You Can Handle Whatever Happens Today {Coffee for Your Heart}

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Today is the first link-up for the Coffee for Your Heart 2014 Encouragement Challenge! I’m so excited to see what you have to share. {Subscribers, come on over to so you can see all the posts that are being linked up and share a comment of your own. All this will make a lot more sense when you see it online. Promise.}

The Coffee for Your Heart concept is simple: I’m asking you to pour out a little love with your words every Wednesday. To help you do so, I’ll have a prompt each week. The prompt I gave you last Wednesday day was, “What encouraging words do you want the people you care about to hear as they begin a new year?”

Write a post with your answer, put it on facebook, turn it into a tweet, or write it in a card you send to a friend. Then share with us here by linking up or leaving a comment. Pretty please use this button in your blog post  so others can easily join in with us {link the image back to}…

Coffee for Your Heart 150

I’ve been thinking and praying a lot about what I most want your hearts to hear too and it came to me just this morning…

There will never be a day in your life that you can’t handle.

Because all of your days are in God’s hands.

I’m sharing more about that in our weekly coffee date video below…

Coffee for Your Heart: You Can Handle Whatever Happens Today from Holley Gerth on Vimeo.

{about the video…This is supposed to feel like we’re just hanging out having coffee so I shoot the videos in one take and there may be bloopers and messy hair and who knows what. But that’s real life and we’re friends, right?} :)

Thanks for being here and pouring out some love this week!


Holley Gerth

p.s. The next writing prompt is simply this: “You’re Loved.” Write a blog post on that theme and link it up here next Wednesday. Or if you don’t have a blog, you can post on facebook, twitter, or simply share a comment about how you let someone in your life know they’re loved this week.


  1. says

    It’s so great to hear your voice this morning. I can relate to your thoughts on your video. I call it “but-ville.” Behind my courageous acts there is a nagging whisper that repeats the word “but” and then adds whatever scenario I am walking out. There are no buts in God’s kingdom, just promises and faithfulness. I’m thankful for you and your encouragement. Holding up my tea cup and sending a hug this morning.

    • Holley says

      “There are no buts in God’s kingdom, just promises and faithfulness.” Ah, friend, those words made my heart sigh with relief and reassurance. Thank you for sharing and for joining in today!

  2. says

    I’m so sorry but I couldn’t seem to add your button to my sidebar. I’ve added buttons before. I do have a link to in my post though. Any suggestions?
    Anyway, thanks so much for Coffee for Your Heart. I so enjoyed writing this post. You are such an encourager and I want to be that in my writing as well.

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing a warm cup and encouraging words this morning. The words that I wanted to encourage others with is this: The Word is our lifeline. The Word is Life.
    {I tried several times posting you button link and it would not work. Perhaps it is just from my end?}

      • says

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  4. says

    Holly, thank you for this source of encouragement today. Your words ring true for me as I move into more healing God has for me and for years I’ve struggled with worrying about when the “other shoe” would drop. God has been teaching me through different circumstances to rest in him no matter what. Thank you for beginning this link up and allowing us to join hearts and words together!

    • Holley says

      Sarah, I can so relate to what you shared. It turns out our brains are actually wired to watch out for future threats. Isn’t that interesting? Works well for keeping us safe but not so well for avoiding worry. So we have to override that by being “transformed by the renewing of our minds.” I never realized that and breathed a big sigh of relief when I discovered I didn’t have to feel guilty about wondering what bad thing might happen…I just needed to switch that over to new thoughts! XO

    • Debie says

      Hello Sarah, I too live with the fear of waiting for the other shoe to drop, which happens quite often in an adhd men household. I am slowly learning (through God”s word), to give it to him and let laughter take it’s place. After years of stress playing havoc on my mind and body, it’s a relief to know God has my back.

  5. says

    Thank you, Holley, for the encouragement – today and in this challenge. I am scared spitless to be linking up, but am forging ahead (however timidly) and doing it anyway. I am so excited to explore the new blogs found here. So grateful for your bringing us all together.

    • Holley says

      Laura! I’m cheering wildly for you as you take this step of faith in spite of your fear. People who are scared spitless and do it anyway are my favorite kind {I think God is fond of them too}. :) Thank you for linking up!

