Why You Really Do Have a God-sized Dream {even if you don’t know it yet}

God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for more of what God has for you.


We’re opening the door to God-sized dreams in 2013. So every week we get together to encourage each other {because don’t we all need it? yes, ma’am.}. This week Margaret Feinberg is here to share about God-sized dreams with you…


Whatever your age and stage, it’s the heartbeat of the innovative life—recognizing that we are all called and created to be about the redemptive purposes of God. We’re meant to dream God-sized dreams. — Margaret Feinberg

Some say God is constantly making things new.

I think that’s only half the story.

God is still in the business of making new things.

Think about it for a moment. On such-and-such a day, God created the fill-in-the-blank. The story is likely familiar (for a gentle reminder see Genesis 1).

And on the seventh day, God rested. Well, what happened on the eighth day?

Did God push snooze?

Did God put his designer paintbrushes in the attic?

Did God finally decide that his role as creator was finished? Been there. Done that.

Doubtful. Why? Because creating is in God’s nature. It’s part of who he is and what he does. God cannot not create. That’s why there’s a promise of a new heaven and a new earth. That’s why Jesus talks about preparing a place for us. And that’s why God can say that the work he’s started inside of us doesn’t have an end. He’s constantly on the move—making things new and making new things.

It’s the way God is wired. And if we’re connected to him, then we can’t help but feel the occasional surge of energy and infusion of life that comes from the creator God. We can’t help but sense the holy hum of his presence and invitation to join him in what he naturally, seemingly effortlessly, does.

We can’t help but dream God-sized dreams.

For some, that may mean stepping out on a thin limb of creativity and faith.

For others, it may be a matter a heart shift toward people or surroundings.

And for still others, it may be responding a startling moment of discovery.

But whatever your age and stage in life, that’s the heartbeat of the innovative life—recognizing that we are all called and created to be about the redemptive purposes of God. We’re meant to dream God-sized dreams.

This is an invitation to come alive and live the life you were designed to live. And when you do, you can’t help but encounter the wonder of God—those moments of spiritual awakening that make you long to know God more.

I have an artist friend named Keith. He says that when he’s in the creative process of his work, there are times the hair on the back of his neck stands up. He feels God’s presence in indescribable ways. And at times, his very work becomes a living prayer. During those God infused moments, you can’t help but wonder and stand in awe of what God is doing. He’s intersecting our lives. Revealing Himself. Uncovering yet one more layer of his nature. Inviting us to come alive in him and live wonderstruck.

Don’t wait another day to awaken to the God-sized dreams inside of you!

{Margaret Feinberg (www.margaretfeinberg.com) is a popular speaker and author of Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of Godbook and 7-session DVD Bible study. You can learn more at www.margaretfeinberg.com/wonderstruck. Follow Margaret on Twitter at www.twitter.com/mafeinberg}


Now it’s your turn!

Dream God-sized DreamsLink-up your blog post sharing your God-sized dream {or just how you’re scared silly to even have one–whatever you want}. So we can all find each other, please include this God-sized Dreams button in your post and link it back to: http://holleygerth.com/category/god-sized-dreams/

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For next week take this “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream: Do one thing to move forward in your God-sized dream. You get extra credit if it’s simple, small and takes just a few minutes. Then write a post about what you did to link up here next week. {If you don’t have a blog, you can share what you did in the comments.}


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  1. Brigitte Gleason says

    My God sized dream is to go to college. I am a 46 year old schizophrenic, christian woman. My medication is finally keeping me stable enough to pursue my dreams. I plan on majoring in psychology and becoming an art therapist. Art and poetry have helped me tremendously and I’d love to pass this on. I am on disability and will need financial aid. I have no idea how I’ll pay for books. But I’m stepping out in faith. I hope to start classes in March. God bless all my God sized dreaming sisters!

    • Mary Lou Norris says

      May you feel the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit holding you up as you take that step (leap) of faith. A prayer was said for you today.

    • Dominique Payne says

      So pleased to hear about your plan for college. You’ll love it I’m sure. Art therapy is so useful! Be blessed Brigitte!

    • says

      That is awesome! And so inspiring to hear as a mom with two daughters who have mood disorders. God’s not confined to diagnoses, that’s for sure! Lord, please pour courage through our sister here as she steps out in these dreams!

    • says

      Praying for God to show you that whatever He has called you to He will provide a way. With a daughter in college I understand the extreme expense so I also pray that the aid you need to reach your goal.

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says

      Brigitte God is not slack concerning his promises. He tells us that if we delight in Him, he will give us the desires of our hearts. He also says that we are to seek first, the Kingdom of God and everything will be added to us. He also went on to say if we have faith as much as a mustard seed we can move mountains……we also must remember that we all have a purpose in this life and as long as what you have dreamed up is your purpose, NOTHING will hinder you. Seek God’s guidance as you move towards that which you desire to do.

    • Holley says

      Hmm, I’m not sure what happened but I’ve added your link! When you click “Add your link” below the thumbnail images it should give you a place to add your URL and name. Hopefully it works next week! Thanks so much for sharing your post! :) XO

      • says

        Thanks Holley. I was on at midnight last night trying to link up, and the “add your link” wasn’t there. It just had “linky tools” and that didn’t work, of course. Thanks for adding me!

  2. says

    I just read your post here… the paragraph about the artist resonates with me deeply, because I’ve been feeling the same way as I embark on this new dream God seems to be opening for me with drawing. Praying and really feeling His presence with me as I draw… in that way that runner Eric Liddell described (Chariots of Fire) about sensing God’s pleasure on him because “He made him to run fast.” So beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. says

    “This is an invitation to come alive and live the life you were designed to live.” I love that, Holley! Thank you for the challenge to dream God-sized dreams! I am so excited to be on the God-sized Dreams Team and I can’t wait to see what the year holds!

    • says

      I’m praying for each of those above, and their God-sized dreams. I know that mine sounds silly right now, but it will grow…I’m sure of it. God gave me “BRAVE” as my one -word, so I know that this ALL fits together!! Baby steps!!
      Love your heart Holley!!

      • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says


        It is said that “little is much when God is in it”. The Bible says, whatever your hand findeth to do, do it well. Whatever “Brave” leads you to do, do all to the Glory and Honour of God.

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says

      Hi Genny:

      For years I have had this dream in my heart….wishing I could be the mother of all children. However, its only two years ago that the possibility gave birth for me to be able to mother children through the Court in my country and working alongside the court will put me into agencies in my country which deal with children. My other dream to become a powerful woman of God has been with me for years as well and there has always been that tugg on my heart for that purpose. These are the two dreams that I have been cherishing for years and just when I made the decision to step out with them, Holly came up with her “God-size Dream Plan”. That was my signal that God is ready for me to begin my journey to my dream. I feel very passionate about these two things and feel deep in my heart that is my purpose. I do not know where my second dream will lead me but I know where I would love for it to lead me.

      • keepavision says

        Lorraine, this is beautiful, giant God-dream! Prayers up for you and your protection for the helpless. Let God steer you, and I believe you will be living your second dream everyday! Lord bless this woman and her desire to be constantly guided by you for the care of the little children.

  4. says

    Can ask you to clarify something? I hope I’m not misreading this but what does your friend Keith mean when he says “He feels God’s presence in undesirable ways.”? I really would appreciate the chance to follow that thought through. Thanks, Holley. Appreciating so much the reminders about God-sized dreams.

  5. darci says

    hi…I am just beginning to see God clearly through the fog of
    the last year…excited that I have and will continue to claim
    2013 as my year of joy! Not quite sure of my God size dream
    I am starting to volunteer with a womens and childrens home.

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says


      If thats where your heart leads you, do it with all that you have in you. Whatever fulfills you, begin there. In the meanwhile, just keep praying to God for clear vision as to what His will for your life is.

