On the Other Side of Your Desert is Your Dream

photo by Moyan_Brenn_be_back_on_Jan_20th

photo by Moyan_Brenn_be_back_on_Jan_20th

An idea comes.

A promise is spoken.

A new opportunity comes over the horizon.

“Yes,” we say, “This is what I’ve been waiting for! Let’s go.” So we set out on our journey with high hopes. Then as the miles go on we begin to feel fear nipping at our heels. We start to question…

Is this the way I should be going?

Why is this turning out differently than I expected?

What if I didn’t hear God right after all?

With every question the fear gets a bit louder and our confidence a bit lower. If that’s you today, let me lean in and whisper a truth that you must know: There’s always a desert before the dream.

The Israelites set out for a God-sized dream too. You know how long they were supposed to spend in the desert?

11 days.

That’s how long the journey usually takes.

But they let fear win and as a result ended up wandering for forty years.

Here’s what we can learn from their experience: The desert is not the danger.

The biggest threat is surrendering to fear and letting go of faith.

So if you find yourself in a desert right now then hold tight to what you know is true and press on, friend. The Promised Land is closer than you think.

And you have everything you need for the journey.


p.s. Last week our “do what you can” plan step for your God-sized dream was to face a fear and express the truth that’s bigger than that fear. Kristen Strong will be sharing about her desert experience here tomorrow and you’ll be able to link up your posts as well as share in the comments too.


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