing up some papers from last semester and starting binders for this sememster. Just in time to head out to a meeting! :)

    Thank you,

  2. Dee says

    I folded my hands and prayed for the ladies in my life. Especially the ladies at my church who I am starting to be friends with. I have not really done that before. What a good feeling and something I will continue to do.

    • Rachel Reyes says

      I am also praying for the ladies of my church.I feel that God is now giving me a “dream”come true ..to be use for HIS GOLRY i AM REALLY TO STEP out in faith..please keep me in your prayers,as I travel this spiritual journey.

  3. Judy Layton says

    Thanks Holley ! I’m on track with 21Days and just finished my oatmeal then checked my phone and here you are.
    What did I find in front if me?
    Breakfast dishes! My next thing-
    Clean it up.
    Love you girl,

  4. m millan says

    I have a busy 3 weeks planned and then a get away to warmer climes. And now I will work on finishing slippers. Thanks for the reminder of how good it is to focus on what is closest to do and do it well.

  5. Hannah Miller says

    Holly, thank you for sharing your backstory! We have been trying for a baby for several years and I want to get a new dream. I was encouraged by you and wanted you to know. I have so many health problems, I don’t know where to start with goals. But for right now, the sunshine is right in front of me. I’m going to enjoy it! This is the day my God has made and He has a purpose for me in it.

    • So lost! says

      I’m in dire need of sage advice, spiritual encouragement, any and/or all resources… as I have no friends and family (too long a story to write about in the space allotted here). :/ Due to issues of major depression and limited finances am currently living with ex-spouse. I need a break, a helping hand, someone to help free me from this prison environment so that I may finally live the awesome life that God has planned for me! I consider myself a strong, kind, and intelligent person, who sadly because of seriously negative influence from past family issues, was pressured into making bad life choices, thee most serious one: this past marriage (of 23+ years)!! Through a turn of events, my (our) daughter — and only child — abruptly abandoned her home over three years ago. I don’t know of her whereabouts or how she is… and this has me so very heartbroken. She begrudges me the fact that her father was dispassionate, uninvolved… thoroughly uncommitted. Holidays are the worst… I am so lonely… despondent. :'(

      • P says

        So Lost! know that you are not alone, even when life seems so dark and all you can see are the shadows. The Lord is always, always right by your side and loves you just as you are, right where you are. Even when no one else knows of the tears you shed, He does and He cares. I am praying for you and lifting you up asking that God will shine a light to illuminate the path of His will for you and guide you to wholeness in his love.

        Shaun Groves has just started a series of reposts on his experience with depression. Maybe he will have some words for you http://shaungroves.com/2013/01/spiritual-physical-treatment-for-depression/

      • says

        PrayN for YOU … so lost RIGHT NOW! I pray that our FATHER in heaven will send the comforter to you in your hour of need … I pray HIS mercies, grace and peace upon this one life of yours … Lord I petition you to add good things to this one life of lost and when you anwser the prayers of lost … I pray that she will stand and glorify your most precious and might name. In Jesus name I pray! Amen.

      • Geri says

        Fear not for he is ALWAYS with you. What has helped me through hard times is to go to the Bible and read the Psalms, it’s a beginning. Turn you mind/body over to the Lord for only he can render you total peace. It’s the evil one that is playing his fiddle and we so often dwell on the negatives, rather than counting our daily blessings. God love YOU. Hang in there this too shall pass. For he has a very special plan for your life. Remember how much you are truly loved.

  6. says

    Well for starters today..for 5 minutes I participated in Lisa Jo’s 5 minute Friday and wrote about Opportunity! :) My BIG goal is to spend more time writing….and not always letting weeks go in between posts…as a mini start to that I am committing to participating each Friday…we can all do 5 minutes right?! :)

  7. says

    We make life so complicated don’t we? And this post, its so simple and so true and I read it just before I jumped off the precipice into the abyss of whoa. And your words are like that for me, the rudder that keeps me looking at the destination not all the stuff swimming underneath. Thanks Holley. The next thing? Prayer.

