His Scandalous Love

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I messed up. Again.

I sat on the back deck thinking about what a failure I’d been.

What must God think of me?

I was writing in my journal as I had been every day.

Lately, I felt like God had been impressing on me to only write good things—compliments people gave me, ways He used me, blessings in my life. I didn’t know why He wanted me to do this, but I felt compelled.

But on this morning I sat and stared at the blank page. I began to write about my mistake. I finished and looked at  black and white evidence.

Then I heard a whisper in my heart…

Will you read the rest with me on Pearl Girls?

* Pearl Girls makes a difference in the lives of women. Right now they’re providing a safe house in Chicago and helping those with AIDS in Africa.

AND you can use today to catch up on The Rest of Your Story challenge…


10 Minute Catch Up Plan

If you haven’t yet…

1) Find your strengths. (2 minutes)

2) Do the same for your skills. (2 minutes)

3) Answer the following questions. (2 minutes each)

WHO do your strengths and skills serve? Family, friends, etc.

WHEN/WHERE do you use them? Home, church, work, etc. 

WHAT is the result? Others are encouraged, God is glorified, etc.

We’ll use all of this to create your Story Statement soon!

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