When Your Heart is Breaking

Under God's Umbrella

The phone rings, the text comes, the email arrives and suddenly your world is flipped upside down. Tears fill your eyes and your heart silently whispers, “Where are you, God?”

And his answer is always the same: “Right here with you.”

He’s there in the disappointment.

He’s there in the darkness.

He’s there even when you can’t feel him.

He understands what you’re going through. The hurt. The anger. The fear. The not-knowing-what’s-next. Your emotions aren’t an affront to him. After all, he created them. Instead your feelings bring forth his compassion. Jesus weeps with you as he did with the friends of Lazarus even though he knew a resurrection was coming. 

Others may tell you to just hang on, to hold it in, to just move forward. But the God who scattered stars into evening skies comes in the night of our souls and simply grieves with us. 

Whatever you’re facing today, you’re not alone. God is not waiting for you to get over it. Instead he’s placing his love over you and longing to draw you close.


{I found out this week my dear Grandpa Hollie has cancer. Will you please pray for him and our family? Thank you!}


Holley Gerth

photo at top of post: Under God’s Umbrella {book} by DaySpring


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About Holley

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