Even the darkest night will lead to dawn.

“What’s going to happen?”

“How will this work out?”

“Do I have the strength to get through this?”

We’ve all had nights full of questions. We stare at the clock as the minutes pass. What does “in peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe” (Psalm 4:8) mean in times like those?

Those words are an invitation to release control. Realize we can’t keep ourselves safe. We can’t fix this problem. We can’t be strong enough on our own. Whew.

It’s okay to have doubts and fears. Tell God you’re afraid and weary. Tell Him what you need. It’s often in the moments when we feel weakest and most vulnerable that God exerts His strength on our behalf. 

You are in God’s care, and your tomorrow is in His hands. He is the One who loves you, who will never let you go, who can keep you through the darkest night until the dawn.

Holley Gerth


This message is fresh on my mind, thanks to a powerful conversation with Michele Cushatt. She’s the author of Relentless: The Unshakeable Presence of a God Who Never Leaves, and today on More than Small Talk we discussed our answer to this question: Have you ever come to a point in your life when you questioned if God was even there? Listen to the episode free here.

In case you missed it, last week Jenn Hand joined us on the podcast for an episode titled All The Single Ladies. We had a great discussion about coming alive and loving others well! Listen to the episode free here.

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About Holley

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