  6. Paula says

    Hi Valerie
    This week’s post is by Margaret Feinberg (see Holley’s intro at the top of the page). I think maybe Margaret meant indescribable not undesirable. A typo maybe. But yes hopefully Holley can advise. I love how everyone is sharing their dreams. Thank you. I have a couple of fears to overcome this year including driving and getting back into the workforce. My dream therefore is to overcome those fears.

    • says

      Thank you Paula (and Holley) – I did miss the authorship switch – I thought it was just a quote from Margaret to begin. I have always felt the process of developing an art piece to be the purest form of worship I can participate in, but those two sentences touched a chord that has been vibrating in my heart ever since. I think I’ll have to spend some more time with the thought and see where God takes it.

      Paula, those are big dreams and having watched my sister-in-law overcome the same fears last year was such a victory! I’ll be praying for you as you step out in faith. God is good (and He is patient, too :) ).

  7. Monique says

    This is exactly my God-size dream–overcoming my fears!! It seems since I’ve gotten a tad bit older (!!), over 60, I have way more fears that I THINK about than when I was younger–quality of life , etc. But for the past couple of months I’ve started quoting the scripture every day about TRUSTING in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding, because as I see it, I am leading an abundant life right now—I may not have all I want, but I definitely have what I need. God provides and will continue to provide. And I’ve also come to realize that God’s love for His children really IS unconditional..and that no matter what I feel, I can always go to him with my bare feelings and tell him exactly how I feel, and He will listen as the most loving Father that He is. Praise be the Lord! God bless all of you and all your God-size dreams!

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says


      Thats the way a testimony of God’s goodness is to be written, with so much power and conviction. Indeed, God is awesome and powerful and mighty. As his children we have EVERY reason and right to say what we have to say about our Father with power and without fear.

      May God continue to bless you and may you continue to speak it for all to hear.

  8. Maryanne says

    I believe my God-size dream is to make people feel better about themselves. To help them see that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. To help them believe in themselves and let them know that they are unique and loved by God. To help them focus on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. The mind can really decieve sometimes and as christians we must always use the word of God to free our minds from all lies. It is not easy that is why we need to be in constant fellowship with our maker. I would like to see all women liberated from whatever it is that makes them feel so bad about themselves that they self harm or think about commiting suicide. Thank you Holly and God bless you.

    • Sally says

      It’s funny, Maryanne, but I kind of need to be on the receiving side of your dream. I’ve been a Christian for a long time, and a leader for the past handful of years, both with adults and kids. I feel most like I “get it” when I’m telling 2-5 year olds that they can talk to God at any time, with anything (Philippians 4:6-7) that Jesus loves them no matter what, that God puts people in thier lives to love them, and so on. And I tell the women I lead that if we could just “get” a fraction of how crazy God is over us, so many little things, little worries, would seem less important and have less power over us. To put that in the mold of the first few chapters of Holley’s book, I’m not sure how to make that simple or how to set specific steps. How do you make receiving God’s love a “habit”?

      LOL, and I meant to give a short reply saying that yours if a very valuable goal, for you and others, and then post my God-sized dreams, but this morning, I’m not dreaming very well anyway, so will make this my post. God bless you as you bless others!

    • says

      You are a gift from God, Sally! May God keep filling you up to be poured out onto others. Thank you for your willingness to pour out grace and love into other people.

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says

      Maryanne I so agree with you.We cannot begin to fathom the Love which God has for human kind. The Word of God is life, it is a tool which every christian ought to work all through the day because the enemy of souls never lets a minute go without trying to kill, steal and destroy. To make God’s love a habit – get us each and every morning before dawn and get on your knees in the silence of your space and commune with God. In so doing, you will begin to feast and enjoy who God is and will be drawn close to him. He says if we draw close to Him He will draw neigh unto us.

  9. Anouchka says

    My dream is to be faithful to Him who created me and trust in Him more and more…My husband and I would like another baby…so far nothing’s happened. We’ve been blessed with an adorable daughter but feel like another child would complete our family. Trusting that He knows best, whether this desire will be fulfilled or isn’t meant to be, that I would surrender to that with joy.

    • Mary Lou Norris says

      I’ve been where you are. I had that God sized dream of a second baby.
      You are facing it with th exact right attitude. Claim your dream of another child being positive about what you are hoping for while also being real. Excepting God’s will with joy no matter how it comes out is equivalent to tearing down walls between you and Christ. His will can be wonderful both ways. Embrace the dream that God has planted and strive toward it. Peace!

      • Anouchka says

        Dear Mary Lou, I was so bowled over to have had a reply to my comments,(that never happens!) the hairs on my arms stood on end! Thank you for taking the time to encourage me. I struggle with placing it at His feet and then running to take it back again!! Why is it so hard to let go of the worry/anxiety!? I know that He is the author of my life, that I would NOT be here without Him, that He has a perfect plan and timing and that it is the right thing to do to surrender this desire/decision to Him..yet my heart still flutters with what ifs? what if it doesn’t happen? what if it’s financially impractical/overburdening? I worry that that means I haven’t truly surrendered and berate myself for being so weak of faith! Sigh!! I am leaning on Him as hard as I can right now, being molded I think into a higher, deeper faith …maybe that’s the dream?!

        • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says


          Let not your heart be troubled….your ways are not God’s ways nor your thoughts His. We often get anxious and worry because we are pursuing our will our own desires and not letting God. When we let God, we simply tell Him our desire and go about our business. If it is his will, nothing can stop it. Always remember that God does not work on our time, but on His time. Just relax, enjoy the child you have now and Trust God to do what is best for your family.

  10. REYNA BIGGERS says

    Good Morning,
    My God sized dream … Is to hear God’s voice … Know he is sitting beside me…. Oh yes and not be so “Loud” with my thoughts… Ha!!!

  11. says

    It’s funny how some things are as plain as the nose on our face, but we can’t see them until someone else shows them to us. I have never really thought about the eighth day. I love the image of God continuing to create and love on us! Your book—The Do What You Can Plan—is certainly inspiring me to take baby steps every day towards my dream, as imperfect as they might be. This is epecially good for me, since Commit is my OneWord this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. says

    My God-size dream is to follow my heart in my art. I doubt my ideas and myself. I am working on silencing my doubtful mind so that I can just create without judgment. It scares me because I have so many preconceived ideas about art, but only when I am judging mine! So I have to let go and let God in.

  13. Marcia Robin says

    This year my theme is “Go. Do. Be.” I want to jam-pack this year with progress aligned with God’s plan for me. My January’s thrusts (things I want to do) are a start on making small shifts in action based on the nine Feng Shui areas. In my God-sized Dream, the steps I take, the small shifts in action, will ripple out like waves to get me where I want to be.

  14. says

    I have had a rough year with spinal cord surgery, my life no longer the same! Everything I was is gone. But in return my spiritual life is growing. I thank God I am still alive. My God sized dream is to learn to accept my life as it is now! To live in the present moment which is not easy, and to accept chronic pain & diability! Thank you Holly for all your uplifting words!!!
    Love to all on these posts!!!

    • Victoria says

      Pat, I also have spinal issues and osteoarthritis. I had to quit my job because of living with chronic pain and how frustrating is can be each day. Learning to accept limitations is not easy for me. All of this has brought me to my knees and God’s unending love and strength. I will be praying for us to find gratitude and joy in each day. Victoria

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says

      Pat and Victoria,

      I am truly touched by your post. In life some of us fulfill purposes through illness. God often seeks our attention and when he is not getting it, he touches us in a manner which forces us to stop and listen to him. I trust that it is in His Will to make you well again, after having gotten your attention. Its really painful to the heart to know that we have to hurt in the process of becoming pure gold, yes, pure gold. We all walk different paths to become that wonderful work of “Art” and what we need in those times are Love and Support from the ladies on this page and you Holly. Thats why God brought this circle together and I trust that it will bless you all. I live in the caribbean island of Jamaica and who would have thought that I would have entered this forum…..not me! Anyway, I am here and guess what, I love it. I will put you both into my prayers and keep you both in mind.

