You’re Going to Be Okay {New Book Releasing Today!}

If your life isn’t perfect, this is for you.

If you’ve ever been disappointed, this is for you.

If you sometimes have bad hair days, this is for you.

If you dreamed a big dream and then watched it fall apart, this is for you.

If you are human and live in a fallen world, this is for you.

You're Going to Be Okay Cover

She tucks her head in her hands for just a moment then looks up with a sigh. “It’s been a tough day,” she whispers with a half smile. I nod in agreement, touch her hand with mine. “I just need to know…” she continues, “I just need to know I’m going to be okay.”

Don’t we all?

I remember being a newlywed with a husband trying to figure out how to help. He would offer advice and solutions with such good intentions. Finally I stopped him and said, “This is what I need to hear: Just tell me I’m going to be okay.”

I hear the same from women all across the world. In conversations, emails, as a life coach, when I speak, during the time I worked as a counselor. We don’t want more “how-to” or to be told what to do. When life surprises us, smacks us on the behind, runs away with our dreams it’s our hearts that are left standing there hurting. Our heads know the truth. We understand what’s supposed to make it right in that moment. But somehow even the truth can ring hollow sometimes.

So what do we do then? Is it even possible to live with joy, resilience, and strength in this broken world? After connecting with thousands of women about this topic, searching Scripture, and through my own journey I can say without reservation: YES.

And it’s not just possible, it’s what God desires for you.

Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

Take heart.

That’s how we can deal with the dog messing up the rug and the devil messing up our lives. How we can face little irritations and life’s big tragedies and still thrive. How we can bounce back faster and fall down less. How we can spend more of our time living and less of our time regretting. And that’s what I want to share with you in my new book.

Is it easy? Nope. Nothing worthwhile ever is. But it’s worth it. Research shows that almost half of our happiness can be contributed to one factor: you. How you react to life turns out to be far more important than what life throws at you. When you decide to take charge of your heart, everything changes because you change.

You are stronger than you know.

You are loved more than you realize.

You are part of a greater plan and nothing can stop God’s purposes for you.

You’re going to be okay. 

I promise.

And what’s even more important…God promises too.

Take heart, friend. Good things are ahead.


Holley Gerth


You’re Going to Be Okay releases today and it’s for you and every woman in your life who’s ever faced a bad day or hard time. It will change your life and the lives of those you love if you let it. Promise.


p.s. I’m kicking off a book study of You’re Going to Be Okay on the facebook group Women Leading Women. {The term “leading” is used loosely–if you’re an encourager then you’re a leader too.} Click the link above to join us.

I’m also on (in)courage today!


  1. says

    There are too many times in my own life to count when you’ve told me I’m going to be OK. I’m so grateful for every single one. You’re the voice in my head who tells me the same Jesus truth over and over that He makes all things OK and I love you and this book and am profoundly grateful for your voice in my head.

  2. says

    How do I begin to thank you for the ways you have LIVED this out, and gently led me into this message over the last year or so? I think it’s a total God Thing that I’m sitting in the comment box behind Lisa-Jo Baker, because I will never forget how you two prayed with me in a dining room in Nebraska, both of you reminding me that I was going to be okay.

    I am immensely grateful for you, and for this book. So much love to you, friend.

    • Holley says

      Your words are always like a hug for my heart, dear Jennifer. Thank you for being a true Word sister in so many ways!

  3. says

    Giving thanks for you today, Holley Gerth. For the way you encourage and love, the way you genuinely care, and live the message with boldness … that through our God, everything IS going to be okay. I’m so excited for this book, and am so humbled to be able to call you my friend. May this message go out into this world to give many hearts hope, to know that even in the hardest days, everything IS going to be okay. Sending so much love, with cartwheels and cupcakes…xoxo

  4. Colleen Comito says

    I just ordered your new book Holly and am counting the seconds….literally, until it arrives…..

    Stress is working overtime, but God is in all time…leaning hard into Him right now.

    God bless you and your beautiful writing! He uses you in a powerful way!

    Everything is Grace,


  5. Gail says

    Those five little words pack a BIG message: “You’re going to be okay.” Thank you Holley for coming to my rescue yet again with your words of encouragement!

  6. says

    ‘how we deal with the dog messing up the rug and the devil messing up our lives.’ wow. i so love not only your words, but your kind, compassionate and generous heart. your books have encouraged and inspired me and given me the wings to take my own journey and step of faith…and i thank you. i’m headed over to purchase this new book now! i can’t wait to see how God speaks to my heart again, through you. blessings holley!

  7. Amber says

    Holley! Thank you for this book! Question- is it just releasing today? I bought mine last week at my local Christian bookstore, so I’m surprised to see that it’s releasing today- maybe it was Divine, because the Lord knew I needed it then!!!! :) Either way, blessings to you, and thank you for your words. :)

      • Amber says

        Wow! I’m sorry to say I wasn’t even looking for it. Just a wife/mama in some difficult days looking for some encouraging words. (*tears*) But it has touched my soul in a big way. Imagine my surprise on Ann’s blog today I see you again and then see that it’s just now released! Totally Divine! Thank you, sister! :)

  8. Javene says

    this book seems perfect for anyone, especially my friend who’s 15 year old daughter was missing for 4 days…she was found. I do not know the details but am praising God she was found. Now comes the hard part for this single mom to help her daughter and find the right care/solutions. Continuing to pray and encourage her and let her know how much she is loved and how Romans 8:28 will be fulfilled

