God-sized Dreams {An All Things Possible Christmas Post + a giveaway!}

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Christmas began with a dream in God’s heart.

He placed it within the womb of a young woman named Mary so she could nurture it and bring it into this world.

I believe He still does the same with us.

Somewhere within us there’s a bit of a God-spark beginning to grow. Something that can become a light in this world.

How do we respond to that invitation? Fear will tell us to turn away. The busyness of life will insist we don’t have time. Insecurity will whisper that surely we can’t be the vessels of God’s work.

Yet Mary’s response can still quiet them all: “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.”

We think of dreaming as doing. But first and always it is about receiving.

What is the gift God is holding out to you this Christmas? What God-sized dream is he asking to place within your heart?

Joy to the World

the Lord has Come

Let Earth Receive Her King

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

And Heaven and Nature Sing

The gifts God gives are not to overwhelm us. They are to bless us.

All week we’ve talked about having an All Things Possible Christmas. What will you ask God for in your life, your new year?

And even more important, how will you receive what he is asking of you?

Let your heart prepare him room.

And get ready for JOY in your world.

— Holley



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About Holley

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