    • Beverley says

      I am praying that God will give you the readiness to accept your “new” self. Multiple sclerosis has changed my life into one with chronic pain and disability, too, for ten years now. But the love of and for God are blessings which will lift you to higher places. I even took classes to teach me how to live in the present, but there is nothing better than focusing on God every day and asking Him to reveal his will for you. I’ve found that God does answer our prayers, and He has already helped me by putting my computer and handwriting skills to use through volunteer work at my church. You will find your “new” purpose in life. Holley is guiding us on a beautiful journey. I can hardly wait to see where this will lead us. My prayers are with you.

  15. Terri says

    I know all about God-sized dreams in the past, but for the last five years I have walked some really dark valleys. I am open and longing to get the rhythm of my soul back in sync with life and dream again. I am praying for God to open my eyes to His dream for me. I have predetermined I will say yes.

    • Elisabeth says

      I read your post, and I just wanted to encourage you to keep dreaming. I’m just a person like anyone else, but God just kind of touched my heart when I saw your post and said, “You should encourage her.” I’ve also felt alone and like I was kind of in a dark valley this past year, but somehow God has taken me through it, and this website is so amazing. I know I’m not alone now. :) So keep trying and don’t give up! Put the past behind you and press on! :) I prayed for you today.

      • Terri says

        Thank you Elisabeth! I am sitting at my computer crying over your kind words. Didn’t realize how starved I had become for genuine words of encouragement and the fact that you don’t even know me and listened to God’s soft voice is beyond amazing. Thank you so much!

    • says

      Huge virtual hug to you, Terri. May God reveal himself to you in miraculous ways. Look up and live awake and aware to how God will answer your prayers!

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says


      Your light has only been dimmed. Your spirit is still there and its yearning to shine brightly again. I too have been through my dark experiences and guess what, almost gave up. But there is a song which says ” Mercy said No” it kept me holding to what I knew. Its not over until God says its over and as long as he does not say that, you have all the power that you need to rise again buried deep within you. Begin to read your Bible and do not listen to the enemy when he seeks to remind you of your dark days and darkness because he will do that to keep you down and where you are and as long as God does not say over, you have every right to rise again. Close out all the distractions of the world and focus on God through the Bible and through religious songs. Nothing enriches the soul and dispels darkness like music. You can get back the shine in your life, be determined and cry if you have to, I had to do a lot of that to get back what the devil tried to steal from me. Always remember that you are Number One in God’s sight and no matter what may have happened he is there to hold your hand and lead you. Guard the avenues of your soul with the Bible my sister and Elizabeth has given you some good sound word. I have been through it my sister and if I can stand here today, you can too. I invite all the women in this forum to pray for you cause Prayer Changes Things, I know that of a Fact not asking anyone. God be with you and may his Grace continue to shine on you. You have brought tears to my eyes.

      • Terri says

        Thank you SO much for your words of wisdom. I’m speechless and humbled that you would take time to write these words of encouragement.

  16. Kelley Mansfield says

    My God sized dream is to write. I’ve been home with my children for the last 18 years & now both are in college. I’ve done nothing but homeschool & raise them during this time. I have little confidence in “my” abilities right now after doing that for so long. SO, it’s totally up to God! But, now I’ve said it. :) (or at least written it!)

    • says

      “I’ve done nothing but homeschool & raise them during this time. ” Oh, Kelley–that’s HUGE. To be able to teach and bring to the life of a child is huge.

      You CAN. And you WILL.
      Start–don’t plan it, don’t angst over it….Trust G-d and DO IT.
      You CAN! :-)

    • says

      Kelley, Mel’s right, what you’ve done with and for your children is huge. And God doesn’t waste anything. I suspect that when you sit down to write, all the time spent choosing lessons, correcting homework, planning schedules, multitasking … all of these have been building the skills that you will need to write consistently and to write well. Yes, there are always some things to learn about the practice and business of writing (if that’s the direction God prompts you to go), but the good news is you’re a teacher :). You know how to see the next step and find the best resources because you’ve had so much experience at it.

      So fire up the keyboard and dream! Even if it’s only 100 words at a time …

  17. Michele-Lyn says

    I’m loving all this encouragement. I feel like I’ve been gasping for air these last couple of days, and this is coming at a perfect time.

    Thank you, Holley, for sharing your space and supporting us!

    Thank you for your words, Margaret. Such life-giving words.

  18. Nancy says

    I’m not actually sure what my God-sized Dream is however I’m trusting a lead God may have for me. Freedom and Peace are two words that keep coming to me. I have been learning about Healing Prayer and stepped out of my comfort zone a few months ago and attended a Healing Prayer Service. Even though I was a bit nervous due to uncertanty, I kept moving forward, trusting God must have a plan for me. I’m now taking some training through DVDs at my church then will be doing some “live training” with the Unbound leaders. I will be attending an Unbound conference in February so this training is to help us with the healing prayer sessions others are having. I will be going through a session myself during the “live training” to teach others how a session is done. My minister asked if I would be willing to be vulerable because my name keeps coming up as she is praying who to ask. I’m a bit scared but I’m so needing to let go of things that have kept me bound as long as I can remember. Uncertainty and fear has followed me around all my life which in turn has kept me bound from living a God-sized Dream. I just want to be free from all that is holding me back daily. Blessings, Nancy

    • Barb Honea says

      Hi Nancy,
      I’m grateful for your post and can relate to the feelings of uncertainty and
      fear. I feel less alone after reading your words. I will draw strength from
      your journey as I fight the good fight to be a strong, christian woman with
      God-sized dreams.

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says

      Nancy, just pray and ask God to endorse your move. The Bible says that in all your ways you are to acknowledge him and he will direct your path. If its God’s will, you have nothing to fear

  19. Michelle says

    My God Size Dream is to write by getting a blog started and using it to share encouragement and adventures that over come the “I can’t because…” or the “I’d like to, but…” As I write this, I honestly realize that some of this is a ‘safe’ choice (I do want to do this, too!) because what I’d really would love is traveling, photography, and writing about the experiences.

    Thanks for making me think about this and how to achieve it!

    • Deborah J. Coombs says

      My goodness, Michelle, you must be my twin (not really/I’m sure u are beautifully giftec & unique.) But I share the same mindset, insecurities & dreams. I am a regionally published freelance writer (OK/KY) but because of having been through an emotionally/verbally abusive childhood & 2 similarly abusive marraiges, cancer (now cancer-free thank God!), serious financial difficulties (still ongoing) & the loss of a house & then an apt, I have had a struggle maintaining joy & advancing in my God-size dreams. God has continued to sustain me & renew me whenever I take the time to sit at his feet & let him tell me how dearly he loves me & how special the gifts are that he wants to use to touch others w/his heart. He tells me that he takes great joy in seeing me find joy in expressing those gifts, not worrying about how much $$ they will bring or if I measure up, but just doing it every day…just for the love of it. When I do that, I know I am “in the zone” & God will take care of the rest. This year I will start the blog that God gave me to do, & I’ve been putting off for 4 yrs, I will finish the children’s story that has been in my rewrite pile for several yrs, & I will move ahead courageously & in faith w/the new career in photography & photojournalism that he has given me vision for…including providing me w/2 professional cameras & various lenses! I have no excuse that holds water to not move forward in hos grace & power. God bless all of you & may he strengthen you to follow your dreams also.

