Let’s Pour Grace Like Gravy Over Everything Today

Today I’m gonna pour grace like gravy all over everything.

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I’m sitting at a table full of women one evening and we’re talking about how noisy and stressful this time of year can be, how the expectations and busyness can make us feel like we’re continually falling short. Someone says, “A friend once told me that God’s voice is always kind. So if what I’m hearing in my heart or mind isn’t kind then it’s not from God.”

These words follow me out the door that night like a line of loyal ducklings. When I wake up the next morning they are still there waiting to be considered. It seems so obvious but I’ve not thought of it quite this way before. I reflect on the internal accusations and expectations I sometimes hear.

“You need to do more.”

“You have to make everything perfect.”

“You should please everyone.”

These mandates might push me to be outwardly compliant but the tone is always one of harshness and criticism. When I hear such things I feel guilt and shame.

We will all have times in our journey when we find ourselves broken and feeling unworthy. In those moments we can hide. We can let guilt and shame tell us we no longer have a place in God’s family. Or we can come to the table and take as many helpings of mercy as we need. We can pour grace over it all like gravy. We can say to God, “Thank You for loving me as I am and loving me enough to not let me stay that way. Amen.”

This Thanksgiving I feel grateful for grace, for second chances, for a God who loves me even in my brokenness, who calls me His beloved daughter.

What’s one thing you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Holley Gerth


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