Ever Feel Like You’re Not Doing Enough? Here’s a Different Perspective

Do you ever feel like you’re not doing enough in this season of your life? Yep, me too. Here’s what recently changed my perspective.

I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor like a kindergartener, talking to Jesus and telling him how overwhelmed I feel. Inside words reverberate through me…


In other seasons, words like these might have felt motivating. But in this one, they feel like a weight that I don’t have the strength to carry. But isn’t this what is expected of me?

Then these words come to my heart, “This isn’t a season for growth. This is a season for healing.”

I inwardly feel the weight drop from my shoulders and soul. Yes, that’s exactly it. Some seasons are for expanding, climbing, doing more. Other seasons are for turning inward, recovering, being made whole again.

Some seasons aren’t for growth. Some seasons are for healing. And that’s more than okay.

If you are in a season of healing rather than a season of growth today, that is okay. It’s more than okay, it’s beautiful and necessary.

Without healing, we won’t be ready for what’s next. Without healing, we’ll limp when we could be soaring. Without healing, what we’re called to do isn’t sustainable for a lifetime.

If we need to heal, it doesn’t mean we’ve failed—it means we are humans living in a fallen world. Things happen. Hearts break. Relationships falter. Mistakes get made. Battles are fought. Needing healing is nothing to be ashamed of, instead it’s a tender invitation from the heart of one who loves us enough to not let us live in pain.

There will be other seasons. There will be growth again. For now, slow down and settle in. Let the healing begin.


In this one-minute video I share one thing to remember when you’re tempted to hurry your healing.

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About Holley

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