God-Sized Obedience

God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for more of what God has for you.

photo by GMareten

photo by GMareten

We’re opening the door to God-sized dreams in 2013. So every week we get together to encourage each other {because don’t we all need it? yes, ma’am.}. This week Whitney Capps is here to share about God-sized dreams with you…

I’m a dreamer; always have been and probably always will be. God has put a vision on my heart for what I believe my future holds, and if we were having coffee (and I was sure you’d like me enough not to laugh in my presence) I could tell you in stunning detail and almost unbelievable clarity what it looks like.

It’s big-way bigger than me.

It’s too big and impossible to be my ego. It’s too hard and unrealistic to be driven by self. It’s too rife with the possibility of failure to have been dreamt by me. I know it’s from God.

Because I know it’s from God, for years I have wrongly believed that He will accomplish it. While that is theologically true, it’s also theologically lazy. It’s all Paul and no James. It’s all grace and no works. You see, I’m a dreamer but I am also a perfectionist.

I like to dream along with God all the things He is capable of doing on my behalf. I like to spiritualize about how I want Him to do it so I don’t receive any of the glory. Doesn’t that sound nice? (Insert church lady sarcasm.) If I’m being completely honest, and when you’re dreaming with God it’s ridiculously necessary to be honest, I’m not so much about His glory as I am about my laziness.

In true perfectionist fashion, I don’t want to attempt anything until I’m sure I can do it excellently. That seems righteous, but that masks an underlying desire to stay comfortable enjoying the conveniences of procrastination. I can’t blog because I’m not an excellent writer. I can’t post videos I’ve shot because they seem goofy or irrelevant. So I spend my time dreaming of what God can do for me instead.

I want to dream; I just don’t want to do.

Is he capable of making His dreams for my life a reality with no help from me? Sure. Is that the pattern He establishes in Scripture? Not even once. I’m learning that God-sized dreams take girl-sized obedience. And unfortunately it’s not just the submission part of obedience but that action part as well. To seize the future God has graciously purposed for me, I have to obediently pursue it. It’s the putting off and putting on Paul describes in Colossian 9. It’s the process of preparation like Queen Esther. It’s the process of building like Noah. It’s the process of service like Joseph.

I wish there was an easier way. Believe me, I have looked. God-sized dreams do become reality. Those dreams are laced with the miraculous and supernatural provision of our infinitely good God. Yes, He compensates for my inadequacy but not for my complacency. It’s time to do my part. 2013 is a good time to start taking those girl-sized steps toward my God-sized dream.”

Whitney is wife to Chad and a too-tired mama to four boys: ages 7,6,4 and 1. She is a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministry team and travels the country encouraging Moms who need a shower, a time-out and a little Jesus. She blogs, works for the corporate office of Chick-fil-A and occasionally brushes her teeth.

Now it’s your turn!

Take this “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream…Take some time to play. Do something creative. Snap a picture. Build a Pinterest board. Make a craft. Read a book. Bake a treat. Wrestle with your kids. Whatever energizes you. It can be related to your God-sized Dream in some way or totally different. Sometimes along the way to our dreams we just need a little time to play. It helps us keep going and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. Share about what you did in a post and link it up below!

God-Sized ButtonSo we can all find each other, please include this God-sized Dreams button in your post. Also, love on your fellow God-sized dreamin’ sisters by leaving a comment on the post before yours.

For next week take this “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream: Write a letter of encouragement to another dreamer in your life. Share your letter by including it in a post and linking up here next week.


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