Nothing and Everything

Sunset Girl by D Sharon Pruitt - find more from her on flickr! I run under a purple sky, early stars just twinkling into sight.

I lift my head, smile, think of the lights of joy that have danced into my world lately. They feel so big, so bright.

And I hear a whisper on the wind,

“That’s nothing, girl, that’s nothing.”

And I think of the great God who spoke the world into being, who scattered the stars as easily as a child tossing pebbles, who could hold the seas in the palm of His hands.

Compared to my little accomplishments, my small dreams, those words are so true. And yet my heart delights in knowing that it’s in those tiny parts of my life a big God draws near.

Then it seems more words come…

“That’s everything, girl, that’s everything.”

And I laugh from the bottom of my soul. Because I know then that it’s not what I can bring to God, not what I can show off, do, make happen. What is that to Him? He could do the same with a syllable.

No, it is me He wants. Us. Sharing this life with Him, discovering joy, delighting in each other. I look up again at the stars, glowing like they’re lit up from the inside, and suddenly…

I am too.

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About Holley

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