  6. says

    Thank you Holley. If you read my link, the part about greeting cards…well, I wasn’t where I could get one from Dayspring. I love your cards and your encouragement. I told someone that I think your encouraging words are so pure, so God-given. Cards a great place to start when we are sharing our hearts. Thanks for the link up. My encouragement is in bold-type down in my blog. God bless you this day!

    • Holley says

      How wonderful to see your face here today, Dea! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing. And I agree, cards are wonderful!

  7. says

    Hi Holley, thank you so much for speaking what was on your heart today – you have no idea how much I needed to be hear that! It was a little bit like you read my mind! So yes, thank you for that and I’m really looking forward to joining you all for this encouragement challenge! Lots of love, Ruth x

  8. says

    This is an amazing thing to do Holley. I wanted to let you know that I was also inspired to start something new with Shilo and Reid. I’ve begun sending them video notes to encourage them all year long. I’m calling them “Notes to My Adult Sons”.

    Thank you for this encouragement…to encourage others. xoxo

  9. says

    Hi Holley,
    How fun having coffee with you. (I drank mine while watching your video.) :)
    Phil. 4:13 is one of my favorite verses, and I’m reminded that even when I think I won’t have the strength to handle something one day, God gives that strength–everyday, but even more when we need it. When He’s walking us through something, He supplies us with what we need to keep going.

  10. says

    So, I’ve been struggling with getting a handle on my responsibilities and the chaos around me. I’ve had to try to choose more carefully what I take on or don’t. I was a bit bummed when I realized I wouldn’t be able to add writing a link up post for today. The desire to participate in the encouragement must have been in my spirit though, because this morning I realized I did it without even realizing it–a particular friend, who has been very discouraged in her dream, weighed heavy on my heart. I’ve been wanting to reach out to her in some way. I decided to post some encouraging words on FB for her:) I hope it makes her smile and ripples out to others.

  11. Mary says

    Good Morning Holly, someday I WILL have a blog spot where I can link up with you. That is my dream for 2014! But for today I just want to offer encouraging words to you and others. Words I have been reading that are reminders that each of us is loved just as we are, there is only one of us, we are unique and wonderful made by our loving Abba, God. He loved us enough, each one of us, to come to earth, a cruel, wicked place, to be the ultimate sacrifice, the perfect Lamb, so we can be made new in Him. He gives us the Holy Spirit to help us fight against the lies and to get through the struggles we each one face. We cannot do it alone, so I am blessed to be a part of this sisterhood, where we encourage and support one another with honesty and faith and above all LOVE. Thank you for sharing with us and giving us this opportunity. So much fun to “meet” new sister bloggers!

  12. Lynlee says

    My enouragement for the year is to LISTEN be still and know He is God He will lead you and will NEVER leave you! He loves you!!

    • Holley says

      Yes, listening is so important–especially in the midst of so many words. Thank you for the reminder, Lynlee!

  13. Heather says

    Holley, thank you for your words this morning! I am looking forward to this new challenge! Someday I will have a blog, but for now, the encouraging truth on my heart this morning is that God really will never leave nor forsake us. He sticks with us, through the messes, the tragedies and the dumb mistakes, working them into the “all things” He works together for good. So there’s nothing any of us can do–or not do–to drive Him away. He’s in it with us forever!

  14. says

    Here is a link to blog post that I wrote about my One Little Word for 2014 finding me.
    My word is DISCOVER! One of the items on my list is to discover more about my Creator this year.

  15. Petra says

    I would like the people I love to hear, “all will be well, and all will be well and all manner of things shall be well”. I can’t take the credit for this one, it’s a quote from Julian of Norwich, which incidentally is where I live. Still wise words even though she lived in the 1300s. And thank you, Hollie for your wise words xxx

  16. Peggy Martinez says

    I loved Coffee for My Heart today. That is just what I needed to hear. You are such an inspiration to me. I thank God that you are a part of my life. By the way where can I get that coffee mug? I love it.

    God Bless You!!!!