      • Mary Lou Norris says

        Deborah: you have encouraged me so. Up to now life has been pretty easy and I see a wonderful future for my husband and I with a ministry planned by God. But there’s always that nagging feeling … “What if “… You’ve experienced a lot of those “what ifs ” and I am moved deeply by the joy you have faced them with and how you ‘ve come out on the other side. I often hear of others with that joy in the dark places but normally they are trying to sell books! To hear your story I know it’s real and that God will give me joy in the “what ifs” if they happen. May God bless you with your dream.

  20. Barb Honea says

    Holley, I’m so grateful to you for encouraging all of us to follow
    God’s leading and pursue our “God-Sized” dreams. My dream
    has been to write a book for the juvenile fiction group. I start
    and then stop and am determined that this year I will pursue this
    dream that I believe God has placed on my heart. Thanks
    for always being such an encourager!

  21. Sally says

    God-sized dreams. I know that’s not supposed to be a scary thing, because God’s in it, but I see others who are daunted by that. That makes me feel a little less alone and inept. I read someone’s post or blog about only dreaming for things they know they can in their humanness achieve. That’s how I pray and dream. My mustard seed goals are about trivial things… keeping my apartment more organized and cleaner, getting back into exercising more… but suddenly those things seem so trivial and un-God-sized and small. But I can’t even dram about becoming what the woman He wants me to be…. the friend, the leader, the teacher, the helper. Not just doing only what Sally can do, but doing what God can do through me… how do you get there from way down here??? Kind of discouraged and daunted right now. :(

  22. Elisabeth says

    I love this website!!! It is so cool! I was just feeling alone yesterday, because there has been a lot of change in my life. This website and these comments have given me a new hope to be all I can be and do things for God!
    My God-sized dream is to be so open to God that he is more and more real to me everyday.

  23. Shelley Cates says

    I love that Margaret started out with “Whatever your age or stage…” because sometimes I feel like I’m too old to have a dream at this stage or season of my life, much less a God-sized dream. How in the world would I accomplish that?! But, then I am reminded that with Him in my corner I can do so much more than I can imagine. So, yes, like others here I am scared. But also excited. I think I might know what my God-sized dream is (writing a Bible study on Isaiah for the ladies at my church) but I’m not sure. So, here goes…. Hoping and trusting that He blesses all of us with answers and guidance into being all that He has created and continues to create us to be. Thank you Margaret! Thank you Holley!

  24. says

    I’m way late to this party but just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this post, Holley. I won’t be able to participate in the link-ups each week, but will enjoy your book and seeing the comments each week.

    I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern for several years, which is fine. Holding patterns are purposeful. But the Lord now opening doors – miraculous doors – that are confirming a lot of things. I’m amazed at His patience, love, mercy, grace, FAVOR… Thank you, Holley, for encouraging so many to dream and believe.

  25. Beth Horvath says

    Building on what I said yesterday, the first steps I took were to act on the innate goodness of each individual I meet. I am hoping to build a team of like-minded women who share my profesional goal and genuine outlook on life. With God’s help. I will find them.

  26. says

    Stepping out in new ways of leadership that scare me. That’s my God-sized dream. And I’m already doing it as God opens doors . . .like speaking at a retreat in April among one of them. 😉
    Thanks for your generous words Margaret, as always they speak to me.

  27. Rosa says

    Hi Holley,

    My god-sized dream is to lose weight so I can walk without a cane. I have tried several times to lose weight, but I lose a little and then go back. This time I am taking one step at a time. Tracking what I eat each day with a little exercise thrown in and I will celebrate each little weight loss no matter what it is. I will not let fear get in my way. If fear comes I will pray and lean hard on Gods strength and always everyday lean on His direction and not my own strength and push hard past the fear (by reading and meditating on his word) and give God all the glory. Thanks for your plan, I know why change was hard for me now. In the past, when things got hard or change seemed scary, I would give up. Now I will pray and push harder and celebrate.

  28. Lynn says

    Is this for bloggers or Holley readers? I don’t have a website. I’m just following your posts and reading your books. I’ve downloaded your ebook, but I’m a little confused. Can I participate?

    My “God-sized Dream” is to figure out what it is. I’ve been bogged down by caring for my elderly mother and my husband’s kidney disease for the past 10 years. I’m not even sure where I fit in. I have read your book “Rain on Me”. Enjoying it very much.

    • Holley says

      Hi Lynn! This is for everyone. If you have a blog, you can link up. Or if you don’t (like you) you can just chat with us in the comments. So you are right on track, girl. Glad to have you with us!

  29. Joyce says

    I love the idea of God-sized dreams. Mine is to find God’s place for me in the workplace at this time in my life. I am recovering from a car accident and am starting to dream by praying.

  30. says

    So, SCARY writing out my dream! I never thought it would be, or maybe I thought I would never have the courage to pursue it so why worry about.

    Thank you Holley and ladies for the encouragement, your posts and stories are God-timed for sure. God has intersected our lives for such a time as this and revealing himself in big ways!!

  31. says

    Just a funny note to share: My prayer wall consists of lots of sticky notes stuck to the wall behind my computer monitors. I promised to pray for a couple people here and when I grabbed a pack of sticky notes to add the names to my prayer wall, I looked down and burst out laughing. The notepad I grabbed says right across the top “Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams.”

    (Don’t you love when God uses Thoreau and Engelbreit to send a word?)

  32. Leigh says

    I am hoping for a God sized dream. I have lost my job and developed a severe panic of leaving the house. I can’t see the hope yet but I am certainly trying.

  33. says

    I am so incredibly excited to be part of this group of God-sized dreamers! I linked up today and I look forward to sharing support with all you lovely ladies. Thanks for putting this awesome idea into motion, Holley! Was this part of your God-sized dream? ‘Cause it’s definitely having God-sized influences! =)

  34. colleen says

    I am a 58 yr. old woman ~ barely empty nester ~ only child,in college,whom I had later in life (praise the Lord!!!) ~ this transition has been exceedingly difficult. Can’t seem to adjust nor find anything to do that grabs my heart and my soul. Hoping this blog and plan will help somehow. You are very encouraging, Holley, blessings to you.

    • Victoria says

      Colleen, oh how sending a child out into life is exciting yet so hard to get use too. My son, also only child, has lived away now for almost 9 years. I still have days when I just need to hear his voice. I have been blessed that he calls and still wants to “chat” with his Mom. I know how you feel and parts of it get easier. My son is getting married in April and while I am loving every minute of this time in his life, I have wondered how I will feel when the big day is over and it is back to reality. I see him about 3-4 times during the year. We are only 5 hours apart but he lives in Chicago and the trips are so expensive. I know it will be another adjustment but I thank God for this wonderful young woman that will be by new daughter. I would say that for me what filled the void was enjoying watching him mature and seeing his adult life unfold.

      Mom to Mom, I will be praying for you that you will soon adjust to this new “normal” part of your life and that we both are open to what lies ahead and rejoice in the blessing of our role in our children’s lives.

  35. says

    Well I did it! I wrote my blog post, added the button pic and the link to this blog, and commented on Alene’s blog post, which was before mine. My picture has a red x on it, so I hope that doesn’t mean it didn’t work. My blog’s link worked. Leigh, you can still do a God-Sized Dream from your home! You are linked to us from home, right? Maybe a new job is part of your God-Sized Dream. Just keep doing the steps here that Holley gives us, and keep praying to God for guidance… the Dream will come. –Janet

  36. Jennifer says

    Several of my Sisters commented about how scary it is just to write down their God-sized dream. Isn’t it amazing how much fear keeps us stalled, flailing, ashamed? Sisters, I’m praying for boldness and the power of the Holy Spirit to come on you so that your minds will be transformed! This fear is what I struggle with on a daily basis and God is using His dream for me as an health consultant to address this. I can’t tell you how uncomfortable the dream makes me and how incompetent I feel most of the time but the passion He has given me is undeniable. His strength and glory will be on display for all to see!