  8. victoria says

    I am in a transition, huge one, and am perplexed about what is next. So, yesterday I made a batch of soap, and the stuff is out, I will go make more, since it is in front of me and my hand can find it to do. Maybe I’ll go into the hand-made soap business. Or maybe I’ll just have a year’s supply of soap. Just Do It, eh?

  9. Kathy Clark says

    I’ve made telephone calls today to two elderly people with health concerns. Been putting off packing up Christmas decorations. They certainly are in front of me, so…..! Anyway, I love your writings and they are very inspiring to me and to those with whom I share!!! Happy New Year!

  10. says

    I have been praying for months for a sense of direction and for a job. For a purpose in God’s kingdom. The latter is so dear to my heart but I am completely lost for direction. So I continue to pray. And hope He will reveal all in good time.

  11. says

    Not having a schedule for so many years due to disability has its ups and downs. Like when I have so much I feel I need to accomplish, but every attempt to make a schedule never works. So I generally go with my gut but find myself still feeling overwhelmed at accomplishing my goals. So my next thing to put my hand to is a pen and paper to examine what is important and what is not so that I don’t overwhelm myself with what isn’t. I like Anne Voskamp’s post with the free daily planner. I think I will attempt one of my own. I like it because it doesn’t give a set schedule except for AM and PM which I think will work for me.

  12. Amy T says

    For me 2012 was the year of feeling “STUCK” and as your title emphasize not knowing what to do next. As 2013 approached I felt myself wanting to be closer to God to help rid myself of this merry-go-round I have been on.

    God is right in front of me!! I plan to pick up the Bible more and start by reading just one scripture a day because I’ve heard – “He who seek God; Finds Himself”

  13. Patsy says

    I just said a prayer for my family. Our son is making some very bad decisions. It is killing us both and it is killing our relationship with each other in the process. I am learning to trust God more and more. I’ve never been one to just give a problem to God and let him handle it. I still thought I had to help. I have learned that if a problem is big enough – you will still be hurt and afraid, but you can find comfort in God’s grace and mercy. I know that God loves my son and has a reason for these problems. I just hope I can save my marriage in the process. My husband and I handle things very differently. I’m not saying I am handling everying correctly, just differently.

    • teri says

      Whew! Patsy! Been there! our daughter was making very bad decisions–it was driving a wedge between husband and myself. What to do? Well, get back to the basics. I began to understand that God has an order of things He wants followed. Husband was the head of the household. I began to yield to his decisions, knowing that God will hold him accountable for those decisions–well that meant that I needed to be on my knees for him–God WILL hold ME accountable for my part in this too! When I allowed husband to be head of house and I yielded to his headship, God blessed, there was peace in our home and He began to draw us back together like never before. Knowing that God loves my daughter even more than I ever could, He’s got her in His sites. So, I’ll pray that God would convict her of her wrong doing, that she would be caught in her wrong doing, that her heart would be turned toward Him, that God would be glorified in the whole thing–starting with being glorified in my marriage and how we are handling the situations. Situations and circumstances shouldn’t run our lives, but the truths of His Word should!

  14. Terri Stephens says

    I am enjoying the quiet solitude of this morning, knowing that the holiday break is almost over and Monday morning will come too quickly. I looked down at my hands after reading your post and immediately did two things.

    I responded to a message sent to my by a young woman who I mentored over five years ago. Her life has moved along a path that I can only call amazing. And it makes my heart fill with happiness to know that she still chooses to remember me..and think of me.

    The second thing I did with my hands was to write this comment. My 21-day plan is to do just that; write. Without thinking too much about the outcome. Just putting the words down that come into my heart. Thank you, Holley, for giving me the”push” that I needed.