    • Holley says

      Thank you for asking about the mug, Peggy! It’s actually a photo of a plain red mug with words I added onto the pic. But a lot of people have asked so I will let you know if there ever is a mug like that! :)

  17. says

    You’re so right. There is nothing I can’t handle because I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. It’s something I tell myself whenever I feel fear creep into my heart. Even just joining this link-up, I felt a little fear since my post is not something I normally write about on my blog. But it was refreshing to step out of my comfort zone and just go for it!

  18. Lazondral says

    My comment was: As you begin this new year, I want you to know that you are loved, valued, needed and sufficient! You are unique and irreplaceable. I am fortunate that God placed you in my life. May the peace, rest and favor of the Almighty God be upon you and your family in Jesus’ name! I love you!

  19. Kathy says

    Good Morning Holley – Thank you for the video and the challenge to send encouraging words. I am going to do my best to each week send a note to someone with encouraging words and share God’s love for all of us! Last week I sent it to a young pre-teen who has a wonderful Mom and family but also wanted her to know that others pray for her and are there to support her! Thanks for the encouragement to step out of my comfort zone! Hugs – Kathy

  20. says

    Good Wednesday, Ya’ll!
    Encouraging words for the New Year 2014. My heart was set on talking about New Years resolutions and how the wrong ones can make us feel overwhelmed. Join me in resolutions that can be met when we center them on Christ. And remember, a new year resolution does not make or determine who you are nor do they indicate what you will never become if you break them. Read more at

    I tried to link up, but I am not sure it went through.

    Love and blessings, Bea

  21. says

    “Take a breath.”

    Those are my encouraging words today. At the start of the new year, fresh with optimism and hope that THIS year will be different, how many of us are rushing around trying to keep our promises to do things different/better/more intentionally, memorize our goals, start working on those goals NOW, make/find more time to get those things DONE so that this year really will be DIFFERENT.

    Just breathe, sisters.

    Just take a breath and exhale the prayer, “God I know you hear me. Help me hear you. Clear the clutter from my brain, still the churning of my goal-focused brain, and help me to see the ONE thing you want me to see right NOW.”

    Take a breath sisters. Invite God into that breath and let Him help you see the next thing. He’s already there – in the next thing – after all.

    Grace and peace,

  22. Mary DeJ says

    It was such a joy to “have coffee with you.” Your theme for 2014 and your first ‘assignment’ have gotten me fired up. I chose these words, “I always thank God for you” (1 Corinthians 1:4) when I was in touch with family and friends during the past week. We can get so mired in the day-to-day business of life that we often feel unappreciated. I wanted them to know that in my conversations with God, I spoke of my gratitude for them. That includes you, too Holley! What a great way to begin this New Year! :0)

    • Holley says

      I love your desire to show your appreciation to the people in your life, Mary! I know you are a joy and blessing to them. :)

  23. Debie says

    My word for this year is Wisdom. I think Wisdom encompasses many of the things, I need to learn to become the women God wants me to be. Love, Faith, Hope, Belief, Trust, Patience, Courage, Giving, etc. all need Wisdom to understand and follow, in order to reach God’s goal in my life. I praise him for giving you the wisdom to start Coffee for Your Heart. Hugs

  24. Stephanie Corrales says

    I’ve been sharing this with some of my closest girlfriends and asking them to share these encouragements. Regardless of where we are in our lives and what we have on our plates (half full or overflowing) my encouragement to the gals today is to remember “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13 but I feel that the verses 12 – 14 really coincide with your post today:

    Philippians 4:12-14

    New King James Version (NKJV)
    12 I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.
    14 Nevertheless you have done well that you shared in my distress.

    Sometimes it’s easy for us to forget in our daily lives/grind who is really in control but then God shows me something amazing – even the tiniest of reminders that I am HIS Child and HE has everything under control. Thank you, Holly & may you and all your readers have a very Blessed 2014!

    In CHRIST’S Love!

