It’s Okay If You Don’t Figure It Out Today

Sometimes when we want answers what we’re really looking for is a way to calm our anxiety. If we knew the plan and what would happen, then we could relax. We could feel more in control. Things would be better if we could just KNOW.

But I’m finding so much of life is mystery and waiting. It’s uncertainty and change. It’s guessing and detours. What we need to know isn’t what’s going to happen, it’s what will still be true no matter what does.

The question we’re asking isn’t really, “What’s next?” It’s, “Am I going to be okay?” The answer is yes, we’re going to be okay. Perhaps not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday.

It’s okay if you don’t figure it out today.

Because our circumstances aren’t our identity and our struggles aren’t our destiny. We are loved where we are right now. We will be loved wherever we end up tomorrow. We are part of a bigger plan than we can understand. We are not lost or forgotten, behind or ahead, early or late. We are on the confusing and glorious journey of being a human who is walking Home.

Let’s surrender to the not knowing.
Let’s rest in the certainty of Love.
It’s okay if you don’t figure it out today.


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About Holley

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