Happy Fourth of July (Plus A Video to Help You Be Free)

Thank God we're free... to live, to love, to become all He created us to be.

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Happy fourth of July to you and your people!

I’m celebrating with my family today. With my Mama, who is able to visit us for the first time since having emergency bypass surgery in February (thank you again for praying for her!). With my Daddy, who has a heart about as big as Texas where I grew up. With my Granny Eula, who turned 87-years-young yesterday and has this as her life mantra: “Open door, open heart.” With my little brother Stephen, his sweet wife Amber and my two nephews Luke and Shane. With my daughter Lovelle, son-in-law David and granddaughter Eula (yep, named for the Eula above).

I’m thankful for the freedom to be together, to throw hot dogs on the grill, to eat half-melted ice cream, to gather around a table, to laugh and make another memory to take home in our pockets like a souvenir. In other words, I’m thankful for the freedom to love.

What are you grateful for today?


P.S. Part of embracing freedom is knowing what can take us captive. For many of us that’s our phones and social media. If you’ve ever felt distracted, overwhelmed or disconnected (ironically) because of those things then you’re not alone. Jennifer Watson, Suzie Eller and I recently had a conversation where we shared our struggles as well as some simple strategies for screen time that will help you have less stress, deeper relationships and more peace of mind. Subscribers, to see the video please click here to come to holleygerth.com

(Disclaimer: We had some technical difficulties with the image quality at a few points–that’s the hard part about live video. But the audio is strong throughout.)


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About Holley

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