Beauty in Brokenness

I wrote this a few months ago after facilitating a grief support group for the first time. As I’ve done counseling this week, it keeps coming to mind…


Life can be so hard.

We are so fragile…

all of us one breath away from eternity.

We forget until tragedy comes

and we are reminded

how we are all like flowers of the field.

And yet, You love us.

You value us.

You gave Your life for us.

But You also allow us

to be broken.

How do we make sense of that?

Where is the beauty in the shattered pieces?

We want You to make

something lovely of our lives

but more often it is more like a mosaic—

beauty out of a million broken pieces—

than the flawless work of art we imagine.

So, help us, Lord.

Give us strength in our brokenness.

Let us say with Job,

“Though He slay me,

yet will I trust Him.”

Is there a harder prayer to pray?

I do not know of one.

Come to us, take our pieces,

use them for Your purposes

Until we see, as You do,

The beauty in the brokenness.

My favorite post from a fellow blogger on finding beauty in brokenness is by Angie Smith from Bring the Rain. I hope you’ll take a moment to read The Past and the Pitcher.

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About Holley

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