On Dating Your Dreams

We all have desires swirling around in our hearts. We hope or pray or have a vision. Then we wonder, “But is this really it? Is this the one?”

For most of us, those questions sound familiar. They’re the same ones we asked when looking for true love in our lives. So what do we do?


Because that cute boy we have our eye on in biology class may turn out to be completely incompatible with us.

We can use the same approach with our dreams.

For example, if you dream of starting an orphanage then begin by working in the nursery of your church.

If you think you want to become a musician then give free concerts at a local coffee house.

Want to write a book? Start a blog.

Whatever your BIG DREAM is, think of a smaller version and try it out first.

We even see this a lot in Scripture. Before David became leader of Israel, he led a flock of sheep. Before Peter fished for the souls of men, he spent time literally casting nets into the ocean.

If you feel a lot of hesitation about doing so, that’s a red flag. Here’s why: it may be that you’re drawn to your dream because in your mind it’s this perfect, ideal reality. If you just make it come true, then you will live happily every after. But it never, ever works that way. Even God’s dreams for us are filled with challenges and obstacles too. Your dream needs to brush up against reality before you commit to it. And that’s exactly what dating your dream lets you do.

Dream dating let’s you explore what it’s really like.

How it lines up with your strengths and skills.

And it gives you time to ask God those important questions, “Is this really it? Is this the one?”

Because here’s the thing: we’re never meant to answer those questions ourselves. It’s God who gets to tell us the dreams we’re meant to be with for life. But we’ve got to give Him that chance by taking some steps forward.

So go ahead, date your dream.

You may walk away feeling relieved you never have to go out with it again. Or you just may discover a love of your life.

What dream would you like to date?


p.s. If you’re ready to take the next step toward what God has for you, {e}coaching is for you.

About Holley

About Holley

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