      • Javene says

        she has a tough road ahead but at 15 i believe this is going to be a big part of her testimony….My friend is one of the strongest women i know and a good mom. She lost her husband to alcoholism in the fall…he died at age 43 from it. She knew enough to get her children out before he died. It was very sad. This was another big trial for her. Please keep JEN in prayer. Thank you

  9. Lisa says

    Wow Holley!! Once again you’ve been right on target with what I needed today! I just got the best news…a benign biopsy PRAISE THE LORD!! I’m shoutin…can ya hear me lol?? I love what The Lord is doing through you!! No matter what we’re all gonna be ok

  10. says

    I’m so excited about your new book! I really enjoyed your first two. I’ve been discovering my God-sized dream for myself, and your books were just what I wanted. More than anything though, they helped me feel better about myself as a person, which in turn helped me to try new things and explore what I can do. Thanks a lot! I can’t wait to read the new one!

  11. says

    I love your “encouraging truths,” Holley, in all your books. :) I’m looking forward to reading this one as well. Longing to hear more about living and thriving and letting go of beating-myself-up regrets.

  12. Lori Champagne says

    As I sit here…soon to be dealing with the next thing in the string of things that has been thrown at me since 11/7/13 (is it possible that I was in the way of a couple of other people’s curve balls in life?) I take a moment to breathe and pop on to Holly ‘s site and see the title…every where I turn lately I see this….and as another author says….it won’t be quick or painless….but I will be ok and I will get through this. I will bury my mother tomorrow and then continue waiting for God’s timing on the other things. Prayers would be much appreciated since I am strong yet just about the time I think…ok…this was the biggest test of faith and strength I get the next curve ball….but at some point I will be ok…guess in the big picture of God’s I already am….So I will hold on to that picture in my heart. But on a lighter note….anybody missing any of their curve balls…I think I have them. :)

        • Lori Champagne says

          As we prepare for tomorrow…if my momma could tell me one more thing….it would be, “Honey, you will be okay.” And (me being the only daughter who shared her love for reading) then she would tell me as she did countless times, “Honey, go read a book.”….perfect timing for the release of your new book…I just bought it for myself for my birthday present to me because I know she would have wanted me to , “Go read this book.” :)

  13. Bren says

    I just want to say thank you ms.Holley for letting your light shine. And reminding me that I’m going to b ok! After 21years of marriage, 3 grown boys and just turning 40, I find myself separated, unemployed and having to move to another state to move back in with my mom…through this transitional period, your blog has really spoken to me! I am blessed to have faith, family and friends to remind me this too shall pass…I appreciate you!!

    • Holley says

      I’m so glad that my words could walk with you on this difficult path you’re on. Praying God guides you and lets you know you’re loved and not alone!

  14. says

    Congratulations on the new book release, Holley! I am almost done with You’re Made For a God-Sized Dream and am loving it… especially the handouts of questions you created with it. Can’t wait read this one, and I also cannot wait to meet you this Friday! My mom (Kristi) is one of the women putting on Florida Baptist’s Children’s Homes Women of Compassion conference, which I am SO looking forward to! Blessings on this book release day!

  15. Hope says

    First, congratulations on your new book. I am the owner of your other books and they have spoken to my heart in ways that I can’t explain. I say to myself that I am made for a God Sized Dream and that I Am Amazing. Thank you for reminding me of these things. Today, started out to be a rough day and I wondered if I was going to be okay. Then, I got an email from (in)courage with the subject line, You’re Going to be Okay. Once I read that and the synopsis of your new book, I started to relax and now I do know, I’m going to be okay. Thank you so much for your words. I will be purchasing this book too. Can’t wait to get it. Have a blessed day!

  16. says

    WOOHOO!! Another book-birth! Congratulations, you Mama of words!! I am enjoying reading it so much and I’ve been having a hard time sitting and reading anything lately :) So thankful for you.

  17. says

    Congratulations on your book – after 30 years of marriage, we’re still tweeking our communication – it’s hard for the administrator man to not pile on solutions when I just need someone to listen – and it’s hard for this exhorter mom to stop pouring out words. “It’s going to be o.k.” crosses all personality gifts communication styles – and in faith it is always true:) Perfect words!

    • Holley says

      I think learning to communicate in love is a lifelong pursuit! It’s wonderful to hear how you and your husband are committed to finding ways to really hear each other and speak encouragement to each other.

  18. Jackie says

    just read the clip about your new book holley, i know a few people that new to be encouraged in this way… i have known for a long time from my own journey what you are saying when you say “just need to know i’m going to be okay”, this is so true… thank you for pursuing God to hear what He wants to say to us through you, you a a blessing

  19. says

    Holley, you can take the thinnest silver lining of a dark cloud and spin such glowing positivity! No doubt God will use your new book to encourage thousands of women. Thank you for never giving up!

    • Holley says

      Nancy, it’s the encouragement and support of women like you who are a big part of helping me keep going. Thank you for your kind words!

  20. says

    Holley, what a great new book…can’t wait to read it…you had me at: “How you react to life turns out to be far more important than what life throws at you. When you decide to take charge of your heart, everything changes because you change.” Thank you for all the MANY ways you encourage us <3

  21. rachel says

    Every day your words inspire me.
    Recently I had to deliver the eulogy for a loved one and I was amazed at feeling the love of God and experiencing His amazing grace.
    To God be the glory


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