  15. Emily says

    I am trying not to say “just a minute”. So when I was asked to do something, I hopped right to it;). Holley, I appreciate your blog so much! Thank you! Emily

  16. Karen says

    Holley, I read your book (ebook) yesterday (and I don’t even own a kindle! but it
    came through) and I am so excited about Vision that you are sharing with us, all.
    Just now I finished the morning dishes, after reading your post today, and I
    must share that on 1-1-2013, I began to lose the 40 pounds that I have gained
    over the last 8 years. We are in the Empty Nest stage, with 2 daughters getting
    married this year and grandchildren arriving with the other children and I am
    going to reach for the Word every time I feel the need to reach for the candy bars
    (that I bought for my home from college daughter!) So far, so good….I appreciate
    the timeliness that Yahweh put in this coming together just now with your book,
    your daily encouragement and your truthfulness, and honesty, and purity.
    May He Alone be praised. Omein!
    (P.S. am also finally learning the Hebrew language, which I have longed to do
    for years….it is starting to come together in my mind and it is so exciting. Thanks
    for sharing my Joy, today.)

  17. Patty says

    I am so very blessed by your posts! They speak to & encourage me so often, truly God is using you & them! Bless you! :o)

  18. Stephanie Coulter says

    I prayed for my family, marriage, and my children. Then something that my girls have been wanting to do, like start selling handmade stuff, popped into my mind. I believe I will talk with them and see if this is something they want to pursue seriously. Bless you Holley.

  19. Lindsay says

    This posting today was perfect!:)….I am going to save that bible verse to glance back on!:)….I have transitioned from being employed as a makeup artist with a co. to now starting my own business and its such a challenge!…I know God has a plan…so today I am going to take time working on my website that I am creating to showcase my portfolio. Thank you Holly!:)….I will try hard to do this daily:)….I have so many things I need to do…but one step at a time is always best…thank you for the reminder….

  20. Rosa says

    Hi Holley,

    I love your 21 Day Plan. I have been following it every day and my next thing to do is exercise. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. says

    So I took my five minutes and read chapter one of your ebook.

    And yes I kind of panicked at the thought of getting to a mustard seed sized goal.

    I have so much I want to do and need to do this year and to get one thing done something from one of my other goals has to be sacrificed. To limit TV time for my son, the house has to suffer. To write more and well, I need more time to myself. To spend more time with my son, everything else has to go to pot. To cook better meals and be more healthy, I need to spend more money…and on and on it goes. I’ve been near to tears trying to figure out the balance.

    We are probably moving in the next few months so I’m also thinking about deep cleaning, organizing, and purging.

    On top of just wanting to keep a cleaner house.

    This morning I got half of the kitchen floor swept. It’s funny really…because when you said to take the goal and divide it in half, my thoughts immediately went to my floor.

    I normally sweep once every week or two. It’s HORRIBLE! my floors are always filthy and I hate it.

    So my monster goal is to keep a cleaner house. Midsized goal would be to keep a cleaner kitchen. Okay, I’m going smaller…focus on the floors. That’s the minimum.

    And you want me to go half?

    Okay, so I swept half the floor today. And tomorrow I will sweep the other half.

    That’s my mustard sized goal for the 21 days. To sweep half of my floor every day. Really.

    Sounds so lame but I’m actually excited.

  22. Carolyn says

    We are in the process of adopting a 2 almost three year old, I have a teenage son who plays basketball and also a 12 year old who is developing and dealing with some of the things that 12 year old girls go through. My plate is very full. Last week my mother-in-law went into the hospital and is seriously ill and has dementia. WOW!! She might need to come live here in our home. It seems that life is coming at me full force. BUT GOD!!! Isaiah 40 says He will exchange His strength for mine and I am encouraged by your post to work hard at the tasks that have been placed before me. Thank you for encouraging my hearth this morning. I am off to prepare breakfast and a room.

