The Answer to People Who Say God Doesn’t Exist…

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I’m borrowing words to share with you today.

Words from someone who knows what it’s like to not only survive difficult circumstances but come out thriving on the other side of them.

Someone who has been told “you are a mistake” and then learned from God that they are a world-changing miracle.

Someone who believes in the power of love to lead us out of the lowest points in our lives and take others with us.

Jonathan {on the right in the photo below} is a Compassion International sponsored child who went all the way through the program, including the Leadership Development Program, and has been with us this week in the Dominican Republic as our host. The following words are from a letter he wrote to his sponsor. As soon as he read them to us today I wanted to share them with you because you love like Jesus and it makes a difference…

Compassion Bloggers Dominican Republic 2015

What am I here for?

That was the question I asked myself many times when I was lonely, sad and empty, without purpose. And it was at that very moment that God used Compassion International to help me understand that, yes, I have a purpose and a reason to exist. This is what 80% percent of the children living in third world countries think–that they are nothing and that they have no future.

I wanted to start this letter that way because I wanted you to know that my life has really changed.

A very famous atheist said one day: “God does not exist because if God existed there would not be so many hungry children on this earth, nor so many diseases and catastrophes in the world.” My answer to that atheist is this: ”Millions of children, including me, have been released from material and mental poverty that undermined their lives through wonderful ministries like Compassion International.”

You are the protagonist in this love story–you are responsible for this change.

God has made man in His image and likeness and has given man the tremendous power to create; create Love, Faith, Hope, Dreams, Desire, Families, Communities, Cities, Nations, Opportunities and Compassion.

I will never be able to be grateful enough with words for your love for someone you never met before, someone who is not your family, your son or your nephew, or your grandson but someone that you loved without knowing him.

This is the answer to all those who claim that God doesn’t exist. You’re the answer.

And God is pleased with your work, God is happy because you have given more than what you had just like that widow who gave all she had. “In truth she has given more than all of you,” said Jesus.

You are the hands of God! And that’s why I no longer pray as I used to do before. I heard a pastor say: ”Do not ask God to feed the hungry if YOU have enough food in your pantry.” The truth is that many times we ask wrongly, because we ask God to do things when in our ignorance we forget that we are God’s response to the misfortunes of others.

This is why Jesus said: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.’’ John 13:34

Thanks again for writing. I treasure every one of your letters not only in a chest but also in my heart. I take time to read them over and over again because they are like oil of joy in times of distress.

I will never forget your prayers for me and for the coming generations–you left personal things to leave a legacy to the world.

With much love,

Jonathan Almonte

{this is an excerpt from Jonathan’s letter–you can read the entire letter here}

Thank you for the difference you’re making and the ways you’re sharing God’s love wherever you are! Like Jonathan’s letter said, you are changing the world…one life at a time.


Compassion International kids see sponsors as part of their families. If you’ve ever thought about adoption, consider sponsoring.


Here’s an exciting update about what you’ve done this week: There have been 96 kids sponsored so far on our trip to the Dominican Republic with Compassion International! Woo-hoo! That’s like 5 kindergarten classes of our daughters and sons, granddaughters and grandsons being released from poverty in Jesus’ name. So wonderful! You can see all their sweet faces here. I think we could get over 100, don’t you? 🙂

Dominican Republic Compassion Bloggers

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