How to Get Rid of the Darkness in Your World…

Day 47 What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days by Holley Gerth

One evening as I sat at my desk and tried to write encouraging words my thoughts kept being interrupted by news headlines: violence, disease, tragedy, corruption, poverty. Feeling completely overwhelmed, I finally paused and asked God, “How do I get rid of the darkness in our world? It seems impossible to even make a difference.”

Have you felt or asked the same?

In an instant it seemed I heard the whisper of an answer in my heart, “The only way to get rid of darkness is to add more light.”

And hope flickered back into being within me.

The same question I asked that evening came to mind as I stood in a tiny shack in the Dominican Republic today. The Compassion Bloggers had come to see a grandmother raising three children, including one with special needs. As she shared her life it sounded much like the news headlines I’ve already described. Yet this time the story wasn’t on a screen–it was standing right in front of me.

As I listened and marveled at her strength, inexplicable joy and deep love, I glanced up toward the single window in her home. I noticed a word was written on it and I leaned in to read it…

Jesus Compassion Bloggers


Yes, of course.

He was right here in this place, this moment.

He always has been.

He always will be.

That is the hope we can find on our darkest days and even in the deepest poverty.

I think the enemy tries to make us feel overwhelmed when we hear about or see poverty and other difficulties in our world because then we become paralyzed by guilt or fear. Or if that approach doesn’t work, he might try to convince us we have to destroy the darkness directly–in other words, become antagonistic and negative in the name of “justice.”

But we can’t let ourselves fall into those traps. Instead we need to stay focused on the only real solution to darkness: adding more light.

That’s something we all can do. Wherever we are. For whoever God places in front of us. Because we all have the Light of the World within us.

Simply ask God this: “How do you want me to add more light to my world today?”

It might be through loving your family.

It might be through serving in your community.

It might be by sponsoring a child through Compassion International.

Whatever it is, do it…because it only takes a spark to start setting your world ablaze. Don’t let guilt win. Don’t let cynicism convince you nothing can change. Don’t tell yourself, “The little bit I have to offer can’t make a difference.” Let me assure you, with Jesus it can.

You are here at this time in history for a purpose and no one can take your place. Be who you are, give what you can, do what only you can do.

Let’s drive out the darkness together. Starting now.



p.s. If you haven’t already this week, will you pause and ask God if He wants you to add more light to this world by sponsoring a child through Compassion International? If He says no, just carry on with the ways you’re already shining and know I’m cheering you on {no guilt!}. If He says yes, click the image below to light a match that will brighten a child’s life, family and community more than you can even imagine…


Super-Exciting Update: As I’m writing this, 62 children have now been sponsored through the Dominican Republic Compassion Bloggers! You can see all of them here. Thank you! Our team would appreciate your prayers as we wrap up this week. It has been both hard and wonderful to be here. Read more posts from my fellow travelers on this trip: Bonnie Gray, Bri McKoy, Lisa Leonard, and Ruth Soukup.

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About Holley

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