  23. Jean Jorgensen says

    Thank you for this post today. One small step at a time..Footsteps in Christ. Today begins a new adventure for me. The rural church building and family that I have grown to love has disbanded and yesterday we turned in our keys and walked out the door for the last time. So much of my daily living has involved activity with this church (teacher, treasurer, janitor, trustee…) and now it is over. Sadness and depression try to overwhelm me, but if I truly believe that God is in control of all things, He is in control here too. There is something new and different awaiting my devotion to Him. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t shared but quick minutes with God/Christ/Holy Spirit. The time is NOW. I anticipate being excited about the open opportunity to know God more and His plan for me to join what He is doing around me; right where I am. First step is a minimum of five minutes with God daily; increasing that time as He leads me through His word and prayer times. I have absolutely no plans for what’s next – so am wide open to Him. Another step for me is to say “No, but thanks for asking,” to the multitude of volunteer opportunities available to seniors. Right now, I need to keep free of responsiblity until I grasp where God is leading. It is hard to put this all down in words. Thanks for listening.

  24. Linda says

    Hi Holly,

    I want to thank you for hearing from our awesome God and being an instrument of all that is spiritual and practical.

    I think that my world, as a Christian, is always more joyful when I focus on Him and others and not myself. So, being in the holding pattern that I feel that I am in, I am doing just that until I know where I am suppose to go. He can’t direct our path if we are just standing there and not walking. So, I begin to walk.

    I listen to political talk radio constantly. Our country sure needs prayer. So, what is right in front of me, that “next” thing is to pray for our leaders and that the hearts of America’s citizens are turned towards God again.


  25. Pat Fynewever says

    My neighbor has five small children and they just got back from vacation. The mom is sick so I quickly made up a batch of chocolate chip cookies (oops…..broke my new year’s resolution already……ate some raw cookie dough –yummy!) and will bring them over to her as soon as they cool. All the ingredients were right there in front of me! Thanks for the great post.

  26. says


    Thanks for the encouragement to go and do, instead of go and think-about-doing! I jumped right up after reading this post and opened up the case of that guitar which I’m determined to make music with! I confess, I spent a bit longer than five minutes, though!

  27. Jennifer Derr says

    Hi Girls!
    I appreciate all of you and your transparency! Seems like we’re all in good company – meaning procrastinators :-) I LOVE the post about setting our hands to do what’s in front us! That spoke to me, as my house is messy, and I do not like “putting Christmas away”. ..as if we ever could!
    Thanks and blessings! ~Jennifer

  28. Gail says

    I spent my 5 minutes (or more) reading through the posts.
    These women rock! I usually put this off til later but today I put this first. It was right here in front of me, so I did it.

    be encouraged, friends

  29. Cherie Van Klompenberg says

    After I read your email, I helped my husband take a shower. He has many health issues, and with a torn rotator cuff its hard to dry off! I feel Gods plan for me is to care for him the best I can while still working full time. Last week we found out that something is wrong with his liver now. So not only does he need a knee replacement, he also needs repair of the rotator cuff and a fix for his liver issue. Please pray for strength for me as I try to keep everything straight, financail peace of mind, and most of all healing strength for him! He is a very strong Christian and God has shown us his grace many times over! Thanks for your simple words of encouragement!

  30. Emily H. Lucas says

    I said a prayer and fized a sympathy card for a friend who lost her husband to Alzheime’s’ during this Christmas Season. Thank you Holley for all the devotions of encouragement, Love and Blessings to You in this New Year .