  25. Wendy says

    On Saturday I had a letter about a course I had done at work and it said this time I have not gained my certificate but can retake it next year. I first of all felt down but went upstairs to pray and Jesus reminded me that I and we do not need a certificate to know him as he loves us and takes me and you as we are. All our flaws and when we do something wrong he forgives us. We are loved with or without a certificate to our name

    • Gloria says

      Oh Wendy, thank you for sharing these words. You are so right. God doesn’t care if we have letters & stuff behind our names. He just cares that we have HIM in our hearts. I’ll bet you are such a blessing to others where you work ~ even to the ones who DO have the certificates! Thank you so much!

  26. Gloria says

    I’m not really sure that what I have to share will be all that encouraging to others but it sure will help me to share… Life’s been kind of hard lately. Not kind of hard. REAL hard. But every time I felt like giving up and walking away, God was there. He was standing in front of me, behind me, beside me, above me… you get it. He was there ALL of the time but I kinda sorta forgot, I guess. Those silly stupid tapes that roll around in our heads have been working overtime in mine. Rev. Billy Graham’s column in our Sunday paper really spoke loud and clear to me: “Encourage rather than tear down” is the title. When we feel that we are being criticized by others, look for what God says. He is all that matters anyhow. So I’m trying to do that each moment of this week. “Do not pay attention to every word people say” from Ecclesiastes 7:21. I’m clinging to those words. And, in doing so, I’m learning to encourage and build others up. Hope this makes sense. I’m new to all of this so please be patient with me as I learn to be patient with myself…

    • Holley says

      Being patient with ourselves is harder than being patient with anyone else, Gloria. Keep pursuing that and listening to God’s heart for you!

  27. Dona says

    Things to ponder for the new year. God controls our future. we control our past. The good things we will always carry in our hearts. The bad things are just excess baggage that weighs us down. throw it away, bury it, just get rid of it. God is ready to fill you with all the graces you will need to get you through the coming year. The more you empty yourself, the more room He has to work. This year will be full of challenges, no one will be spared. Life seldom works out in the plan A’s, so always, always have a Plan B and even a C. You will spare yourself a lot of disappointment. sing, dance, laugh more, and once in a while tap into your inner child. it is a great way to relieve stress. If one dream doesn’t work out, then find another one. Always find something to look forward to. When you stop dreaming you stop living.
    God bless all of you and keep you well and safe through the year.

  28. Wanda says

    Hi Holley… Thanks for this morning’s coffee..I am happy to participate in the Coffee for Your Heart encouragement challenge. I enjoy leaving notes on the bathroom mirror for my husband or in backpacks/school lunches for my teenage son and daughter and my message to them this week is ‘you are of infinite value’ so that they are reminded that they are precious gifts from the Lord to me.

  29. Dona says

    I love this. I am so happy to be a part of this encouraging blog. thank you so much Holley for a place to share our thoughts once a week with all your readers out there. I am so proud to be your sister-in-Christ. God bless you .

  30. says

    What a powerful encouraging gathering you have assembled here today! Thank you for that! Thank you for inviting us in, giving us coffee, and space to encourage and be encouraged! Amazing how it’s no surprise to anyone here that we all feel right at home! My how you bless!

    • says

      Amen to your post. I almost feel as if the entire world are believers and when I am at work, I feel as if though everyone is in Christ. These encouragements help me stay focused. You see, my family and most of my friends do not share my faith and they (mostly family) attack me, but I tend to forget that when I surround myself with these types of projects. I know I am not alone in my burning desire to please the Lord. So, thank you Holley, and thank you Karrilee for caring enough to share.

  31. Brenda Williams says

    For my dear friens. As we both knw that whenone door closes God opens a nw one. May you feel Gods love and my love through all your pain and stugles.. The answer is on the way…

  32. Sharne Rubera says

    Thank you for your words of encouragement Holly. When you trust God and daily live commited to Him and His plans and purposes for your life He is faithful and you can live your life being assured that nothing is too big or small for God to handle. Trust Him today, commit yourself afresh to Him and see what Ge dues in your life…

  33. Myrtle Pfister says

    The word I chose is “trust” . Trust that no matter how dark it may look and how alone we may feel and how overwhelming the circumstances are, that our God the one who loves us, always is still there and He will be there, if we but take His hand and trust He will keep us safe from any danger and in so doing, that others will be drawn to His light of love in our lives. “Trust” that if we have been told some unfavorable test results that God is the one with the final answer, not the test and not the doctor, God gave us a brain to learn and listen and then come to Him with our fears, anxiety, or worries and He will give us peace and a joy that can come no other way but from our heavenly Father….As I write this I am reading it to myself , it speaks to me as well. “Trust” God is trustworthy.

