Looking for Jesus

A few years ago, drama erupted when Baby Jesus went missing from the manger of a public nativity scene. It turns out mischievious teenagers kidnapped the Christ child figure as a prank. But the unintended effect was that suddenly everyone was looking for Jesus.

As I thought about this story again, I wondered—

Where did they look?

And then, where do I look?

Too many times at Christmas I never get past the manger. I stand there, pondering, thinking of Jesus as a baby sent to save the world…

Baby Jesus in Nativity by Midiman (flickr)

But that’s only the beginning of the story.

Jesus didn’t stay in the manger.

Or on the cross.

So I’m asking myself today, “Where do I find Him now? What are the moments when divine and everyday intersect in a way that makes my heart whisper, ‘He’s here’?”

It turns out they are far more ordinary than I would imagine…

The smile of a dear friend across a cup of coffee.

The hug of a family member when we meet at the airport.

The blink of a new comment carrying encouraging words from one of you.

If Christ is in us then we find Him in each other.

In the story I shared at the beginning, it turned out Jesus was closer than everyone thought. The same is true for us…

“And they will call him Immanuel—which means, ‘God with us.’ ” 

Dear Jesus, help us find you this Christmas by letting our hearts see all the ways you are already here.

Where do you see Him in your everyday life?


Ornament by John-Morgan (flickr)I’m writing about “When the Holidays are Hard” on Blissfully Domestic today.

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