  37. susan says

    My God sized dream is for my two children (ages 13 and 14) who are on the Autism Spectrum to grow up to be efficient, loving, talented, Christian adults who have life affirming work, appropriate friendships, love and continued guidance from their heavenly father. My God sized dream includes having faith that these two loved ones will be safe, secure, and living their own dreams when I can’t be with them.

  38. says

    Margaret Feinberg! You rock. Seriously.

    This is so good. I felt the hairs standing on the back of MY neck, just witnessing God’s creativity all over this revelatory post, and in the comments.

    (And … Hi Holley!)

  39. says

    Fantastic idea Holley. The Internet certainly needs more folks willing to encourage others in the name of Christ. Just visiting from Tamika’s blog…

  40. Dawn says

    My God sized dream is twofold…I want to be able to walk away from the corporate world of customer service management and take my gift of encouragement and hspitality out where I can be the hands and feet to many in need. Not one specific arena, cause they all touch me deeply. But, I plan to share that opportunity with the “Jack” that my Big Daddy is going to bring in to my life, permanently!

  41. says

    I wouldn’t even know how to begin a blog if you asked me or even if you showed me. God has shown me that I have totally forgotten to REST as He did on the Sabbath, whatever day that may be. I am walking through the motions of each day as I teach 30 minutes from my house, the going and coming from “not even sun-up” to sundown… from 6am until 5pm when I walk in the door. More to-do’s bombardon (spelling?) me. Tonight it is lesson plans. I cannot move t/w my God-size dream until I take a rest and fuel up.

    • says

      Awwwww…….rest. Fuel up. And take care of you.
      Looking forward to hearing where that dream is taking you…..along with hearing you got that well needed ‘rest’.

    • Darla says

      Hi, Natalie
      My prayers are with you. May the Lord Jesus calm your spirit, body, mind, soul, and emotions as you go through this season of life. Remember, Jesus is holding you in the palm of His Hand, going through this with you. Try to keep your eyes on Him and pray often…give everything up to Him.
      Actually, regarding what you said about not knowing where to begin blogging, you’re off to a very good start, just sharing what’s on your heart. A blog is just an online journal where you share what is on your heart with those who come across it and read it. You have a wealth of treasure hidden in your heart that you can share. First, ask the Lord to give you that rest; then ask Him to show you what He has for you next! May the Lord Jesus richly bless you.

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says

      That REST is important to you as a child of God. Its that time when you reflect and give all the thanks and praise thats due to your maker. Make every effort for this year to get that REST into your programme.

  42. Darla says

    Hi, Holley
    I have a couple of God-sized dreams. One is to sing more. The Lord has given me a voice to sing His Praises and I’m in my church’s Praise Team; however, I would like to grow in that area. I would love to sing in quartets, trios, duets, and even eventually solos! I would also like to develop and polish my public speaking skills and am asking the Lord to open doors of opportunity for me in both of those areas.
    I know that the Lord wants to grow me up, both in my everyday life as well as spiritually. Sometimes it feels a little scary and sometimes it feels exciting!

  43. says

    I’m feeling very graced–today I get to live in the G-d sized dream I dared to dream. I get the privilege to be of service to G-d and others every day–multiple times during the course of the day. I get to carry messages and pass on HOPE and LOVE.
    What I want is to not miss an opportunity, ever. And I want to be more effective in service to Him, in my work with others.

    Of course, I want to do all this perfectly!
    I’ll strive for perfection– and accept less. (-:

  44. Selena Warden says

    I didn’t even realize until recently that I even had a God Sized Dream. To be honest I was, and still am, overwhelmed by His grace and just thankful to be included in the body of Christ. But I have always had a love of music…I play trumpet, and sing from the minute my feet hit the floor until all I see are the backs of my eyelids. God has now started me on a path that I never imagined walking. I became a member of the church I had been attending and was re-baptized, and then joined the church choir. During this time God started laying words on my heart that I penned into songs. After much prayer, I was given confirmation that God wanted me to continue to write and that my songs would be heard! My choir director use to be a singer/songwriter of country and then gospel music and has seen my work and is willing to help me publish it. So I guess my dream is to see God’s plan continue into fruition and to continue to honor him in all the small things where I am right now.

  45. Julie says

    I’ve never put my dreams in writing and thinking of even doing this makes my stomach squirm! I have several things I want for myself and just don’t even know where to start. My son is on the autism spectrum and I am constantly worrying if I am doing all I can for him. He is high functioning, however, he is socially challenged. I’m a working mom, so when I’m not at work, I spend most of my time with my son – working on his social and behavioral challenges. I sometimes ask God why me and then I look at my son and think why not me. As long as I am able I will fight and be an advocate for my son. I’m often torn that I’m not being a good enough wife, mom and I feel guilty that I don’t spend time with God in prayer other than on Sundays. We are always being told we need to take care of ourselves before we can care for others so I am going to figure out how I can take more time for myself and God in prayer, meditation and giving him thanks. I know this seems so simple and yet I’ve struggled in doing this the last two years . . I tell myself “after this” or “when I get done with that project” I will have the time. . . Thank you Holley for being here to give us the tools, motivation and guidance on how to make our God sized dreams a reality. Hugs and Smiles!

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says


      I find that getting up early before everyone is awake to be a good time to go into prayer

  46. Robin says

    I have to admit I’m fairly content with my life — I have a great faith, great family, great job. But what I’m missing is great health! While my overall health is good, I’m overweight and hate to exercise. So my God-sized dream this year is to get control of my health so I have the energy to keep up with my 14-year-old son — who loves to dream big!

  47. Mary Lou says

    This summer, in the midst of a long struggle with disappointment and finding a new direction for my gifts and fruits, God unexpectantly told me that at retirement time He would bless my husband and I with a God-sized dream…the ability to travel and have some sort of ministry. Now this is 5-7 years away and I’m such a person of planning and action that my brain immediately started trying to figure it all out. He slowed me down and gave me joy in seeing that He knows best and will reveal bits and pieces at the right time. It’s exciting not knowing! I can’t believe I said that!
    And comes along Holley! What can I work through these 21 days? If I’m going to live in a motor home someday there’s lots of purging to do! So my small piece of the dream is to start now! This weekend produced a lawn and leaf bag of clothes from my closets that is headed to the local not for profit thrift store. When it’s dropped off I’m celebrating! Thanks Holley for the book and the encouragement.
    Next up is a meeting regarding leading a community group that may be way outside our comfort zone. What does God have up his sleeve? Scared to grow but know we must!

  48. says

    So I posted about my God sized dream(s) on New Year’s day and then I got sick, and when the days came to start them, I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I’d expected to, and was weak, and was just so dependent on God, and you know? That was fine! He has to carry it through, right? And I have to rely on him all the way. So my new word for the year is dependently (even if I feel healthy!).
    Write, post on Titus, church
    Unless you go before me Lord, do not lead me up from here! -Moses, and now me.

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says


      Getting sick on the eve of posting your dream is really not a nice way to begin. None the less, take it that God wanted to give you a great big hug before you begin your journey. He wanted, as you say, for you to make dependability to be in the forefront of your mind with the dream you have. You have to build your “house” with him.

  49. Victoria says

    The last two years have brought me to retirement because of health issues caused by surgery on my neck and osteoarthritis. I have dealt with depression, frustration and yes some anger over living with chronic pain. I never thought that at 60 I would have what seems like a longer physical can’t do list than can do! I knew I could be dealing with worse issues but I could not get past the reality. Then I found this wonderful devotional book “Jesus Calling, Enjoying Peace in His Presence” by Sarah Young. I know my weakness makes me depend on my Jesus. He is more real, precious and my life line than I have ever experienced.

    My God size dream is to become closer to Him each day. Also feeling calm and secure no matter what this earthly life brings to me. In my weak moments He will be my strength, my comfort and my shelter. I want to be thankful, greatful and filled with joy no matter what the circumstances.

