Celebrating You

tree by steve p2008

photo by stevep2008

In the middle of the season, all the celebrations, the busy and the beautiful, the happy and the hard…

I just wanted to lean in close to whisper today: I’m so grateful for you.

You are a gift.

Not just this time of year but always too.

I’m thankful for your strengths, your skills, the ways you serve.

I’m thankful for the purpose you have in this world that only you can fulfill.

I’m thankful that this year you have gotten through the tough times and embraced the joys too.

Woo-hoo for you!

Can you take a moment just to lean back and let it soak in that you are loved?

Close your eyes.

Take a sip of hot chocolate.

Think about the wonder of a baby in a manger who came because God will never stop pursuing your heart.

I’m so glad that journey he has you on had led you right here this year.



p.s. My posts didn’t go out via email for about a week so many of you missed the All Things Possible Christmas Series that my friend Kristen Strong and I wrote just for you! So I’m including the links below. We hope they encourage your heart…

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About Holley

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