Let’s Choose Confidence Instead of Comparison

The world tells us we need to have self-esteem but what we really need is holy confidence.

I walk through my home, thoughts swirling through my mind like the dust bunnies doing dances in front of my vacuum. I think of other women who have cleaner houses. Which leads to thoughts of those who cook better meals. And that goes on to the ones who have cuter outfits, and are better at social media, and can make small talk with ease.

I wish I could be like . . . is the refrain that goes round and round in my mind.

Finally, feeling drained, I hit the power button on the vacuum. I whisper a question, “God, why do I feel the need to be like so many other people?”

It seems there is an answer that comes so quiet . . .

Because the enemy would rather have you be like anyone but Jesus.

If I’m busy trying to be like Mary, Martha, and Margaret, then I’m left with no time to be me. Or, more specifically, to let Jesus be who He is through me. Each of us are made in the image of God. That means we’re created to show Him to the world in a way no one else ever has and no one else ever will.

I do that by being who He made me. And you do that by being you.

As I wrote in the Holy Confidence chapter of Strong, Brave, Loved, “The world tells us we need to have self-esteem but what we really need is holy confidence. For years I tried to prove I was enough. Perfect enough. Good enough. Experienced enough. Smart enough. Pretty enough. But it’s only when we come to the place where we can finally say, ‘I’m not enough but Jesus is’ that our hearts get free.”

I empty the vacuum bag into the garbage and admire how dust and clutter give way to clean again. I smile because my heart suddenly feels like that too. Comparison replaced by clarity—about who I am, what I’m called to do, and the God who’s wild enough to choose me for His purposes.

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About Holley

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