Conference Confessions: She Speaks

I’ve been writing some pretty spiritual stuff about my little trip to She Speaks. But you should know by now that I always do some sort of craziness when I go to a conference. For example, visiting the men’s room and/or breaking water jugs.

So this year I made it all the way to Saturday without incident. And then…

Part of my role at She Speaks is to represent DaySpring and have appointments with people who might like to write for us. I always try to be on my best behavior for these sessions.

I sat in a little room with a divider down the middle. A very gracious editor from another publishing house was on the other side. During a break I typed away on my little laptop and all of a sudden it started going “beep!” each time I touched the keys.

Mortified at the ruckus I was causing, I stood up to take it into the hall.

Then graceful girl that I am, I tripped over the power cord, stepped on the corner of the tablecloth, and yanked that puppy off (along with everything I had on it) right into the floor.

Did I mentioned that I also had coffee? Oh, yes, my FULL cup of coffee went flying through the air in slow motion style. All that was missing was a soundtrack.

So everything landed in a soggy, brown mess. And the first thing that runs through my twisted little mind is…

I sure wish I had my camera so I could take a picture of this and put it on my blog.

Because I think about you all the time and everything is now material.

My sweetheart of a hostess, Sheila, came running in to help. I felt sure I would be escorted from the premises immediately.

Instead she scooted the table on top of the stain, smiled cheerfully, and said, “Why, it smells like a coffee shop in here now! Everyone is going to be jealous!”

All I’ve got to say after that is thank God for grace. And good Southern girls like Sheila.


About Holley

About Holley

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