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I’d like to introduce you to Von Rovenstine. He’s 3 and a half years old, loves Iron Man, and found out last week that he has leukemia.

Of course, his family found out along with him. Von’s parents, Jason and Lisa, are dear friends of ours. Jason and I worked together for years at DaySpring. He’s a tall guy with a big heart and if I were to pick a Bible character he reminds me of, it would definitely be the ever-encouraging Barnabas. Lisa is a strong, wise woman whose beauty inside and out has been passed on to her three girls and Von too (with her hubby’s help, of course).


Von has three years of chemo ahead of him. Jason posted this on his blog about Von’s first week:

Von saw the movie Iron Man (well, parts of it) recently and really has found something to connect to in it. In the movie, the hero was operated on after being wounded in a battle. A doctor put an apparatus in his chest to keep him well that looks like a saucer. So when Von got a saucer shaped port that delivers chemo directly to his heart, he thinks he has graduated to ‘iron man’ status.

“See Sofie? Iron man!” he beamed while lifting up his shirt.

It was great to be a family and together again and see little Iron man at work fighting the bad guys in his body. Iron Mans, even the almost 4 year old versions, need a family to fight the good fight.

Jason is right—we all need a family who will stand beside us in love and prayer. We’re not part of the Rovenstines’ physical family, but we are part of their spiritual family. I know firsthand how caring you are and the ways you’ve blessed me with your prayers. So I’m asking all of you to please take a moment to pray for Von, his sisters, Jason and Lisa. If you’d like to leave them an encouraging note you can do so here or on Jason’s blog.

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