    I am in such awe of being in the company of so many women that are truthful and desiring to change. Thank you Holly for this opportunity to share and encourage each other.

  50. Tracy says

    My God-sized dream is too be married and have a family! I have been believing and praying for a husband for about 20 years and I have not seen God’s promise over my life come to fruition yet. But, God is faithful to keep sending people my way to speak about this very dream I have of being a Godly wife. Year after year when you don’t see the reality of it you start to wonder is it just me; but, then I pray for God to take away the desire and He once again sends someone my way or reassures me in my spirit that it is His dream and His desire but also HIS timing! So, I hold every day onto the HOPE of believing for my husband and this blessed promise to come to pass. I now take care of my parents who are in their 70’s. I am 41 years old and live with my parents. I have chosen to do so because my dad had a massive stroke about 7.5 years ago that has left him paralized on his right side. The first 3 years of my dad’s stroke I worked full-time and then came and helped my mom with my dad. Well, the Lord laid on my heart to quit my job as a Christian teacher and then take up the job of full-time healthcare worker for my parents. It is not an easy task but with God’s strength and mighty, I make it! I can get bogged down with all of the concerns here in taking care of my parents and forget about my dreams because what’s the use my parents need me. But, I know that God is not a liar and His Word has proven true and He will bring about my husband to be. I am believing for my God-sized dream in 2013 to come to pass.

  51. says

    My God sized dream is to get pregnant and have a baby. We’ve been praying and trusting and hoping for nearly six years now. I believe in the dream,I believe in a God greater than any obstacle. I’m thankful he still makes new things and can turn prayer into a heartbeat. I’m praying that now, and praying for all my God sized dream sisters who are praying with me.

  52. Lyn says

    I am not sure what my God-sized bream is. I don’t know how to dream. Life has really worn me down over the past 6 years. All the dreams I had were destroyed at that time and the continuing fall out has left me trudging through life, struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Dreams have come & died during the past 6 years, leaving me unconvinced there is a Promised Land for me to come to.
    I am hoping this journey will show me how to hope & dream again.

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says


      The enemy has a way of weakening us through our choices. I have had so many of those deceitful attempts of the enemy to rob me of the ability to dream and to leave me struggling to put my life together. Just go to God in prayer and tell him about your desires as a person and then read the Bible and seek his guidance as you read. It will seem hard at first, but just do not give up!

      • Lyn says

        Thanks Lorraine. The first step in this journey & the action I took last week was to memorize John 14:27. That verse came to me in my reading & a friend recommended that I start memorizing verses that speak to me. This one seemed a good one to start with. I have also been asking God to reveal his love to me on a daily basis. Thanks for your encouragement!

      • Lyn says

        Thanks Kelli! I appreciate it more than you know. I am praying that 2013 will be a year for me. One where I will look back & really see breakthroughs in different areas of my life. I hope this is the start of that.

  53. Lorraine Bennett-Daley says

    My God-sized dream is to become a mother to all children….In order to accomplish this dream I have decided to offer my services in the Children’s Court in my country and to get that grand opportunity to help to shape and direct the lives of our children who are the major target of the enemy of souls.

    My other dream is to become a powerful woman of God in whose presence the enemy cannot stand. Close relationship with God and feeding on the work will get me to that position as a child of the Most High God.

  54. Freda says

    2013 is ripe w/change and new directions — challenging moments and the need for someone much bigger and with thoughts and ways much larger than I can conceive. Thank you for responding to His touch so that all of us may be encouraged in our journey w/Him! This blog and all involved are a blessing! . . traveling forward with a grateful heart!

  55. Sue Snyder says

    Today, January 9th, 2013, the small step I want to take today is to share my faith with someone. I want to replace my fear of stepping out with more faith. Yesterday, I was able to rejoice with a friend on our long drive (1 1/4 hours) home from work. God continues to put wonderful Christian women in my life and I thank you for this website. God bless.

  56. Cindy says

    I like today’s post, What if you don’t know what your God-sized dream is? Most of my dreams didn’t/haven’t materialized… but I do like that I am NOT left out. I do want to love God and Love others… So, I am included, too!

  57. Jen says

    I’m so thankful for Holley, Margaret, and the beautiful, strong, and inspiring women here. God has given me a blessing in the opportunity to read the comments of each of you! I hope you all realize how special and beautiful you are! Holley’s latest blog was for me. I really have no idea what my God-sized dream is. I have been in a relationship over 2 years with a wonderful man. The majority of the time, he has had chronic headaches with high pain levels that a cause or cure has continued to elude the numerous doctors working on him. It’s so hard to see someone you love in pain, and it has been difficult. But, I know that I’m right where I need to be and God just keeps telling me to trust him. So I suppose, this year…that is my God-sized dream. To trust God and release all the fear and doubt and sadness to him. To trust that He is in control, and that He will work all things out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. So, I will try to lay down my burdens…and NOT pick them up again! To let go and let God, and trust Him to care for us. For anyone in a trial, a friend gave me this devotional that resonated with me: “It is no matter who starts our trial, whether human, or devil, or even our own foolish self. If God permits it to reach us, He has by this permission made the trial his own, and will turn it for us into a chariot of love, which will carry our souls to a place of blessing that we could not have reached in any other way.” By Hannah Whitall Smith. Love and blessings to you all!

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says

      Hi Jen:

      I am touched by your pain and I truly pray that God will deliver your friend. I know its really and truly hard to watch someone you love in pain. I have had three trials back to back since the last year – at work, in my relationship and with my daughter. Your thought is a fact. My trials are all brought on by the devil to discourage me and to keep me from going after my dream…..he needs to know that when God says ready he stands no chance in trying to block God’s work. I take great and wonderful comfort in the fact that “the battle is not mine, its the Lord’s” After much tears and prayers God has lifted me up above them and I am walking off and leave them and keep going. God will work every one of them out for me and all I have to do is just keep going. God did permit them to reach me, painful painful painful as they are, they are truly his own trials for me and I know they will become a chariot of love which will carry my soul to a place of blessing that I would never have been able to reach any other way. Thanks, cyber hug to you.

      • Jen says

        Hang in there Lorraine! I admire your strength! I’m sending tons of virtual hugs back to you and prayers for the pain to now be in the past! Look ahead, my friend, God is with us all! The best is yet to come!

  58. says

    What can be frustrating is when you know what God has called you to do and people around you smile sweetly and give you that look of “you poor delusional girl”. And to add a kicker, it has been ten years, and God has not opened the doors yet…and I’ve been a-knocking.

    Comforting myself, that it is not God’s time…yet, keeps me from jumping in the driver’s seat and taking over.

    I love this series, and I look forward to reading more. Also have the book on order!

  59. Suzanne Thompson says

    I have had a dream for a number of years to initiate a Celebrate Recovery program in our church. I am not an active member right now but this is something that I continue to think about so I strongly believe it is my God-sized dream. Please pray for direction for me.

  60. Jackie van Overdijk says

    I LOVE reading all of these posts. It makes you realize you are not ALONE in figuring out what your God sized dream really is. Unfortunately I cannot obtain the book as I live (just five minutes North of the Toronto boarder), in Ontario, Canada. Aside of that I find the posts are still very encouraging. I make it a point Holley to use your emails as my devotional and quiet time and look forward to them daily! You always make me want to sit and relax and grab a cup of tea and spend time with you and Jesus! Holley you make one feel like you are truly in the room with them and you are a true friend! I would love to meet you all. Women you truly are an inspiration and it is beautiful to see you loving on God the way you all do!

