Why You Need to Be Recharged More than You Realize

Go With All Your Heart

Dust swirls through the air and people press in around Jesus. Yet in the middle of all this motion, he pauses to ask a question, “Who touched me?”

The disciples seem to scoff. “What do you mean? There’s a crowd around you.” But Jesus insists, “I know that power has gone out from me.” A woman steps forward to confess that, yes, she touched Jesus and she has been healed.

When I’ve heard this story told, the focus has always been on the healing. Yet in recent weeks my heart keeps coming back to what happens just before…to what Jesus experienced when someone touched him.

Power went out from him.

When Jesus in you touches someone else in a meaningful way power goes out from you too. And that is why you need rest and to be recharged more than you realize. You might have a heartfelt conversation that encourages a friend. Or you could show tenderness with one of your children that requires an extra measure of grace. Perhaps you navigate through a difficult ethical situation at work and manage to make a difference. In all of those, God’s power has gone out from you.

Yet instead of realizing that we berate ourselves for feeling tired. We believe we should be able to do it all, all the time.  That’s not the way we’re created. And when we live without recognizing that power is going out from us we wind up exhausted and burned out.

How have you been giving lately?

Where has God’s power been flowing out of your life to someone else?

What do you need to be recharged?

Take a few moments to be still and ask God those questions. He’s willing to answer and help you. His power must flow to you before it can flow through you.

Then when someone reaches out to you from the crowd of life you’ll be ready.



{Luke 8:43-48}

For the God-sized Dreams Link-Up this Tuesday: Encouraging words from others help recharge us too. So take this “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream: Write a letter of encouragement to another dreamer in your life. Share your letter by including it in a post and linking up here Tuesday.


  1. says

    Oh Holley once again your post has been just what I needed to hear today. Been running on a near empty “God tank” as of late. I am a giver and sometimes I get so busy giving I do not take time to “refuel” from the One Source that truly fills me up! Thank you for being a vessel God uses to get my attention at times. Bless you sister!

  2. Becky says

    Thanks again Holley, why do we feel so inadequate when we admit we are tired? You have an uncanny way of always posting just what I need to admit to myself!!!

  3. rl says

    I truly recognize that I need to be recharged but the question is how with all that is going on. Full time wife, ministry full-time, full time-employee. How does, when this coming apart before I come apart happen? Perhaps I am just too overwhelmed and I am missing it. But I am sure that I am NOT the only one.

    What gives on the list:

    • April says

      I agree…I know I need to rest. But. Two jobs, wife, homeschooling my disabled child…5 hours of sleep per night. I need practical tips. Maybe reading this blog was my recharge moment? I’ll take what I can get I guess! Now, back to work…

  4. Diane McCarthy says

    This message is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. I rarely, if ever, give myself a break and God’s power has been flowing out of my life to others continuously for quite some time. No wonder I am exhausted! Thanks, Holley, for helping me realize my need to rest and refresh so I can continue to do God’s work. God bless you.

  5. says

    such great words. i’ve been down on myself for being so tired lately…in a quiet place with God where i believe He is forcing me to rest. such a beautiful way to look at this “season” with different eyes. thank you holley. :)

  6. says

    Holly Gerth — I am finding you to be a God-Send sweet Sister. May I just thank you for your obedience in following Him. I would love to cross paths with you someday and hear your story over a Butter Bear (that’s a coffee in case you don’t have a Biggby’s Coffee Shop) but until then I just keep peeking at you through your posts. So appreciating your encouraging words! Notice your blessings today Girlfriend!

  7. says

    Oh wow. That was just what I needed to hear. I have had a deep-down-tired two (three?) years, since the birth of my fourth child, first son. I’ve blamed laziness, I’ve blamed my disorganization, I’ve blamed age, I’ve blamed perimenopause, but it never occurred to me that I’m tired because I’m serving well …. and need more of Him. So simple: “all you who are weary and heavy-laden, come to me, and I will give you rest.”

  8. darci says

    I always get from this thatwe should have the faith the woman had..knowing she just needed to touch Jesus! Now I understand recharging/restoration.

  9. says

    Holley, Thank you so much! I am exactly in this place. From friends, to family to an amazing weekend with you and so many new friends…Im exhausted and poured out. Thank you for the encouragement that rest is vital!

  10. Ruth Choka says

    Awesome! Holley. I am so thankful God speaks to me through you! Whenever I have a bad day, I open up your e-mail and hear God saying ” It’s ok, I’m here!”