  31. Em says

    Hi Holly!
    I haven’t gotten your ebook yet because I haven’t even had a few bucks to spare this week but I just sold a few things on ebay so I think I can get it from amazon today (I hope the kindle thing will work on my laptop!) But, I have been reading these first few posts and comments and starting to get up the courage to share as well. I, too, get overwhelmed not only by what I need/want/feel like I should do but also by all that is on my mind! I have trouble actually voicing my thoughts/ideas, good and bad, because there is so much swimming around in my brain, I feel I can’t ‘organize’ it all. Writing it out helps, but even that seems overwhelming to me! Blah! But I know its okay to start out messy, and things will start to fall into place. I tend to hold things in because of this. Its a vicious cycle. And now I’m starting to sound like a raving lunatic! :p Anyway, what I’ve been doing this morning is savoring my Christmas decorations while listening to Christmas music one last time before I take it all down on Monday, when my son goes back to school. I love the weeks leading up to Christmas (mostly) but tend to get depressed after. I’m not so sure its good for me to wallow in pretending its still pre-Christmas, but I do it anyway, cuz I love that ‘pre-Christmas feeling’ and try in vain to grasp it. All the while feeling guilty for allowing my son to play video games in his room for hours and hours. But it sure is quiet for now. See? Conflicting thoughts swimming around in my brain again! Man, I do sound like a raving lunatic, don’t I?? This is one of the reasons I hesitate to start writing, everything comes flooding out and I can’t stop myself! Anyway, thanks for letting me vent here. You are wonderful! (o;

  32. Ana says

    So great a read this morning! Thank you Holley once again for your timely encouragement!
    I have a daughter who is teaching English in South Korea and has been gone since October of last year. I miss her terribly and of course not have her here for Christmas was really tough. We Skyped on our Christmas day and she received her gifts Christmas Eve! Thank you Lord for getting the gifts to her on your perfect timing. I know how much she misses us here at home and being so far away she hadn’t realized it was going to impact her the way it did as it thousands of miles away and I live in Oakville, Ontario. When I read your post today you set something in motion that I have been able to turn to in years. I started a scrap book years ago for her and sad to say never got finished it. Well guess what? Right after your post it came to my mind and I started again! So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to set something back in me to finish what I had started so long ago and needed a push to Get R Done! I am so thrilled now that I am going to finish it this week and will send it to her while she is in South Korea. God is so good and when I see how he works through you it just makes me smile ever more and my heart is satisfied knowing I can do all things through Him. I’ve been struggling with my health these past 3 years and am gaining strength little by little each day so returning to my scrap book has certainly made me stronger! May God continue to bless you through your Ministry and know that you are so loved Holley!

  33. Javene McCabe says

    Thanks, Holley for a great post. I look at the house and it is overwhelming after the holidays. I took a small “snack cupboard” in my kitchen hallway and moved it…Yikes the dust bunnies had been there since Easter! I cleaned the floor and wiped things down and moved the cupboard back in place. Also took out the outdated/fatty snacks and made room for healthy ones. It not only looks great but the accomplishment has given me incentive to tackle things this way….Yeah! One down and many more to go but i have 360 days left in 2013 so if i do one a day of something i will complete much! Same way to look at God’s Word: memorizing one verse at a time. Thank you also for including a Bible verse in your post. I love that addition. Here’s to a blessed/accomplishing New Year…..Javene

  34. says

    This is great! It goes right with my OneWord for the year: Commit! Take action, just move forward, even if I’m not 100% sure it’s the right move. This morning I started reading 21 Days and journaled.

  35. says

    I actually posted here for the first time ever! After reading through all of the previous posts of course. I am always encouraged by the simple truths that are delivered to my inbox from Holley. Thank you so much!

  36. Sharika says

    The next thing for me…. Send a card to a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile to encourage her! And I’m done! Thanks Holley for ALWAYS ENCOURAGING me!

  37. Laura says

    I am thankful that I came across your website…I started with my God sized plan which seemed not real clear at first, I thought I would try and disciple/reach/spend time with/pray for/and witness to 6 young ladies at the church…pre-teens and teens then my list grew from 6 to 15 people. Some go to my church others do not. I am not sure how, when or why these people came to mind but it God wants it to happen he will guide me. 1 person I have very little contact with and she claims to be an atheist, my 17 year old son is friends with her on facebook. She contacted me on facebook asking to be my friend just after I had prayed that God would bring my list of 6 at the time to 12. My son told me I shouldn’t befriend her because all she does is post atheist stuff on facebook, so I said well maybe God wants me to witness to her. I can post God stuff on my facebook. Which started me posting my devotional thought every day. I don’t know where all this is leading but I now am praying for these 15 individuals and looking for opportunities to bring them closer in their walk with God. Thanks for the encouragement.

