More Than You Can Ask or Imagine

God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for more of what God has for you.

photo by davedehetre

photo by davedehetre


We’re opening the door to God-sized dreams in 2013. So every week we get together to encourage each other {because don’t we all need it? yes, ma’am.}. This week Kristi Griem is here to share about God-sized dreams with you…


From Kristi:

I stood, looking out over the swollen Ganges river. The rains had been so hard, the river was past overflowing the banks, taking out homes and businesses on the river bank edges. One business the raging river had not taken out completely was the local brothel. We had woven through the brothel on bamboo-lashed narrow walkways, seeing children playing under their mother’s beds, women washing clothes, and men coming out of room after room, before and behind us.

My God-sized dream?

That the 10,000+ women in Calcutta, India would be freed from the sex trade. That the 300 women I walked by in Berampore that day, would be in sewing rooms, working in dignity, with their heads held high.

The one thing I have learned (and am still learning) about God-sized dreams is that He is and does immeasurably more than I could ask or imagine. In the midst of the horror and hopelessness that was the brothel, I saw Him. I saw Hope. God is in the business of doing more than we can ask or imagine. He is interested in YOU, my friend. He wants to accomplish in you, more than you can ask or imagine. He wants to work through you, more than you could ask or imagine. And He wants to do more…more than you can ask or imagine.

You may be suffering more than any woman should suffer.It may be abuse, singleness, child-lessness, divorce, loneliness, a broken heart.

One thing I know-He is in the business of doing more than you could ask or imagine. He restores hope to the hopeless. He turns hard hearts of stone, to flesh. Where ever you are, what ever type of captivity you find yourself in today, this I know: HE loves YOU. He cares for YOU, and nothing, nothing goes unnoticed by Him.

I walk through the streets of Songacchi (the largest red-light district in Calcutta), and see women with no hope, no life left in their eyes. I walk through the grocery store here, in the US, and see the same hollowness. While I am still learning how more MORE He is able to do, and still find myself in awe of all He IS doing, I believe that He wants to do immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine in your life,today. If that means restoring a relationship, healing your heart, or any other circumstance you find yourself trapped in, He wants to do more than you can ask for. The women in Berampore didn’t ask to be there. It was not their choice. They were tricked, trapped, or traded in the sex trade.

I am asking that He would do immeasurably more than I could ask or imagine, that those women-and you-would know the Hope of the future He has for you. Did you know He has plans for you? He has plans to prosper you, not harm you. And all of this will be more than you can ask or imagine.

What I know about God-sized dreams is that there is no limit. There is no limit to what God can do, what He can accomplish, and the no limit to power He has through His children. {That’s YOU!}

Join me in helping to give women jobs with dignity, out of the sex trade. Become a part of the freedom story. Every Freeset product purchased helps employ a women out of the sex trade, so she can have a job with dignity, making products…no longer being the product.


Kristi Griem  is the president of Freeset (USA) and is honored to be a part of the Freeset freedom story. She is passionate about freedom, justice, sustainability, and all God has planned for you. Kristi makes her home in Alabama with her husband and two children.


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