If the holidays let you down, God wants to hold you up.

You are the One who lifts my head high. Psalm 3:3

Maybe the holidays are happy for you this year. Maybe they’re hard. Most likely they’re a mix of many different kinds of moments. Here’s a little reminder that in all of them, you’re never alone…

She stands at the edge of the room and stares at the floor. All around her conversations flow and laughter pours out. In a different moment she might have had the strength to reach out. She might have been able to overcome her insecurity. She might have made the best of this situation. But not today.

Then a voice calls her name. At first she doesn’t even respond. But soon she feels a gentle hand on her chin, tilting her face toward the sound of words being spoken to her. She does what she hasn’t all day: she looks up.

And standing right before her is Someone who loves her. Someone who sought her out. Someone who wants to hear about her hard day and her heart. And suddenly she feels a bit different.

Sometimes our hearts are downcast. We don’t even have the energy to try anymore. We feel alone. And then Jesus does something that’s beyond our comprehension. He comes to us in infinite love and tenderness. He lifts our heads.

When we look down, it’s usually because we’re feeling shame, sadness, or insecurity. Jesus wants to change all of that by reaching out to touch our lives and hearts. When someone lifts up your head, it’s an invitation for eye contact. It’s a way of clearly showing, “I see you. I’m here with you. I want to connect with you.”

Jesus is looking at you and loving you. He’s reaching out His hand to cup your chin and lift your face so you can look into His eyes.

And what else happens when we lift our heads? Our perspective changes.

Right in front of you is a Savior who wants to lift your head and heal your heart. Can you feel His touch and hear His voice? Both are full of love for you. Wherever you are today, He’s with you.

Holley Gerth

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours! We’re grateful for you.


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About Holley

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