  34. says

    Tried my best to link up but couldn’t seem to get it to work…AFTER not being able to either put a link to the website in my text or the button on the blog. Seriously! This is not helping feelings of failure. :) So either my link up didn’t work or after a while there will be 3 of me up there.

    ANYWAY, Thanks so much for words of encouragement today.

  35. Marilyn Saxon says

    Wednesday prompt: Here goes! I want those I love and care about to hear these words everyday throughout 2014 “You are unconditionally loved by God. You are special, unique and blessed because you belong to Him.”


  36. Sherri says

    Thank you Holley for your words of encouragement; I needed them today.
    On Christ the Solid Rock we all stand lifting each other up hand in hand!
    XX’s to ALL!

  37. Lina says

    Thanks Holley! I don’t have a blog or a twitter or know how to use a button… BUT I am extra thankful for your post today and did re-post it to my FB page because I needed to hear that today and truly want God’s peace of mind for all my friends.

    And I really like that the mug is hot red!!

  38. says

    My word for the year is “Hope”. My daughter and I left my husband jan.1st, trust me, a good move. I have a lot more hope now for our future, cause hope is all I have besides you guys and God.

    • Holley says

      Praying you continue to have hope, Emily, and that God leads you and your daughter into all He has for you this year!

  39. Tammy says

    Your words have given me so much strength this evening. They came at I time when I really needed to hear them. Recently I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have began a journey I never expected. This evening I had to come to the realization that I needed to shave my head which is hard for any woman I am sure. This is a part of the journey I dreaded the most. When I open my email and your sweet voice said the words ” You can handle whatever happens today…..” I knew God was speaking to me through you. Your words have given me such strength to tackle this part of the journey and I can’t thank you enough. You are such a blessing to me and many others.

    • Holley says

      Tammy, I’m so glad you shared this hard part of your journey with us. I’m sending you a big hug tonight and praying you feel beautiful and strong in every way!

  40. says

    Life-giving, affirming message! This year, I am praying for FREEDOM! One of the things that plague me is fear–and often, a nagging, pervasive fear of the future. This was a perfect reminder! Thank you for sharing encouragement with us and for offering this opportunity to link arms together to pour encouragement into others.

    Deb Weaver

  41. says

    What an inspiring promise for the start of a new year and new adventure in encouraging others.
    Indeed, our Lord will love us THROUGH every moment of life. Sometimes, leaning on His chest, or caring us when we can’t seem to stand on our own. And sometimes, running and skipping hand in hand with us as He sings over us, under His banner waving………….. LOVE.

    What a Savior, What promises, What confidence in His Love.

    Thanks Holly for being an obedient encourager.

  42. Connie says

    You are just so Blessed (and so am I) for having this weekly Coffee group and I Thank You.
    Ooops………..what a day for me, made coffee for my loving husband and myself, the “kiddo’s” (our dogs) needed to go outside, then I could not remember where I put my “assignment” for the week. Being retired and living in New Mexico, when God places the sun out I am on the go. Finally, here I am in the PM and drinking “iced coffee”, good for my soul.
    Some words I want girlfriends and loved ones to hear for the New Year are: Live, Love, Laugh. Listen. Let Go and Let God and Be Silent and Talk to God as often as you want. God wants us to take care of ourselves in order to to be there for others. I saw a T-shirt once that said “When Life Gets Too Hard To Stand……….KNEEL”. Shine on Holley and all my new found friends. I pray Blessings are with you every moment of every day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. says

    Oh, I just love seeing your smile and hearing your words, friend! I watched this while I was drinking my coffee this morning but am just now coming back to comment.