    Now as for God sized dreams This has been a quest of mine for over the last year. I purchased a book called Dream Culture from our church to try and help me. STUCK like silly puddy is what it does and every time I come to read it and try to figure out what my God dreams are. I break down and cry because I find this topic so frustrating and complicated for me. BUT does it really have to be? I have been a Christian for 27 years. Last year after my 48th birthday I said to my devoted hard working husband (who I am proud to say is a Paramedic for 23 years) that I wanted my life to count for something in God. To make an impact in this world. My life counts as his Wife of 20 years and Mother to his two children, ages 16 and 14 and I know I have impacted their lives BUT i want something MORE. You see I have been a lay person in ministry before, I have worked in the church, done missions work as a single young adult in Africa, I prayed for people and have seen limbs grow, deaf hear and speak, God make me speak in another language as I prayed for them and they understood, I know the love, power and faithfulness of our GOD. BUT I want morein my present life! I have had so many prophetic words over the years and I wonder when they will come to pass. Is now the time??? However small or big it does not matter to me. I just want it to happen.
    So, this past week at our church we had a young adults conference “Heavy Rain”. My two teenagers wanted to attend. I am their mode of transporation and we live 35 minutes away from our church. I attended with my God sized dream in mind. It was about this generation making an impact and that they are the genereation to make the impact, stand up for God and to themselves in an uncomfortable position that they would not normally do for God and see what happens and where it takes you. While attending at the end of the conference we were asked to see or hear what God would put in our “safe” yes a safe. God gave me three precious gems…rare which happened to be a pink diamond, yellow diamond and a white. I did not understand what he was trying to say. God told me to take time and meditate on it. The next morning I went to the computer and looked up what these rare gems were in cyberspace. It tells how they are made, the rarity of them, the intense heat and pressure, the imperfections etc. Also the colour descriptions are so unique. This I feels commnicates of how my journey with God in the next period will and is going to be difficult (pressed down and shaken together) to reach my God sized dreams and I am VERY OKAY with that! I would suggest you look up the meanings of the colours of these gems. God to me is describing his love relationship with me…how he loves and sees me his daughter. He is enoouraging me…comin! Lets go God! I cannot wait!

    I will meditate on my coloured gems in my safe, continue with all my heart, mind, soul and strength to pursue him and he will answer me further…I have expressedas my GOD SIZED DREAM that (I work as a Law Clerk and Office Manager in litigation), that I would like enough money to purchase a home (we rent) and live comfortably, stay in our area where we live so that we can retire with no mortgage and live comfortably. This way I can have people over, cook for them, pray for them, open my home as a place of peace and refuge AND when my strong, faithful daddy wishes to send me to be his voice to where ever he wants when he wants I can just UP and GO. Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, [fn] who [fn] have been called according to his purpose”.

    From this, I have come to the conclusion (which could change) so far that my when I (and it is what Holley somewhat said in her post this morning), that as we love God and passionately pursue him, he will lead us and direct our paths. All that to say I know ONE OF MY DREAMS is I want to be a true lover of my lover and seek him with all my heart, no matter what that looks like and what the cost is! For all of us I believe TRUST is and can be a factor. Especially in our comfortable North American society!!! I think as we do this, lays ourselves down, trust him and REST (true rest is loving him and trusting him) in him, he will direct our paths and be faithful as we pursue our LOVER. Our LOVER he will show us our God sized dreams.

    Bless You All – Luv Jackie

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says

      Jackie, I just love your piece, to God be the Glory. The love affair with our father is one that we can never have enough of. Keep it going while we help others to walk along.

  61. Angie says

    I would like to “Fearlessly Enjoy God’s Best in a Whole way”.
    In addition or maybe sub dreams , I would like to:
    – grow intimately closer to Jesus
    – Enjoy Rest
    – Write & Record some more original songs for myself and maybe some other people

    Angie from Boston!

  62. Dee says

    My husband and I are parents of a son with mental illness. Today is his 31st birthday and I have his baby picture sitting next to me of when he was 9 weeks. We never saw this coming in a million years! He has been absent from our family, hubby and I for nearly a decade. He’s our only child. We’ve begged, prayed and prayed, bargined with God, confessed and on and on for a healing, relief from the abuse etc. Somehow I can’t find or know how to dream a God-sized dream. I started a ‘Thankfulness Journal’ because I read Anns book and this is huge for me! My husband and I are graduates of a fine Christian college, both teachers, we volunteer and love the Lord, but as Lyn says,’Life has worn me down’ Where on earth does one begin this journey?
    I’m ready to take the challenge Holley! All I wanted to do today, ever since I woke up, was to bake my son a cake for his birthday…..but we don’t even know where he lives. I pray for continued courage in this journey.

    • Jen says

      Praying for courage for you too, Dee. Like Holley said, “start with what’s there.” Make that cake as healing for you and your husband. Celebrate…you never know when God will help him make his way home. Love and prayers to your family!

    • Lyn says

      Hi Dee
      I have experienced first hand how mental illness can impact a family. I hope that you made the cake anyway. God recently brought the verse John 14:27 into my life & I hope you can find some comfort in it as well.
      “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world give. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid”
      Easier said than done,I know.
      You are in my prayers. hughughug

  63. Pat Hutchison says

    I like so many are also worn out from “LIFE” the every day occurrences and the things that happen that are not so “everyday”… I took time off from church and choir this summer just to rest as I work full-time and don’t see how I have time to “dream” let alone try to accomplish something.
    The one thing i feel I should work on is our finances, and the way God would have me handle them.
    Is that a God-sized dream. I love your comments.


  64. Janine says

    Hello ladies! I wanted to jump on here and say I am also part of this as a sister in Christ. Although, I don’t have a blog (ahem), maybe I will some day?! Cant’ tell you how encouraging it is to know that I am not alone in this struggle to really love and serve God with a yes to what He has put on my heart via career & calling. I’m scared. I’m uncertain. I’m nervous! I have some big decisions to make this year regarding family, work and ministry. I have a loving husband who totally supports me, and the Most High God who knows me perfectly. But, uh, ya, still scared. I love what Sarah said on the last post: “It’s never going to be the perfect time. And it’s always going to be scary. So we have to do it anyway.” Oh….I am so there!!! Holley and Margaret—thank you so much for leading this!

  65. Jackie van Overdijk says

    Lorraine Bennett-Daley: Thank you! I know that is part of my calling to help others in the church and out of the church along…as we love as we are commanded we will cause people to be drawn unto him…HE who abides and lives in us! Have anyone ever really pondered that, seriously – What an awesome, loving God that he would “tabernackle” with us!

  66. says

    I just wanted to say thank you for doing this, and for encouraging us to dream. :)

    P.S I couldn’t comment on the blog in front of me, as they seem to have comments disabled except for team members. But I commented on the one in front of that one! Hopefully that is okay. :)

  67. Laura says

    Not sure what the future holds for my family and me, but everyday I am writing a devotion on facebook and trying to pray for the 15 ladies, teens, and preteens that God has placed on my mind.

  68. Yvonne says

    After reading your post today. I just felt in my heart that part of my life size dream is to be there for God. Which sounds profound and at the same time is a big step in faith. So i look forward to what Papa has in store for me and ask Holy Spirit that you lead and guide me and give me the courage and boldness to be there for God.

  69. Veronica Carr says

    I have been reading along the last few days but have not posted a comment. Fear. I did not choose “Faith over fear”, I let my fears get in the way. I have a God-sized dream…and I haven’t told anyone, I haven’t ever really written it down. I am afraid of what people might say. Even the ones that I know love me. I have a new relationship with God over the past two years and it has dramatically changed my life!
    So here it goes…
    My God sized dream is to mentor women who have struggled with either an eating disorder, depression or divorce. One, two or all three. I have great passion for all three and just don’t know where to start. So I continue to pray about it and see where God takes me.
    Thank you every woman here for giving me the strength to say my God sized dream.
    What a relief!

