Try Micro Goals Instead of New Year’s Resolutions…

Happy almost New Year to you! I realized recently that I’ve been writing in this space for fifteen years now. Wow. Thank you for being here! I’m so glad you’re joining me for another year!

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And now today’s post:

If life is busy or challenging as you’re starting 2024, then big dreams or New Year’s resolutions may feel overwhelming instead of empowering. I get it and I’ve found a helpful alternative—micro goals.

Last year I wanted so deeply to set new goals, dream big dreams, see past this current circumstances into what could be. But every time I sat down to brainstorm or hope, my mind would not cooperate. I found while my brain would not run happily into the future as I desired, it would take one small step at a time. It did, indeed, want to keep moving if I just found the right way to motivate it. For me, that turned out to be micro goals.

A micro goal is a small daily rhythm that keeps you moving forward. Here are a few examples:

–                 Read one page of a book

–                 Connect with one person (texting counts)

–                 Pray for one minute

If these seem scandalously small, then they’re the right size. The point of these is not perfection; it’s progress. It’s not meeting goals; it’s keeping even the tiniest bit of momentum in your life.

To create your micro goals list, find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted for at least fifteen minutes. Pull out a sheet of paper or open a note on your phone, and ask yourself, “What is life-giving for me?” This is essential because micro goals need to be things that give to you, not take from you.

It can be helpful to think through the different parts of who you are: Heart, Mind, Soul, Body. What is a micro goal for each of these areas? For example, walking for five minutes could be a body micro goal. Laughing out loud once a day (pro tip: ridiculous animal videos help with this) could be a heart one. It’s okay for micro goals to be simple and fun.

Then try out your micro goals list for a few days. Check them off as you do them, the sense of accomplishment is important. If you’re consistently not doing a micro goal then it probably isn’t the right one for you. Remove it and try something else. What’s on your list should be easily doable for you.

I opened my phone the other day and found my list of micro goals. I realized I hadn’t done them in months. I didn’t make a decision to stop, they just slowly got replaced by bigger things as I was ready, as I got stronger, as I healed. My micro goals gave me a bridge to my new normal. They rebuilt my confidence in myself. They kept me moving forward.

Now that I think about it, they really weren’t small at all.

Cheering you on as you start a new year,


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About Holley

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