Life Coaching:

Achieve Your God-sized Dreams!

As an introvert who has achieved several God-sized dreams, I often struggled with the advice and resources offered by most “experts.” Because they didn’t fit who I was, I spent a lot of time either holding back or on the brink of burnout.

Only when I learned to live and work in ways that aligned with who God made me did I truly start to thrive. Now I’m passionate about helping others avoid the mistakes I made, maximize who they are, and offer their gifts.

Are you fighting fear or feeling unsure about what steps to take next? I’ll help you fully be yourself, accomplish your goals, and fulfill your purpose with nothing holding you back!

How Can Life Coaching Help?

Think of a time when you had an ah-ha moment that transformed your life, where you could see a before-and-after change. You were stuck then moved forward. Confused then gained clarity. Uncertain then empowered.

In our distracted lives, those moments can be few and far between. What if there were a way to facilitate more of them in your life? What if you could even focus those ah-ha moments on a particular area where you want to make progress, like a God-sized dream?

That’s what life coaching can do for you.

I Would Love to Be Your Guide

With all that’s going on in our world, I’ve returned to life coaching to help dreamers and doers like you transform their lives. Now you can work with me personally in pursuit of your purpose!

I would love to partner with you on your journey. In addition to being an experienced coach, I’m a licensed counselor and a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who has helped over half a million people experience dynamic change. Now it’s your turn.

Because of my writing and other work, I can only take on a very small amount of coaching clients. To get your name on my waiting list, start by completing an application.

“Holley Gerth is a cheerleader for women with God-sized dreams of all shapes and sizes.

She’ll encourage and equip you to pursue the dream God planted in your heart.”

– Dawn Camp, Writer and Photographer

How does Life Coaching work?

As your life coach, I’ll do a 45 minute session with you via video. During our time together, I’ll ask intentional questions and provide feedback. By the end of your coaching session, you’ll have greater clarity, new insights, and next steps for your specific situation or dream. Common situations where this kind of coaching is helpful include life transitions, leadership roles, and personal or professional goals.

I believe transformation happens by being intentional with every part of who we are—mental, emotional, social, professional, practical, and spiritual.

is Life Coaching the same as counseling?

While I do have a background in counseling, I’m not currently practicing and coaching isn’t a replacement for therapy. For issues like depression and other mental health concerns, I recommend connecting with a professional counselor.

What’s the time commitment and cost?

Some people only need one session. Others want ongoing coaching that happens every other week or once a month for a certain amount of time. In your first session, we’ll talk through what’s best for you.

A 45-minute video coaching session is $149. We’ll focus on what’s most important to you so you can finally start getting the clarity, strategies, and practical next steps you’ve been missing to achieve your dreams and fully live your purpose.

How Do I Get Started?

You can take the next step toward achieving your dreams and fully living your purpose today! To be considered for coaching with me, complete your application. I can only take a few clients at a time. I hope to hear from you!