  38. says

    That’s a true Word!!! So many times I run ahead of God wondering where He is — you know, why hasn’t He showed up to bless my plan. And then He reminds me that it’s not about running ahead of Him, but yet walking with Him today using what’s in my hand at the moment. Thank you!

  39. Deb says

    Hi I just signed a petition on the web to stop violence against women in India. I have a goal to work on stopping violence here in the US against women as well. I am about to treat myself to some Greek yogurt for lunch as I am working on losing about twenty five pounds. I also want to sign up for some coaching.

  40. Wanda Patrick says

    Ok so I literally stretched out my hands from where I was sitting reading the post. And there were two Yorkies ready to be held and loved on. Do you have any idea how a soft warm little creature can stir you heart and give you peace. It brings you back to what is important in life.

  41. Peggy Martinez says

    I reached out my hands and I was at my computer ready to fill out an application for a pre-
    qualification to buy a home. That’s my big thing to do this year. Very excited!!!!!

  42. Kat says

    What was in front of me? A messy desk. We are hoarders, I hate it. I have come very close to taking the children and leaving. For 5 minutes I cleaned the desk and still did not get to the desktop. But I am encouraged to begin. I have tried several times and things seem to accumulate in the cleaned places but I need to keep going. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • RitaNeve says

      Oh,Kathy, that made me laugh. I had just read Holley’s email for today and looked around my computer (which is the ONLY thing not currently buried on my desktop) and thought..okay, this is where I begin. So…I began by registering a WHOLE pile of Wal Mart Product Plan cards. The advantage? Seven of them were expired (blush) over two years old so I could throw them away and I found one for an item that has been malfunctioning and is still under the plan so i can get it repaired or replaced. I have been following the 21 Day plan,and it has helped me so very much to quit feeling so guilty about doing the small things. I live a complicated life raising five grandkids, working full time, going to college and taking care of an alcoholic bi-polar adult son (the grandkids’ father)…I can’t tell you how much help it is to focus on smaller goals. Thanks Holley.

  43. SuzMcNs says

    I’m new to your site, but luv’n it (refer by a old friend in IA, I’m now in WA)… on my way to work I decided to changed up my routine; had a coupon for BurgerKing, which I was using to bless a co-worker w/ breakfast, but who pulls up behind me in the drive-up, my boss…. OK here is a “in front of me” I bought him breakfast as well. When I got to work his emotions were “picture perfect”… I wasn’t intending to buying 3 sandwiches today, but it made my day, as well as theirs!
    Isn’t amazing when we bless someone off of their day, how it can change the day for us all.

  44. janet says

    After reading your article about what to do next I decided to respond to this. I just finished hand writing thank you’s that I needed to do. That was my next thing to do. It feels soooooooo good to have those completed and soon to be mailed.
    Sometimes, as you stated, I get frozen in “dailies” and put off some very important things. Moving from frozen state to thaw state energizes my thought process to help me see some necessary items to do. Sometimes in my Christian faith I am frozen and by the pricking of God’s spirit I am moved to know the next thing HE desires me to do. May I continue to be “thawed out for HIM so I can be used rather than remain frozen. Thanks Holley.

  45. Sally says

    So, most of the goals I’ve considered are not work based, so since I’m at work, I couldn’t do the “next thing” (have been jumping from one next thing to anohter all day, without much accomplishment yet. Boo!)

    One goal is to be more organized, and with a cleaner apartment, so my goal is to give the first 23 minutes when I get home (I’m not sure why 23… seemed better than 20 but not 30) to cleaning whatever needs it most. Dishwasher empted and kitchen mostly clean with yesterday’s 23 minutes… also have exercise goals that I haven’t touched, and bible reading goals where I’m almost caught up (buit just doing the OT daily readings instead of OT and NT… cutting in half).