    As I listened to you talk, I was thinking back to a morning in early October, just a few months ago. I was so certain that life as I knew it was about to crumble…I even broke down in the McDonald’s drive-thru when I went to pay for my breakfast. (Yeah, it was a bad morning…bad that I was crying and bad that I was getting my breakfast at McDonald’s in the first place.) 😉 And as I drove home, fighting back tears, I had a moment when I suddenly felt hope. As if He was saying (and He totally was), “Just keep going. Ok will happen.” And it did…and I am ok. We are ok. Life’s not always easy, but we are going to be ok, and we are moving forward. That’s some sweet encouragement there…thank you, friend.

    I love this new link up and the opportunity to pour encouragement into the lives of others. Thanks for saying yes to Him. :)

  44. says

    Thank you for birthing such a beautiful movement of encouragement, Holley! I have been reading your devotions for years, many of your words have been emblazoned on my heart, and I’m so excited that you have given us all an opportunity to pass that same encouragement onto others!

  45. bev kline says

    All last week I thought of your encouraging words and I do believe it made
    my words a little more softer. On the very first day I had to encourage my
    my husband because he was down for the new year thinking of his retirement
    getting closer. By encouraging him I encouraged myself because I too
    have similar worries. Now your words of encouragement that we have nothing
    to fear because god has our days in his hands. So that just adds encouragement
    to our worries and I thank you. Have a great week, Bev

    • Holley says

      It’s amazing how encouraging others encourages our own hearts too, isn’t it? My Dad is retiring this year too–saying a prayer for him and your hubby right now!

  46. Lindia Lentz says

    I don’t have a blog, but recently I wrote these words as a roadmap for my life. I pray that these words also encourage others:

    With love, end hunger.
    With love, heal the broken.
    With love, promote peace.
    God wants to do amazing things with your life. LET HIM.

    Blessings & love,
    Lindia Lentz

  47. says

    Thanks Holley, I have been encouraged by many of your words; in fact, I used some for my desktop cover. Although I could not log in everyday but whenever I could, I read your messages and the staff’s news articles. Thanks and more power to all in this new year. God bless

      • says

        You are touching the lives of so many women and their families, and I am impressed by your creative activities like the Coffee group, which inspire me to continue doing good to others too. I remember a priest at confession saying to me when I was down, that when you do good to others, goodness will be returned to you. May we always be a blessing to one another. We need companions in our spiritual journey.

  48. Darlene says

    Loved the quick little coffee klatch & the relaxed feel. I fight with “what if’s”……all the time, but am getting better. My grandson had wise words—-“so what…what if, gram….God is bigger than the boogie man.
    Made my day.

  49. says

    Holley, I love the personal touch of the video, so intimate, maybe someday we will get to sit down and have a coffee or tea. Your message today of encouragement is just so right on, how we need to keep hearing these words. So looking forward to this year of encouragement and sharing. One pastor I listen to says part of what we are suppose to do in the “end times” is encourage each other. Blessings

  50. says

    Hey there Holley and any other reader! I had trouble sharing my link above, so just click on my title for the blog post :) It’s combined your prompt with my 2014 blog post, so enjoy x

  51. Babs C. says

    Well, I do not yet have a blog, so I have at least attempted to participate by posting something I wrote to my facebook page. This is my first link-up or blog type of writing and I have written about 4 widely different versions I am so nervous about what or how to share! I had a full day of meetings and appointments, so I tried to get my post linked up very early today, but was having trouble with the button. I see from other comments now, there was an issue. Early this afternoon, I retried to link-up and think I must have accomplished that because there is a square with my name on it in the links now. Yea! I have no idea how I did it, though, so pray I can figure it out better next week!

    Holley, Your words of encouragement in your blog and video were right in line with what I needed to hear today. Especially the part where you share about asking God to reveal what the lie was behind the doubt/fear of your thoughts, then you address it with the life-changing Word of God! Golly, that is such an important step – to break down the lies or fears or doubts and then “renew our minds” by consciously applying Truth and scripture! Thank you for the living example of how to do this, so simply, as you shared in your video today!! And thank you for the opportunity to begin to step out with writing for others and sharing through Coffee for Your Heart. I appreciate you and your heart to bless others!!

