Choosing God’s Best for You

I walk through the halls of Crystal Bridges, a stunning new museum in our area. In Wonder World a strange landscape makes its presence known in the middle of the room.

Grass, dandelions, dirt.

The caption reads, “Bad Lawn.”

I click on the audio guide and hear two museum curators talk about the piece.

They say it brings into question, “What’s really a weed?”

One says, “What a weed is can be so subjective. If you’re trying to grow a corn field then a rose bush is a weed.”


I think of the words my college mentor said, “Holley, the hardest choices in life aren’t between good and bad–they’re between good and best.”

Yes, what’s in front of you might be glorious, beautiful, enticing. But if it’s not God’s best–even just for this season–then it can’t stay. Sometimes we have to move things from our lives that we would love to keep so God’s best for us can really grow.

It’s okay to say “no” sometimes–even to good, wonderful things.

God, the ultimate gardener and artist, is making a lovely landscape of our worlds.

Full of life. And joy. And peace.

I walk from the room with more sunshine on my shoulders, feeling lighter, and the whisper of a new wind of change in my ears.



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About Holley

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