  70. Andrea says

    Hey Holly,
    although I was excited to hear about the God-sized Dream program at the end of last year, I was busy during the last weeks and although I got your E-Mails, I thought I was too busy to engage in the program and have not read any posts from you this year until today.
    But this afternoon (I´m in Germany) I was in need of a mental break during work, and looked at your blog. I read your latest post and liked the idea that I do not have to think over and over again what my dream might be, but that simply getting more in contact with God and people is a good starting point. Then I found the link to this post and randomly clicked on ONE of the participants´ blog (number 44!) and then, bang!, as heading of the blog “Dreams Ignite” its says “Live can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forward.” (Soren Kierkegaard), and I had written that same sentence on my facebook wall just during the last week! As a teenager I had it in my room during a time when I felt overwhelmed with life. Now it seems the sentence has been sent back to me to keep me going and move on and on this year :-)

  71. Liz A says

    This post was so relevant today Holley as I do not have a God sized dream, but I know God is working in me!! Let me explain, my husband died two & half years ago, we moved from UK to the beautiful Canary Isles nine years ago, I am trying to sell the house we retired to as it is huge. BUT where do I go from here? I have my family & two gorgeous granddaughters in UK, here I have my church, my friends, my dog AND sunshine! So even though I don’t have that dream I am trusting God to reveal where I go from here. My question is should I have ‘a dream’ or continue trusting?

  72. Lois says

    I struggle with depression and anxiety(it’s worse this time of year, even on meds.) Today I finally found myself reading your post about God sized dreams, and I haven’t a clue what my dream is……but I want to know. I want to pursue it. I just don’t know what to do first or how to stay with it. Eventually everything I start slips away from me and I find myself in a dark hole just trying to get thru the day, and onto the next. I will continue to read your posts and pray for God’s help to pull me out of the dark hole I continue to fall back into. Thanks for you encouraging words.

  73. Saraphin says

    Not sure of my God-sized dream because I stopped dreaming about 3 years ago after a major move from KS to NJ. My ‘mustard seed’ is getting up earlier to allow more time for devotion and to open my heart and mind back to Him. With this I believe and know He will start to show me what my God-sized dream is.

  74. says

    My heart is so moved by this blog post and the many comments. As I read through them, I want to be able to slow my mind down enough to really pray for those people I feel impressed to pray for. I already wrote my blog post about my God-sized dreams, but I am feeling sure there is going to be some “new creation” going on even in how I dream His dream. I am also quite sure I cannot explain exactly what I mean, because this has to do with my intertwined quilt of dreams, which is most certainly not finished yet. Right now, I have not settled on one dream — and really, I don’t think I can.; but I have become better at baby steps the last few years. Thank you and I am so glad I found your blog, thanks to Teri Lynne Underwood

  75. says

    My God sized dream for 2013 is beginning to come together. I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse and emotional neglect raised in a home with mental illness and alcoholism. That being said, I am beginning a community group within my church for women in bondage to whatever their strongholds/issues may be…women encouraging women. Pray for me as I embark.

    • Lorraine Bennett-Daley says


      You have suffered two very traumatic things. I have a grandson who resides with a mother who is emotionally neglecting him. She buys him toys and clothes and yet, she is unable to connect emotionally with her son. I know that emotional neglect can have damaging effects on a child and I try to show her time and time again and she seem not to be able to give emotional food to her child. I believe the best thing that you really can do it what you have set out to do and even though the experiences brought pain in the end it will bring joy to you and others…out of bitter comes sweet. Had you not been through those experiences you would not have been able to offer the quality help you will be offering through God’s help. May God richly bless your efforts, its well needed. Its because of the abuse of children why I have also decided to do work in the Children’s Court in my country.

  76. says

    I love words and I have dream of someday authoring a book. I have taken a tiny step by writing a blog. Pray God will prosper this small seed into a full grown tree someday.

  77. Joelle Brown says

    My God Sized Dream, is to write a book. I’ve always yearned to be able to put forth my thoughts on paper and have my words help others. I got more of a yearning to do it when I lost my mom to cancer. She was only 59 and I was just 30 and in no way ready to live on this earth without her. I poured over different christian book stores and websites to try and find a book that would help me with my grief and while there are a lot of books on grief there was never one that fit just my circumstance, so that is my dream. While I love to write I have a real struggle with formulating all of my thoughts. My step write now is to just be still and faithful in my walk and listen to where God would have me go next. I would like to find a writing class in my area that would maybe help to mold and shape my dream. Who knows what will happen as God writes my story….

    • Tiffany O. says

      Joelle keep focusing on that dream and know that with God all things are possible…continual blessings on your journey and know that your mom is smiling down on you :)

  78. Tiffany O. says

    My God sized dream is be a blessing and inspiration to women out there going through and share my testimony as a light that no matter what always stand on God’s word and know that he will fulfill the desires of your heart

  79. Agron says

    I’ve seen over 70 dreams, about God, Returning of Jesus, healing pepople and doing miracles in the name of Jesus and many many more, but over 40 days I think, I didn’t see any dream :( I keep asking Lord in my prayer to give me dreams like before… no dreams :(

  80. Rog says

    I got saved 10 years ago and soon as that happened he gave me the enormous passion to pursue acting (my original calling). At first, I was afraid but started diving into the business. From there, he gave me a passion of watching all sorts of films, majoring in history in college so I can be a historical fiction writer for scripts, produced a film and- continously- landing acting gigs.

    Now, that it has been 10 years, I have been wondering if this is what he wants me to do. I only say this because the fire and the passion hasn’t been the same since first receiving it. At first, I would the thought the dream was given for the same reason anyone would want it is because I would enjoy doing it but now I can see it’s bigger than that. Believe it or not, Joseph has been my inspiration because he’s been given a dream that came true. During those trials, he was betrayed, beaten, enslaved, accused. Other factors I saw him was he never had a bible, no christian friends and never-verbally- spoke to God (the exception of having the dream). I- sort of- feel this way and wonder how it will work out but I am sure he has questioned, just as I do, of why he gave me this dream and I’m hoping- one day- it will come true.

    I do want to break into hollywood and I want to make great secular films with great stories, just as how Jesus told great parables. I hope I am making some sense but I hope I can receive prayers of wisdom, understanding, waiting and FOLLOWING his will. Thank you!


  1. […] Gerth was gracious enough to accept me to be a part of her God-sized Dream Team.   She has assembled an amazing group of dreaming women to come together to actually put action […]

  2. […] Holley challenged us last week to do one little thing this week to move forward towards our God-sized dream. I did two very little things this last week: 1} I added to my Pinterest dream board, and 2} I read at least 15 minutes a day.Now, most of my dreams I want to achieve are more long-term things. We are not planning on breaking ground on our dream home in the next 6 months or anything. I know…rather disappointing. I already had people inviting themselves over {I love it!}. One thing I can do now to work towards our dream home is visualizing it and building a dream board. Sounds a little hokey, but if you study successful businessmen/women or athletes, you will find that many of them are dreamers and use this technique. If you took sports at a competitive level, you are probably familiar with visualization. Picturing that perfect layup or goal over and over in your mind is a key part of a professional’s practice. You get what you picture. Along with regularly visualizing and building a dream board, another thing I can start working on right now is growing personally in wisdom and character. I have a whole stack of books that have been recommended to me by my mentor, and I want to get through one book a week. I have not achieved my dreams because I am not the person I need to be yet. I have not grown enough, worked hard enough, or smart enough…yet. I am going to be consistent {ah…there’s my One Little Word!} and wait patiently for God to bless in His timing.  For further reading on building and pursuing your dream:Ant and the Elephant – Vince PoscenteMagic Of Thinking Big – David J. SchwartzThe Dream Giver – Bruce WilkinsonDo you have any book suggestions? I would love to hear them!I am blessed to be a part of the God-sized dreams team, and we are linking up here {you can too!}:  […]

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