  52. Betsy says

    Hi Holley. It was so hard to write an encouraging post. I couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t sound cheesy or potentially insincere to my readers (mostly my family and close friends). So this year’s challenge I’m taking you up on, because I know encouragement does NOT come naturally for me. I’m more of a say-it-like-it-is girl who can easily wound with words. I finally posted…and I my subject of what I wanted them to know was that they are loved….and then hilariously just saw that that is next week’s prompt. Ha! This is going to be a great exercise for me. Thank you!

  53. says

    Your sweet smile just lights up my morning. And I’m so glad that God gives us sisters to help us handle those hard days–that we don’t do life alone. And whatever happens this year, we have each other to hold on to while we hang on to Him.

  54. says

    Okay Holley… thanks so MUCH for trying to help this techy-klutz! I used the link you sent but nothing new. Also the old post with basin & towel still sends people to outerspace… sigh! Now what? (sooooo sorry for two left feet!)

    • Holley says

      Martha, I wish I could help more! I’m a bit of a techy-klutz myself. I’m not sure what to recommend. Hmm. Thank you so much for persevering!

  55. Debbie says

    Thank you for encouraging us that we are in His hands and so will be able to handle all that happens today! I’m from a city that was devastated by a tornado in Nov. God keeps giving me little poems, and this is part of one and what I would want people to know for this coming year.

    I restore
    what’s torn asunder
    sow afresh
    what’s been laid waste . . .

    God bless you!

  56. Marianne says

    Holley, as usual, your comments hit my heart. At 70, I wonder what is left for me to do besides tread water until I am gone. I am job hunting -at my age!!! – and having problems getting unemployment funds and other monies that I counted on. Very disheartening __ but your comments on your grandad flying at 93 reminds me of MY grandmother who flew for first time in her 60’s -flew to see ME in Naples, Italy in her 70’s and did her very best everyday of her life until she was gone. Thanks for the reminder, thanks for the uplifting words from everyone >> know that they DO make a difference and I pass them on as well. Blessings to all.

      • Marianne says

        Some good news!! I was called this afternoon to interview for job with city!! I have interview this coming 1p. Please pray >> I am very concerned that once my age is known, I wont be considered.

  57. Connie says

    A Huge AMEN to your Grandpa who flew many miles to see you for Christmas. I am sure you will cherish his visit for the rest of your life!! So true: “If you belong to Jesus you are never over the hill.”
    Thank You for cheering us retired ladies on. Your encouragement feels so sincere like a warm and fuzzy feeling…………..
    My husband and I retired a few years ago and it seems to us like there are never enough hours in the day to get done what Jesus has in His Plans for us and for that we are so very grateful.
    Hint: Some days a 45 minute nap for my husband and “kiddo’s” (our dogs) allows me to Stay Silent and Listen to God and Pray…………..Yup, that warm and fuzzy feeling again!!!!
    SHINE on Holley as you are so “Wise beyond your Years” in the Love of the Lord and in reading other’s posts my Heart knows they feel the same way as I do!!!!!!!!
    Blessings to all and to all a Good Night.

  58. says

    This is what I wrote on Facebook <3 I want you to know that whatever you are going through right at this very moment, God is there. Even if you can't see Him now, I promise, you will be able to look back on this one day and see Him right there with you. Take comfort in that, lean on your Heavenly Father and stay strong. <3 ~ Tina Evans

  59. Ms. Robbie says

    Holley, Asking the Lord to continue to Bless you greatly for all the encouragement you bring to my life and countless others I’m sure. Been having a most difficult time of late and then I get an email from you, and the splashes of joy that you bring in waves just washes through my heart and lifts my soul. Don’t know what I’d do if the Lord wasn’t walking by my side. Thanks again so much for all that you do and the joy that you share with me. Blessings, Ms Robbie

  60. says

    Hi Holley,
    You have been an encouragement to me since last year. I have a subscription to your blog, and I love you — even though you don’t know me. I did not add a link on Wednesday, because I was running a little on low “gas.” I did not even know what to do for one word this year, because I usually have Tons of Words (grin). I did write something on my other blog not this one, and tonight I decided to post it. Why? Because it ended up being my encouragement to my Facebook Page — I Fatigue and Creative Decluttering. I loved the comments from my peeps. By the way, they are wonderful! Love you, Deb


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