On being heaven-sick…

Holley Ann Amber Stephanie by the oldest Haines' boy

photo lovingly borrowed from Amber

She comes, this woman whose words have nourished my soul, who grows them in the fields of her heart like her good husband grows crops on their farm.

And she’s even more beautiful than I could have imagined, inside and out.

We go to the rock home where husband and wife live, revolutionaries alive with glory and pain, and I sit by her too…gorgeous, deep-souled poet.

And I share it all with my lovely heart friend from (in)courage who I see almost every day, and still not enough. The one who reminds me that life is about JOY and bravery.

Those moments, these women, make my heart long for heaven and home. I catch a glimpse of it in their words, our hugs, the feeling of being where I belong.

Then we go back to our worlds.

I ache so much that I can’t write for a day, too empty and full all at once.

And you are part of the ache too, the faces I haven’t seen but somehow know.

One day there will not be time, space, borders. We will be together.

We will truly be home.

Until then, I’m a little heaven-sick…

for you, for them, for Him.

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About Holley

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