Weekend Round Up

Weekend Round Up

I'm from Texas and I think the term "round up" originally had to do with cowboys and cattle but I like to use it when I've got a whole herd of exciting things to share at once–like today!


I'm writing today at Held, a new ministry for women struggling with infertility. I've been on that journey for seven years. It's not what I would have chosen but it's turned into a journey I wouldn't trade. Here's an excerpt from my post

Chair and flower photo by hello-julie (flickr creative commons) "Eve is described as the mother of all living

I've come to believe all women are mothers because we all bring life to the world. Most often through the birth of physical children from our bodies.

But in other ways too…when we write, cook, plant, make beauty where there was none, speak an encouraging word, say a prayer, take a hand and form hope out of thin air, resurrect a marriage, save a life from poverty, bring forth light and truth and goodness in ways women are uniquely created to do.

We are mothers in more ways than one…."

You can read the rest here. If you are someone you love is struggling with infertility, Held will be an encouragement!


Most of you know how much I love being part of the community of (in)courage–a place online that's a bit like God's beach house. I'm in love with this video and just couldn't wait to share it with you!


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If you're hanging out at (in)courage already, thank you. And if you haven't stopped by yet, come on over!


And finally, I've got a couple of giveaway winners to announce. It's so much fun sharing things I love with you!

Don't Make Me Come Up There by Kristen Welch First, the winners of Kristen Welch's book, Don't Make Me Come Up There {a wonderful devo for mamas I wrote about in this post} are Jessica Kirkland and Janis Agee. Thanks to our friends at Abingdon Press for providing those. You still have time to get a copy before Mother's Day!

And the winner of the I Can Do All Things Through Christ Cross {thanks, DaySpring} from the giveaway last weekend is Tricia Goyer.

If you've still got some Mother's Day shopping to do, you can use my friends and family discount for anything and everything your little heart desires on {code: holley20}. Enjoy!


Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


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