It’s okay if you’re scared silly

My friend & biz partner, Stephanie Bryant

Stephanie Bryant and I recently launched Pin-terpretation, a little ebook about how you can use your Pinterest Boards to find out more about who you are. We’ve launched other things–(in)courage, our company, Mother Letters. And we always seems to have the same feeling…


Yep, in case my stories about wandering into men’s room at conferences, hyperventilating in the picture frame aisle, and general anxiety about accessories have not convinced you…things outside my comfort zone aren’t easy for me.

In fact, a lot of times they’re downright scary.

I talk to a lot of women who share their God-sized dreams with me and then add, “But I’m really afraid to do it.”

And I whisper right back, “That’s a good sign. The closer you get to what God has called you to do, the more fear you’re probably going to feel.”

See, there’s a myth that says we’re not supposed to be afraid. And we have to stop being scared silly before we do something. But it’s just not true.

Yes, God tells people over and over again not to be afraid. But I looked up all those passages and here’s the real scoop: He almost always says it when the person is already afraid. Like a Daddy leaning over and telling his kiddo, “Don’t be afraid. It’s going to be okay.”

When we experience a threat, we feel fear. That’s the way we’re made. And whenever you do something new or pursue a dream, you’re putting a lot on the line (which means it’s translated by your brain as a threat). We’re not to live in fear. But I just don’t see any way of being human and not experiencing it.

So what do you do with fear?

Keep going anyway.

Stop trying to go around it, get over it or make yourself pretend it doesn’t exist. Just say, “Well, hello there, fear. Thank you for being like the guard dog in my brain and pointing out what you think is a threat. But that’s actually a squirrel and not a burglar. And even if it is a burglar, God’s got my back. Sit. Stay. Roll over.”

Then you launch the e-book.

Start the company.

Make the phone call.

Confront the issue.

Go to the conference.

Try the new recipe.

Talk to that stranger.

You’ll make it, I promise. And what’s even more important, you’ll learn and grow.

When fear is howling like a crazy hound in my head, I keep saying to myself, “It’s just an experiment. If it works, I’ll do it again. If it doesn’t, I’ll try something else.” Until we get to heaven everything is an experiment. There are no sure things. And God doesn’t demand we get it right the first time. Or the tenth. He just asks that we step out in obedience as best we know how–fear and all.

And when we take that step, He’s with us. No matter what.

That’s true success.

Not the results but simply being willing to take the risk (especially when you’re scared silly).

So what’s your next step? Be brave and put it out there, friend!

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