Encouragement When We Feel a Little Invisible

The less-visible parts of life aren’t second place; they are sacred space.

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I set up a camera stand in my dining room and place my smart phone on it. I’ve thought of cancelling this live video a thousand times already. I run through the reasons why in my mind: “I’m a mess. I won’t have anything to offer. God can’t use me when I feel weak.”

But deep inside a voice seems to whisper, “Just show up.” Before I hit the red button I pray, “Lord, speak through my lips what I need to hear, too.” I tell almost 2,000 women in the You’re Already Amazing Summer Study that it has been a hard week. I bow my head and we pray together across miles and continents. I’m reminded that God said He would be where two or more are gathered and somehow, He is mysteriously in our midst.

It’s about halfway through when we’re talking about how we’re all wired differently that I say it. A phrase I have never thought of or uttered in my entire life. “What’s visible isn’t more valuable.” It startles me so much that I repeat it. This is what my own heart needs to hear. Perhaps it’s what yours does too.

The reason for much of my weariness is being out of my sweet spot in a season of going and doing, entertaining and continually putting myself out there. My ordinary life is one of quiet, the whisper of typing keys, the hum of ideas in my mind, the exchange of hearts with good friends over coffee.

Although, yes, you might see the final result in a book, video or blog post — the vast majority of my life is quite invisible. Sometimes, true confession, this feels as if it’s less holy than something that involves more outward, noticeable hustle and results. When I start to believe this lie I begin to strive and try to prove my worth. This always leads me back to a place of exhaustion and discouragement.

Maybe you’re in a season of rocking babies or caring for aging parents or working on the big project in the office with the door closed. Maybe what you do feels invisible sometimes, too. If so, then I want to say it again, “What’s visible isn’t more valuable.” God sees us in the shadows and during the midnight hours and in the kitchen making scrambled eggs. He calls all we do out of love beautiful and precious and worthwhile. The less-visible parts of life aren’t second place; they are sacred space.

Sometimes I forget this and I step outside of who I am, what I’m called to do. And, yes, in certain seasons this is inevitable. But even in those I can remind myself to retreat in between the busy, the bold, the public. Jesus did the same.

It’s almost silent in my house this morning. The only noise I hear is the buzz of the fan above my head. It seems no one sees me right now. But God does and He calls me beloved. He tells me that what I do matters. He reminds me I have a purpose and I don’t have anything to prove.

Wherever you are right now, the same is true for you.


Do You Know You're Already Amazing? by Holley Gerth

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