    All my goals feel more focused on ACTIVITY rather than results… i.e., I want to exercise at least 3 hours each week, but as for how much I want to lose… I’m afraid to say. (lost 40 in the last few years, but have been stuck for a while.) I’m afraid to picture or wish for “success”, but I think I need to go back to chapter 2 and be “Be Specific”. Loving the book so far! Sorry for babbling…


  46. says

    Thanks, Holley! This was so timely. I composed and sent out an email that was long overdue and has been hanging over my head for weeks! It took 20 mins, but your challenge to spend just 5 made it so doable. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s amazingly powerful. I have wonderfully high hopes for this year and the future as I implement “The Do What {I} Can Plan”!

  47. Gail says

    I thot to myself: Self, your hands should first go together!…so I prayed for 2 friends who are under the weather. Thanks for the prompt!

  48. Dee says

    I reached and pulled out my skein of soft yarn from a nearby basket and continued to crochet a scarf for a friend. During my crocheting I quietly prayed and opened my ears to listen to God’s word. Still listening . . . .

  49. says

    Thank you, Holley! My husband & I have committed to reading through the Bible again this year (it’s been several since the last time). I had forgotten today, until your reminder. Done!

  50. Laurie says

    It has been a bit of a disapointing week
    …I had plans
    …I had goals
    …I had a plan
    …I was excited about your 21 day plan
    …I was ready, ebook bought
    THEN…I got sick and stayed sick and am still sick.
    Slowly things got canceled, things got put on hold and I
    remaind more on the couch than up and actually doing.
    It isn’t like I haven’t gotten anything done, I have…BUT…it just isn’t all that I wanted to get done. I’m not writing all of this to be a downer but rather to follow your example of taking a small step and regroup my thoughts. To simply take care of what I can in this moment or five minutes and move forward which is better than not moving forward at all. My head reached out for some instructions. Just read up on how to use my steam inhaler so I can help clear my sinuses, feel a bit better and now for those visual distractions that are sitting about that need to be put away. I can at least manage that.

  51. Ann says

    Hi Holley,

    Thanks for your post. I am reminded of a poem quoted by Elisabeth Elliot on the same theme:

    Do The Next Thing

    From an old English parsonage down by the sea
    There came in the twilight a message to me;
    Its quaint Saxon legend, deeply engraven,
    Hath, it seems to me, teaching from Heaven.
    And on through the hours the quiet words ring
    Like a low inspiration, “Do The Next Thing.”

    Many a questioning, many a fear,
    Many a doubt, hath its quieting here.
    Moment by moment, let down from Heaven,
    Time, opportunity, guidance, are given.
    Fear not tomorrows, child of the King,
    Trust them with Jesus, Do The Next Thing.

    Do it immediately, do it with prayer;
    Do it reliantly, casting all care;
    Do it with reverence, tracing His hand
    Who placed it before thee with earnest command.
    Stayed on Omnipotence, safe ‘neath His wing,
    Leave all resultings, Do The Next Thing.

    Looking to Jesus, ever serener,
    Working or suffering, be thy demeanor;
    In His dear presence, the rest of His calm,
    The light of His countenance be thy psalm,
    Strong in His faithfulness, praise and sing.
    Then, as He beckons thee, Do The Next Thing.

    — Author unknown

    • Sharon F says

      Oh, Thank you so much for sharing this poem. As I read Holley’s challenge this morning, I was reeling from thoughts of another day trying to help my 94-yr old mother find an assisted living facility after living on her own all these years. The first thought that came to do next was, “Make your bed.” How simple, but it got me moving. God bless you.

