How Will 2013 Be Different for You? {It Really Can Be}

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I ask you to go out for a cup of coffee {or tea} with me. We find a quiet corner in the middle of the busy holidays and I ask you, “What do you want most from 2013?” I listen to your heart, your hopes, your fears. Then I share mine too.

And then I say, “What I really want for us in 2013 is to say ‘yes’ to a God-sized dream.”

Before the term “God-sized” scares you, let me explain. It’s really not about size at all. It’s about discovering and pursuing the desires God has placed within you that perfectly fit your heart.

We all have those desires. Some are simple and others complicated. Some are about home and others about faraway places. Some happen quickly and others unfold over a lifetime.

But what they all have in common is this: Ignoring them means ignoring a core part of your purpose. And when we do that, we feel restless and empty.

I don’t want that for us, friend. I want God’s best for us instead.

So will you dare to join me in saying ‘yes’ to a God-sized dream in 2013?

  1. We’ll start small. On January 1st I’ll be launching an e-book called The Do What You Can Plan. It’s a devotional journey for making any area of your life better in 21 days {the time it takes to create a new habit}.
  2. Then each Tuesday starting in January, there will be a God-sized dreams post {including some fabulous guest posters} and link-up here. If you join in, you will have what you need to pursue your God-sized dream step-by-step.
  3. In March, I’ll have a new book for you called You’re Made for a God-sized Dream: Opening the Door to All God Has for You that will equip you even more for your journey.
  4. And I will have God-sized Dreams Team I’ll be introducing you to who will be here to encourage you on your way. You’ll meet them soon!

What’s your part?

  • First, simply say “Yes, God, I will pursue what you have for me in 2013.”
  • Next, show up here on Tuesdays for encouragement, support, and next steps.

That’s it. The rest will unfold in your heart with God’s help and in His timing. And the rest of the week we’ll be carrying on here as usual.

2013 really can be different for you in all the ways that matter most.

At this point, I’d lean back from the table, hold my empty coffee cup high, look you in the eyes and say, “Here’s to 2013, God-sized dreams, and sharing the journey together.”

Will you clink your cup with mine and join me?



photo by Katie@!



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About Holley

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