Grief/Difficult Times

There’s more to the story…

There’s more to the story…

News and coffee photo by [ jRa7 ] The news drifts to my ears from the television, pops up on my screen, comes across the radio.



I lay in bed that night and pray, "Lord, I don't understand."

And it seems I hear a whisper…"The headlines aren't the whole story."


I think of the hard "headlines" in my life.

I consider how if someone only saw that they might shake their head and only say, "Poor girl." But I've also learned firsthand what it's like to be surrounded by grace, walked through the rain, even suprised by joy.

God is the Author of life.

With Him, there is always hope.

There is always redemption.

There is always more to the story.

Always more to your story.

All the way to The End…and beyond.


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