Coffee for Your Heart: 2014 Encouragement Challenge

Hey Friend!

Today we’re kicking off the new series I told you about last week called Coffee for Your Heart. The concept is simple: I’m asking you to pour out a little love with your words every Wednesday. You’re an encourager and you’re going to be fabulous at this! I’m so excited! 🙂

Coffee for Your Heart 150

If you’re a blogger, I’ll have a prompt so you can write a post that intentionally encourages your readers. If you’re not a blogger, you can still jump in through facebook or twitter. And if you’re not on those spaces either, you can just choose another way in your day-to-day life and share in the comments here. Easy-peasy.

Research shows that those who focus on encouraging others are happier, healthier and live longer. So this could be the best New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made.

The writing prompt for next Wednesday, January 8th, is: What encouraging words do you want the people you care about to hear as they begin a new year? {Ex: As you start 2014, I just want you to know…you’re loved, you have a purpose, etc}.

Write a post with your answer, share it on facebook, turn it into a tweet, or write it in a card you send to a friend. Then on next Wednesday, January 8th, we’ll meet back here to have coffee together again and you can share what you did by linking up or leaving a comment. You can include the button at the beginning of this post on your blog or wherever you’d like.

And now for a coffee date at my house…{Subscribers, click here for video}

Coffee for Your Heart with Holley Gerth – Intro from Holley Gerth on Vimeo.


Also, to celebrate the New Year, two of my ebooks are on sale for a very limited time. {Fun note: You can read ebooks on any computer or electronic device.}

The first ebook is The Do What You Can Plan: 21 Days to Making Any Area of Your Life Better. If you want to make changes in your life this year, whether small or big, this 21 day plan will give you inspiration, motivation and practical tools to do so.

Do What You Can Plan by Holley Gerth copy

The second is a new ebook called If We Could Have Coffee: 30 Days of Heart-to-Heart Encouragement. If you’re feeling tired, discouraged or needing to be reminded of who you really are then this book of notes from my heart to yours will help.

If We Could Have Coffee by Holley Gerth
Happy New Year! I’m so glad you’re here!


Holley Gerth

p.s. I’m over at today too.

Who can you invite to be part of Coffee for Your Heart? Spread the love…

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About Holley

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