  11. says

    Absolutely on time and on target! I love when God sends someone with what we need just when we need it. Thank you so much for using your gifts to bless others.

  12. vonnda says

    Thank You for allowing Jesus to flow thru you! Very timely for me. Altho hearing similar things TODAY was the day it ministered life to me. Blessings

  13. Swiffer's Grandma says

    Well, duh. I never realized this before and am definitely old enough to be your mom. You have such a sweet spirit. I love reading what you write.

  14. says

    EXCELLENT reminder Holley! I hadn’t thought of that story from this perspective. Such great insight. AND…just about to have my batteries re-charged this week as we visit our daughter…yippee! Thank you sister 😀

  15. Lydia says

    Thank you, Holley! It is from the essence of who we are that we give to others and not what we do that gives us fulfillment. Jesus plugs us into His strength so that we can give. But we have to stop and rest, and it is easy to forget that. People can be very demanding of our time, but if we don’t receive back from God, we burn out and become discouraged. Thank you for your constant encouragement!

  16. says

    Thank you, Holley. It’s been a trying last few days but I knew it was *more* than just being tired…more than a bad cold on top of everything else. You explained it right here. Now that I have the questions…it’s time to sit with God and ask.

  17. Nancy says

    Thanks, Holley. I also can relate – am thankful for His strength, grace and rest (Hebr/ labour to enter the rest).


  18. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever thought of recharging in those terms. However, in light of just coming out of a weekend ‘letting power go out’ by hosting a women’s retreat…the need to recharge is great. Thank you once again!

  19. Gwen says

    I never thought of this. I’m now brain injured and tire easily but God has given me people to share Jesus for salvation, to share wisdom from His word to Christians and then my head hurts and I’m very tired. Ah. Jesus You understood I always knew, but I did not. I do not work or go many places. Now I understand Lord a little better.
    I’m thankful for the verses and better understanding why verses say Jesus withdrew to pray and Jesus rested through storms…His ministry was brain tiring too. This Rest in the Lord

  20. says

    Holly! Its truly a great reminder to be recharged! I am full-time church worker, wife & mum and the last 3 months have been refreshing as I was on medical treatment and thereafter a surgery! I had the opportunity to rest, Be Still and Know I am God! I have had the privilege of sitting at the feet of Jesus each morning worshiping and what beautiful times those were!
    I enjoy your posts very much and always such timely encouragements!!!
    Praise the Lord for Beautiful YOU!!!

  21. karyn says

    Holley, your perfect timing. I really need this. I’ve been studying for my Global University course far too hard. So, this is perfect timing for me. I need to slow down and rest as well.

  22. says

    My heart goes out to those who have no choice but to give, give, give all day long, and subsist on five or six hours of sleep each night. May God bring you relief! May Holley’s insights today give you “permission” to accept help, even ask for help. We are more efficient and better equipped to handle our busy lives when time is allotted for restoration. Jesus took time to rest; we must also.

  23. says

    Why do I think expending emotional energy doesn’t count as work? I think I shouldn’t be tired because I haven’t done anything. You make me feel so much better here! Thank you.

  24. Shema says

    Hi Holley, I have never heard this quite like this before. But now I see why we are strong and touching lives at one time and next we feel so tired and inadequate because we do not take time to recharge.
    Thank you.

  25. Mary says

    I thought about our need to be connected, even though broken this morning as I took a walk to refresh my body at a beautiful rest area. Trees were in bloom. One in particular was broken by the winter, but connected enough that it was in full bloom, even as its branches lay on the ground under a neighboring tree. It struck me how often we are broken and still able to bloom where we are. IF we are connected to the source of energy…God. I have been using walking as a way to refresh me physically but also spiritually after a long winter here in the midwest. Our semi took us south, where it was warm and comfortable, and I felt God restoring my soul, just as HE promised!

  26. Laura says

    *Sigh*. This is just what I needed to hear on just this day:)! Thank you, thank you, & thank you again!!!

  27. starla says

    Holley, wow I wuz just telling my mom the same exact thing the other day. I told her I need a break, that I wuz mentally drained, from encouraging a close friend, supporting my spouses needs and empowering my children. When does momma get this. And my mother told me “god will restore your soul and energy.” I love the way you interpreted your message. Thank you, look forward 2 more.


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