    • Christina S says

      From one who has felt her path has been always heading towards the Lord, constantly tripping, I have always comitted to getting up and dusting myself off and said, “Lord, no matter what I this is all I know….no matter how many times I trip and fall I will always come towards you.” This has left me with a feeling of never arriving. I feel like my life has been like that never arriving. So just now, I reached out. I placed my hand on His. I am think that is interesting I have only seen myself on this path. It will be nice to walk with Him. I smile with a warmth that is growing. Its going to be good. Thank you for sharing your poems and faith. I am excited to see God moving in our lives.May He continue His Abundant Blessings to you and your families.

  52. Shannon says

    My five minutes were spent writing thank-you notes for kindnesses shown to me recently. Then I let a coworker blow off steam to me instead of confronting a client causing grief.

  53. says

    Ok, I read this post and went to Facebook to talk with my daughter about planning a visit here with her and the grandkids! Exciting stuff! Contacting family is one way to increase happiness and fell more loved. Great! BUT then I got distracted by other posts on Facebook. Before I knew it I had to get off the computer, and I totally forgot about coming back here to comment on what I did with my 5 minutes. Last night, in the middle of the night, I finally remembered I was supposed to comment here, but I couldn’t remember what, more thinking, and I remembered I had contacted my daughter. So here I am finally commenting. I hope, Holley, that you will be covering the problem of distraction — Oh look, a squirrel! …..

  54. says

    Do one little thing, just the next thing…
    I’ve been trying to do this all week instead of letting myself get overwhelmed. What was right in front of me this week…wrote my LIFE statement (although I just realized I forgot to put it on FB), wrote my God-sized dream post for Tuesday, and did a few simple updates on my blog. :)

  55. J says

    I am removing my children and myself from an unsafe situation. I have been a stay at home mom for a long time. I am seeking God as to what He would have me do for income. I have some small opportunities, but am wondering what is next…

  56. Holley says

    I love hearing about the small steps y’all are taking. They really do make a big difference! It’s such a joy to share this journey with you! XOXO

  57. The Belle Mere says

    My God-sized dream is to share myself in real life and online. I have a small goal of writing for 10 minutes a day to prepare material for a blog, and doing one thing online to set up my online presence. So, my next step is actually to share this on your blog. Thank you for the e-book and encouragement to move forward with something that has been in my hearty for over a year!

  58. says

    My God-sized dream came by quite a surprise as God changed my purpose of being “all about numbers” to being “all about words”. I just wrote my first article for the local small town paper. It was about Mary , the mother of Jesus. I received this God-sized dream after wrestling with mankind and all of mankind’s hoops that man wants us to jump through. I had finally hit rock-bottom in depression and anxiety, sleep-deprived nights, hospitalization, and now finally back to work to the job that broke me. Words are like my only escape from the pain I feel. Holley, what you have written about God-sized dreams has truly ministered to me as I continue to battle feelings of despair that I have never know before. I have confidence that God is my Hope and my Deliverer…and that through our brokenness is when we are “puddy in His hands”. I’m all about being His clay…”mold me and make me Lord”…

  59. Sue Snyder says

    I love the idea of God-sized dreams. I have been waiting and wanting to hear God speak to me about where He wants me to be, so my God-Sized dream is to find and be what He wants me to be and to start off on that path with His word in my mouth and His love in my heart.

  60. says

    This is my ‘next thing’ and to me it’s kind of scary! I’m releasing the web address of my blog ‘Darla’s Journey’. Let me know how you like it. It’s a journal of sorts, sharing various experiences of my life. Enjoy!

  61. says

    I’m reading these amazing posts from you Holley, I’ve jotted goals/dreams down pencil-to-paper, I’m praying, also purchased and downloaded the “21 day plan” and purchased the “You’re Already Amazing” book and started reading.

  62. Carolyn says

    God is so good! Just when I start reading again and ask; my last comment.
    I get God’s answer right away. What to do was the question. The answer for me today is take care of myself and that is what I will do now, turn off the computer and REST.

  63. says

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